BBC News - Your Money

BBC News - Your Money

12/15/2017 09:59 PM
Cash controversy: The High Streets with too many ATMs
The cash machine industry and the network are at loggerheads over closure plans.

12/15/2017 05:55 PM
Ryanair in union offer to avoid Christmas strikes
The airline says it will recognise pilot unions as it seeks to avoid industrial action at Christmas.

12/15/2017 12:36 PM
Vodafone offers thousands early contract exit
The mobile network was not clear enough about new fees, telecoms regulator Ofcom says.

12/15/2017 09:22 AM
Families 'struggle' without washing machines
A charity says some households face an "intolerable struggle" but help is available to replace white goods.

12/15/2017 08:32 AM
Minimum price 'would increase cost of 70% of alcohol'
There will be sharp increase in the cost of alcohol if a minimum price is introduced, say researchers.

12/14/2017 09:45 PM
Scottish income tax changes unveiled
Higher and middle earners will pay more than elsewhere in the UK, but lower earners will pay less.

12/14/2017 03:29 PM
Four Seasons Health Care gains breathing space
Four Seasons Health Care, which looks after 17,000 elderly residents, has secured its future for now.

12/14/2017 01:34 PM
Bank sees boost from Brexit progress
The Bank of England says progress in Brexit talks is likely to boost household and business confidence.

12/14/2017 11:06 AM
Black Friday lifts UK retail sales in November
Deals on electrical household appliances boosted sales in November, official figures suggest.

12/14/2017 10:35 AM
Stamp duty tax debate 'welcome'
Surveyors say changes to stamp duty levied on first-time buyers should spark a wider debate.

12/13/2017 01:44 PM
Water bills set to fall by up to £25 from 2020
Water bills in England and Wales will fall by between £15 and £25 a year from 2020 onwards, the regulator Ofwat says.

12/13/2017 01:12 PM
Wage squeeze continues for British households
Earnings grew by 2.3% in the three months to October, lagging inflation for a seventh month.

12/13/2017 11:41 AM
'I was saved from a £10,000 car scam'
Bank staff now alert police when a potential scam victim attempts to withdraw large sums of cash.

12/13/2017 12:06 AM
My close escape from £10,000 bank scam
Barry Fox, 72, says he had "a close shave" with scammers when trying to buy a Rolls Royce on eBay.

12/12/2017 05:25 PM
Ryanair pilots to strike before Christmas
Some passengers face disruption after 79 Dublin-based pilots and others around Europe plan walkouts.

12/10/2017 12:30 AM
Paint and sip
Learning to paint while enjoying a drink has become a popular pastime - but can you improve under the influence?

12/08/2017 09:49 PM
Financial secrets
A "revolution" in our financial lives will begin next month, but what is it and how will it work?

12/05/2017 03:15 PM
Bank-free zone
A town has gone from four banks to none but how do its residents cope?

12/04/2017 12:21 AM
Plastic fantastic
The growth of easily available credit profoundly altered our attitude to money.

12/03/2017 01:44 AM
When I'm 64
Within 15 years, retirees who are renting may have to pay up to 42% of their income, according to a new study

12/01/2017 12:07 AM
Is cash still king?
As mobile payment apps become increasingly popular, and some societies are aiming to become cashless, how has money fared over the last decade?

11/28/2017 12:26 AM
Can a bank in a box replace a branch?
One firm has developed an interactive cash-machine which, it says, can do 80% of the tasks typically undertaken in a bank.

11/23/2017 03:45 PM
Can digital financial assistant Cleo take on the banks?
Cleo AI operates a digital assistant that connects to users’ bank accounts and helps them manage their money.

11/23/2017 02:04 PM
UK set for worst pay squeeze 'since 19th century'
Wages are forecast to remain below pre-financial crisis levels until the early 2020s, according to IFS director Paul Johnson.

11/17/2017 10:01 PM
In the driving seat
Which is the best insurance technology for young drivers: Black box or dash cam?

11/10/2017 10:00 PM
Buying and renting
Your biggest financial commitment is your home. Here is the story of the last 10 years in 10 charts.

11/02/2017 12:52 PM
Rate rise
Over four million householders will face increase payments, but 45 million savers will benefit.

10/16/2017 03:42 PM
Money quiz
As part of our Money Matters coverage we have a quiz to test your personal finance knowledge.

10/16/2017 12:29 AM
Debt in charts
Young people are three times as likely to put essential items on credit as those over the age of 55.

10/16/2017 12:25 AM
Debt explained
Not all debts are the same - so which should you pay off first?

10/11/2017 05:40 PM
House price calculator: Where can I afford to rent or buy?
A new BBC housing calculator that helps you find out where in the UK you can afford to live.

10/02/2017 09:06 AM
Monarch collapse
The UK's fifth biggest airline has ceased trading after losing its licence to sell package holidays.

09/29/2017 10:00 PM
Horses for courses
Banks are investing in the centre of cities like Manchester, but are closing branches in the suburbs.

09/29/2017 03:23 PM
Brass in pocket?
A rise in interest rates would be good news for savers, but bad for borrowers. How would a rise of 0.25% affect you?

09/27/2017 12:21 AM
Work freebies
Impressed that your company offers dress-down Fridays? These firms take job perks to another level.

09/23/2017 12:10 AM
Rounding up
Shops will refuse to accept the round £1 coin from 16 October when it is withdrawn from circulation.

09/19/2017 12:15 AM
Pyramid selling
Low levels of education have fuelled the spread of illegal and harmful pyramid schemes in rural China.

09/13/2017 02:16 AM
Reality Check
Why VAT is charged on some uniforms and why governments haven't cut it.

09/12/2017 12:25 AM
Cashing out
Card and phone payments may be replacing coins and notes, but are Swedes ready to get rid of cash altogether?

09/12/2017 12:22 AM
Northern Rock
The collapse of Northern Rock: Ten years on

09/08/2017 12:03 AM
Money machines
Could low-cost automated financial advice help close the massive retirement savings gap?

09/04/2017 03:57 PM
Your pay and inflation-busting jobs
Is it better to be in your job now, compared to five years ago? BBC analysis reveals.

09/01/2017 10:12 PM
Friend or foe
What do the woes of the UK's biggest door-to-door lender Provident Financial mean for hard-pressed borrowers?

08/31/2017 05:43 PM
Reining it in
The fine on gambling site 888 highlights that current methods of helping problem gamblers are not working.

08/31/2017 01:35 PM
Sterling sense
Buying foreign currency is both easier and more challenging than in the past.

08/21/2017 01:00 AM
Charity fraud
With 800 cases of charity fraud reported last year, are all organisations what they seem?

08/18/2017 10:25 PM
Pawnbrokers' secrets
Only 4% of the UK's adult population - and more women than men - now use a pawnbroker to get a loan.

08/18/2017 10:19 PM
Long trek
The average UK shoe size of men and women has gone up by two sizes since the 1970s - but women's footwear makers have not kept up.

08/16/2017 07:05 AM
£5k commuter club'
With rail fares rising again, we speak to those paying £5,000 a year - or more - in travel costs.

08/14/2017 12:03 AM
Cathedrals of commerce
These "cathedrals of commerce" were democratic spaces that, some say, helped emancipate women.

08/11/2017 09:59 PM
Wired weeding
A smartphone app can tell you whether Japanese knotweed is anywhere near where you live.

08/06/2017 10:49 AM
Death of retirement?
As part of a series by Radio 4's Money Box on retirement, Paul Lewis asks whether we can afford the state pension.

08/04/2017 04:44 PM
'Cash is trash'
As the Bank of England keeps interest rates at a record low, is there any glimmer of hope for savers?

08/01/2017 04:45 PM
Switch to save
Those who switch can save about £300 a year, according to the regulator.

07/31/2017 05:35 PM
Cancer debt
One of Britain's biggest banks is launching a new support service for cancer patients

07/25/2017 02:22 PM
Reality Check
The Bank of England's stability chief warns of the dangers of rising personal loans.

07/25/2017 12:16 AM
Bitcoin goes arty
The global art market is not known for tech innovation, so why is Bitcoin proving increasingly popular?

07/24/2017 06:31 PM
Getting smaller
Everyone knows about Toblerone, but what else is getting smaller?

07/05/2017 06:15 PM
Student debt
Ben Jones is graduating two years after his sister Florence - but he's in about £15,000 more debt than her.

07/04/2017 11:26 PM
How much??
The tutors charging thousands of pounds to help secure a British education for wealthy overseas children.

06/30/2017 12:09 AM
Surge pricing
We are used to prices fluctuating on flights, taxis and hotels, but what if the same thing happened on the high street?

06/19/2017 12:13 AM
Diva of divorce
How Ayesha Vardag has became one of the world's most in demand divorce lawyers.

06/09/2017 10:06 AM
Election fallout
What a hung Parliament means for your finances.

09/23/2016 08:59 PM
How can mums get a good pension?
Many stay-at-home parents have no proper pension provision - so what can they do to maximise their retirement savings?