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04/03/2018 01:04 AM
The ABC of Getting Older

The ABC of Getting Older

By AndrewHennessey

When we start out on the path and into our adult creative life we can generally think of ourselves as wanting to get from A – our starting point via our personal and creative skills and attitudes and aptitudes and investments in time and tools, skills development and product and distribution, to the B of our monied outcomes and returns.

Indeed one of our local van-hire companies that took our Folk-Rock band to its dates with destiny and Status Quo on tour in Europe was called A to B van hire.
In those times we could often only imagine what incredible cutting-edge tools and processing we as musicians could invest our hopes in.
Surely if we bought super-human tools – for super-human money we would be able to easily do the super-human gigs that put us into the ballpark of super-human earnings.
Thus went the rhetoric from glossy trade magazines and glib music shop innuendo and so I was able to allocate some money to buy an electric fiddle played by superhumans and though it has to be said not personally a leading virtuoso in the art of Scottish violin I have made a name for myself with my own style of traditional and contemporary electric fiddle playing.

That said, whether sharing the stage with internationally famous stars or doing my own wild folk thing none of my music earnings have been much better than OK.
When I left the British Civil Service to set up as a music agent many years ago – in the days when affording a hard copy yellow pages advert was the way to go – I set up my business as “Chieftain Live Music Agency” and with its cute logo and easy Edinburgh phone number – sounded the place you would go to if you were getting married in the Edinburgh area.
The Ad sat in the phone book adjacent to an agent who I then knew that operated “Ceilidh Bands” and I know that in 1 year of trading – where I got about six spontaneous phone calls – the gentleman from the other agency – apart from his regular custom – got hundreds.
It had to be the name of the agency ??
So next year I re-launched my agency as “North Star Music Agency” again with a nice-sized advert and this time at the other end of the yellow pages weddings section it sat adjacent to a piper agency in Kirkcaldy called “Scotia Pipers” – a very specialised sounding name and total goto if you needed a piper for your wedding ! (and I did)  The thing was - literally hundreds of people marrying in the Edinburgh district were bypassing my “North Star Agency” advert with its ceilidh bands and indeed Star-studded performers (that included a band produced by the late and very famous Martin Bennett) and Edinburgh phone number - to phone a music agent in a totally different small Scottish town and dialling code, only advertising pipers to enquire about booking a ceilidh band.
Again that next year as a music agent – “North Star Music Agency” only got about six enquiries from the yellow pages.
I am not trying to recite a hard-luck story here – just pointing out the abnormal functioning of chance.
With great administration skills many of them transferable into arts administration – somehow it seemed impossible at the time not to get from A to B. Where B was “made it”

Although over the years that follow I would invest (tens of thousands) all that I had – which often wasn’t that much, in computer after computer – operating system and software suites after upgraded operating system and upgraded software suites – despite expensive lessons like - even when you are hard up Never let weirdos mess with your computer – it was never-the-less possible for me to produce – amongst all the dross and clay of my output – some truly liberated and refined and dare I say – Superhuman product !

Even with a Superhuman product output rate of about  5-10% of my output  - over 40 years, that could end up being a good-sized and excellent back catalogue today.
We all know though that a product, however excellent it is, cannot make any returns for the producer if it cannot goto market and sell and generate some returns for the producer.

This getting from A to B thing started to look less possible with time so off I went to enterprising places that could advise me on how to find and utilise the distribution and marketing mechanisms used and built by others.
My brand name ‘Scottish Andrew’ according to a specially entitled Scottish business expert on marketing and social media – because of its diverse sweep of product from music to paranormal tours etc was, he smirked, like having a man in a green suit playing a ceilidh at your wedding.
The connotations in the mind of the consumer were bizarre and not really responsible  - he laughed as he dismissed my stuff.
Right, like Richard Branson’s Virgin banking and Virgin jet airlines and Virgin space travel etc etc I mean who would think the Virgin Brand would evoke such commercial trust amongst millions of worldly investors and commuters etc
Just in passing to point out that a traditional Scottish ceilidh was all about Bards in costume playing music and telling faerie stories and the sharing of culturally made things.
It was hard at that time for me to realise that that business development was really something I had to do on my own .. but then that’s the life of trying to get from A to B.

The rhetoric for getting to B is that we are supposed to invest in Superhuman tools to make superhuman product that attracts excited mortals to generate quick and abundant superhuman and extra ordinary sales.
My own experience of this though is having merely OK tools hasn’t been that much of a handicap on my way to having a fair bit of super product to show for it. (Given that I wasn’t in any great hurry to get to B in the 20th Century.)
The rhetoric goes that “a bad workman always blames his tools” but lets be honest about this and say that even a bad workman in the 21st Century ‘West’  can buy Media Industry Standard tools fairly cheaply and by default manufacture (at least greater than 80% of their product output) augmented and competitive industry standard Media product.

With the high-end of multimedia computation and creativity and image and sound processing now an artificially level playing field it became obvious about a decade ago that generally the paying public expected superhuman cultural media stuff as standard.
I remember playing electric fiddle at some posh event in Scotland and one of the hired stars – presumably on superhuman money – was playing some nice high position semi-classical Scottish violin but generally unable to play that fast.
My turn came along with my compatriots – and we were on OK money and the agent decided to make a thing out of us playing faster and faster, After each faster and faster tune he would shout out “faster” as if it was totally normal for any human being to produce a discernible and marked increase in speed on a bowing, inertia and friction-based musical instrument already close to its own physical tolerances somewhere around 300bpm !!
Three times he shouted “faster !!” and three times got about 30% over and above the level of my ordinary fast that the lady violinist on superhuman money that evening would have thought impossible.
This was a clear example of OK money for a Superhuman Gig.
I have never in my life been paid superhuman money for superhuman playing.
My main issue therefore in getting myself from A to B at that time was to obtain at least regular recognition and rebooking for such superhuman deeds.
There were plenty of musicians touring the globe in style alas often producing OK gigs but cleaning up on superhuman money.
Obviously being confident, gregarious and likeable, discrete and articulate,  with wonderful social skills helps a bundle too.

Generally therefore although often starting out with OK tools and having a low conversion rate to superhuman multimedia product my quest to obtain even OK returns on a considerable catalogue of superhuman multimedia product is fraught with difficulty.
Having reviewed the aesthetic of the packaging and content – on its own this product is comparable with others in similar niches and markets.

It isn’t as if having a lifetime of mainly mediocre tools to use could be blamed in any way.
Perhaps therefore just more bad luck ?

Well – it’s the 21st Century now – the era of social media, and internet marketing and knowledge representation.
With billions of Facebook users though even one of the biggest superstates on the planet couldn’t get heard  financing thousands of false accounts and teams of dedicated internet marketing professionals.
There is something about all that unlucky digital clamour and chaos that sounds familiar.
Having just mentioned knowledge representation – I did that on purpose to introduce the ultimate go to B card - go straight to B etc
I actually developed a knowledge representation system that arranges knowledge into very deep structures that goes all the way down to the energies and bits and pieces of physics and simultaneously all the way up to natural language and thought.
I know it sounds like the terminator and skynet etc but with this process I called tripartite essentialism – I ended up being able to demonstrate a fix for the insoluble ‘halting problem’ where truly independent executive decision-making totally versatile do anything, anytime, anywhere, adaptable artificially intelligent machines cannot happen – because they end up stopping to consult an infinity of labels.
Yes this made the google thing running through the woods look like a mechanical muppet.
I ended up Skypeing with some complacent clown in Silicon Valley who thought that a knowledge representation system with two parts and a context was actually tripartite and they’ve already ‘got one’.
It was getting like the Monty Python and the Holy Grail sketch where King Arthur turns up at a French held castle and asks if the Knights within will join him on his quest for the Holy Grail – the French sentries laugh .. tee hee I told him we already got one .. etc
When he went into the supercilious  ‘why not contact Richard Branson’ routine I had a total revelation.
It was simple actually – whoever they were that had put this agency man into my path – they were very happy with what they now have.
I am happy that they are happy – but have to point out alas that any real threeness e.g. in language comes from a combination in any context of nouns, verbs and adjectives – or in every physical setting and context of object, process and outcome.
It might be that it’s my good luck that in this part of the 21st Century I am not obligated to spend any more time trying to get to B, realising that not only did I arrive at B, I have now superseded it and am now moving to my final destination of C in my own tripartite way.
Today’s final path of B to C is different

One of the most important things to realise is that there is no fixed earthly B for mankind... for we collectively over seven billion of us stay on the planet’s surface and for the overwhelming MAJORITY of those Billions of people – is life in states of Bronze Age deprivation; slavery to financiers, governments, militaries and industries comparable to the slaves of Sumeria and Egypt many thousands of years BC.

When we see the facts that its likely the slaves of ancient Egypt had better living conditions, and little toxins in their food and drink, and were less numerous - they in many ways had it better then than the MAJORITY of the worlds population in the 21st Century.
In the ‘west’ - some people – a tiny percentage of IT literate population -  may wave their iphones and go on about advanced medicine – but today’s medicine isn’t always designed to cure things, more to treat symptoms and our tablets download information that is increasingly corrupted by controlling political interests. The information contained in today’s tablets is not immutably etched in time like that in the tablets Moses brought down from Mount Sinai.

Beyond the relative hi-tek comforts within our tiny pockets of semi-technological half-working OK stuff is the extensive reality faced by billions of others.

"If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of this world."

"If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish, you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy, and if you get this on your own computer, you are part of the 1% in the world who has that opportunity."

"If you woke up this morning with more health than illness.. You are more blessed than the many who will not even survive this day."

"If you have never experienced the fear in battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation... You are ahead of 700 million people in the world."

"If you can attend a church without the fear of harassment, arrest, torture or death you are envied by, and more blessed than, three billion people in the world."

"If your parents are still alive and still married.... you are very rare."

"If you can hold your head up and smile, you are not the norm, you're unique to all those in doubt and despair......."

“If you can read this you are more blessed than over two billion people in the world who cannot read at all."

Beyond the world of B therefore is C

To get to the world of many mansions and palaces in the heavens of C we may need to reach out beyond a whole bunch of superhuman beings that operate at every level within the infrastructure of our society.
Their main reason I think for enforcing this desolate primitivism on the planets surface whilst enjoying the comforts of the interstellar civilisations underground is for reasons that are not loving and good.
Instead of mud huts and smelly Knights in Shining armour – for millennia we could have wanted for no comforts, free and enabled to be a loving interstellar and interdimensional society.

If the Anunnaki fell here for gold – it wouldn’t be the gold they could easily fuse and fabricate from more base atoms with their technology. Rather it would be to make desolate the golden souls of the Race of Adam.
What better way can evil try to taunt the Father they willingly disconnected from in the Fall – but by making desolate this world and the people on it.

In this context therefore getting to the C of Christ in our lives means we have the love within to arrive at and to sustainably live far and beyond these places.

When I first climbed into the A to B van to go on tour many years ago – little then did I realise that Christ, C,  would come to me.

The most important and meaningful product we can produce in this world is a happy family and happy neighbour, and we can make our Father happy too by respecting and caring for all the other lives and life on this world that has evolved and emerged here with us – often used and abused as food – but very often seen in the era of youtube to be loving and caring and considerate too.

Once you have seen superhumans do things only superbeings can do – like “Bach on dustbin lids”  you come to the realisation that next years stock of evolved and superduper specially much better supertools is just a scam to distract the awakening slaves back into their latest blockchain calculations.
There were plenty blocks and chains in the times of ancient Egypt – and maybe the Pharaoh ants are still mining bits of those coins today.

There are islands of garbage floating on the Pacific ocean larger than small countries, whilst clumsy conspiring clowns attempt to turn everything beautiful created in the last few millennia since the time of Pharaoh into rubble and toxic dust with the rhetoric that the global population is unsustainable. They say this whilst simultaneously withholding the very technology and energy processes that could purify and detoxify  and resupply our world as a garden capable of sustaining and evolving human population many times its current level.

This is really only done, quite deliberately, to offend God.

Thank goodness therefore that time is only an illusion, and though it may seem a real sickener to go back over our time here in this deliberately engineered toxic cul-de-sac – let’s keep our hearts and minds, spirits and souls heading upwards, sympathetically resonating with and drawing life and sustenance from our source and pattern of our inspiration, C, Christ.

03/09/2018 11:49 PM

 I know, it’s the 21st Century and therefore everybody should now be enthusiastic about Robotics and very intelligent Artificial Intelligence.
We have watched as google robots tirelessly chase folks through the woods doing impressive backwards summersaults and army types wave chequebooks at cool-sounding companies producing big killer robot dogs for whom no obstacle is insurmountable, whilst in the cinema, Hollywood has dazzled us with visions of the next upgrade to the concept of living with dazzling cyborgs and their clever nerd creators.
If things are to be believed therefore, the ‘Rockstar idol’ treatment given to the  coders of the upgraded Atari-engine Battlebots amongst stage-lighting and smoke machines seems sure to mean that the ultimate challenge of the creating the end-game of the next robotic Transhuman evolution seems to be happening right now.

However, recently presented as if sudden and new news is the elite-sounding stuff going on about Swarm intelligence  which is alleged to be the answer to all human computation problems.

The first swarm studies in Chaos theory were done by Chris Langton at the Santa Fe Institute in the early 1990’s nearly 30 years ago and frankly all talk about swarms today seems totally lame in comparison to these genius level breakthroughs in the modelling and application of the natural order of chaos to human e.g. infrastructure, problems.
Even with Elon Musk’s totally inappropriate psyop attempt to bury the memory forever of the incredible almost ever-lasting electric car Nikola Tesla failed to get approval for in 1904  by calling his lame but expensive electric car a ‘Tesla’ and even after spending an unnecessary amount of hydrocarbon energy pushing his red car into space – it does go to show that the powers that be who gave us Elon Musk spare no expense to embarrass the human race in front of whatever or whoever shows up in our solar system these days.

It’s in fact more like our planetary warders are posting ‘keep out’ signs for all to see.
The similarity of Elon Musk to Robert Downey Jnr portraying the billionaire behind superhero Iron Man at his rockstar arms conventions is likely not a coincidence – even down to the moustache !!
That however doesn’t deflect from the abject failure of humans amongst a reptilian and grey controlled continuum or hive matrix around this gulag Earth to sort out the obvious and phoney control systems of paradoxes and people that keep them blinded and distracted in these various technological and intellectual cul-de-sacs.

Speaking of hives, control matrices, insectoid and arguably demonic life, the very latest cutting-edge intellectual aspirations and buzz that the youth of today are to tune into is the swarm model for computation.
Surely there is enough sub-routines today amongst the collection of attuned and programmable, minor and major physical objects and technologies, databases and assets to facilitate problem recognition, measurement, and reaction, deployment and solution in real time for just about anything.
In fact generational and infinite coding jobs and new terms and languages must be getting generated daily – rather like the new marketing and promotion jobs arising amongst the digital clamour and babel of Facebook.

The problem really is that not very much at all of any of this has much, if anything to do with the real definition of ‘artificial intelligence’.

It is totally false and misleading to infer and suggest that by externally and humanly setting criteria for some issue that can be recognised by an allocated sensory apparatus that this response process, however complex, is the final step in Artificial Intelligence.

That somehow amongst the buzz of that information chaos the long dreamed of Transhuman ‘Singularity’ is going to get kick-started.

This therefore seems an appropriate time to mention my own solution to the impossible and impassable paradox at the very heart or server core of all of the phoney razzmatazz.
The Halting Problem illustrated by Turing to paraphrase – happens because a computer when parsing and analysing something it cannot recognise will just simply halt and then make infinite reference to all and every infinite label it can find.
My own AI model contains a limited independent variety of options at its core and therefore cannot be phased by the unknown if its own data can reference this system called ‘Tripartite Essentialism’, Hennessey, 1991

You must admit that’s a pretty long time to ignore a reasonable, programmable, logical and metaphysical and revolutionary solution to one of the most allegedly sought after social and industrial needs on our planet.
But then free energy, free transport, free water and food, free Robotics and factories,  Free leisure, free souls etc  does seem a great contrast to the Dystopia and Agenda 21 purges we are constantly being lashed with these days.
The negative stuff does rather drone on, like the demonic bees in an alien insectoid hive, and however inspired we may feel to sweep out the honeycomb or regulate the wax or the hives internal temperature or humidity – and there must be all sorts of buzz surrounding the number crunching amongst the pollen to honey to viable nymph ratios – however inspiring to some that may be – it isn’t artificial intelligence.
Like Plato in his early years when he wrote about his three-tier social caste system in his ‘Republic’ so beloved of the social elite today – the alpha caste were e.g. the Queen and the aristocracy. The Beta caste were the soldiers and, the gamma caste – basically the bulk of the Republic/hive biomass - were the labourers ie. The drones.
Central to the Republic was the ‘noble lie’ which ensured the continuity of governance based on the idea that the masses or drones were on a need to know – probably about how good the lives of the alpha caste aristocracy was etc.
If folks want to work on; drone on about useful but basic social number-crunching fair enough  - but that isn’t about a future transcending the human, it is more about a future dehumanising and lessening the human.

To continue the human/insectoid analogy …

Consider this though – that my own top down AI system (Tripartite Essentialism), with its Knowledge Representation System that has direct links to the performance and measurement of the physical (even super-physical) Universe – which operates with, through, despite, because of, etc any and every known or unknown system in this or any cosmos that has an Input a Process and an Outcome – if only a fraction of that claim was possible with this allegedly Universal AI, then this is the sort of Robotics for the Queen and her aristocracy – that is going to be a true asset in finding out about places the next generation of Queens may be exploring to set up a new hive and swarm.

Here on Earth though, reality just doesn’t operate like that.
Endless wars and poverty and toxicity with real Utopian breakthroughs being ignored and dispensed with by the elite at every emergent stage.

Cul de sacs, smoke and mirrors and arenas full of enthusiastic youth drooling over someone who made an Atari playstation interact with tools in changing conditions – isn’t about real executive AI.

One day when the fomented confusion is made to stop on the planets surface, people will be able to identify at least one fact – that in the thousands of years since Moses there have been billions of people living on Earth in much the same conditions as those early Israelites whilst deep underground – non-human activity has been very advanced, unrelenting, and not very compassionate and if it has interfered in our difficult and hungry surface-dwelling lives – it has always been to make sure we never make the right connections we need to evolve and ultimately escape.

03/07/2018 12:21 AM
Andrew Hennessey - Author and Musician
Andrew Hennessey - Author and Musician

02/28/2018 11:02 AM
The Light Beyond the Darkness
the story on CD of my paranormal Pilgrimage beyond all the faeries, ghosties and ghoulies of Earth realm.

The light beyond the darkness on Amazon

02/03/2018 12:33 AM
The United Underworld Nations

There has always been a very ancient idea running through global folklore in all millennia and cultures that there are sub-surface cities within a hollow earth, and that at the heart of the hollow earth is a sun-like plasma ball radiating light and life to vegetation and creatures alike.

To get that theory in perspective however, it would mean that Agencies such as NASA were economical with the truth when it came to pictures of polar entrances from their satellites etc

In a world of easy to manipulate and process digital media it can never be solely shown by any digital image what is true or false.

Perhaps some evidential digital photo plus other corroborating evidence from its context would be better ?

Today it is perhaps better to rely on witness testimony from before the digital age - if, that is - it too hadn't been edited on the net before we found it.

I know that there is a net archive with Josephus Flavius's History of the Jews that would have been useful if it had retained the chapters that you can still find in the original 19th Century reference hard copies on the fallen angles and their modus operandi.

Useful also because it would have been able to backup my assertion that fallen giants also mentioned in the Celtic 'Book of Invasions'  - had agreed to abide underground.

This concept of giants - whether  of the Nephilim - the giant descendants of the fallen angels or of the giants themselves - is born out by some of the folklore.

Indeed in the USA there is a constant 'conspiracy dialogue' about the Smithsonian Institute 'covering up'  the archaeological remains of a giant people.

Some folklore speaks of hi-tek ideas such as ships or flying chariots that can unleash the power of the sun e.g. in the Mahabarata or of beautiful cities with elevators and colourful shimmering walls,  or with the capacity to project fields and beams with which to control the technologies of the surface dwellers. ( Admiral Byrd's 'secret diary')

I am certain that today though, in the 21st Century, the human tunnelling machines that gave us Area 1 to Area 51 to Area 151 etc and underground corporate-sponsored mega-cities linked by high speed monorails and a certain amount of elite military paranoia have probably already been invited to forget all about going any deeper !!

The sub-surface of our planet has to be a very interesting sociological ecosystem and pseudo-political infrastructure full of humanoid species of all shapes and sizes and states of peace.

A 'United Sub-Surface Nations' might be an interesting place to hang out.

Such a diverse and possibly motley crew from e.g. Celtic mythology was envisioned by Scottish painter John Duncan in 1912 - with his painting of the Fomorians.


Here then is a small selection of things that we can at present freely find on the net if we dig into various archives.

I'm not saying that this info in its entirety is going to be there for ever either !

For example even the Wayback Machine internet  'archive' starts losing important details with time - whilst alleging to be 'preserving knowledge' for the future of mankind -

Maybe it was just me - but try finding this !! ???

In WW II, learn how inhabitants of Nagaland came to the world's attention.


Nor must we make the other mistake of assuming that just because it is on the net, looks good etc that it is necessarily true. Indeed there are many sites on the net employing writers and digital artists to manufacture fake news.

We must neither be naïve about the status of some controversial information - for example if the net is purposefully flooded with fake images of e.g. Martian architecture and beings or Gigantic Americans - we must avoid being pushed to the conclusion that there is smoke without fire.  The reverse is true - there is no smoke without fire

picture - Reptilian beings/Draco  - 'The riders of the Sidhe, 1912, by John Duncan, Scotland
Indian folklore and ancient tracts are replete with references to an underground and very advanced civilisation many millennia BC.

Folklore from Ancient times in India mentions a hollow earth and its cities ..

The Puranas make several comments about the hollow Earth. One such Puranic comment has to do with the narration of the Kalki avatar - that at the end of Kali Yuga, (the dark, iron Age c.a. 2025AD)  the Kalki Avatar will be born in the best of Brahmin families of the city of Shambala to annihilate wrongdoers on the surface of the globe by purging them with fire. Afterwards, the general Puranic version goes that men will come from the interior of the planet to the surface to re-colonise and re-start Vedic culture.  Note that Shambala is mentioned in the Puranas as a city of the planet's interior. Not only in the Puranas, but in the Tibetan collective memory also, Shambala is deemed to be a city in the Earth's interior.

Another Puranic narration which makes a direct comment in relation to the hollow portion of the Earth is one relating to the avatar Parasurama, and may be found in the Ninth Canto, Sixteenth Chapter, Texts 19 - 21, of the Bhagavatam. The 19th text says that 'He confronted the warrior caste twenty one times and rid the face of the Earth of them'. The word Prithivim was used to denote the face of the Earth.

In Shree Ramayana there are two scenes which are suggestive of the existence of inner areas of the Earth. After Shrimati Sitadevi had been kidnapped by Ravana, Shree Laksman swore to Rama that he would pursue the rascal even if Lakshman had to chase him to the "dark hollows of the Earth."

In chapter 8 of Kishkindya, Rama proves his ability to Sugriva by discharging an arrow which

 "pierced through seven palms, a rock, and the  innermost region of the Earth and in a minute again came back to the quiver."

Supernatural weapons also appear in Hindu mythology, and are known generally as astras. These supernatural weapons are wielded by the characters of the various Hindu texts, including those of the famous epic, the Mahabharata

Although e.g. Nicholas Roerich may have seen a 'Vimana' or UFO in Tibet in the early 20th century - the technological and social 'apartheid' the surface dwellers on this earth has experienced for thousands of years has no sign of letting up.

Roerich's 1929 book Altai-Himalaya described a type of silvery flying disc.

Here are Roerich's words describing an event of August 5, 1927 in the Qinghai province of China, on the northeastern border of Tibet:

‘On August fifth—something remarkable! We were in our camp in the Kukunor district not far from the Humboldt Chain. In the morning about half-past nine some of our caravaneers noticed a remarkably big black eagle flying above us. Seven of us began to watch this unusual bird. At this same moment another of our caravaneers remarked, “There is something far above the bird.” And he shouted in his astonishment. We all saw, in a direction from north to south, something big and shiny reflecting the sun, like a huge oval moving at great speed. Crossing our camp this thing changed in its direction from south to southwest. And we saw how it disappeared in the intense blue sky. We even had time to take our field glasses and saw quite distinctly an oval form with shiny surface, one side of which was brilliant from the sun.'

Nicholas Roerich's book called " Shambala," which was published in 1930 reflected his travels in Tibet and related the Tibetan's rich hollow Earth folklore -  mentioning the cities of Shambala, Shangri La, and the kingdom of Agharta

Stories of highly advanced military weaponry do infer or imply a highly advanced technological society.   For example the human military industrial complex was driven by perceptions of war and threat to achieve great military and consequentially, social advances.

The military funding of science has had a powerful transformative effect on the practice and products of scientific research since the early 20th century. Particularly since World War I, advanced science-based technologies have been viewed as essential elements of a successful military.

In the years immediately following World War II, the military was by far the most significant patron of university science research in the U.S., and the national labs also continued to flourish. E.g. The complex histories of computer science and computer engineering were shaped, in the first decades of digital computing, almost entirely by military funding.

The need to keep up with corporate technology research (which was receiving the lion's share of defence contracts) also prompted many science labs to establish close relationships with industry.

Given we can assume that the interior civilisation of our planet is both highly advanced and very self-sufficient and exposed to millennia of unending comforts - can we assume we have been left to shuffle about in a radio-active desert not of our own making because some naga-esque elite corporation made a decision to build several flimsy nuclear fission power plants on the coast in a notorious earthquake and tsunami zone in the Pacific ocean ?

There are authentic and evidential-sounding verses from the Indian Epics about how these ancient beings flew about and made war with such nuclear weapons:

“Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful vimana (fast aircraft)

hurled a single projectile (rocket) charged with the power

of the Universe (nuclear device). An incandescent column of

smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose with

all its splendour.

It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic

messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race

of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.

The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognisable.

Hair and nails fell out; Pottery broke without apparent cause,

and the birds turned white.

…After a few hours all foodstuffs were infected…

…to escape from this fire the soldiers threw

themselves in streams to wash themselves and their

equipment.” — The Mahabharata

“It was a weapon) so powerful that it could destroy the earth

in an instant  A great soaring sound in smoke and flames

And on its sits death…” — The Ramayana

“Dense arrows of flame, like a great shower, issued

forth upon creation, encompassing the enemy…

A thick gloom swiftly settled upon the Pandava hosts.

All points of the compass were lost in darkness.

Fierce wind began to blow upward, showering dust and gravel.

Birds croaked madly… the very elements seemed disturbed.

The earth  shook,  scorched  by the terrible violent heat of this weapon.

Elephants burst into flame and ran to and fro in a frenzy…

over a vast area, other animals crumpled to the ground and died.

From all  points  of  the compass  the  arrows  of  flame  rained

continuously and fiercely."  — The Mahabharata

“It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.”  is to be found in Section 1 of Mausala Parva.( http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m16/m16001.htm).

“When thn next day came, Samva actually brought forth an iron bolt through which all the individuals in the race of the vrishnis and the andhakas became consumed into ashes.

Indeed, for the destruction of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas, Samva brougt forth, through that curse, a fierce iron bolt that looked like a Gigantic messenger of death. The fact was duly reported to the king. In distress of mind, the king (Ugrasena) caused that iron bolt to be reduced to a fine powder. Men were employed to cast the powder into the sea.”

J. Robert Oppenheimer the American theoretic Physicist and 'father of the modern atom bomb has a very famous quote  '"We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty, and to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.' I suppose we all thought that, one way or another."

From ancient texts there is more evidence of a very advanced technological society - if only from its stories of military prowess.

In the Mahabharata, various astras are used by the warriors during their epic battles. One of them, for example, is the Sudharshana Chakra. This was the astra used by Krishna, the 8 th avatar of the god Vishnu, and a major character in the Mahabharata. The Sudharshana Chakra is described as a spinning disc with 108 serrated edges. This weapon was made by Vishwakarma, the architect of the gods, from the dust of the Sun and the scraps from the Shiva's trident, and given to Vishnu by Shiva. This weapon would return to its owner after disposing of an enemy.

Another astra found in the Mahabharata is the Pashupatastra. This weapon is regarded to be incredibly destructive, and capable of destroying all creation.

Yet another well-known astra in the Mahabharata is the Brahmashira, a weapon created by Brahma.

As for the Brahmashira, it has been mentioned that an area struck by this weapon would be completely destroyed, the land would be barren for twelve years, rain would not fall for the same amount of time, and everything there will become poisonous. In the Mahabharata, Arjuna and Ashwatthama used the Brahmashira against each other. Fearing that the power of these two astras would destroy the world, the sages beseeched the two warriors to take back their weapons

Stories of advanced shapeshifting reptilians are in stories, myth and culture all over the world. In Scottish faerie tales the 'blue men of the minches' [R Kirk]  or the (water dwelling)  'Draco'.

In India they are commonly called Naga.

The word Naga comes from the Sanskrit, and nag is the word for snake, especially the cobra, in most of the languages of India.

In Tibetan Buddhism

"Nagas [kLu] are a class of beings (often snake-like in form) that dwell in a variety of locations ranging from waterways and underground locations and also in unseen realms. These beings have their own perceptions and vary in their enlightened level as do humans and other beings.

Many Kashmiri festivals relate to Naga worship, "for example during the first snowfall, Nila, the Lord of Nagas, is worshipped. The Nagas are also propitiated in April and are related to Iramanjari Puja and to Varuna Panchmi, which is organised in July-August."

And "in the darker half of the month of Jyeshtha, when a big festival is organised to propitiate the king Taksakyatra. The Nilamatapurana listed 527 Nagas that were worshipped in Kashmir. In the account of Abul Fazal, the court historian of Akbar, there are references to seven hundred places sacred to serpents."

The purana also points to the association of the cult of Nagas with that of Shiva. In the Mahabharata and Harivamsa texts, Shesha was considered the son of Shiva. A lesser relation was developed with regard to Vishnu as in his sheshashayi form which links the primal waters with the sleeping Vishnu.

The 'golden cities of Nagaland' are described in folklore here ..

Nilamata Purana, the ancient history of Kashmir, is centered around the original inhabitants of Kashmir, the Nagas. In the verses 232-233 it mentions their capital: "O Naga, the dwelling of the Nagas is the city named Bhogavati. Having become a Yogi that Naga-chief (Vasuki) dwells there as well as here. But with his primary body, Vasuki, protecting the Nagas, shall live in Bhogavati. O sinless one, you (also) dwell here constantly." Bhogavati is also mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana 1.11.11. Its another name is Putkari.

Bhagavata Purana gives the following description of Bila-svarga, the subterranean regions compared for their opulence to heaven (5.24.7-15):

"My dear King, beneath this earth are seven other planets, known as Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala. I have already explained the situation of the planetary systems of earth. The width and length of the seven lower planetary systems are calculated to be exactly the same as those of earth.

"In these seven planetary systems, which are also known as the subterranean heavens [bila-svarga], there are very beautiful houses, gardens and places of sense enjoyment, which are even more opulent than those in the higher planets because the demons have a very high standard of sensual pleasure, wealth and influence. Most of the residents of these planets, who are known as Daityas, Danavas and Nagas, live as householders. Their wives, children, friends and society are all fully engaged in illusory, material happiness. The sense enjoyment of the demigods is sometimes disturbed, but the residents of these planets enjoy life without disturbances. Thus they are understood to be very attached to illusory happiness.

"My dear King, in the imitation heavens known as bila-svarga there is a great demon named Maya Danava, who is an expert artist and architect. He has constructed many brilliantly decorated cities. There are many wonderful houses, walls, gates, assembly houses, temples, yards and temple compounds, as well as many hotels serving as residential quarters for foreigners. The houses for the leaders of these planets are constructed with the most valuable jewels, and they are always crowded with living entities known as Nagas and Asuras, as well as many pigeons, parrots and similar birds. All in all, these imitation heavenly cities are most beautifully situated and attractively decorated.

"The parks and gardens in the artificial heavens surpass in beauty those of the upper heavenly planets. The trees in those gardens, embraced by creepers, bend with a heavy burden of twigs with fruits and flowers, and therefore they appear extraordinarily beautiful. That beauty could attract anyone and make his mind fully blossom in the pleasure of sense gratification. There are many lakes and reservoirs with clear, transparent water, agitated by jumping fish and decorated with many flowers such as lilies, kuvalayas, kahlaras and blue and red lotuses. Pairs of cakravakas and many other water birds nest in the lakes and always enjoy in a happy mood, making sweet, pleasing vibrations that are very satisfying and conducive to enjoyment of the senses.

According to the Vinaya or Buddhist Monastic Rule, an animal cannot become a monk.   At one time, a Naga was so desirous of entering the Order that he assumed human form in order to be ordained.

"Shortly after, when asleep in his hut, the naga returned to the shape of a huge snake. The monk who shared the hut was somewhat alarmed when he woke up to see a great snake sleeping next to him! The Lord Buddha summoned the naga and told him he may not remain as a monk, at which the utterly disconsolate snake began to weep. The snake was given the Five Precepts as the means to attaining a human existence in his next life when he can then be a monk. Then out of compassion for the sad snake, the Lord Buddha said that from then on all candidates for the monkhood be called 'Naga' as a consolation. They are still called 'Naga' to this day."

Mme. H. P. Blavatsky [fl. 1900] co-founder of the Theosophical Society, thought:

When the Brahmans invaded India they "found a race of wise men, half-gods, half-demons", says the legend, men who were the teachers of other races and became likewise the instructors of the Hindus and the Brahmans themselves.

Amongst humanity that is 'not in the know' or on a 'need to know' basis there is some evidence apparent that the world really isn't everything we have been told it is - it is in fact far more than that !!

By Lieutenant-Commander Fitzhugh Green, U.S.N.     (c.a. 1914)

'In the proposed transpolar flight of the huge new navy dirigible, the ZR-1 (the Shenandoah), next summer, lies the most thrilling possibility that ever faced a single body of explorers;

In the centre of the unknown area of the Polar Sea may be discovered a vast continent heated by subterranean fires, and inhabited by the descendants of the last Norwegian colony of Greenland!

So wild is the idea as to tax the most gullible imagination. Yet it is vividly encouraged and supported not only by history and tradition, but by the searching test of scientific analysis...'

Examine the Eskimo tradition: It paints in vivid terms the White Men swarming suddenly north to a wonderland the natives long had known. Because of evil spirits, no Eskimo had ever dared this trail.

'Confirming that the earth is indeed hollow, in February 19, 1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy flew north from Alaska beyond the north pole on a flight of 1700 miles over the Arctic Ocean and came to a land covered with vegetation, lakes and rivers and even saw a prehistoric-type mammoth in the underbrush.

From his suppressed but now available alleged diary, an entry of the flight log:


At 0910 Hours- Both Magnetic and Gyro compasses beginning to gyrate and wobble, we are unable to hold our heading by instrumentation. Take bearing with Sun compass, yet all seems well. The controls are seemingly slow to respond and have sluggish quality, but there is no indication of Icing!

At 1135 Hours- Our radio crackles and a voice comes through in English with what perhaps is a slight Nordic or Germanic accent! The message is:

'Welcome, Admiral, to our domain. We shall land you in exactly seven minutes! Relax, Admiral, you are in good hands.'

I note the engines of our plane have stopped running! The aircraft is under some strange control and is now turning itself. The controls are useless.

1140 Hours- Another radio message received. We begin the landing process now, and in moments the plane shudders slightly, and begins a descent as though caught in some great unseen elevator! The downward motion is negligible, and we touch down with only a slight jolt!

1145 Hours- I am making a hasty last entry in the flight log. Several men are approaching on foot toward our aircraft. They are tall with blond hair. In the distance is a large shimmering city pulsating with rainbow hues of color. I do not know what is going to happen now, but I see no signs of weapons on those approaching. I hear now a voice ordering me by name to open the cargo door. I comply.

'I bid you welcome to our domain, Admiral.'

I see a man with delicate features and with the etching of years upon his face. He is seated at a long table. He motions me to sit down in one of the chairs.

After I am seated, he places his fingertips together and smiles.

He speaks softly again, and conveys the following:

'We have let you enter here because you are of noble character and well-known on the Surface World, Admiral.'

Surface World, I half-gasp under my breath!

'Yes,' the Master replies with a smile, 'you are in the domain of the Arianni, the Inner World of the Earth. We shall not long delay your mission, and you will be safely escorted back to the surface and for a distance beyond. But now, Admiral, I shall tell you why you have been summoned here.

Our interest rightly begins just after your race exploded the first atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. It was at that alarming time we sent our flying machines, the "Flugelrads", to your surface world to investigate what your race had done. That is, of course, past history now, my dear Admiral, but I must continue on.

You see, we have never interfered before in your race's wars, and barbarity, but now we must, for you have learned to tamper with a certain power that is not for man, namely, that of atomic energy. Our emissaries have already delivered messages to the powers of your world, and yet they do not heed. Now you have been chosen to be witness here that our world does exist.

You see, our Culture and Science is many thousands of years beyond your race, Admiral.'

Again in 1956 he flew inside the earth this time from McMurdo Sound in the Antarctic on a flight of 2,300 miles.

Overland continually, after passing the pole he came to a land with subtropical vegetation, rivers and lakes, before he had to turn back for lack of fuel.'

(WORLDS BEYOND THE POLES, F. Amadeo Giannini, (Quoting from press and radio releases))

News of Byrd's discovery was suppressed by the United States government and by the global Illuminist Conspiracy which has a substantial control over most of the world's governments and ultimately their peoples.

So great was this fabulous discovery by Admiral Richard Byrd, that news of it was quickly suppressed. Shortly after the initial announcement of Admiral Byrd's flights through the polar openings, U.S. Navy Intelligence clamped down on any further publication of the greatest geographical discovery in history.

Henceforth, Our hollow Earth has become a 'top secret' !

There is plenty Folklore about hollow earth visible to ordinary surface dwellers.

Olaf Jansen was a Norwegian youth who stumbled into the hollow part of the Earth in a voyage with his father in their small sailing craft through the Northern Polar Opening. This was in the first part of August 1829. They had been sailing about 15 days North from Franz Josef Land..

He described the sun as being dimmer in the sense that it was without glare- Olaf described its intensity as having the brightness of the solar system's sun during a partial eclipse. This description reminds the author of beta-blocker sunglasses which dim the Sun's light though they make colours stand out more vividly. An inner sun comprised of soft particles, as described above, could explain such a nature.

Here is the account of the inner sun related by Olaf.  "One day about this time, my father startled me by calling my attention to a novel sight far in front of us, almost at the horizon. '

It is a mock sun, ' exclaimed my father. ' I have read of them; it is called a reflection or mirage. It will soon pass away.'

But this dull-red, false sun, as we supposed it to be, did not pass away for several hours; and while we were unconscious of its emitting any rays of light, still there was no time thereafter when we could not sweep the horizon in front and locate the illumination of the so-called false sun, during a period of at least twelve hours out of every twenty-four.

Clouds and mists would at times almost, but never entirely, hide its location. Gradually it seemed to climb higher in the horizon of the uncertain purply sky as we advanced.

It could hardly be said to resemble the sun, except in its circular shape, and when not obscured by clouds or the ocean mists, it had a hazy-red, bronzed appearance, which would change to a white light like a luminous cloud, as if reflecting some greater light beyond.

We finally agreed in our discussion of this smoky furnace-coloured sun, that, whatever the cause of the phenomenon, it was not a reflection of our sun, but a planet of some sort of a reality. " (THE SMOKY GOD, pp. 85 - 87)

The story of polar openings and entrances and internal and eternal suns etc doesn't generally sit well with NASA and their satellite system but then this is the same NASA that seems to turn off the cameras every time a real spacecraft/UFO flies past the ISS space station.

There are a couple of 'leaked' NASA satellite pictures of the sort of opening Admiral Byrd may have flown into - but then in the age of high-end digital image manipulation by high-end digitally enhancing demons and software - probably Renee Descartes could not tell if what he was seeing was demonic or real !!

H. D. Northrop further notes that the light of the aurora is continuous during the Arctic night, and he says that the arch which is seen as being such a prominent feature of the aurora is only "part of a ring of light which is elevated considerably above the surface of our globe, and whose centre is situated in the vicinity of the pole."

And that is what we should expect when we remember that it is the reflection of the rays coming through the polar openings which causes the phenomenon. Northrop points out that a person looking at this ring from a point very far north would imagine that the aurora was to the south of him simply because the ring was so far spread out overhead.

This point is corroborated by the author of "The Arctic World" who says the same thing about the aurora. Moreover,  William Denovan in his scientific reference work, "The Phenomena of Nature", makes the statement that:

"In temperate regions the aurora does not present such grand forms as in the extreme north."

Observations by north polar explorers indicate that there is indeed a land in the far north with a subtropical climate heated by a sister sun inside Our Hollow Earth. For example, Explorer's reports of abundant animal and bird life in the summer time in the far north indicates a homeland in the north from which they extend in the summer further south and to which they are seen to migrate in the fall.

With something simple such as the interplay of light causing issues with public domain science and its opportunity to verify a hidden structure to our planet, perhaps evidence for very unexpected geological realities and strata can be found in the evident biology ?

Explorer Hays observed abundant insect life in the far north. When he was in latitude 78 degrees, 17 minutes in early July he said, "I secured a yellow-winged butterfly, and-who would believe it--a mosquito...ten moths, three spiders, two bees and two flies." (The Open Polar Sea, p. 413)

Notice the element of surprise that many explorers expressed resulting from the discovery of conditions which they weren't expecting.

Explorer Greely, in his book, THREE YEARS OF ARCTIC SERVICE, in Grinnell Land in June of 1881, reports birds of an unknown species, butterflies and bumblebees, so many flies they couldn't sleep at night, and temperatures of 47 and 50 degrees at latitude 81 degrees 49 minutes north. He also found plenty willow to make fire, and much driftwood, (Chapter 26, Vol. I)

A Swedish expedition under Otto Torell, found near Trurenberg Bay in the Arctic Sea, trees floating with green buds on them and among them was found the seed of the tropical Entada Bean which measured 2.25 inches across. (Gardner, p. 253)

Explorer Sverdrup at 81 degrees north found so many hares that they named one inlet, Hare Fiord. Also nearly all expedition parties found enough game to keep their exploring parties well fed with meat. These included herds of musk-oxen and reindeer. (Gardner p. 254)

Captain Beechey saw so many birds on the west coast of Spitzbergen that sometimes a single shot killed thirty of them. (Gardner p. 254)

All explorers observed that not all animals migrate south to escape the cold

Arctic winds in winter, but many instead go north. Where do they go? Greely,

surprised at the tremendous amount of wildlife in a supposed frozen north wrote, "Surely this presence of birds and flowers and beasts was a greeting on nature's part to our new home."

Explorer Kane reported seeing several groups of Brent Geese, which is an American migratory bird, flying NORTHEAST in their wedge-shaped line of flight at 80 degrees 50' north at Cape Jackson, near Grinnelland in late June 1854.

Explorer Greely makes this statement of the northward migration of bears,  "Lieutenant Lockwood, in May, 1882, noticed bear tracks (going northeast) on the north coast of Greenland, near Cape Bennet in 83 degrees 3' N.," and commented, "...I cannot understand why the bear ever leaves the rich hunting-field of the 'North Water' for the desolate shores of the northward." (THREE YEARS, p. 366)

Greely also wrote about the Ross Gull, "...the observations of Murdoch at Point

Barrow show that this bird, in thousands, passes over that point to the northeast in October, none of which were seen to return." (THREE YEARS, p. 383)

Use of biblical and evocative words for these people and places may invite poor judgement.

The Nordic descriptions of such places is very reminiscent of the ancient Indian folklore.

In THE SMOKY GOD, Olaf Jansen gives a description of where the Garden of Eden is located. Inside the earth, Olaf Jansen says, "The City of 'Eden' is located in what seems to be a beautiful valley, yet, in fact, it is on the loftiest mountain plateau of the Inner Continent, several thousand feet higher than any portion of the surrounding country. It is the most beautiful place I have ever beheld in all my travels. In this elevated garden all manner of fruits, vines, shrubs, trees, and flowers grow in riotous profusion. In this garden four rivers have their source in a mighty artesian fountain. They divide and flow in four directions."

(THE SMOKY GOD, pp. 113, 114)


Since Olaf and his father travelled far into the continent on a monorail train to reach the Garden of Eden, and since the Garden of Eden is in a valley upon the highest mountain plateau of all the Inner Continent, and since out of the Garden of Eden flows the four rivers in four directions, we may conclude that the Garden of Eden must be located toward their southern centre of the Inner Continent.

In more ancient Nordic texts though, the story of giants and dwarves and Middle Earth dwellers is taken up in works such as  Völuspá

"The wisdom of the prophetess", the most famous mythological poem of the "Elder Edda", relates in the form of a vision the beginning and end of all things and tells of the gods and their doom.

From above comes the all-powerful god of judgment, while Nidhogg, the evil dragon, comes from below and bears away the corpses.

Nine worlds I can reckon, nine roots of the tree.

The wonderful ash, way under the ground

When Ymir lived long ago

Was no sand or sea, no surging waves.

Nowhere was there earth nor heaven above.

Bur a grinning gap and grass nowhere.

The sons of Bur then built up the lands.

Moulded in magnificence middle-Earth:

Sun stared from the south on the stones of their hall,

From the ground there sprouted green leeks.

Sun turned from the south, sister of Moon,

Her right arm rested on the rim of Heaven;

She had no inkling where her hall was,

The Bible as we know it today seems to have retained allusions to these realities despite the number of heavy secular edits it has received over the millennia.

American King James Version

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth

And Isaiah 13:22

And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged

dragons - (tanni^yn). This word, in its various forms of "tannim, taninim, tannin, and tannoth," denotes sometimes "jackals or thoes," as in Job 30:29; Psalm 44:19; Micah 1:8; Malachi 1:3. But it also denotes a great fish, a whale, a sea monster, a dragon, a serpent. It is translated 'a whale' in Genesis 1:21; Job 7:12; Ezekiel 32:2; 'serpents,' Exodus 7:9-10, Exodus 7:12; 'dragons,' or 'dragon,' Deuteronomy 32:33; Nehemiah 2:13; Psalm 44:19; Psalm 74:13; Psalm 91:13; Psalm 148:7; Isaiah 27:1; Isaiah 51:9; Jeremiah 14:6; Jeremiah 51:34; Malachi 1:3, "et al.;" and once 'sea monsters,' Lamentations 4:3. A "dragon" properly means a kind of winged serpent much celebrated in the dark ages.  In their pleasant palaces - Hebrew, 'Their palaces of luxury and pleasure.'

Other creatures of legends were the 'Fomorians' - a bunch of what appears to have been un-human or even in-human humanoids - giants, trolls, ghouls, kobolds and other assorted monsters !

There have been persistent rumours that agencies have flooded the internet with giant-hoax pictures to try to make the allegations that America was once 'land of the giants' seem incredible ..

It has been seen in many of the ancient mounds found in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York and Minnesota that giant skeletons and artifacts were unearthed. The weight of evidence therefore points to the Indians' legends possessing the historical fact--not the conservative theories.

According to the Indian accounts (as preserved in Volume 12 of Memoires of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania , in the distant past the Deleware-Lenni-lenape peoples swept in a flood of migration from the far west, but on reaching the valleys west of the Mississippi, they were confronted by a well-entrenched people of tremendous stature and possessing a high civilization. These people they called the "Allegewi" or "Telligewi"--much the same as given to them by the California Indians, and after whom the Alleghany river and mountains were named. The progress of the Deleware-Lenni-lenape was stopped, and they were driven back but not discouraged. At the same time, the Iroquois people were trying to find a passage through Allegewi territory, from the north. Two migratory peoples eventually entered into an alliance together, and proclaimed war against the giants. One by one, the Allegewi strongholds fell, and the giants were forced to become wanderers along the streams and river-systems they had attempted to defend. Another tradition affirms that the primitive Indian invaders, because of their great numbers, successfully overwhelmed the ancient gargantuan inhabitants of the north-central states, and that the last great battle in this area was fought at the falls of the Ohio river, where the remnant was driven upon a small island below the rapids, and there the whole of them cut to pieces. The Indian chief, Tobacco, informed General George Rogers Clark of a legend in which was preserved the memory of a battle fought at Sandy Island, where "the first peoples of this land" had been slaughtered. Another Indian chief, Cornplanter, told that Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee had once been inhabited by a gigantic white-skinned people, who were familiar with the arts of civilization, which his own forefathers knew nothing of. After a series of battles with the invading tribes, these former inhabitants were completely exterminated.

The chief also declared that the old burial places--the mounds--were the graves of these indigenous giants, and that the great earthen fortresses had not been constructed by his people, but belonged to the "very long ago" people, who were huge, light-complexioned, and skilled in many arts. The Indians also had a superstition concerning the territory of what is now Kentucky. One Indian elder expressed his astonishment that present-day white folk would want to live in a region which had  been the scene of such conflicts as had taken place there. An old Sac Indian, in 1800, said that Kentucky was filled with ghosts of its slaughtered giant inhabitants, and wondered why the white man could make it his home.

When we look at the Mound Builder earthworks in the northern and central states, it is interesting to note that they are mostly defense enclosures which, for the most part, face the north and west--the directions the Indians claim their forefathers invaded from.....

The memory that North America was once inhabited by giants has  been preserved not only by the Indians, but also by ancient peoples in other parts of the world.

One of the oldest Chinese literary works, the Shan Hai King, the "Classic of Mountains and Seas," a geography book dating back in its original form to 2250B.C.

Although the land-form descriptions in the texts are mentioned only in a casual way, enough data is present, along with descriptions of flora e.g. maize and peanuts, fauna and mineral findings to be fairly certain that these texts describe regions in the Americas.

Recent analysis by experts has brought to light the fact that portions of this early work give a detailed and highly accurate description of the major mountains and rivers of North America--revealing that the ancient Chinese once undertook a scientific survey of this continent over 4,000 years ago. In the Ninth and Fourteenth Books of the Shan Hai King are fragments of observations made by the Oriental survey team of the various people inhabiting America at that time. In the regions of the "Southeast Corner to the Northeast Corner" (from Georgia to New England),as well as in the "Great Waste" (the western and south-western deserts), the Chinese called the "Great Men's Country." One of the surveyors, named Cheu-fu~Chang, found in the west not far from the  "Great Canyon Where the Sun is Born"--the Grand Canyon--a wooden arrow with a metal point"  6 1/2 feet long. He calculated that its owner must have been 12 to 15 feet tall. A  footnote to this discovery, given in the Fourteenth Book, tells how ancient Japanese sailors once  encountered bad weather, and were driven onto the shores of the "Eastern Continent." There,  before their return home, they encountered "tall savages of a foreign tribe" more than 11 feet  high. Other early Chinese literature, such as Ho-tu's "Album of Gems" and the "Kuh-liang  History" speak of strange lands beyond the Pacific called Ta-tsin" and "Lin-t'ao," where men of  huge stature lived, leaving behind footprints many feet in size where they walked. 

The alleged giants of North America appear at one time to have been a restless, warlike breed, for several ancient sources describe their invasions of other lands.

In LOST MINES AND HIDDEN TREASURE, the author Leland Lovelace tells of two prospectors who discovered a series of caves in the mountains of south-western Nevada. Within the giant caverns they discovered furniture pieces of enormous size as if they had been constructed for giants. Dishes of gold and other precious metals also were found in the caves.

Lovelace also tells of a prospector named J.C. Brown who, in 1904, claimed to have discovered a tunnel cut into the slopes of the Cascade Mountains of California. He followed the enormous tunnel through solid rock and came into a large, cavern-like room lined with tempered copper. Gold shields and other artefacts hung upon the walls. Strange drawing, undecipherable hieroglyphics, and the skeletons of giant humans were discovered in other rooms.


In conclusion then, about past epochs and present and future epochs of giants, reptilians and other creatures living in some snug secret 'commonwealth' underground - whether it is in any creative human musicians' interest to want to play music in such places inured to the daily cries of the tortured, tormented, of those in deprivation without even the basics of water - I am not now as sure as I was when I wrote this play.

Often it is my personal flaw to moralise, justify and judge - so I leave you with a quote from Admiral Byrd's alleged diary of his meeting with these 'Underground Elders !' in 1947AD

'Quickly, we walked back through the great door of the Master's chamber and once again entered into the elevator.

The door slid silently downward and we were at once going upward and enter into what seems to be an elevator.

We descend downward for some moments, the machine stops, and the door lifts silently upward! We then proceed down a long hallway that is lit by a rose-colored light that seems to be emanating from the very walls themselves! One of the beings motions for us to stop before a great door. Over the door is an inscription that I cannot read. The great door slides noiselessly open and I am beckoned to enter.

I step inside and my eyes adjust to the beautiful coloration that seems to be filling the room completely

We see at a great distance a new world stirring from the ruins of your race, seeking its lost and legendary treasures, and they will be here, my son, safe in our keeping. When that time arrives, we shall come forward again to help revive your culture and your race....'

12/30/2017 02:21 PM
harvesting the negated - outline

In writing a book on being disconnected from God by various entities, one has to attempt to understand how and why we are connected to Him in the first place, otherwise some folks may be tempted to think that disconnection is no great loss anyway.
Connection and disconnection to our eternal roots can happen at many levels; supra-physical, physical, spiritual, mental, soul etc and it is my intention here to describe both how we are connected and why, and how we are disconnected and why.
I will attempt to describe the hidden or ‘occult’ processes by which mankind is assailed using the ‘no smoke without fire’ – i.e. an ontological argument.
Having personally photographed some of these ‘assailants’ though I can find myself accused of mis-interpreting my own photographs, but then there will always be people who are in a state of denial even of the obvious.
Although the topic of demonic attack is often subjective and personal, there are many pieces of objective scholarship or rational science and a rich tradition of anecdotal evidence we can use to assist our recognition of it.
The demonic though, in the 21st Century, does need a more rational paradigm and it is the purpose of this work to attempt to describe such a paradigm that will also reference many of the Saints and Martyrs that have preceded us.
There follows an outline of the premise of this book which each of its chapters will expand on and illustrate with recourse to both scientific and anecdotal evidence
Basically, a hive of disembodied re-materialising inter-dimensional, relatively giant ants are infesting time-space around our planet and are harvesting human energies and ‘soul-juice’ by creating negative circumstances for us in all aspects and levels of our lives and our intentions. Our intentions are projected by the frequencies and electrics of our nervous system and manifest as supra-physical objects or thought-forms which are then collected like big pollen grains and stored in a hive matrix to be distilled for food.
Some giant ants; (greys, djinn, archons, faeries, demons, legion etc) specialise in actively hacking the human being by the projection of negative associations towards the thought forms they can see the person producing. This can eventually have a detrimental effect on their psychological and spiritual health and the orientation of their soul. This spiritual disorientation in the human being can be further ossified by the production of self-contradictions – e.g. making the person a living contradiction with a personality schism. The entrenched schism in the persons spirit and mind effectively creates a ‘short circuit’ or rupture in the persons spiritual body and the resulting internal spiritual fires and flames are an outpouring of essence that are milked by the interdimensional ants.
Many of the stories given to us by the Catholic Saints say that souls they have seen in Purgatory and hell are burning by their own internal fires.
In Purgatory, once love and alignment to love again prevails, and all spiritual contradictions are purged, people are then reconnected to God’s love and ready to ascend into a purer state in Heaven.
In hell though, people continue to be interdimensional foodstuffs for the devils and demons.
The process of disconnection by negation can be both covert and overt and both aspects of this can be at play simultaneously e.g. watching a dark movie and also being spiritually diminished by negative associations fed to us by some dark and invisible agency.
Another aspect of ‘forces of darkness’ are the constant evils that happen around us. Whether by war or pestilence, selfishness or greed or in media by the portrayal of the negation of family or friendship or culture or society – there are plenty opportunities to have our spiritual aspirations deadened and negated.
A general term for what we are seeing, apart from the word evil, is a distortion of all that is good – from the aesthetics of household items, to anti-heroes in movies, to political and international horror stories.
Neither is this book going to say that Mankind’s traumas and tribulations are happening just because ants are being ants, as there is a very real sentience to the nature of the evil that is inflicting itself upon us as the race of Adam.
Here then, five years after penning the booklet ‘Harvesting the Disconnected [2010]’ is the sequel,‘Harvesting the Negated’


(i)     FAMILY
(vii)           FREGOLI
(viii)         THE WOULD-BE GODS TRAP

In writing a book on being disconnected from God by various entities, one has to attempt to understand how and why we are connected to Him in the first place, otherwise some folks may be tempted to think that disconnection is no great loss anyway.
Connection and disconnection to our eternal roots can happen at many levels; supra-physical, physical, spiritual, mental, soul etc and it is my intention here to describe both how we are connected and why, and how we are disconnected and why.
I will attempt to describe the hidden or ‘occult’ processes by which mankind is assailed using the ‘no smoke without fire’ – i.e. an ontological argument.
Having personally photographed some of these ‘assailants’ though I can find myself accused of mis-interpreting my own photographs, but then there will always be people who are in a state of denial even of the obvious.
Although the topic of demonic attack is often subjective and personal, there are many pieces of objective scholarship or rational science and a rich tradition of anecdotal evidence we can use to assist our recognition of it.
The demonic though, in the 21st Century, does need a more rational paradigm and it is the purpose of this work to attempt to describe such a paradigm that will also reference many of the Saints and Martyrs that have preceded us.
There follows an outline of the premise of this book which each of its chapters will expand on and illustrate with recourse to both scientific and anecdotal evidence
Basically, a hive of disembodied re-materialising inter-dimensional, relatively giant ants are infesting time-space around our planet and are harvesting human energies and ‘soul-juice’ by creating negative circumstances for us in all aspects and levels of our lives and our intentions. Our intentions are projected by the frequencies and electrics of our nervous system and manifest as supra-physical objects or thought-forms which are then collected like big pollen grains and stored in a hive matrix to be distilled for food.
Some giant ants; (greys, djinn, archons, faeries, demons, legion etc) specialise in actively hacking the human being by the projection of negative associations towards the thought forms they can see the person producing. This can eventually have a detrimental effect on their psychological and spiritual health and the orientation of their soul. This spiritual disorientation in the human being can be further ossified by the production of self-contradictions – e.g. making the person a living contradiction with a personality schism. The entrenched schism in the persons spirit and mind effectively creates a ‘short circuit’ or rupture in the persons spiritual body and the resulting internal spiritual fires and flames are an outpouring of essence that are milked by the interdimensional ants.
Many of the stories given to us by the Catholic Saints say that souls they have seen in Purgatory and hell are burning by their own internal fires.
In Purgatory, once love and alignment to love again prevails, and all spiritual contradictions are purged, people are then reconnected to God’s love and ready to ascend into a purer state in Heaven.
In hell though, people continue to be interdimensional foodstuffs for the devils and demons.
The process of disconnection by negation can be both covert and overt and both aspects of this can be at play simultaneously e.g. watching a dark movie and also being spiritually diminished by negative associations fed to us by some dark and invisible agency.
Another aspect of ‘forces of darkness’ are the constant evils that happen around us. Whether by war or pestilence, selfishness or greed or in media by the portrayal of the negation of family or friendship or culture or society – there are plenty opportunities to have our spiritual aspirations deadened and negated.
A general term for what we are seeing, apart from the word evil, is a distortion of all that is good – from the aesthetics of household items, to anti-heroes in movies, to political and international horror stories.
Neither is this book going to say that Mankind’s traumas and tribulations are happening just because ants are being ants, as there is a very real sentience to the nature of the evil that is inflicting itself upon us as the race of Adam.
Here then, five years after penning the booklet ‘Harvesting the Disconnected [2010]’ is the sequel,‘Harvesting the Negated’


(i)     FAMILY
(vii)           FREGOLI
(viii)         THE WOULD-BE GODS TRAP

11/21/2017 12:42 AM
The Spiritual Short-Circuits of Hell
The Spiritual Short-Circuits of Hell

I was watching the Ridley Scott epic on Moses the other day and a number of things seemed to become clearer to me.

(Not that I agree with Scott's portrayal of the One true God as a petulant child.)

It's that there are about 5 Billion people on this planet today in the 21st Century who would actually envy the state of supply of the Israelite captives as portrayed in 1500 BC   Egypt  in  their having bowls of food, shelter, water, clothing and warmth.

That after many Millennia of evolutionary carrot and stick, the Human race i.e. the race of Adam, have en-masse (Greater than 66%) failed to do much else than be victims of attrition caused by evil forces in this Earth-plane.

Sure that in approximately 2 Billion of a 7 Billion Global population there appears to be a network of Technocrats doing the bidding of strange and bad Plutocrats who in devil-like manner seem to be negating every aspect of what has often appeared good e.g. the nuclear family, the 'focus' of a childhood education, an age of consent geared to post-puberty bodies and biology, a notion of religion tied in to harmless non-carnal love, the idea of food being nutritious and medicine that treats causes not symptoms, 

In this social 'scab of technology'  with advanced infrastructure, factories, intensive agriculture and highly toxic modus operandii lurk devil-like predators - some of whom may have even deceived a self-appointed elect into thinking that they and their delegated servants could breakaway and start afresh in a metallic network of computerised caves whilst wearing metallic looking jump-suits.

Yet underpinning this alleged telic-looking (end-based) meander to some alleged hi-tek future in which we can apparently look forward to climbing into tin cans and diving down worm-holes or switching on electrogravity to get between local planets and trekking to stars - is the certainty that it does seem to be a hoax.

The pattern is similar as far as early technocratic evolution is concerned - for example it took 500 years after Rome for western europe to adapt an ox-harness to facilitate the intensive agriculture from heavy horses that could enable technological and social specialisms of tools in various social niches. [A Burford]

Half a millennia !!

Then came the mechanics of steam and the 'Steam Punk' visions of accomplished-looking mechanisms and shortly after that there followed the electronic replication and duplication and transmission and production of data objects and of data - this was supposed to herald a Golden Age for Earth in the 20th Century - we all know it didn't.

In the 21st Century only about 10-15% of 7 Billion people can really benefit from these technological processes as a life changing medium.

And now a Century after Tesla - there is still no way to supply the masses - the billions,  with energy derived freely from the environment the way Tesla had experimentally illustrated.

Cue therefore the global purges and massive population reduction outlined in the UN Agenda 21.

With the deliberate denial of the deployment of free-er energy by the elites we are collectively asked to live a lie of ' global unsustainability' to justify epic attrition to the masses that takes on a biblical and epic scale.

Instead in the 21st Century the older amongst us see the Hollywood-created aspirations and expectations of Sci-Fi Utopia get mellowed down and made to dissipate in front of our ageing eyes.

No longer in the UK for example can the young - associate the phonetics of the name 'Mr Spock' - the friendly, logical alien whose applications to science could enable us to manufacture human society at the next, interstellar, level. Instead Spock or something sounding very very similar is now a frivolous boot-sale App.

Similarly instead of the legacy of Nikola Tesla being about electrogravity-floating, gravity-defying cars and ships, and free, environmental energy, it has thanks to billionaire  Elon Musk - become merely about some OK-performing conventional (expensive) electric cars and some stupid-looking wrestling robots built out of gaming Atari interfaces. Certainly no 'Star Trek the Next Generation' humanesque executive, autonomous super-robot called 'Data' - despite the 'rock star' staging and adulation for those that build these grunt 'Musk-bots'.

We all know of the sub-surface break away Civilisation and that within the 15% benefiting from this probably about 15% of those are joining elite space navies and making the grade for colonial status or exotic robotics research, and we know that for all of mankind that's left  - the masses, there is only a crippled vision of machine ability entrenched  and handicapped by the Halting Problem.

But with the 20th Century aspirations for the 21st Century now being trashed before the eyes of the people in the 'technosphere' who can recognise this - what is technocratic evolution really about ??

To the ever-enquiring young - possibly games and life and even travel in virtual reality, free from the constrictions of parental-type authority who want them to 'be good' etc

With even the music of the 21st Century becoming non-melodic and often illiterate rants to the sound of a machine, and with absolutely everyone being able to access and afford industry standard tools and media platforms - the new standards of excellence are to be found not in originality and creative thinking but in the actual and relative excellence of what the tools and software do.

NASA meantime are still putting on a show with obsolete solid fuel internal combustion rockets, and somehow, even the Virgin Space corporation, were it not for inexplicable accidents and delays, could and should easily find themselves in Space but are not.

Our endless, warring poverty and captivity appears to be engineered and zoned by dark forces. Perhaps the Devil's greatest lie is that he does not exist !

The pantomime of this technology and its obvious nonsensical failures are happening to only a small percentage of the planets population for its as if the Pharoahs of Old were still investing in pyramid hierarchies and 90% of their servants were still more than happy with sack cloth, mudhuts, some water from the Nile and a modest bowl of food.

For the majority in the last 4000 years nothing much has changed.

I can hear the objections to that statement already though - '..we have science and medicine !' -  but in truth what they would be referring to is a belief that operating a scientific method by e.g. Karl Popper could make great advances - but that's only a belief - as there is far too much inconvenient truth swept under the scientific carpet. But the advocates of 'humanist science' may then further go on - there is this great technology that came out of science !!  My answer is that this is actually Instrumentalism by the likes of Duhem, because in truth if we have technology doing a job - why bother with interplanetary electromagnetism when rocket science does us just fine etc.

So, if life is not actually all about becoming Captain's; Kirk, Picard or Janeway what in fact is really going on on Earth's surface ?
It's here that we enter a different realm - where aliens are soul-hungry interdimensional insectoid demons, where the Reptilians are fallen from Heaven and are devils, where we humans of the race of Adam have been easily distracted and herded over the ages with the pretenders superior abilities to access mind and life, beyond time space - to infest and invade our lives and dreams with desolate blasphemy.

It might always have been that humans have a certain state of mind spirit and soul, and that to enact something in the external world, they internally formulate an action or process,  an intention, then calculate how to invest this spiritual energy in their tools, using prior knowledge of their own and environmental limitations, then execute their intention by extension of their process into the world.

Reptilian devils though, can read almost every part of the human chain of investment and extension, as can the demonic if guided, so the consequences of this is that humans can be tempted by deception in to becoming e.g. more accurate e.g. as skilled tradesperson, artist or martial artist  or musician.

Effectively people can become time-space events for the satanic dominion of mankind.

It might be that such a bargain can bring worldly wealth or power to the person - human visions of worldly power, yet the main aim for the devil and its cohorts is to ultimately obtain an Adamic soul to torment and to disconnect and kill its divine spark.
I often wonder listening to the testimonies of the returned from death on Youtube why it appears so hopeless for the majority of the fallen race of Adam.

That somehow ending up in hell, people from all ages of mankind over the millennia end up in basically cubicles and tormented by soul-mining demons or in some dark desolate vile place that would not have been out of place in a Sci-Fi film like the Matrix or disturbing Horror film.

How could people end up in places like that ?? surely only by the embracing of destitute hatred and the enactment of dark loveless death in their very lives.

The devils and demons have no care about how these depraved pits are furnished or represented - theirs is the need to extract the essence of life from their prisoner by whatever brutal and efficient means they can.

For the dead, this evil short-circuit of their love when they lived is a betrayal of their true outpouring-of-love nature, a betrayal of their Creator - and the devils and their demonic spawn can wrap and cushion this betrayal up on Earth in an engaging life of hedonism to make their targets personal misdemeanours easy to ignore.

The 'short circuit' is a negation of our innate and inborn love by dark loveless nihilsm and can be made by forces of darkness to seem a desirable asset to uphold and maintain, that may confer some advantage in some desirable worldly way, yet it is ultimately a contradiction that may, one hopes and prays,  at some point be recognisable to the person as a bad choice in many ways. Although it is possible that the capacity to choose bad choices can be purged in purgatory

One of the most remarkable effects of sacramentals is the virtue to drive away evil spirits whose mysterious and baleful operations affect sometimes the physical activity of man. To combat this occult power the Church has recourse to exorcism, and sacramentals"

(The Catholic Encyc., 1913, VXIII, p. 293).*

A story told by Stella Davis a couple of years ago:  There were two nuns. They lived in the same cell in a  convent for 35 years together, together day in and day out.   They both had the same spiritual director,  then one of the nuns died so the other none was alone except she still had the solace of the same spiritual director.   Another few years passed and spiritual director died.  Nun now was  completely all alone.    This loneliness almost unbearable loneliness  lasted for two years , , ,  then one day the nun that had died appeared in their room.   Nun that was alive cried out "what's heaven like???" Nun that died said:  "I didn't go to heaven".  Nun still living said:  "but we did everything that spiritual director told us to do,  every single thing!  Nun who had died said "he did not go to heaven either".  Nun who had died then disappeared.  Then the nun who was still living died and  went to heaven, partly due to the efforts of her fellow Nun who came back to their room from purgatory.

There are stories of Purgatory too where some people have been seen by near-death-experience witnesses to be in sub-heaven places and are tormented by burning - as if they were purging themselves of the spiritual mis-direction and decisions that caused them to short-circuit.

Ultimately the burning of our life is derived from the short circuiting of our loving outpouring - its negating diversion back into the God-head within us.

The Hand of a Holy Soul, Holy Souls Museum, Rome, article adapted from Claire Soares

The Church of the Sacred Heart houses one of the world's smallest and most museums -- a collection of signs and communications sent from beyond the grave by souls stranded in purgatory.

Scorched fingerprints on prayer books, handprints burnt on to wooden tables and doors, and singed pillowcases and shirt sleeves seem to be material and empirical proof of the state of purgatory.

"Most of our visitors are motivated by curiosity. But faith is the key to understanding the relics," said the Churches Priest Roberto Zambolin, Catholics believe souls can be detained in purgatory between heaven and hell until they have purged and atoned for their sins.

In this spiritual reality, prayer helps and can hasten their entry to paradise if family and friends on earth pray for them. Some in purgatory felt their loved ones on Earth needed a gentle reminder.

Said Father Zambolin, Branding an imprint of his left hand on to a light-brown wooden table was one 18th-century friar's way of reminding colleagues to say more masses and speed his soul to heaven'

On a single day in 1731, the deceased Friar Panzini not only marked the table, but burnt a handprint on to paper and twice clutched at the sleeves of a nun's tunic, leaving scorch marks.

These and other items e.g. four fiery fingerprints emblazoned on a prayer book can be seen in the Little Purgatory Museum, off to the side of the church.

'A soul in Purgatory sees very clearly on the day of his funeral if we really pray for him, or if we have simply made an act of presence to show we were there. The poor souls say that tears are no good for them: only prayer! Often they complain that people go to a funeral without addressing a single prayer to God, while shedding many tears; this is useless!'  - Maria Simma

"If it were but known how great is the power of the good souls in Purgatory with the Heart of God, and if we knew all the graces we can obtain through their intercession, they would not be so much forgotten. We must, therefore, pray much for them, that they may pray much for us." --- St. John Vianney

Fr. Shouppe relates the true occurrence of Teresa Gesta, a Franciscan Nun in Foligno, Italy, who had for many years been a mistress of novices, a model of piety and charity, who died suddenly on November 4, 1859. Just twelve days later her soul appeared to Sister Anna Felicia in the sacristy of Convent. Sister Felicia described it:

"Then the room was filled with a thick smoke, and the spirit of Sister Teresa appeared, moving towards the door and gliding along by the wall. Having reached the door, she cried aloud, 'Behold a proof of the mercy of God.' 
"Saying these words, she struck the upper panel of the door and there left the print of her right hand, burnt in the wood as with a red-hot iron. She, then, disappeared." (ibid, p. 55)

Because of this apparition, Teresa Gesta's body was exhumed to check the hand of the deceased, unusual for its very small size, it fitted perfectly into the impressed hand print. This occurrence is well documented. If you pay a visit to that Convent today, you would find that very handprint on the upper panel of the door of the Chapel. 

As Fr. Schouppe observed, "In giving us a warning of this kind, God shows us a great mercy. He urges us, in the most efficacious manner, to assist the poor suffering souls, and to be vigilant in our regard." (ibid, p.57)

God allows us these proofs of His mercy to give us hope. Many people have a negative view of Purgatory, but the reality is that Purgatory is one of the greatest gifts of God. For those who believe in God and accept the Redemption of Christ, but struggle to live a full life of virtue there is always the hope of Heaven through Purgatory.

It may be that an endless conveyor belt of human beings in suffrage end up choosing badly and ending up in some hellish situation at the end of it all, but it looks more and more that life on Earth isn't actually about getting to Mars or the stars. Ultimately the need for mankind to shoehorn itself into a big tin can and slide on down some shute sideways across the onion skin of light matter eternity at warp factor 10 to some other equally depleted and hungry place in this dualistic continuum isn't what life is really about.

Perhaps the interdimensional soul farmers - the devils and demons with their hooks into the easily scammed race of Adam - already understand that if one is governed by the interdimensional principles of limitless energy or thought then there is no works of art too great, no architecture too impressive, no distance to great, no martial arts contest too challenging, no human mind too hard to control or distract.

On Earth, though the race of Adam have to take their eyes off the carrot and stick confidence trick..

Beyond here, with limitless love of and from God, however,  there is nothing a human soul cannot do for ourselves and others. Nothing beyond our scope, vision and accomplishment. Local Heaven and Earth may pass away but the pattern of Christ and His Word, and consequently us - we shall not pass away because we are loved. .

Here is evidence of Gods Love for us here and now on Earth in the 21st Century - download and listen to the Podcast the Acts of a Living Saint - Stella Davis

Download this episode (right click and save)

Download this episode (right click and save)

11/13/2017 04:44 PM
Aliens coming to a Village Pub near you friday 8th december 2017
Limited Ticket Numbers http://www.tickets-scotland.com/ufota

08/13/2017 03:12 AM
Is Elon Musk a PSYOP ??

So I finally got round to checking out Elon Musk – thinking that a guy who thinks so highly of Tesla’s name to develop some funky looking [weak] battery cars and trade on Tesla’s provenance must have his heart somehow in the right place – even though there doesn’t actually seem to be any real Tesla technology in use or in development !!.

Finally though I hear that Elon Musk’s OPEN AI research group has been set up for the fair and ethical deployment of proper Artificial Intelligence …

That sounded like good news to me at any rate – because after all I had developed an AI Knowledge Representation System that had effectively mechanised all human knowledge and teamed it up/integrated it with a Tesla theory of physics.

With this Operating System in place we could effectively access any machine intelligence in the known or unknown universe – the real deal …


What better custodians of our future therefore than the Open AI research programme run by the principled Elon Musk ?????

Elon Musk issues a stark warning about A.I., calls it a bigger threat than North Korea

'Tesla CEO Elon Musk fired off a new and ominous warning on Friday about artificial intelligence, suggesting the emerging technology poses an even greater risk to the world than a nuclear conflagration with North Korea.

Musk—a fierce and long time critic of A.I. who once likened it to "summoning the demon" in a horror movie—said in a Twitter post that people should be more concerned about the rise of the machines than they are.

His stance puts him at odds with much of the tech industry, but echoes remarks of prominent voices like Stephen Hawking—who has also issued dire warnings about machine learning.'

I have a look at Musk’s ‘research institute’ and discover that the concept of ‘epistemology’ – and after the fact ‘a posteriori’ doesn’t exist or is not recognised…. Instead there are endless clues amongst the data available to developers that the ‘research’ is just a bunch of younger nerds building robots to fight other robots out of adapted gamer operating systems and endless ‘a posteriori’ flotsam.

There is no hope in any of this stuff that allegedly represents the brightest and best of tomorrows AI programmers that they would ever arrive at a solution to the halting problem – because their data is after the fact, their operating systems are limited by labels and have no tie in with the bricks and mortar of reality.

Sure lets attend a huge PSYOP funded arena and watch stupid robots beat each other up amongst rock star staging for nerd programmers – but then if you asked those same robots right there to stop with the hostilities and one of them drive you to some destination in the rush hour, then find/shop ingredients for then prepare and cook dinner, do some different household chores, then fly you in a e.g. drone aircraft to some destination – all on the same bunch of algorithms and database – there isn’t any chance that’s going to happen.

But then who cares about epissty logic and posterior when we can attend a huge PSYOP-funded arena and watch stupid robots beat each other up amongst rock star staging for nerd programmers.

My own AI system is actually a different league of clever from this stuff – alas I never said I could or indeed wanted to do much programming, but then although the world has respect for the AI coder … the ‘builder’ bricklayer, joiner, plumber and electrician of any built up system – none of the end product is possible without the proper system architecture plans.

[I solved the Halting Problem !!]

If those coders could have a look at my own architecture  they will find a ‘synthetic a priori’ system very much resonating with the physical facts in any surroundings in the universe.

I doubt it though – probably should forget OPEN AI – probably a smoke and mirrors psyop.

Elon Musk – probably sounds too good to be true – and how many real AI scientists truly expect solutions to Turing’s halting problem out of constant redevelopment of the ‘a posteriori’. ??

05/21/2017 10:00 PM
A Dark Derailment - avoided

The demonic can work ceaselessly to drive the human spirit off and away from spiritual paths, trying to isolate and disconnect us from a vision of God and into some desolate vision of ourselves.

It being able to perceive our train of thought – here is an example of  an attempted derailment.

It is a bright sunny day, the sky is blue, and my thought goes from the green green, grass of earth upwards to the next chain of positive associations into the clouds and sunshine that lead me to naturally thank God for the day he has made.

Indeed let us rejoice and be glad in it because of all the billions of people on planet earth, very few have the privilege of such unimpeded, temporal visions of peace in such variable and turbulent; political, military and economic, drought-ridden and pestilent climates.

Before I can start out along that journey of thankfulness about something as basic as green grass in a rainy, but sunny,  temperate climate from within a reasonably stable western democracy – another thought – call it intuition – maybe just call it something like a dark spanner in the works manifests.

A thought … one thought … it could come from reasonable science guy me … but  … is grass really green ???

When white light hits an object, the object absorbs some colors and reflects others. When we look at an object, the color we see is the color the object reflects. The sky absorbs all the colors except blue, which it reflects. This is why the sky appears blue on a sunny day.

i.e. 520 – 570 nanometres is the wavelengths socially agreed to be green.

Most leaves are various shades of green. This is due to the chlorophylls. The name chlorophyll comes from the Greek words chloros (green) and phyllon (leaf). There are six types of chlorophylls in plants. The two main chlorophylls are chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b.

Chlorophyll a absorbs purple and orange light the most. Chlorophyll b absorbs mostly blue and yellow. But, as you can see in figure 1, they also absorb light with other wavelengths with less intensity. In any case neither one absorbs green, so the leaf looks green because that light is reflected to our eyes instead of being absorbed by the leaf. If there are no other pigments present, that is.

Green grass therefore is absorbing red and blue light but reflecting green light which means that it isn’t actually green but actually looks green to the human eye’s perception of what light is being reflected.  Etc etc etc

By the time I realised that my ‘Mr Science Guy’ ego had been spiked and driven into action with an appeal to my perennially failed scientific reason, and that I had been driven into a black hole of mathematical inability to utilise Fourier transformations on light wave analysis etc  I was suddenly given the grace to realise that my initial thought train heading for heavenly destinations of joy and peace and thanksgiving had been derailed in some dark salt mine somewhere … and my initial thoughts of peace and happiness had been negated and short circuited by unsupplied cold reason.

For me it was providential that I could even notice the switch, and I figure that many many people are being similarly dragged down and many will end up very unhappy despite their best efforts.

That’s why at the end of the day – I believe in the power of prayer.

We may not be able to see heaven from here, but at the very least if we can behave and proceed  – like in some Adlerian ‘fictional finalism’ [cf. Alfred Adler] AS IF it were there [rather than AS IF it were not] perhaps our days or at least some of them would have better outcomes than the ‘dark salt mines of self-doubt’.

04/18/2017 01:00 AM
Freaky Freuchie - Biggest Alien Event Anywhere ...
The Freuchie, or Falkland Hill incident - September 23rd 1996 witnessed by an RAF family and friends  was one of the biggest alien intrusions of its kind and probably very scary. Fields and woods swarmed with greys for hours - supervised by teleporting tall white greys - they made nests out of saliva and hay under a hovering stadium-sized black triangle with pulsating lights.

Here is a set of T-shirts to commemorate Freaky Freuchie

03/28/2017 09:30 PM
Reptiliana at Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland
Reptilian Rock Carving at Blueblood Rosslyn - see Video
Some Rosslyn Images on Merchandise
Ancient Roslin Glen in Pictures

03/05/2017 02:08 PM
Out soon - the DVD - High Strangeness in Gorebridge

02/26/2017 04:15 AM
Who or What is walking the dog during UFO flap at Gorebridge

02/19/2017 03:11 PM
Pictish Standing Stones - Lundin Links, Fife

02/11/2017 12:44 AM
Aliens at 'the Camp' Gorebridge 4th Feb 2017

02/01/2017 01:30 AM
The Two Wings of the Dragon

In the year 2017, a year that has seen a popular revolt by a silent majority on both sides of the Atlantic that has attempted to restate the case for the goodness of nationality, the world around us has been in turmoil regardless of the outcome of voting.

It could of course be argued, after a bit of research, that electronic voting can be rigged using a percentage system and has been for decades.

Another argument I rate highly is the idea that the population is being drawn into nonsensical interaction with red and blue political theatre and rhetoric, left wings versus right wings – but in fact both wings of the same old dragon (Draco) of the Plutocracy that feasts off the turmoil caused by its flapping.

Sure there are people screaming Trump is a right wing dictator like Hitler – who terminated at least 6 million innocent souls, whilst at the same time advocating a leftist vision of globalism – a globalism that is set up to eliminate 6 billion souls through its Agenda21 Eugenics.

Left wing, right wing, the illusion of democracy whilst behind it all are a small elite of Trillionaires and Billionaires like George Soros who appear to have it in for nation states.

What are nation states after all but an outmoded and medieval way of zoning off the working peasants into distinct and controllable socio-economic groups.

But then the alternative seems to be much much worse than singing anachronistic songs like ‘Flower of Scotland’ in the Royal Oak bar in Edinburgh whilst being seriously looked over by agents of the Crown for undermining British/English sovereignty in the 1970’s.

The alternatives we can see rolling out before our very eyes and we can all recognise the herds of illiterate, uneducated, baying, entitled, self-serving. Like-clicking disaffected - rolling past these various western TV cameras.

I can recognise their need to complain about all aspects of the delivery of the social promise that is enshrined in rights and charters. Such things as health, welfare, gender rights, womens rights, the right to life and to keep even unwanted babies, the right to terminate babies people don’t want, the right to decontextualise human biology, the right to protest, the right to privacy, the right to less surveillance, the right to state nannies, the right to less state interference in a child’s life, there have been protests by certain groups to enable the introduction of religious rights that are directly contradictory to the protestors reasons for being.

Protesting is almost a pass-time, with free plane tickets and great print jobs for the placards etc

A minor point about Trump’s inauguration crowd is that many of the people who would have voted Trump in, probably could not afford to come to Washington for the day, and do coffee and cake and etc, having said that though the jury is out on the American emperor who has recently been seen signing executive orders at a desk in front of an upturned pentagram.

Mind you that wouldn’t have bothered the Clinton clan either as we can see from Hillary’s campaign emails about ‘spirit cooking’ and ‘sacrificing chickens to Moloch’ etc provided by Wikileaks and Assange.

Our challenge is to see beyond the left wing – right wing divide and rule theatre and gaze not at ourselves screaming about love and peace and simultaneously doing violence to those we disagree with, but at the big space craft rising above our mountains and cities heading somewhere nice and peaceful and educated with a whole lot of stuff probably produced by semi-dazed ‘old humans’ in their ageing and broken down infrastructure, from their semi-poisoned oceans and brutal war zones.

For the elite – the extinction of the ‘old humans’ takes the form of plagues such as the mycoplasms mentioned in ‘operation day lily’, or the antagonistic additives to food, or mis-information etc merely damage management whilst milking the antiquated infrastructure for every last Mars Bar or Milky Way.

The youth of the ‘old humans’ have been exposed to low educational standards, and also were somewhat disorientated by the media of the 21st Century and doubtless by the additives in foodstuffs. Although template technology and software has to a certain extent enabled them in more ways than the 20th century youth could have dreamed of – it has also in many ways stifled originality and analysis.

For example despite endless books written by practising medical doctors about Near Death Experiences that clearly show ‘Life Beyond Life’ [R. Moody], medical training courses in Scotland today advise young carers that people don’t ‘pass on’ or ‘pass away’ because there isn’t anywhere people go after death – accordingly people just ‘die’ !! end of.

Meantime in the many underground utopias  replete with clever people with educations aided and abetted by many things the ‘old human’ world would still say were impossible – Life, its general standard, is a whole lot superior. I am also probably right in saying, on a more depressing note, that such human life – the ‘new humans’ are probably more integrated with authoritarian controls than we are. I had hoped that ‘Hugo Drac’ the mad megalomaniac with his vision of his created super race from the James Bond movie ‘Moonraker’ was not going to happen, but then it isn’t – the ships heading into orbit are relatively huge compared to an old rickety space shuttle in the B-Movie.

Meanwhile below, if we can succeed in loving one another, perhaps a better life can be made for us all.

12/26/2016 12:37 AM
The Falkirk Triangle
The Falkirk Triangle
Probably the World’s Number 1 UFO Hotspot
By Andrew Hennessey of
Stargate Edinburgh Tours © 2016


In Central Scotland the skies always seem to be busy and not just with the landing lights of jets on their way into our airports. To quote one Falkirk Triangle alien abductee, “They’re here and they’re [still] coming here!”

Modern tales of UFO close encounters in Scotland really begin
with the ‘Robert Taylor Incident, ’ which took place in 1979 at Dechmont woods near Livingston. Later recorded by the Police as a criminal assault by an unknown or alien entity, a forester working in the area was accosted at night by a UFO as it was scouting over his area of the wood. Several similar incidents were to follow in this central region of Scotland, stretching from Stirling to Falkirk and back to the southern fringes of Edinburgh, which has now become known as ‘The Falkirk Triangle’. These and similar incidents present the most incredible but true story of alien activity ever recorded on this planet and are still going on. Below is a sampling of just some of these ‘incidents’:

(1) 1989, Bonnybridge, near Shieldhill, Scotland: In a well-witnessed UFO sighting, a fire crew were attending a blaze at Gradrum Moss, when a red object appeared to be hovering in the distance. It came towards the fire engine and then flew off. A second object suddenly appeared, it was white and hovered above Loch Ellrig at about eight metres from the witnesses. This unknown object then rushed towards them before veering away at the last moment. Then, a third object was also seen passing overhead.
(2) At the northern edge of the triangle, four miles west of Falkirk, lies the town of Bonnybridge, later to be dubbed the ‘UFO capital of the world’ with more than 600 sightings made between 1992 to 1994 by its inhabitants. Over the next five years, from 1992 to 1997, Cllr. William Buchanan of Falkirk District Council wrote several letters to both Prime Minister John Major and Prime Minister Tony Blair voicing his concerns and those of his constituents, also writing to Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010.
He told Mr Blair in October 1997: "I have tried to get an answer for the people and have been ridiculed for it."
The MoD responded that it was "satisfied that there is no evidence that the United Kingdom's airspace might have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised foreign military activity" and that it had "limited interest in UFOs".
Some of the witness accounts at Bonnybridge, however, bear further investigation, and here are a few:

On 12th November 1991, at around 9.30pm, two photographers were taking photographs of the BP chemicals plant in Grangemouth (from Polmont Reservoir). There they noticed two small, dimly flashing lights over by the two 'flashing pylons' at Kincardine Bridge. They watched as the object, which they presumed was a helicopter, fly slowly over from the bridge to above the brightly lit Grangemouth Stadium, where it hovered silently for about five minutes. The 'craft' wasn't making any noise. At roughly 2,000 feet above the ground, it suddenly dipped and increased in speed, coming to about 200 to 300 feet directly above the witnesses. The object was emitting a quiet, “pulsing hum.”
Since a motorist first reported seeing a star-shaped UFO in 1992 at Bonnybridge, the village has become known as the ‘UFO capital of Scotland’ and some have claimed that it is the best place anywhere in the world to see UFOs, with a reported 300 sightings a year.
On19th January 1994, at around 7.00pm in the town of Larbert near Bonnybridge: An 18-second film was taken by a bystander of a mysterious white light that had earlier been seen keeping pace with a car. There were six witnesses to this encounter, with the film also showing the white light emitting a smaller, secondary white light.

There have also been stories of embolden locals in their cars chasing UFOs south, down the motorway.

(3) On 27th August 1992, further south into the ‘triangle’ area of this UFO hotspot, on the A70 road that travels through West Lothian: Garry Wood and Colin Wright didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary to occur when they set out on that eventful and terrifying night, but were intercepted while in their vehicle by an alien ship (like the one in the attached Hennessey photograph) near the Harperrig reservoir. After a mysterious gap of missing ‘time’ where they succumbed to intrusive alien technology, both men realised that they had been lifted up on board this spaceship and were later transported to an underground cavern system. We are also told that this close encounter did not end that night. Colin Wright remembers desperately trying to convince his abductors that he did not want to be left frozen and naked in a glass jar, stored amongst many other frozen people in a cavern lined wall-to-wall with glass jars.

(4) Meanwhile, in September 1996, further north and slightly east of the Falkirk triangle, in a place called ‘Newton of Falkland’ near Falkland in Fife: An Airforce family begins to tell their own stories of close encounters, where they observe fields full of ant-like aliens or Greys that appear to be swarming about making nests out of saliva and the local hay crop, and who later see tall white entities, possibly in charge, teleporting down from a stadium-sized black triangle hovering overhead through an array of bizarre lights. This is generally regarded as one of the world’s most shocking alien mass landings.

(5) In 1999, nearer to Edinburgh, about 15 miles south of the capital, at an old ex-coal mining town called Gorebridge: With fellow ufologist, cameraman and eye-witness, Jackie Gillies, we (Gillies and Hennessey) brokered the news from that year forward that the entire town seemed to be under some sort of alien siege. Built on hard evidence of miles of footage, multiple witness accounts and local media coverage, it did seem that the establishment were going to investigate. Ultimately, however, the local MP decided to avoid this issue, no doubt due to the hysteria that this likely would have caused. For more on this, see the following article in the Journal of Abduction Research:


Some of the Gorebridge images are of a dome-shaped UFO taking off. Similarly, several are of highly designed UFOs that could have been from some B-Movie, complete with black helicopters and aliens on foot with technological devices.
There is also footage of two or three unmanned glowing aerial vehicles or orbs rising up from the Gorebridge fields and buzzing a low-flying 737 jet on its way into Edinburgh Airport. The pilots appear to have reported this to air traffic control, as did we, but mysteriously this report was not passed on to the MoD.

There are also daylight pictures taken by myself of strange glowing devices flying around the houses and fields at Gorebridge, where I also captured an alarming image of an alien on someone’s roof, their presence being far too close for comfort.

The Gillies footage at Gorebridge also includes that of large ethereal containers coming up through the fields – presumably connected in some way to the old coalmine workings under this local hotspot.

(6) Near Stirling, at the north of the Falkirk Triangle, from around the year 2000 onwards, there has been outstanding UFO footage taken. In 2008, for instance, prolific UFO film-cameraman Brian McPhee filmed a black chopper circling a downed alien-looking device while two or three UFOs kept a discrete distance in the background below the clouds. He and others have subsequently filmed many alien-looking ships of all sizes in the skies around Stirling during the past 20 years.

The above are just a sampling of the many incidents that have happened and of images taken, but why now? Indeed, TV companies have been trying to debunk the reported alien presence in the Falkirk Triangle area for many hears with the usual unreasonableness of such dismissals, but undoubtedly fail:
The story in 1998 of Mrs Bonnetti from Bonnybridge, however, is just one example of how much some people really do pay attention and how they won’t be persuaded otherwise. She had noticed that every Thursday night at the same time when she was doing her ironing she could see a small black triangle hovering above her neighbour’s house and then one Thursday night she decided to film this ongoing event with a camcorder. The news got out when she made her footage public, and not just locally but elsewhere, too. So much so, that Dr Steven Greer of ‘Exopolitics’ fame (a controversial and powerful UFO interest group) flew into Scotland from the US on a borrowed private jet, quickly leaving with the only copy of the footage, no doubt due to his high profile. Only later, under pressure, was the film returned to its rightful owner in Scotland.


Not alone in our quest, Mentorn TV, an independent TV production company based in both London and Glasgow, have also asked, “Have aliens invaded Scotland?” which is where I, once again, come in. As an historian of UFO phenomena and a folklorist of ancient mysteries, as well as a gatherer of all things related, I can answer this question with a resounding ‘yes’. It is possible and in fact is probable that aliens are here, and quite likely that they have been here for a very long time, hanging out in underground caverns amongst the older stable rocks of our planet (e.g. within the Lewisian gneiss, an outcrop of Precambrian metamorphic rocks in north-western Scotland), thereby left relatively undisturbed by earthquakes and man since ancient times.

When we look into Scotland’s rich folklore, for instance, as collected by the Reverend Kirk in his ‘Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Faeries’, first published in 1691 or in John Gregorson Campbell’s ‘Superstitions of the Highlands’ published in 1900 or in Mary Macleod Banks’ epic four-volume 1937 collection called ‘British Calendar Customs’, we hear collected anecdotes from the locals of previous centuries and with that, their long and often complex association with non-human beings who were not necessarily very nice. Below I quote one such story, told in song:

A traditional Highland Faerie Lullaby

This song is based on an old Celtic belief that an unattended baby could be stolen away by the "wee folk", the fairies. Sometimes, moreover, a ‘changeling’ or supernatural being in human form would be left in its place:

I left my baby lying here,
Lying here, lying here,
I left my baby lying here
To go and gather blaeberries.

Hovan, hovan gorry og o,
Gorry og o, gorry o go,
Hovan, hovan gorry o go,
I never found my baby, O!

I heard the curlew crying far,
Crying far, crying far,
I heard the curlew crying far
But never heard my baby, O!

When reviewing these and other similar historic stories and songs passed down to us from the past, it can be said with a high degree of certainty that the people of Scotland have within their collective memory a profound history of ancient alien abduction.

(7) What is less known, however, is that connected to the area known as the ‘Falkirk Triangle’ is also a secret history within the ancient folklore tradition of faeries and abductions:

The West Lothian coal-mining town of Blackridge, formerly called ‘black rigg’: According to folklorist MM Banks, ‘black rigg’ was a strip of farmland or ‘rigg’ from medieval times abandoned or set aside for use by the faeries or, as some thought, by the devil. This former coal-mining town also reported many modern abductions in the 1990s. Around this time, moreover, a former GCHQ expert, who had previously worked at Menwith Hill HQ, reported seeing some sort of exotic looking military communication aerial protruding from one of the huts located here.

HISTORICALLY, the Falkirk Triangle has shown itself to be a mysterious place steeped in its own history of paranormal and supernatural activity, creating ample opportunities for great, fun days out, whether exploring scenes where the unusual happened or satisfying the curiosity of more serious paranormal sleuths with fine detail from another world or mysteries from this:

(8) Folklore connected to the Falkirk Triangle also speaks of last battles and the eventual death of its most famous early Christian king, King Arthur, in around 540 AD, where at Camelon by ‘pagan forces’ he died, i.e. by the hand of Mordred, who in Arthurian lore was a notorious traitor and alleged to be King Arthur’s illegitimate son:

In the old text called ‘The Book of Glasgow Cathedral’ there is a quote from the Medieval historian, Nennius, circa 800 AD, which gives Central Scotland as the place where King Arthur fought his last battles. He is said to have fallen to the forces of Mordred at Camelon, a town just south of Bonnybridge and west of Falkirk, where the victorious forces were said to have then built a big beehive-like stone structure over the place of his demise.

Long connected with Biblical prophesy, it is thought that this structure was assembled to illustrate or restate in some way the Old Testament prophesy of Samson to the Philistines, “Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness” (Judg. 14:14). And to paraphrase this quote as applied in this context, “Out of the strong (Christian), but dead Arthurian line of David comes forth the sweet honey of the industrious worker bees from the competing line of Dan (Mordred).”

Historically this prophesy or riddle has also been used to allude to the existence of anti-Christian conspiracies by the ‘lost’ tribe of Dan. In later millennia the House of David and the House of Dan were said to be intertwined in what has been called the ‘Merovingian Conspiracy’. No ordinary place, therefore, is the ‘Falkirk Triangle’.

Historically this area of Scotland has long been a stage for statements of power, principalities and dominion.

The ancient stone hive structure over the spot of King Arthur’s alleged demise is not here today, having been gradually assimilated into local buildings and infrastructure. However, from the heights of the local and wonderful Falkirk Wheel—a spectacular feat of modern Scottish engineering that links the Forth, Clyde and Union canal networks—a view of the ancient Arthurian battleground can indeed be seen.

(9) Not very far from the town of Camelon is another of Scotland’s most epic and new, massive monuments called the ‘Kelpies’. The name is inspired by the fearsome, abducting Celtic water-horses of Highland lore, depicted in this metal sculpture by two giant, twisted horse heads rearing up out of the earth. In its modern sense it is no doubt a monument to the spirited Shire horses that kept the network of barges moving in the 19th Century, but it also casts a furtive backward glance to its more ancient and darker past as seen by the eerie sight at night of these equine spirits rising up into the soft glow of blue-lit fields, challenging motorists to look up from their mundane task of driving home.

(10) The Romans once had a fortified turf wall built across Central Scotland called the ‘Antonine wall’, created in approximately 150 AD. Much of its east side can still be seen near Falkirk and Bo’ness. Along the way, as it continued to exist through the Middle Ages and transversed the Falkirk Triangle, it picked up the nickname ‘Gryme’s dyke’, not just because of an association with Clan Graham who stem from the earlier ‘Graemes’, but because ‘Graeme' in some parts of Scotland is a nickname for the devil, and Gryme's Dyke would thus be the ‘Devil's Dyke’. The mystical Scots do seem to have had a penchant for unhappy spiritual warfare, as can be seen by the deification of the serpent by many of its northern tribes. What is certain, however, is that the Romans never conquered the Caledonian or Scottish tribes north of the Antonine wall, where in the end good forces have proven also to be hard at work.

(11) Some of the most extraordinary Celtic Saints heralded from the Dark Ages of Scotland and were reported to have supernatural gifts and powers: One such saint was Cuthbert, born not far from Melrose Abbey around 635 AD. He would witness angelic lights, visions of souls and other celestial phenomena in the skies, eventually summoning him south to his calling as Prior and then Bishop of Lindisfarne Priory in Northumbria, a kingdom in Northern England, but always preferring the hermit’s life.

(12) The appearance of one of the world’s first recorded ‘chemtrails’ took place in 823 AD, clearly not made by mechanical or man-made chemical means: A white cross suddenly became emblazoned across an azure blue sky after prayer, signifying for the Scots that they would win the battle of Athelstaneford and that St Andrew would be their Patron from that time forward. And so it came to be that St Andrew’s cross flag would become the flag of Scotland, inspired by this amazing event in the sky just a few miles southeast of Edinburgh.

(13) Just north of Falkirk but south of Stirling is the field of the Battle of Bannockburn, where in 1314 AD the mysterious glowing relics of the Scottish X-files Saint, St Fillan, are said to have materialised for the Scots to aid victory in battle.

(14) Many people still come from all over the world to connect up the secretive landmarks alluded to in Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’, from Rosslyn chapel in the south to the alleged secret hiding places of various objects, including most famously, the Holy Grail or Cup, seeking out such places as ‘Ladies Rock’, a knoll in the cemetery to the south of Stirling Castle. These artefacts were traditionally curated by the secretive Scottish ‘Star Temple’ or Stella Templum.
Their insignia is the silver or argent Templar eight-pointed ‘Maltese cross’ on a dark blue field, these colours denoting to the informed their spiritual calling.

(15) One more interesting fact about the ‘Falkirk UFO Triangle’, which has to get the money-minded at the very least curious, is that the area also goes under another name. It is called the ‘Golden Circle’ after the abundance of National Lottery winners in this area of Scotland!

(16) There are also direct tie-ins in this ‘Triangle’ to the magical fairytale epic of JRR Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ and to the fantastical creatures in JK Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ emerging double trilogy of novels.


Is there some ancient connection between history and mythology, between land use of the Falkirk Triangle to the alien-looking events that are unfolding before our very eyes here today, on the ground, under it and in the skies?

Is there some sort of timeless pageant or battle being waged between beings of Light and beings of Darkness within this same mysterious Falkirk Triangle?

The answers can be as mysterious as the events themselves, ever being reshaped and retold. However, with UFO and paranormal activity often in plain view for the naked eye on any given day or night in this area it is always best to come equipped with at least a camera ... and probably some rainwear!

Obviously we cannot guarantee you your own personal ‘close encounter’ if you come and tour with us at Stargate Edinburgh Tours, but you are more likely to see alien activity in the Falkirk Triangle than anywhere else on the planet according to the many media reports and footage available, and that is where we will take you.

‘”It was an exciting afternoon !!”

Christoph Scheuermann, May 2016, Der Spiegel News, Germany,
on the Stargate Edinburgh - Bonnybridge Tour


Scepticism, or the attitude of ‘doubt’, comes from both fear of the unknown and being too complacent with what is known, i.e. preferring a given rational answer. As far as the sceptics go—even today, there are still books coming out with new theories about past incidents, theories more bizarre than the reality of an alien encounter. An example is the Robert Taylor incident, where it is claimed that this Dechmont woods forester had not really been accosted by aliens but had come into contact with psycho-active chemicals from a locked reservoir store room or had some sort of medical condition resulting in hallucinations or yet again, had ingested psycho-active fungi growing in the woods. And the list goes on—he had really witnessed the planet Venus magnified by an atmospheric lens or alternatively, had actually witnessed a piezoelectric plasma fireball discharge from locally magnetised rocks or on a ridiculously mundane level, had really only seen a local water tower being illuminated by passing motorway traffic. The scepticism associated with alien encounters is as jaw-dropping as the phenomena itself. The many people, however, who are still posting images of alien activity within the Falkirk Triangle are ably showing that their inorganic camera chips are not just hallucinating.


In 2009 the Ministry of Defence in the UK closed its UFO desk.

A briefing found in the UFO policy file DEFE 24/2458/1, dated 11 November 2009 and prepared for Defence Minister Bob Ainsworth by Carl Mantell of the RAF’s Air Command, recommended that:
‘…[The MoD] should seek to reduce very significantly the UFO task which is consuming increasing resource, but produces no valuable defence output.’
Ainsworth was subsequently briefed that in more than 50 years
‘…no UFO sighting reported to [the MoD] has ever revealed anything to suggest an extra-terrestrial presence or military threat to the UK [and] there is no defence benefit in [MoD] recording, collating, analysing or investigating UFO sightings.’
‘….investigations into UFO sightings, even from more reliable sources, serve no useful purpose and merely divert air defence specialists from their primary tasks. Accordingly, no further investigations should be carried out into UFO reports received from any source.’

Although no longer on the Government’s radar, UFO sightings persist in being captured and recorded on the people’s radar, namely, through cameras, phones and on ‘social media’, and although these events can still be denied, they cannot be denied with the same integrity sceptics once had, there are just too many of them—aliens that is!

Thus, it may be that faeries have not disappeared at all, but are simply wearing silver suits in this modern day and age, but what is certain is that Scotland has not ceased to be a place of myth, magic and mystery, with the Falkirk Triangle being a true reflection of this reality.


ANDREW HENNESSEY of Edinburgh, Scotland has been researching Ufology (the study of UFOs) and the paranormal since the 1980s, writing and speaking extensively on various issues in these fields.

In his own words:

“I was born into a family originally from Gorebridge, the ‘hotspot’ of alien activity in Scotland today. With a mother who passed on to me at an early age her knowledge of the Scottish psychic tradition of ‘second sight’ (and who believed she had some gifts of her own), being a normal lad with a normal life was simply not an option. Moreover, I would soon discover that I had a natural proclivity or attraction to this subject, beginning with the supernatural but moving very quickly on to entities that were making the headlines – alien encounters!

For many years I attended groups as diverse as spiritualists, Raja Yoga, Knights Templar and Theosophists, eventually operating a think-tank called the ‘Transformation Studies Group’. Over time I would begin to document my own observations and conclusions, some shared and some more controversial. These ideas took the form of journal writings, UFO conferences, radio programs, both in the UK and in the United States, television/radio documentaries, magazine articles, and ultimately my book on Amazon and Kindle called ‘Alien Encounters and the Paranormal – The Scottish Experience.’ [Book link: http://www.stargateedinburgh.net ] “

Stargate Edinburgh Tours’ is a small, bespoke company headed by one of Britain’s foremost ufologists and folklorists, Andrew Hennessey. It is dedicated to the consideration of possibilities and alternative interpretations of unexplained phenomena found in and around the Edinburgh area. What are some of these mysteries, these secrets? To name just a few: the Templar Mysteries, a 12,000 year-old secret, thousands of UFO sightings, underground bases, a possible link between Arthur and Atlantis, Abductions and Greys, ‘Clootie’ trees and faerie hills, a Saint and a star. Visit some of these extraordinary sites and see for yourself.

LANDLINE 01333428921
MOBILE 075886 03896

11/23/2016 08:32 PM
The New Star Party vision 30 years ago - still cutting edge ?

Click here for the link to the free New Star party Booklet   in docx format

by Andrew Hennessey

THE NEW STAR PARTY and its MANIFESTO was something which was very dear to my heart in the early 1990's.
This extract from my work called the 'Eight Seas of Essence' was named directly after being inspired by the English rock group Queen and Freddy Mercury belting out the Seven Seas of Rye !!
I remember the 1990's - in the UK there was Tony, and his electoral ticket for 10 Downing street was 'things can only get better'.
In fact I can honestly say that Tony Blair was at the heart of my reaction to the UFO and paranormal movement in general which although it kept talking up some great ideas re contact and disclosure with a capital 'D' - it never actually got round to doing anything about anything except selling more books, DVD's and conference tickets.
In the UK the Old Labour or 'democratic' movement had yet another wonderful man of the people in John Smith who after his untimely demise on a Scottish hillside seemed to take with him to his grave the last vestiges of red flag-waving in Scotland.  The Old Labour Party was dead - long live the New Labour Party.
Leading up to the millennium, the more I read on these conspiracy newsgroups about whistleblowers and credible disclosures it was with some optimism that many expectantly waited - some falling for the professional pseudo-military fearmongering of lack of kobold programming skills causing a global oil supply catastrophe, whilst others who seemed more in tune with the kind of alien realities becoming recognised as commonplace - many of them negative - that it seemed that it was only a matter of time before some of these wonderfully educated intellectuals and scholars would come up with a political movement called the 'Star Party'.
In 2001 when many of these great posts of la la Channelling, various pledges and secret information started disappearing off the back of their servers - those in the know would wait for the next opportunity for 'disclosure'.
Then great videos with great soundtracks and convincing narratives started emerging about the approach of planet X and the earth's crustal shift of 2012, again we thought - surely with so many alleged 'star visitors' making themselves known to even ordinary folks like myself there had to be - from some group of intellectuals with lots more information and information technology than I had the 'Star Party' !!
Again No Such Luck.
It did look though that some of the missing channelling and whistleblower info from 2000 was returning with some minor details like dates and the names changed in time for the 2012 hysteria build up...
But suddenly there were all the PhD's of Exopolitics - But - Where was the manifesto - Zero manifesto in 20 years +
What had happened to the Star Party working for the rights of the exploited humans whose stuff was being farmed and milked by at least multinational corporations through alleged treaties ??
No Disclosure ever - probably - because if your government ever admitted to co-operating with non-humans to obtain profit from their technologies by messing with the lives of voters and taxpayers - the number of class action lawsuits would certainly - potentially make a big dent in the human profit margins ... No Disclosure then ... But - Where was the Star Party ... and why was us being exploited our fault because we weren't top class souls etc
Enough then ... so I decided to create the New Star Party .com   because something happened to the Old Star Party ... but the only way that things can ever get better is if we all realise that in a world where Amnesty International thinks an alien abductee is a fruit cake and Exopolitics gives us the 'don't demonise the demons' rhetoric - there really needed to be a more pro-human democratic movement or at least some sort of dialogue with the powers of Exopolitics.
Presented below are my own 'exopolitics' or they were my opinions nearly 30 years ago !! but we all know that time flies and things change.
In a world where my youtube counters seem to travel backwards in time - here is my exopolitical vision of the cosmos before a bunch of very unhappy close encounters that I wrote about elsewhere in a free ebook called 'The Turning of the Tide' in 2006.
There is nothing wrong with optimism if it is also tempered with wisdom and I hope you have fun reading through these ideas - many of which have manifested in one form or another in the cinema in the 21st Century ...
To keep that 'currency' I added the odd 21st Century buzzword but the majority of the writing is from a book I wrote in 1992 called 'The Eight Seas of Essence'.
This then is my rambling Interstellar optimism in the times before I created Xenopolitics ...

For the Xenopolitics website and my latest research and articles - click on this link

11/19/2016 04:44 PM
Transhumanism and the Galaxy
The alternative formula of Darth Vader and the  Daleks    is  -
 What is more durable than flesh -  Metal;  more  powerful  than  muscle - Machine; more offensive than a  musical  instrument  - Ray Gun; what uses knowledge to build Empires with greater ease  than inefficient layabouts - Robotic Brain.

          In giving up the use of eyes  in  order  to  see  the  universe
          through a mechanical lens with restricted vision  which  needs
          to be pointed in any direction -  albiet  it  sees  IR  and  UV
          spectra and all that - yet has not the  capability  within  all
          that  resolution  to  generate  abstract  concepts   from   low
          threshold data often used by the organic senses - and in giving
          up the transience and variety of form  that  are  the  keys  to
          evolution and other dimensions - for a lasting 'tin box'  which
          effortlessly stands the pace of a  material  universe,  and  in
          giving up the freedom of thought and versatility of  expression
          that comes from a soul aesthetically unburdened in exchange for
          a  certain  fixed  and  sure  perspective  (within   mechanical
          electronic reality) and in return  for  a  better  way  to  end
          arguments favourably (Ray gun), the Dualistic soul is basically
          going to incarnate as an artificial mechanism - the Dalek of Dr
          Who - now a more probable evolutionary outcome at the  turn  of
          the 20th Century.
          All  the  little  pleasures  of  education  may   produce   the
          occasional candidate  for  the  city  of  the  mechanitricians.
          Although various art forms dominate culture and discussions  at
          open groups and forums, and although researchers plod  away  at
          computer  archives  it  is  rumoured  that  Mankinds  store  of
          knowledge and ethics used to  be  larger,  but  that  much  was
          predawn darkness and its inspiration was come from the chaos of
          christian blackness. Footnotes at  the  bottom  of  the  screen
          indicate th  existence  of  contaminated  inspiration  and  all
          queries  should  contact  the  cultural  centre  for   pre-dawn
          building for a lecture on the evils  of  mankind.  Although  by
          this time, the screen itself will  have  activated  a  security
          beacon in the Ministry of Harmony.
          These Bronzed adonai are exceptionally good looking and  quick,
          but on the whole are not  too  bright.  Although  they  may  be
          selected for superior service, the majority  are  indulgent  in
          their senses and the technodreams  and IQ scenarios - (build-a-
          mind-games) offered by machine interphases.
          Those bronzed Adonii were the Vikings  of  old,  the  rower  of
          longboats and the singers of drinking songs  in  the  Halls  of
          But to define history as a telic process, one must be  sure  of
          the atoms from which the Barbarian Technocracy evolve, no doubt
          somewhere from the Barbarian Dream of the past epoch.
          Barbarism is the second part of the evolutionary  scheme  first
          employed by Montesquieu, the first  of  which  was  hunting  or
          savagery, where Barbarism was distinguished from savages by the
          development of agriculture and the emergence of certain  crafts
          such as metal working and pottery.
          The change from barter to token economy  and  the  division  of
          labour, specialisation and urbanisation takes  the  form  of  a
          complex society whose culture ecology has shifted away from the
          agronomic patterns of the past.
          The  process  of  acculturation  begins  locally  with      the
          localised  evolution  of  artefacts  bringing  into  being   an
          appropriate  technology.  Then  the   assimilation   of   local
          agronomics into aggregates of  social  structure  organised  by
          hierarchy   with   a   tendancy   towards   agribusiness,   the
          industrialisation  of agriculture and  the  development  of  an
          industrial base.
          This is the epitaph for the Barbarian - ' The Barbarian Dream'
          Is the ocean, great God Dualism, for the wind and the rain, the
          use of the hawk, the fishers nets, the crackle  of  log  fires,
          the pound of the heart as we run barefoot in the grass ?
          Is Civilisation a dream of fatal proportions  Dualism,  for  in
          Barbarism we only have the promise of device, of  advantage  of
          ambush - yet when that promise is realised - a century  or  two
          of exhiliaration  as  the  sublimation  of  the  machine  lifts
          burdens from our shoulders. Yet see how we  replace  them  with
          the immaterial burden of neologism, of dated  information,  all
          dedicated to building the all seeing, all  knowing  machine  of
          Civilisation - and yet, Great God Dualism, the  longships  sail
          in peril of a storm.
          The apple of information takes us from the promised  land,  and
          the quality of our  aesthetic  life  will  diminish  -  and  in
          exchange and our gratitude, for a while, less people  die  from
          disease, medicine and the  healer,  hygiene  and  the  engineer
          build us a world of promises.
          But is a death of sleep in the snow of midwinter  as  murderous
          as this ethic called civilisation we have built today.
          The proud swordsman, his blade blunted by paper,  falls,  in  a
          city of cardboard by a sewer called a river.
          And for mthose not in the benefit  of  Civilisations  ephemeral
          shade does the benefit of this great society fail with a bullet
          - and we also still use spears.
          The Barbarian has a hope, and so that we forget this the apples
          of eden are made into cider, but so that we fulfill  this,  the
          fruits of knowledge, the reams of information  must  either  to
          hell be taken, or to  heaven  sent.  For  their  workings  seem
          beyond the scope of mortality to understand.
          And there, with our ships despatched to heaven,  or  hell,  our
          minds full of the solstice and equinox, shall we  again  assume
          the  handicap  of  Barbarism  in  exchange  for  the  evil   of
          Civilisation ?
          I think not, for in truth the futile tale   of  the  wisest  of
          elders who watches the slaughter of each epoch,  must  help  us
          decide - what is the best way to die - for there is the crux of
          the matter.
          If our ships  return  from  Heaven,  they  will  bring  us  the
          machines to maintain our world in  the  rightness  of  decency,
          quenching even the most avaricious of thirsts with  free  gifts
          from a matrix of machinery dedicated to converting all  useless
          matter to our whims:
          but, if our ships from hell return, then the day of  the  robot
          and the slave shall like the reaper scythe the  resistance  and
          chain the spirit for eternity.
          And even for the briefest of  incarnations,  the  tomb  of  the
          machine is no place to die.
          The seer shall part our clouds with the voice of wisdom - shall
          this information be our master or our  slave,  if  our  master,
          then God shall offended be, for Dualism has corrupted us.
          Slaves of greater Empires than a mere Barbarian tribe  wait  to
          capture this wild bird in  a  mesh  of  steel  and  intelligent
          I remember History, for I am the Barbarian ...
          It is summer, and corn like the mellow  gold  of  newborn  suns
          rustles in the  wind  that  blows  from  across  the  ocean  of
          essence, and poppies, the symbol of slumber, their  red  splash
          marks the passing of a soul against the  painted  blue  of  the
          Madonnas Mantle. Holy Child - thy birth  marks  the  Dawn,  and
          your teardrops are as the silver of the novas  in  the  eternal
          cycle of life, as the starfields likewise nurture  their  crops
          of gold, in the womb of the martyr with the fight of a prayer.
          Find this crop ready to eat,  the  thresher  is  pounding,  the
          scythe is pure, the bread is whole, the dwelling is ready,  the
          butterfly sips the nectar - a gift of spring. a gift of winter,
          a gift of being.
          Now Barbarian, is the toil  of  belief  wholesome  without  the
          curse of the black banner of war, and the axe,  silver  whetted
          over the time of snow, ready to fell timber.
          Glory is the power  of  thy  childlike  mind  and  fool  become
          predator wills to build a safer dwelling in  which  to  protect
          his fears - and thus goes the lesson of  history  -  there  was
          naught but the wish of Eden to live until the Serpent of Tricks
          does introduce its own concept of treasure and of the  measures
          needed to protect it with your sword made pen.
          To see where the might of this endeavour may lead is  perilous,
          for it is a two edged sword. It does  build  with  science  and
          measure, fighting the elements to provide a home, and fortifies
          the quality of life that it may have  a  shelter  in  which  to
          think. But do we then think of war or love, or both -  what  is
          the remit of this fruit of peace and security -  is  it  sleep,
          and shall we forget that cornfield  and  the  serenity  of  the
          dwelling in the land of forever.
          War is a human product - it comes from blighted minds,  or  no,
          the glory of forfeit, the grandeur of conquest - have  we  been
          poisoned by the elixir of information.
          The gems of information upon which the creation of new eras are
          feasible, but what type of information  makes  this  desirable,
          for it is too late for the cornfield and it is time  to  desire
          the creation of something else.
          What then is this creation I hear of - it is not love, or death
          or birth - what burden  does  humanity  carry  that  it  cannot
          discharge amongst its own - what creation we make that  is  not
          human must be of our own fabric, our own chemistry, yet  it  is
          not flesh and blood.
          The answer is in these books - somewhere - the bright taxonomy,
          the clear classification and the set of sets - we would fail to
          claim these things because they are already ours.
          zif we build a creation in our own likeness it will need things
          to see us - for if it didn't have them, it would overlook us as
          it dreamt.
          The sinew of cables and memories, digital and  magnetic  -  the
          fight of the electron to bring sense to copper and microchip  -
          is this our monster - the Worm of Ragnarock.
          Have all ships that ever sailed - all spirit, all fighting  and
          quarrel, division of Empire, betrayal of trust - has this meant
          anything, or has parentage the virtue of fodder, so that reason
          may educate our children to build this thing -  as  ants  would
          fill a ditch  and  march  over  their  comrades  to  bring  the
          connective wire to the terminal that awaits.
          Great Barbarian ant, your species is in danger of  bringing  to
          life a monster, and tidemark  upon  tidemark  of  black  little
          bodies have picked up the banner of the fibre optic cable or of
          its potential  for  manufacture  through  the  busy  vanity  of
          history - from generation to generation that It may become  the
          metal and sinew of a Robot King.
          And we. like the blood cells circulating upon the motorways  of
          flowing energy - bring life to the power stations of the  heart
          and the computer senses of science databases.
          Our Ruler to be wants to know everything about us, whose books,
          films or groceries, on what flight, for how  long,  using  what
          stock - its all part of the waking robot, to get  to  know  its
          autonomic nervous system.
          Now I know that the course of philosophy - the love  of  truth,
          because of its humanity becomes a spent blood cell -  a  rusted
          car, an condemned farmhouse like the one we left behind so long
          ago, condemned because the spirit  that  it  now  shelters  has
          found the rules of the universe but is blind to the real  needs
          of growth.
          We worship the philosophy of the  machine  -  we  are  here  to
          suffer - to make it perfect, to make it  independent,  and  we,
          the penultimate racers of the relay  race  of  evolution,  pass
          over the responsibilities of Godhead with one ignorant push.
          Our vanity makes us blind to our superfluity and to  the  blind
          indifference of a systematic thought process that  we  are  too
          complacent to understand, but from the chaos of the organic - a
          new information process emerges.
          Let us hope that we are not  too  awe  struck  to  remember  to
          install the off switch, for an unhappy Barbarian indeed is  one
          who has forgotten to use the Axe.
          This  was  the  prosaic  way  of  relating  the  case  for  the
          teleological  process  from  which  emerges  the  machine  and,
          probably, our place in the future.
          The magic that was our past  was perhaps embodied in myth,  but
          the Barbarian Dream of the  Gods  and  Omnipotence  of  thought
          lives on as a subliminatory escape route for those Ants on  the
          path that need a break from the cable  carrying  and  microchip
          Any kind of empathic or sympathetic magic probably belonged  to
          the geomagnetic flux  of local geography and  the  accompanying
          irrational  superstitions  surrounding  the  moon  and    other
          sources of electromagnetic fields and their   effect  on    the
          human psyche.
          The scientific side of superstition is studied by the Institute
          of Noetic studies in California and various other highly funded
          high tech places specialising  in  the  digitalisation  of  the
          human electromagnetic response to various stimuli, both  within
          and outwith its natural context .
          Meanwhile the real Magi have sold out to the T.V. companies.
          If competition is invested in, and  the  dissemination  of  the
          keys to superphysical understanding is  linked  to  the  reward
          system of capital, then; knowledge or important knowledge  will
          be for sale at a price - it is not  in  the  interests  of  the
          Illuminati elite that the Human Race should  have  uncontrolled
          access to the physical and superphysical cosmos for this  would
          mean unsupervised contact and a general blowing of the whistle.
          The new T.V gameshow of pick your next body, and in cooperation
          with the  Karma  Software  company,  sponsored  by  Stars  Bars
          chocolate, the official snackfood  of  the  superhuman  cosmos,
          allows you, yes you, to say it with powers -  simply  put  your
          psychic imprint cassette into the viewer slot and  your  pledge
          of service will be directed to  a  Temple  Master..  This  body
          could be yours ...
          If competition  is  kept  to  a  minimum  to  allow  a  healthy
          digestion of all that is  new  and  strange,  in  such  a  free
          culture the human mind for instance  would    be  allowed    to
          interphase with the memory banks of a teaching computer  -  yet
          it is probably not in the interests of Galactic Capitalism that
          the  human  mind  can  become  so  well  trained  ..  yet   the
          superphysical universe can open its doors to the  well  trained
          human mind or would do if I chose to develop another scenario.
          An argument of but we will train the minds can be foisted on us
          - but to do what, to believe what, therefore why  would  anyone
          want to keep our spiritual inheritance away from us unless they
          had other plans for our evolution. It would be a mistake solely
          to imagine that all our evolutionary business is  concluded  in
          one brief life - our enemies don't believe that ...
          Meanwhile then, the conversion process takes hold of the  world
          where departments of this and that are formed to implement  the
          grand design - at world levels these enable equity in  what  is
          retained of  national  structure,  but  dissolving  legislative
          frontiers whilst allowing the enforcement and protection of new
          claims to privelege and, the smooth global delivery of the 'One
          World of the Great God Dualism'  side of the package.
          Meanwhile the Dept of contact measures weeds out  the  colonial
          trainees,  those  with  embassy  potential  and  set   up   the
          encyclopaedia Galactica from  such  knowledge  that  our  alien
          benefactors see fit to let us have. This  information  will  be
          well censored  and  the  sort  of  information  and  its  human
          psychological  response  will  have  been   charted   in   many
          sociological models before we were allowed to get near it.
          Before trying to explore the possibilities of ET  Civilisations
          we should look at the state of the world  may  possibly  be  in
          come the dawn of that long prepared for time. Teleport  Culture
          may perhaps be breaking down starvation and  disease  with  the
          instantaneous relocation of resource. Birth control will  be  a
          major problem, with this in mind there may be negotiations  for
          colonial  status  elsewhere  with  our  ET  friends   and   the
          possibility of relocation inother star systems, though the vast
          majority of Mankind is probably too niave to cope with the  cut
          and thrust of Galactic Socioeconomic requirements. As  teleport
          culture becomes established many land and mineral rights  would
          become obsolete, and with a falling of cultural boundaries  due
          to an increase in travel, it would become necessary to look  at
          cultural integrity. Due to an increase of access to technology,
          the use of resources must be well shepherded and  kept  out  of
          the hands of dissidents. After several meetings of our leaders,
          the future of planetary power sources must be debated, that  is
          unless the civilisations within and without our earth  have  no
          say in the matter - these people may decide that it's  best  to
          return us to Viking times or shunt us off to  some  reeducation
          scenario or make us priveleged savages in Galactic culture,  or
          take us away to study for the grand scheme of the experiment.
          Meanwhile there must be many ready marketable power packages at
          a Galactic level, but it would make  more  sense  to  take  the
          slower  option  of  refining  and  socially   integrating   the
          potentials of the isotope sources available withinn  the  solar
          system with the technology reproducable om earth.  Earth  would
          go  through  a  period  of  cultural  quarantine   whilst   our
          ideologies were updated enough to face  reality.  Many  of  the
          things to be thought out will be along the lines of import  and
          export of  foodstuffs,  technology  and  substances  which  can
          enhance or detract from our potential to utilise resources such
          as information and technology. The teaching of Galactic history
          and various scholarships will be enabled by translation devices
          supplied by ET culture. Can we imagine what the  Earth
          religions  are  going  to  say  to  the  new   information   on
          Interstellar  culture  ...  Devils,  Daemons,  Soddom  and  the
          apocalypse and stuff like that. The main thing  is  that  youth
          can be educated without the bigotries of the  Old  Ways and hopefully
          take on board the many lessons we have learned over the millennia
          on the nature and modus operandii of intelligent evil.  There
          will be a galactic database to which  there  will  probably  be
          graded levels of access, but  knowledge  of  the  main  trading
          species, their cultures  and  foodstuffs  both  compatible  and
          incompatible with a  human  digestive  system,  as  well  as  a
          measure of  ET  racial  Psychology,  technology,  religion  and
          social mores will make essential reading  or  brain  implanting
          for the traveller class. It may be that cultural artefacts  may
          be Earth's greatest asset at the moment.
          In a busy Galactic culture with many life forms,  the  unifying
          strength of the soul light common to all will be the basis  for
          a religion. There would be some sort  of  Spiritual  University
          teaching comparitive religion, correlating various landmarks in
          ideological  deprogramming  from  materialism  as   light   and
          consciousness awoke; or it may bring  spiritual  refinement  to
          the plane of matter  from higher Extra Dimensional  sources  in
          communion with some sort of cosmic grail. There will  on  Earth
          be many schools of Galactic studies, these, required  to  equip
          mankind with the finerm points of etiquette needed to get by in
          the real high society. There are the Dark Schools too and  this
          phase of mankind is not necessarily all going to  be  sweetness
          and light, it all  depends  on  what  comes  forward  once  the
          experiment is pronounced officially over, but hopefully by that
          time Humankind will have made petition to High Law for clemency
          and compassion ...
          THe Galactic Empire must  have  a  transmat  transport  network
          which may be virtually instantaneous along certain parts of the
          infrastructure, yet there must  be  a  certain  electromagnetic
          geography to negotiate, where suns and blackholes are hills and
          mountains  producing  gravitational   distortions   which   are
          contours  requiring  great  energy  input  from  the  transport
          network to  overcome  during  transit.  The  three  dimensional
          Geography of electromagnetic obstacles now introduces the  idea
          of feasibility studies in trading, where vehicles committed  to
          one route and its interruptions are not  at  liberty  to  bring
          their storage capacity ie.  potential  for  making  capital  to
          other  markets;  gradients,   political   zones   of   control,
          Dimensional gates and their territorial negotiations, wars  and
          other hostile intervention may clip the expansionist  wings  of
          all but the most aggressive and competitive Empire, and I  have
          already suggested that that exists...
          Some of the main categories of goods desirable in  interstellar
          trade are examined below.
          There are two broad categories 1. Infrastructure: the materials
          needed to  maintain  it,  2.  Psyche:  the  substances  and  or
          technology  that  enhance  or  detract  from  the  utility   of
          1. a) Software. The information processing systems that  enable
          utilities, industries, society etc to function more efficiently
          by adding adaptations taken from previously inaccessible  areas
          of science to the capacities of our existing technology.
          b) Minerals, trade and industry. Rationalisation of  who  owned
          what, mining rights, transportation routes, monetary  exchange,
          stock  markets,  ports,  starports,  merchants   and   bankers,
          borrowers,   villains,   crime   detection   and   intelligence
          gathering, exploration, colonial rights, chartering, franchise,
          claims, fealty, honour, law, political and  military  presence,
          Chapperone presence, 'Over Men' - the remit of  the  Mars  Bred
          Superman and superwoman, Undermen, Duty on imports, Tax, import
          and export, lobby, representation, blockades, strikes,  embargo
          and, importantly, the cost of living.
          c) Energy-Processing  Hardware.  The  hardware  which  augments
          civic infrastructure with energy transposed from  one  form  to
          another that becomes  beneficial  to  the  production  process.
          Electromagnetic power packages,  fusion  plants,  refining  and
          sublimation of the mineral and food transport and manufacturing
          infrastructure by the use of transmat and  the  depollution  of
          the planet.
          d)  Transportation,  it  is  certain   that   some   forms   of
          transportation will be restricted  to  human  use  -  time  and
          extradimensional routes or those  places  in  which  the  human
          intelligence might gain an advantage over  the  interpretations
          of reality offered by our Chapperones.
          2. The Psyche may be influenced in various ways as a result  of
          importing new ideologies, for example idea systems that  deform
          the binary efficiency of human decision making - consider...
          Communal Psychic Hive Theatre - a form of  entertainment  taken
          from a cocktail of electromagnetic emanations of all the people
          present in the theatre- the more entrance money  is  paid,  the
          more of an input is taken from a given individual - there would
          be a certain plot which the minds of all present developed  and
          shared, this could be very addictive because it would  also  be
          different and unique - pioneered at the moment in USA cable T.V
          where the  audience  dictate  the  plot  and  also  by  Whitley
          Streiber's Vision of  the  Grey  Men  and  their  vast  stadia.
          Certain cultures in the galaxy may be mature enough  enough  to
          use this form of theatre eg. it could be  a  substitute  for  a
          religious experience and may unlock the doors to psychic,  soul
          and racial destiny, however in the wrong hands  eg.  Illuminati
          it could be the demise of the Human Race if the nature  of  the
          plots were calculated to lead  into  the  realm  of  Illuminati
          ideology - there would be a way for quick access to  the  Human
          Mind whilst the human mind  could  enjoy  the  process  of  its
          degradation. The process would then  be  to  remind  the  Human
          entity that it enjoys its degradation, make it feel guilty  and
          offer it the 'only' sensible alternative ... more of the same !
          The hire of mercenary civic security firms, just in case  there
          weren't any around at the moment may ensure that Earth's  orbit
          may have a new small moon. All population are required to  wear
          a collar which is issued with access codes according to  social
          and professional status, the use of an integrated AI system  to
          make decisions on what were zone violations etc may be had  for
          a price. The sort of population programme which  could  be  run
          might ensure everyone of certain professions or with proven  IQ
          attend learning enhancement in order  to  better  fill  new  ET
          vacancies and generally  improve  civilisation  -  Data-IQ-Mate
          suddenly comes into being on a bigger scale than it is  at  the
          moment.  Unfortunately  for  the  low  IQ  types  or   'capital
          expensive minds' there may be a social order to select against,
          meanwhile it is assured that groups must  attend  ideologically
          loaded 'new religion  sessions'  -  all  this  whilst  the  big
          Illuminati computer records what we eat and drink and read  and
          watch and see and hope - Why . the answer to the  question  why
          all that information is essential  is  that  every  social  and
          economic system is a tagged artefact within a  model  of  human
          evolution to which under certain  circumstances,  with  certain
          unhealthy and aggressive factors  operating  in  the  world,  a
          computer may be able to analyse with what we  pamper  ourselves
          when the going gets  rough  in  various  ways  and  places  and
          cultures throughout the planet. The Human  Race  is  under  the
          microscope, but it is not  simply  the  individual  but  social
          groups and their interactions in terms  of  the  ideologies  of
          Capitalism and the counter ideology of  associations  known  as
          love and sacrifice which are  providing  the  real  performance
          data on  the  Human  Race.  Meanwhile  portable  fast  learning
          Universities are in parking orbits whilst the Enemy  dreams  of
          introducing us  to  the  Hive.  Colonial  modification  of  the
          species by implant and biochemical conditioning may  need  some
          subjects for testing ... !

11/17/2016 07:41 PM
The End of the Road ?
Do folks realise that our status quo is a plutocracy that operates a divisive democratic illusion of national socialism versus international socialism ?


Plutocracy or plutarchy, is a form of oligarchy and defines a society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens. The first known use of the term was in 1652. Unlike systems such as democracy, capitalism, socialism or anarchism, plutocracy is not rooted in an established political philosophy. The concept of plutocracy may be advocated by the wealthy classes of a society in an indirect or surreptitious fashion, though the term itself is almost always used in a pejorative sense

the problem I have with so-called academics at the political compass is not the same problem various authors on wiki have with them - but its because they define every political outcome with a before-the-fact assumption that its related to some charted democratic process or other.

My main contention these days, however, is that the 21st Century is comprised of post-democratic globalist corporations with various anti-human or post-human agendas. These appear to be systematically breaking down the regulations of;     science, religion, nutrition, health, the majority whose gender is satisfactorily  chosen and known, education, culture, family, birth, nation states, parental nurture and national borders etc with the use of nihilism, casuistry and other anti-human rhetoric.

Having de-regulated inherited knowledge from the richness and culture of human society and culture and replacing it with formulaic and often distorted nonsense our new world order globalist is very happy looking forward to a world without rules, analysis, ethics, human nurture or viable nutrition, where even the most uncreative person can easily produce industry standard media on some APP with inbuilt cheats.

The common core of the new world ethos is a world built on reason not irrational faith in God.

Yet little by little what is currently passing itself off as reasonable science does so by daily acts of fraudulent denial of scientific and empirical truths simply because these truths are not convenient to the premise for which the ‘research’ is funded.

This agenda uses enforced poverty and contrived confusion and ignorance via censorship, controlled media and misinformation. It was very obvious even in the days of Blair that red was blue and blue was red and that the colours of our alleged political spectrum have all merged together over the years into a homogenised and totalitarian globalist grey that has neither a right or a left - but in fact is set up to eliminate 6 billion 'useless eaters' through such UN vehicles as Agenda 21 etc

The new world vision seems to be free of those so-called ‘old age’ traditions, and cultural regulations and beliefs - and is indeed appealing to those who appear liberal.

At some point though the Liberal ‘love in’ will stop - simply because the world as has been long planned, doesnt have room for billions of happy ‘do what thou wilt’ people - for its part of the plan that at least 5 billion have to die. At that point the puppeteers behind human revolution will whip their masks off to show that they are neither extreme left or extreme right - just extremely anti-human …

Then with cultural and national folk themes of defiance and individualism totally erased from the records, the Orwellian or Huxley dreams are now mankinds waking zombie nightmare.

With only miracles left to give us hope - that might not be the worst thing.

08/23/2016 07:04 PM
High Strangeness in Gorebridge - Falkirk UFO Conference 2017

High Strangeness in Gorebridge,
an illustrated talk by Andrew Hennessey, at the Scottish UFO & Paranormal Conference on Saturday the 8th of july in Falkirk Town Hall at 11am

The small ex-coal-mining town of Gorebridge, near Edinburgh has been the scene of extraordinary UFO activity at least over the last 20 years. Some very strange UFO and alien-looking activity has been witnessed, and often filmed, reported and photographed there.
Other Parties interested in the on-going disclosure at Gorebridge that Andrew has brokered have included; personalities interested in UFO traffic over Uri Geller's 'Lamb' island, 'concerned Edinburgh businessmen', Colonel Joe, an 'MiB' with maps from local 'alien intelligence' and a small party of 'Viking raiders' !! - It has to be the lost Templar gold ??
In this illustrated talk with many strange images taken in and around the town, Scottish paranormal researcher Andrew Hennessey presents his findings.

Andrew Hennessey - Short Biography

Andrew Hennessey of Edinburgh, Scotland, has been interested in the UFO phenomenon from a very early age, having had many encounters and experiences. In looking for answers and explanations, his research has taken him to many destinations including; Spiritualism, Grail meditation groups and Theosophy and latterly operated a 'think tank' called the 'Transformation Studies Group'. He has a particular interest in the lack of real Disclosure, founding 'Xenopolitics' in 2007.
A contributor to magazine, TV and radio Andrew also has a paranormal image archive which features some incredible local images e.g. an alien on a rooftop !
An author and blogger, Andrew has featured on radio etc both home and away and is keen on the ancient aliens perspective. Also a musician (Scottish Andrew): some articles, free ebooks, songs and theatre can be found on his Xenopolitics website. The 'Illuminati Rag' was recorded in 1989.

Please feel free to come and share your own ET experiences with Andrew at his stall at the Conference - where he can write these up and record them if you wish.
Andrew's book - 'Alien Encounters and the Paranormal - the Scottish experience' will also be on sale, and can also be bought at Amazon and Kindle - http://www.stargateedinburgh.net

Andrew is also a musician and theatre writer and will be selling his prophetic faerie tales in original music, verse and songs at the Conference.
1. 'A Farewell to Dawn' is the story of mankind sailing throughout history to the shores of space.
2. 'AEON' is a starwars faerie tale in original music, verse and song - saving the Earth from a dark fate
3. 'The Mystery of Stargate Edinburgh' is the collected tales of over 20 years of research about the secret, ancient and occult history of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital - What is the Mystery of Stargate Edinburgh ?

Samples of these original theatre works can be heard at: http://www.andrewhennessey.co.uk/STA1/page17.html

Finally, Andrew operates a Tour to the Gorebridge hotspot area and of some of the Illuminati landmarks of Edinburgh, called the Stargate Edinburgh Tour. http://www.stargateedinburgh.com

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The Alien Reality of Mars
Here is a selection of alien images from the Curiosity Rover on Mars - links to these and others can be found on http://www.facebook.com/scottishufologist

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Although many have known for decades via numerous important political speeches from many nations of some plan to have an obedient and passive global workforce under the control of big corporations big government and big pharmacy there were always the little details that were not too clear.
Certainly although United Nations Agenda 21 gives many politicians and industrialists e.g. [W Gates, J Cousteau, etc etc etc etc] almost carte blanche to regreen an allegedly more ‘sustainable’ Earth according to such edicts engraved onto Guidestones from Georgia etc – there was always that old chestnut of ‘de-population’ and the taking down of the global population from about 7 billion to about 1 or 2 billion – i.e. basically the elite plus some ‘letter openers’ …
So one wonders if such self-imposed tasks of massive human depopulation could be more manageable if most folks were ill ??
Maybe aggressive folks could be made more like feminine lilies during the day when they are awake? [the lily is an illuminati symbol of a feminine principle] – A Youtube video from Professor Garth Nicholson is linked below …  but this from Tom Bearden ..
Subject: RE: Project Day Lily
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 17:06:06 -0500
‘The mycoplasma I caught in Canada in 1968 (where a joint, highly classified U.S./Canada BW development effort had previously sprayed diluted solutions to test its dispersal) was a modified brucellosis organism, stripped of its skin/outer membrane and genetically modified so that it burrows up into the red cells to live. Since the red cells live only 3 to 4 months or so, one has to have antibiotics circulating in one's blood for about a year, so that when one of the red cells starts to die, the critter comes out to reinfect another replacement red cell -- and the antibiotics kills it then.
The mycoplasma in the red cells feeds off the hemoglobin, hardening it and slowly and dramatically decreasing the ability of the blood to take on and transport oxygen. So one has hypoxia and the severe fatigue that accompanies it…’

The book by Professor Nicholson is revealing ..’ The Project Day Lily story chronicles the events surrounding what the public knows as "Gulf War Syndrome." To this day, the public perception of that tragedy is very limited, but now there are over 150,000 veterans of that conflict that suffer from chronic illnesses and tens of thousands have died without acknowledgment or proper assistance to keep secret the origin of their illnesses.

Project Day Lily tells the story of the discovery that men and women of our Armed Forces were actually exposed to chemical and biological mixtures from missiles and sprayers during the Gulf War that were supplied, in part, by a sinister network using a group of rogue bureaucrats, intelligence operatives and scientists. They were also exposed to contaminants in the multiple vaccines given during deployment. Project Day Lily presents the story of how one of these biological agents was found by two American scientists in veterans of the Gulf War and in civilians as part of a massive testing program and how various academic and governmental employees did everything in their power to prevent this information from being released to the American public.’

We have heard also about flyovers by planes from politicians and military whistleblowers who seem to be sprinkling some magical recipes of weather control or even worse – although technically if they are reducing the population with their spraying they are it follows also making better weather for the planet.
In the light of all the speculation about who is doing what to whom there is the matter of the massive rise of various afflictions of the human central nervous system on an unprecedented and global scale.

No-one really knows the cause … here are only a few suggestions ..
1.      biologically innate pathology.
2.      the rise in consumption of glyphosphate weedkillers in the diet – traces of these have been increasingly found on analysis. This could have an effect on the nervous system.
3.      some human genetic factor triggered by solar activity
4.      some new global disease factor – an unreported pandemic of  … e.g. Mycoplasmas
Weaponised Mycoplasmas – the story from research scientist Dr Nicholson

On Sunday, July 10, 2016 Frank Ferguson wrote:
Weaponized mycoplasma in chemtrails enter the body and ¨knock out¨ or block the normal health maintenance action of   certain genes thereby causing most diseases.  This  ¨knock out¨ or blocking of the normal action of   certain  specific genes occurs via the mycoplasmas intracellular method of duplication called reverse transcriptase.   Enzymes used to weaponize the mycoplasma genome are found in the  chemtrails.     Weaponization of the mycoplasma is easily proven by doing the total  genome of the mycoplasma in  chemtrail and definitively matching it to the genome of the same mycoplasma  found in the blood and urine of  diseased victims








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UFO over St Andrews
Pictures by Andrew Hennessey, the Scores, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland,  2014 july 15 2.30pm
possibly a swooping crow