National Real Estate Headlines

11/21/2017 02:30 AM
What Goes into "Quality" Real Estate Photography?
No matter what, the home absolutely must look its best.

11/20/2017 02:00 AM
Seven Real Estate Ideas that Deserve to Die
Just because everyone believes something is true doesn’t make it so.

11/16/2017 09:15 PM
Don’t Let Frozen Credit Put Sales on Thin Ice
Work with your clients to ensure that measures they’ve taken to protect their information after recent data breaches don’t derail closings.

11/16/2017 02:45 AM
Putting Your Best Self into Your 2018 Business Plan
Make community service one of your goals for next year.

11/15/2017 09:30 PM
Seven Text Messages that Will Revive those Dying Real Estate Leads
Breathing life back into sales leads that have gone quiet.

11/15/2017 03:00 AM
4 Costs You Haven't Factored into Your Homebuying Budget
Be sure your clients have considered these homebuying-related expenses.

11/13/2017 10:00 PM
New Houzz Study Shows What's Trending in Master Bathroom Remodels
Home Trend Tuesday: See what's trending in master bathroom remodels.

11/13/2017 02:30 AM
Tips for Working with Different Personalities
By understanding DISC assessments, you can glean better strategies for interacting with all types of clients.

11/10/2017 03:00 AM
November 2017 Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine Now Out
Right to rend: five things REALTORS® need to know about Wisconsin's new short-term rental law.

11/09/2017 09:45 PM
What to Expect from the 2018 Housing Market
There are a few ways to alleviate issues that will be inherited from 2017.

11/09/2017 02:30 AM
Home Prices Are ‘Unstoppable’—Will They Stay That Way?
How long they sustain their trajectory remains to be seen.

11/08/2017 10:00 PM
Seniors Housing Market Remains Good, Say Builders
The market for homes for over 55s remains good according to a poll by the National Home Builders Association.

11/08/2017 02:30 AM
Go Big or Go Home
Six tips for upsizing with no regrets.

11/07/2017 10:30 PM
Is Your Millennial Real Estate Game Lacking?
Do millennials even want to buy homes?

11/07/2017 03:00 AM
Are Incentives the Key to Solving the Affordable Housing Crisis?
A new study says simple perks like parks can garner huge community support

11/06/2017 10:00 PM
This Fall, Décor's Deep, Rich Hues are Bolder
Home Trend Tueday: Deeper, richer hues are often part of decor’s autumnal palette, but this year they’re bigger and bolder than usual.

11/06/2017 03:00 AM
3 Ways Playing Tourist in Your Own Backyard Can Increase Business
Agents risk losing sight of exploring and re-exploring the markets they know.

11/05/2017 11:00 PM
Photoshop Express
Tech Hottips: Find out how to use the Photoshop Express app for real estate.

11/03/2017 02:00 AM
How to Answer, "How's the Market?"
So stranges never ever forget you.

11/02/2017 10:15 PM
Home Foundations and Why Material Matters
It's important to be familiar with foundations to better understand how to prevent damage or make necessary repairs.