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08/01/2018 01:43 PM
Happy New Year and a Happy New Topic!
Happy New Year to you all! We really hope you had a relaxing break and are all eager to start the new term! Out topic this term is called, ‘How gruesome were the Greeks?’ and focuses on all aspects of the Greek civilisation. As an introduction to this theme, we have a workshop provided by […]

27/11/2017 02:05 PM
Balbir Singh Dance Company!
Year 4 are extremely excited to be visiting Magna on Thursday to witness the Balbir Singh Dance Company perform and undertake workshops with the pupils. This will lead to further workshops resulting in a class performance nearer to the end of the year. As always, we will keep you posted!

18/10/2017 09:50 AM
Y4 Enterprise week
This week, the school are embarking on an enterprise week to raise money for local charities. Y4 decided to create Woodland Doors, a mythical, enchanting ornament! Aside from just making and selling these, we have focused on profit and loss maths, sales, advertising and marketing as well as packaging and the purpose of point-of-sale displays. Here […]

03/10/2017 12:47 PM
Designing our own civilisation!
In English, we have been reading and writing about Weslandia, a picture book by Paul Fleischmann. In it, Wesley is tired of the ‘daily grind’ and everything being the same as everything else. As a summer project, Wesley decides to create his own civilisation.   Year 4 are now planning to create their own civilisation […]

12/09/2017 12:26 PM
We’re back!
A brand new, raring-to-go, Y4 Maple are settling in nicely to this year’s work. We will shortly be adding this term’s curriculum learning and objectives to the school website so keep your eyes peeled for that.   We are all really excited for our new challenge and will be posting updates in the coming weeks!

23/06/2017 08:53 AM
Our visit to Clifton Park Museum!
For our introduction to our new topic, ‘When in Rome, would you do as the Romans did?’, we visited the museum at Clifton Park. Year 4 had a great day which included holding artefacts found at the Templeborough Fort (the site where Magna is built on). These artefacts are 2000 years old and the pupils […]

26/05/2017 08:55 AM
Years 3 and 4 production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
What a spectacle!  Years 3 and 4 have worked immensely hard this half term on practising and performing the musical of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that attended and the wholly professional pupils who brought this amazing play to life.   A superb time […]

05/05/2017 08:50 AM
Our digestive system models!
To all parents, Thank you all for sending in the junk material this week so that we could make models of the digestive system. I am really proud of how they turned out which includes one group making it so that food can ‘pass’ through it!! Here are some pictures of the making process and […]

07/04/2017 09:26 AM
This term just gets better…and wetter!
What a half term Y4 Maple have had! From introducing our science topic trying to save ice from melting to understanding the full processes of the water cycle, Y4 have learnt so much! The children have loved dissecting and proving facts such as ‘The same amount of water exists now as it always has’ and […]

17/03/2017 10:27 AM
Science Week!
As our topic this half term is ‘Is Water Always Wet?’, we have used our research questions from our WOW introduction to think about how water can be a solid, liquid or a gas.   The pupils have produced some excellent posters to explain the process as well as develop further research questions to investigate […]