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01/17/2018 09:22 AM
Most children and teens with gender dysphoria also have multiple other psychological issues
The majority of children and teens with gender dysphoria had other psychological problems, raising questions about the rush to facilitate gender transitioning. By Alex Fradera

01/16/2018 10:04 AM
When tears turn into pearls: Post-traumatic growth following childhood and adolescent cancer
The discovery that following some traumatic situations, tears can turn into pearls is one of the more significant and promising discoveries of psychology. By Tomasz Witkowski

01/15/2018 09:06 AM
Researchers say this 5-minute technique could help you fall asleep more quickly
More research is needed to test the technique against a no-intervention baseline and with participants who have insomnia. By Christian Jarrett

01/12/2018 10:44 AM
New findings pose more problems for the embattled concept of the microaggression
It seems that anyone who thinks their in-group has been slighted by an out-group member may feel as if they’ve been “microaggressed”. By Alex Fradera

01/11/2018 09:34 AM
New “Highly Sensitive Child” test identifies three groups: orchids, dandelions and tulips
Early research suggests that Environmental Sensitivity is a meaningful concept distinct from other common traits. By Christian Jarrett

01/10/2018 09:30 AM
Researchers have tested ways to reduce the collective blaming of Muslims for extremism
Only one intervention was successful in reducing the collective blaming of Muslims and it was based on highlighting hypocrisy. By Emma Young

01/09/2018 10:01 AM
New insights into lifetime personality change from “meta-study” featuring 50,000 participants
The findings debunk William James' assertion that personality is set like plaster after age 30. By Christian Jarrett

01/08/2018 09:56 AM
Facts aren’t everything – understanding parents’ moral reasons for avoiding vaccination
Moral values guide our decisions in other areas, such as climate change. It makes sense they might influence attitudes towards vaccination. By Emma Young

01/05/2018 09:16 AM
What’s your stress mindset?
People with a positive stress mindset take pro-active steps to deal with stressful workdays, and their performance benefits as a result. By Christian Jarrett

01/04/2018 11:50 AM
8 studies and 2 podcasts to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions
Already struggling to keep New Year resolutions? Here’s the first detailed study of daily temptation and resistance PsychCrunch Episode Two: Breaking…