Technology Headlines

11/22/2017 11:20 AM
Uber customers torn between scandals and service
DETROIT (AP) — Uber has managed to hold the title of world's largest ride-hailing service despite its seemingly endless string of scandals.

11/22/2017 09:02 AM
Did you 'like' Russian propaganda? Facebook will clue you in
NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook says it will show users if they followed or 'liked' Russia propaganda accounts on its service or on Instagram.

11/22/2017 04:31 AM
Sports betting case could pay off for internet gambling
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — Internet gambling in the United States has been limited to just three states since it began in 2013, but it could soon get a big boost from an unlikely source: the U.S. Supreme Court.

11/21/2017 02:02 PM
AT&T suit may herald a new antitrust era - or Trumpian pique
NEW YORK (AP) — The Trump administration's decision to oppose the $85 billion AT&T-Time Warner merger may be clouded by suspicions of political influence. But considered on its merits, it could mark a significant departure in antitrust policy, one that might block or modify a broader set of mergers found to harm consumers.

11/21/2017 12:44 PM
Meg Whitman stepping down as HP Enterprise CEO
NEW YORK (AP) — Meg Whitman, who oversaw the breakup of one of Silicon Valley's pioneering companies, is stepping down as CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.