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Welcome to our Class Blog

16/01/2017 09:34 AM
A busy start to the year!
Welcome back to Y6 Oak’s blog! We have really hit the ground running this year with our new topic, ‘Was the Early Age of Islam really Golden’? We have researched many of the different inventions and innovations that the Golden Age provided us with and created non-chronological reports about them. As well as that, we […]

11/12/2016 12:26 PM
What happens when you add a micro-organism to a fruit source?
Last week in Y6 Oak, we conducted a science experiment to find out what would happen to a fruit source when we added yeast (a micro-organism) to a banana. ¬†We are also looking¬†bananas without yeast to compare the two, but to keep our test fair, everything else was the same. We have been learning about […]

03/12/2016 03:43 PM
Welcome to our class blog!
Welcome to the first blog post for Y6 Oak! Over this half term we have been asking many questions and doing lots of learning to find out if Spiderman could really exist. We have created classification systems, learnt about adaptation and endangered animals and the support they can receive and this week we are being […]