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23/10/2017 04:25 PM
Man 'stabbed five times' outside St Leonards school
He was found on the ground bleeding outside a primary school in St Leonards-on-Sea, police say.

23/10/2017 04:22 PM
Brexit: Theresa May says 'important progress' made at EU summit
But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the PM's update sounds like "Groundhog Day".

23/10/2017 04:21 PM
Stephen Hawking PhD readers crash Cambridge University website
Stephen Hawking's PhD thesis, written as a 24-year-old, was made available to the public on Monday.

23/10/2017 04:04 PM
Ronald Koeman: Everton sack manager after Arsenal defeat
Everton sack manager Ronald Koeman after a 5-2 home defeat by Arsenal puts them into the Premier League relegation zone.

23/10/2017 03:58 PM
Myeshia Johnson: Widow of dead soldier hits out at Trump
She says President Trump could not remember her husband's name when he phoned to offer condolences.

23/10/2017 03:42 PM
RBS faces 'further action' by financial regulator
The Financial Conduct Authority reports on how the bank dealt with some struggling small businesses.

23/10/2017 03:23 PM
Catalonia Spain: Officials 'won't follow orders from Madrid'
The warning comes as the Spanish government moves to reassert control over the region's authorities.

23/10/2017 02:56 PM
Runners take wrong turn during Venice Marathon
The race had an unexpected winner after a motorcycle escort led the lead group off route.

23/10/2017 02:52 PM
Russia radio presenter stabbed in neck
Moscow police arrest a man who stabbed and seriously wounded a top Russian radio journalist.

23/10/2017 01:26 PM
T-Charge: New London traffic charge comes into force
The cost of driving in central London will almost double for some motorists under the new scheme.

23/10/2017 01:23 PM
'Caring for my terminally-ill son at 103'
Margaret had always lived with her son. He used to be her carer – then their roles reversed.

23/10/2017 01:22 PM
Nigerian university hires snake charmers after student death
An economics student in her final year died after being bitten by a serpent last week.

23/10/2017 01:20 PM
Wada to investigate claims of doping in China in 1980s and 1990s
Claims that more than 10,000 Chinese athletes used banned substances in the 1980s and 1990s will be investigated by Wada.

23/10/2017 01:17 PM
Charges dropped against Scot accused of public indecency in Dubai
The Emirate of Dubai ruler intervenes after the man was sentenced to prison for public indecency.

23/10/2017 12:53 PM
245 people jump off a bridge together
They've broken an unofficial world record for the most participants taking part in a bungee jump.

23/10/2017 12:45 PM
Widow of fallen soldier says viral Facebook post is fake
The widow of US soldier Sgt. La David Johnson confirms a Facebook comment posted in her name is fake

23/10/2017 12:17 PM
Megan Rapinoe: 'Fifa doesn't care about women's football'
Fifa shows it does not care about the women's game by naming a little-known striker on its player-of-the-year shortlist, Megan Rapinoe says.

23/10/2017 11:41 AM
Jason Witten's one-handed catch is one of many in NFL plays of the week
It's one-handed catches galore in the NFL plays of the week which also features a stunning run from Ezekiel Elliott and a flea-flicker from the Seattle Seahawks.

23/10/2017 11:33 AM
Hollywood director faces dozens of sex claims
Oscar-nominated film-maker James Toback denies allegations made by almost 40 women.

23/10/2017 11:33 AM
Uefa fines Celtic over fan's attempted assault of Paris St-Germain player
Uefa fines Celtic £8,900 after a supporter ran on to the pitch and attempted to kick Paris St-Germain's Kylian Mbappe.

23/10/2017 10:50 AM
Dog gets head stuck in wall in Cambridge
Curiosity got the better of Billy the terrier, whose head became lodged when he peered through a wall.

23/10/2017 10:10 AM
Mexico's skeleton parade celebrates the dead
In the run-up to the Day of the Dead, Mexicans parade through their capital dressed as skeletons.

23/10/2017 09:36 AM
Tommy's bucket list: 'It's for the life I missed out on'
Tommy was abused in a care home as a boy. Now, at 81, he's making up for the childhood he never had.

23/10/2017 09:35 AM
Ashes 2017-18: England can win without Ben Stokes - Mitchell Johnson
England can retain the Ashes in Australia without Ben Stokes, says former Australia fast bowler Mitchell Johnson.

23/10/2017 07:30 AM
Gemma Collins 'feels like Bridget Jones' after falling at the Radio 1 Teen Awards
The Towie star says she feels OK after falling through a trapdoor at the Radio 1 Teen Awards.

23/10/2017 03:29 AM
Macron's dog interrupts meeting
Nemo, Emmanuel Macron's black labrador-griffon cross, made his presence felt at the Elysee.

23/10/2017 01:28 AM
The Houses of Parliament - a building catastrophe?
What does the state of the Palace of Westminster tell us about our politics?

23/10/2017 01:23 AM
How real is the threat of returning IS fighters?
After being driven out of Raqqa, there are concerns jihadists could return home to carry out attacks.

23/10/2017 01:21 AM
What's it like to wake up the day after you planned to die?
Colin Campbell was scheduled to die on 15 June 2017. But a last-minute friendship halted his plans.

23/10/2017 01:18 AM
Feeling isolated as an asexual in a sexualised society
Readers share their experiences of what it is like to be asexual in a sexualised society.

23/10/2017 01:12 AM
Chibok diaries: Chronicling a Boko Haram kidnapping
One of the Chibok girls freed in May tells how a diary was kept of some of their three years in captivity in Nigeria.

23/10/2017 01:11 AM
The 25th Amendment: Could it be used to unseat Trump?
How an amendment drafted to secure the order of presidential succession could be used to strip the president of his powers – and what it would take to make that happen.

23/10/2017 01:06 AM
Hololens tech used in bowel cancer surgery
The surgeon is able to communicate with colleagues in the US and India during the operation.

23/10/2017 01:04 AM
100 Women: Does sport have a problem with women?
Are female athletes competing on a level playing field with their male counterparts?

23/10/2017 01:03 AM
Blue Planet II: Why Sir David will never tire of his work
The great naturalist tells our science editor David Shukman why he'll never tire of his work.

23/10/2017 01:03 AM
Equality of pay in sport moving 'at glacial pace'
In the ranking of the 100 highest-paid athletes, there is just one woman - tennis star Serena Williams.

23/10/2017 01:02 AM
Do the Olympics have a gender gap?
As part of the 100 Women series, we look at why the Olympics still aren't fully equal.

23/10/2017 01:02 AM
100 Women: Football offers girls a shield in Brazil's violent favelas
For young girls living in Brazil's violent favelas, football can be a shield from the crossfire.

23/10/2017 01:01 AM
100 Women: The 93-year-old swimmer still winning medals
Nora Ronai says she has faced sexism in her life, but it has not prevented her achieving her goals.

23/10/2017 12:31 AM
Charting China's 'great purge' under Xi
Data show the top leader has overseen a clear-out of officials not witnessed since the days of Mao.

23/10/2017 12:12 AM
The Parisian 'on-street concierge' service
It's filling the hole left by the disappearance of the traditional building concierge.

23/10/2017 12:04 AM
CEO Secrets: People matter more than I had ever thought
CEO Secrets: What a professional business advisor learnt from running his own firm.

23/10/2017 12:03 AM
IVF struggle: 'Our baby dream feels further away'
The BBC's Sophie Sulehria shares her personal experience of struggling to have a baby through IVF.

23/10/2017 12:02 AM
The most influential work in the history of capitalism?
The father of double-entry bookkeeping wrote the definitive guide in 1494.

22/10/2017 04:19 PM
Catalonia independence: Spain's unfathomably delicate task
The prime minister has meandered through previous crises but that won't work now, says Tom Burridge.

22/10/2017 12:36 AM
Bird hunters risk steep cliffs to catch gannets
On just one night a year Faroese men can hunt gannet chicks, considered a delicacy. It involves a dangerous climb down steep cliffs.

15/09/2017 10:16 AM
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