GFCRI Prayer Requests

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08/09/2018 06:44 PM
Patricia, from Massachusetts
I saw on the news that Jerry Remy, commentator of the Boston Red Sox has lung cancer and is requesting prayers for him and his family. Let's pray for them, please.

08/09/2018 06:42 PM
Patricia, from Massachusetts
My sister's friend Ken would like to thank you all for your prayers. His test results after chemotherapy came back normal.

06/18/2018 05:17 PM
Kathie, from Rhode Island
Lost job cannot pay rent. No medical, dental or vision it will be a year in Setember. Can't stop crying.

06/16/2018 01:29 PM
Rachael and Ron, from North Carolina
Pray for Rachael's hardened heart to be tenderized and Ron's anger to be replaced with love. Remove pride, haughtiness, and spitefulness. Pray divisive people are silenced and stop attacking our marriage and telling my wife to stay away. Pray the lies and misconceptions are stopped. Pray for emotional stability and a sound mind. Pray our 2 y/o, Amelia, and our soon to be born daughter, Elizabeth, are protected from all this and healthy in every aspect. Pray for Rachael and Ron to tear down the barriers, start communicating in a positive and loving manner, realize that the current issues are not worth breaking a marriage or family apart and to know that love endures and overcomes. Have relatives to stop trying to interfere with our marriage and family. Stop bloodline curses and spoken curses. Pray for restoration of our marriage and family. Pray for barriers to come down. Pray for malice, unforgiveness, pride, lies, depression, fear, doubt, anger and hurt to be removed and healed. Pray the Lord intervenes and teaches us that the best marriages are the ones that endure, overcome and thrive on love and we do not hold things against each other. Pray we keep our marriage vowels during this time of separation. Help Jesus. Help our daughters. Pray for the salvation of any who do not know the love of Jesus.

06/14/2018 01:26 PM
Harold, from US
Please pray for my father-in-law (Thomas). He has stage IV cancer and will be undergoing a surgery to remove his kidney, and his urethra (and possibly part of his bladder) in a couple of weeks. My mother-in-law has several health issues and he has been caring for her and she really depends on him as we live out of state. There is no doubt in my mind that God can completely and totally heal him. Please pray with me and ask God to heal Thomas. But, more importantly please pray for his and my mother-in-law's salvation. Thank you!

06/05/2018 04:49 PM
Patricia, from Massachusetts
My sister's friend Ken fell from a ladder and has two cracked ribs. Please pray for him to be healed of this. He already has a back problem from an accident years ago. Thanks.

06/02/2018 06:29 PM
Patricia, from Massachusetts
Kristen says to thank you for the prayers. She has informed me that the mass was not cancerous.

06/01/2018 06:26 PM
Christie, from Rhode Island
I would appreciate your prayers for God’s healing hand amidst the numerous health struggles during the last week and a half. Thank you.

05/30/2018 06:19 PM
Patricia, from Massachusetts
Thank you for your prayers regarding my appointment on May 29. The doctor again told me I am fine. Did not schedule any further tests.

05/28/2018 06:17 PM
Patricia, from Massachusetts
This is a prayer update for my sister's friend Ken. He finished radiation treatments and has an appointment on July 1st to determine whether he is healed of cancer. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for his complete recovery.

05/26/2018 06:32 PM
Patricia, from Massachusetts
Please pray for Kristen - a mass was found in her colon. She is still waiting for test results.

05/06/2018 06:54 PM
Patricia, from Massachusetts
Please pray for my next medical appointment on May 29. My doctor wants me to see a gastroenterologist regarding my bleeding. Please pray that they will know what tests I need. Also, I would like to be healed of this if it is in God’s will for my life.

04/25/2018 10:24 AM
Sandra, from Rhode Island
Please, pray for my family in Jamaica. My sister has lost her husband last week. Please, pray for their strength in this time of sorrow. Thank you.

04/24/2018 06:27 AM
Marie Grace, from New Zealand
Please pray for God to bring my family finances into divine order. We have rented a property and we have had added some thousand of dollars of unfair, not legal costs added to the bond cost. Please pray that by a miracle these unfair costs are removed off our bond. Please pray for all monies not paid to us but which we are legally entitled to, to be paid out without a court case. That God has the right people to help me with these matters and that they will agree to help.Thank you ery much. God bless you.

04/17/2018 10:48 PM
Elizabeth O, from Michigan
Praying for financial blessings for my situation.

04/17/2018 10:46 PM
Ben, from Australia
Please, pray for the restoration of my marriage, healing, stability, trust, love and respect, wisdom, forgiveness; healing in my wife from deep roots of rejection and abuse from her childhood; healing of my body (I've had constant headaches and fever for almost 3 weeks now and although it's likely viral I feel a real attack from the enemy); breakthrough in my business and new clients, as I have randomly lost a few clients this year that have been facing financial struggles themselves and had to cancel my services.

02/22/2018 05:52 PM
Jonathan C, from California
Please pray for complete healing of my mind body and heart. Thanks.

02/17/2018 10:43 PM
Keijo, from Sweden
Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation, but use own victims, thanks for helping, bless.

02/17/2018 10:35 PM
Jonghyuk L, from Republic of Korea
May I request once again's prayer request about North Korea? Please pray for the following: (1) Human experimentation process - Inside North Korean concentration camps prisoners are used as chemical and nuclear weapon experimentation objects. Christians who steadily refuse conversion are sent to human experimentation. (2) Summary execution inside North Korean concentration camps - Each night, some number of people receive summary execution. If I can add an explanation, in the dark and small room, the decision is made by North Korean way by few soldiers secretly and execution is made. (3) Public execution inside North Korea - The public execution may you have seen once or twice on TV, and (4) Prisoners used as a martial art training toy and for surgery experimentation with no anesthesia.

02/05/2018 10:32 PM
Patricia S, from Massachusetts
Please pray for my sister's friend, Ken. He has cancer and will undergo radiation treatments. Also, he has to have back surgery. Thanks.

01/20/2018 08:13 PM
Barry, from Florida
Please, pray for Beth, my mother-in-law, who is very ill and needs healing. Thank you.

01/19/2018 07:18 PM
William T, from Rhode Island
I just wanted to update you on my sister. She did get her port put in for chemotherapy. Now she is just waiting for the medications to come in so she can start. She is OK, having good days and bad days, as well as my mom. It's a blessing from God to be able to be down here helping them both. I'm praying to be able to stay down here through my sister's chemotherapy treatments, maybe coming back for a short time and then coming back here. Please pray that the medications come soon. We know that my sisters cancer is spreading and if it spreads to the lymph nodes from the tumor that she has in her lung she may not be able to have radiation treatments because of her lungs being so damaged. I know she's in our Lord's hands and that's all I can ask for. Please continue to pray for my sister's salvation as well as a closer relationship with the Lord for my mom. It has been a big pill to swallow but I know our God is greater than any problem we will ever have to face and is in complete control. God bless you all for the prayers. They mean so much right now. You are all in mine every morning.

01/18/2018 12:49 PM
Debra J., from Maryland
Please pray for the complete healing and for my daughter Lauren.

12/26/2017 08:56 PM
Jonghyuk, from Republic of Korea
Concentration camps of North Korea. Please pray for North Korea's four types of people. 1) Pregnant women who fall on North Korean concentration camps, getting forced abortion by kicking, forced operation, by knives of guards, by type of Korean-seesaw, by forced labor; by posing longtime shape of 'hands of clocks', by forced injection. 2) For their fetuses. 3) And please pray for 'disabled, and disabled babies' (They are brought to 'The 49th ward' killed and used as guinea pigs). 4) For small children, who are suffering everyday 12 hours of hard labor, at night they are beaten by adult prisoners, sleeping at a square meter toilet for they have no power, and eating mouse head remnant, for food rationing is only 300g corn by day.

12/18/2017 04:23 PM
William T, from Rhode Island
Healing of my marriage. Thank you.

12/05/2017 04:18 PM
Michelle M., from Rhode Island
UPDATE: We have an unbelievable praise report! My doctor called me today and said she already received the test results… They were all negative!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said it’s so crazy she can’t believe it. She saw the lesions with her own eyes but said maybe it was just scars from my body healing itself. There was no sign of anything at all! God is good and we are grateful for His miracle!

11/30/2017 03:34 PM
Michelle M., from Rhode Island
UPDATE: I wanted to give you an update on my health. Unfortunately the doctor did find stuff and biopsied the four quadrants and the center of my cervix. We will get the results on December 12. Please keep praying. Thank you.

11/30/2017 03:32 PM
Patricia, from Massachusetts
Please pray for my sister's friend Ken who may have cancer.

11/27/2017 11:15 PM
Michelle M., from Rhode Island
Please pray for us. At my last doctor's appointment I had a very abnormal pap-smear. The cells that came back give a 60% chance of cervical cancer. I am going for a biopsy on Wednesday and it will take one or two weeks for the results. We are resting in the Lord and the fact that He made it so we could catch this early. My pap-smear was not booked until July 2018 but because I lost my health insurance my doctor moved it up so it would be covered. Never did I think they would find what they did. Thank you so much for your prayers, and God bless you.

11/17/2017 11:48 PM
Cynthia C., from Florida
My name is Cynthia Celenne and I am from central Florida; I have a very small family and I don't have anyone to pray for me other than one uncle. I am asking that several people would please pray for me over the next few weeks asking God to please provide an excellent and unique employment opportunity for me in accordance with His will, His purposes and plans for my life. I ask Him to stave off the enemy's attacks on my finances and to give perfect provision through perfect providence, in Jesus' name. I have been praying heartily every morning in the hope that He will answer my prayers according to His promises in His Word. Please pray for me as the situation has gotten desperate, I need help to secure a good position where I can be a blessing to others as well as being blessed! Thank you so much and God bless you.

11/14/2017 11:46 AM
Wanda, from Kansas
My husband Jay has a dangerously high PSA number. Please pray it will soon come way down and that he WILL NOT get prostate cancer! He also needs healing of the never-ending tinnitus in his ears. Lord bless you.

11/12/2017 12:29 AM
William, from Rhode Island
Please, pray for my sister Lynn. She lives in Florida with my mother. After a CT scan of her chest they found a large mass at the base of her left lung and fluid around her heart. Further testing will be done in the next few days. Please, pray for strength for the whole family, and most importantly my sister’s salvation, as well as strength and a closer walk with the Lord for my mother. I am blessed to be able to go down there to be with them on the 14th. Please pray for the success of my trip. Thank you.

11/06/2017 01:51 PM
Edmund, from Poland
O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada and Poland. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher? Please pray that Poland, the USA/Canada would overcome (The Acts 26.18) for: Poland, pray for freedom from dead religion to saving faith in God through Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Lord by grace only; the Church in the USA, Canada – Pray for repentance and cleansing of the church (Matt. 3.12); my family: 1. Stir up the hearts of my family for ministry—for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, and our sons Peter and Daniel (Joshua 24.15); 2. Pray God's will and wisdom for me and my family; I ask God for great wisdom in school for Daniel, and for Edmund’s work situation, for Dorothy and Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann (Ann needs a husband); 3. God's order in my work. I ask God for great wisdom at my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank God for the continuation of my work.

11/06/2017 01:43 PM
Ron, from Connecticut
Please pray for me and my son's family here in Texas. I seem to have contracted an intestinal flu virus. My granddaughter, Grace, had it yesterday in her tummy quite severely but is on the mend today. I think it is starting to make the rounds off the household here. Thanks.

10/15/2017 11:11 PM
NN, from Indonesia
Please intervene God. Please help me. I'm hurt inside. I am so tired to cover everything by pretending and no matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working. Please pray for Damianus and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him. Everyone tells me to forget and leave it, they keep pressing me. I cried, it's not so easy as they say and imagine. I feel so traumatized. I have been struggling with depression and suffering for the past 3 years. I know You know my pain God. You always know what has happened because You see everything, even a most hidden corner. Father you say, ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. I come with a broken heart. I depend on you and still hope, if it is God's design, please God soften and touch Damianus heart for me. I can't touch his heart. Only God can change people's hearts. Please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities, because God, You have power to help me. Teach me how to remain grateful when the hardest one, teach me to let go, teach me to love You more than anything, teach me to know You more God. Please help me with your prayers, I really need a miracle, thank you.

10/11/2017 10:52 PM
Karen, from Rhode Island
Please pray for Nick, Erica, Stella and Orion. The house they have been renting has a pending buyer and they need to move by December 1st. They hope to remain in the same town so the children do not have to change schools. Stella is turning 7 and this will be their 3rd move in 15 months.

10/08/2017 08:19 PM
Phil, from California
Please pray for me. I'm 45, never been in a relationship, been praying for relationships for over 22 years. Please please pray God sends me a life partner quickly real soon, in Jesus' name.

10/04/2017 04:35 PM
Patricia, from Massachusetts
Please pray for Tulla and the band he plays in that they have peace of mind after the trauma of the Las Vegas shooting. They are all alright (the band) but were traumatized.

09/16/2017 11:39 AM
Ron, from Connecticut
My brother Jim recently had several tumors removed from his bladder and was just notified that they were malignant. Please pray for his complete healing.

09/12/2017 12:26 PM
Luciano, from Rhode Island
Please, pray for my sister-in-law Ivana. She has ben clear of cancer for the last 8 years, but just found out that she now has a new cancer in her liver. Please, pray for her healing, for her courage, and especially for my brother (her husband) who is taking it quite hard. Thank you and God bless you.

09/07/2017 02:46 PM
Brenda, from Alabama
Please pray that I find a place to stay before its too late. Pray that my income comes in time also for my health problems and that I find my wallet; also that I sell all the furniture in the house also that I find someone to love me for me and have a family of my own.

09/07/2017 02:31 PM
Phil, from Alaska
I am a missionary in France. I have also a business but employees and clients are stealing from me like it is nobody's business. Some don't bring the money back. If I tell the police they either do not do anything about it or I have to send in papers which takes 2 years and then all the case is forgotten.

08/26/2017 07:18 PM
Ron, from Connecticut
My son Shawn and his family live in Lake Jackson, Texas which is about an hour southeast of Houston. They have evacuated to his wife's sister's home which is just west of Houston and still in the storm zone. They are expecting 30+ inches of rain in the area so it is unclear when they will be able to return home. Please pray for their safety and all who live in that area of Texas.

08/04/2017 06:04 PM
Daniel, from Coventry RI
Please pray for Christina and Matt Miller as their son Theodore. Theodore has been having febrile seizures for the past 21 hours. They've been to the ER and spoken to doctors. It is taking a toll on all of them, and they are asking for prayers and peace from God as they help their son in this time.

06/01/2017 11:37 AM
Russel, from W. Warwick, RI
Please, pray for my wife Sherry, who will have a pacemaker inplanted on June 5. Please, pray for a successful surgery, and for a full and healthy function of her heart. Thank you.

05/16/2017 08:10 PM
Allfred, from Maine
Please pray for Eric McDonald. Pray for his salvation. Pray that God's love will heal Eric's heart, Eric's mind and Eric's soul. Pray for God's best for Eric. Eric suffers from serious mental and emotional problems. He needs real help. We do not know where he is now nor how he may be. We are concerned about his future. He needs to meet real Christian friends that will help and encourage him. He needs to find a good Church where he can find a christian home and friends. He needs a good pastor to teach him. He has been suffering and has been hurt from childhood. Pray God will teach Eric to be filled with happiness, joy, peace, and hope. Eric needs to be part of a good church-a place of prayer and faith! Pray for a miracle healing in his heart, soul, spirit, and life. Pray for experience of forgiveness and the grace to forgive those that hurt him. He needs to be free from bitterness danger. Please stand with Eric. Pray he can and will be able to go home a new man in Christ.

05/08/2017 12:28 PM
Patricia, from Massachusetts
Please pray for Deena, who is a nurse. She lost her home to a fire and she has been looking for a place to stay. She is living in a hotel. Thank you.

05/04/2017 01:04 PM
Edmund, from Poland
Please pray that Poland, the USA/Canada would overcome (Acts 26:18). For Poland: pray for freedom from dead religion to saving faith in God through Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Lord by grace only. For the Church in the USA, Canada: Pray for repentance and cleansing of the church (Matt. 3:12). For my family: Stir up the hearts of my family for ministry, for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, and our sons Peter and Daniel. Pray God's will and wisdom for me and my family; I ask God for great wisdom in school for Daniel, and for Edmund’s work situation, for Dorothy and Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann (Ann needs a husband). God's order in my work. I ask God for great wisdom at my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank God for the continuation of my work.

05/02/2017 09:43 PM
Rosetta, from Rhode Island
Please, pray for my son Rodney, who is not hospitalized. Please, pray that when he is released he may be sent to a facility (he needs help) that has less peer pressure than the one where he was living before. Thank you.

05/02/2017 09:40 PM
Michelle, from Rhode Island
Please, pray for my son Scott, who has long term lyme disease. He needs to take a medication that for a while will make him quite sick, but has great potential for helping him in the long run. Please, pray that he may be willing to take that medication, and that it may be effective.

03/14/2017 11:05 AM
DJ, from Oregon
My friend has been dabbling in the occult and is very paranoid. Please pray.

02/22/2017 11:24 PM
Daniel, From Rhode Island
UPDATE: Dori is now in full hospice care. She has been unresponsive for over a week and is in continuous pain. Her white blood count keeps increasing by the day. She is in her final moments or days and the family is requesting prayers for comfort and support throughout the family as she passes. Including Dori's great grand children Lillie and Cari.

02/13/2017 04:40 PM
Patricia, from MA
Please pray for Barbara who lost her husband. He collapsed on the floor early Saturday morning and died. Also, her daughter Laurie and grandaughter Julia. They are my sister's neighbors.

02/07/2017 11:10 PM
Kristen, from Rhode Island
Please, pray for my grandmother Dori. She is jaundice, dehydrated, refusing to eat or drink. She is delirious, and mumbling. They expect her to pass away soon. Please, pray that Dori's husband will find peace, and that the rest of the family may find comfort. Thank you.

02/07/2017 11:09 PM
Deweyne, from California
I pray for the touch of God and the Holy Spirit to be with me permanently, and draw to me blessings in life. I pray for the love of God to flow through me, renewing all my relationships and creating new ones. I pray for prosperity and career opportunities. I pray that God brings a woman into my life that I can marry and start a family with. I pray that God goes ahead of me creating all good. I pray to be a constant source of joy for others.

02/06/2017 11:07 PM
Ludovic Sarraz-bournet, from France
Please pray Jesus for me to be blessed in life and to give me more success. Also pray God for my friends named Oksana, Nastia and Ioulia in Kiev. Nastia is sick and poor and her mother Oksana is a widow. Sometimes she is very tense and agressive. May God free her from all evil, and also Jesus help Nastia to remain in good health and be a good Christian young woman and succeed in her studies. Also Ioulia Christian grand-mother, poor. This family needs prayers and help from God. Also Nastia must undergo surgery for teeth, please ask God to make sure she will be OK and does not suffer.

01/28/2017 02:16 PM
Edmund, from Poland
Please pray for Poland, for freedom of religion to God through Jesus Christ, for the Church in the USA, for stirring up the ministry to God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel, for God's will and wisdom for me and my family; especially for learning in school for Daniel, working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann (Ann needs a husband), for God's order in my work, and for blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank God for the continuation of my work.

01/19/2017 04:58 PM
Luisa, from West Warwick RI
Please, pray for my son Pietro. He is in the hospital with pancreatitis, and I am concerned about him. Thank you.

01/15/2017 04:10 PM
Michael RP Jr, from Rhode Island
Please, pray that I may do the will of God.