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12/15/2017 02:42 PM
Holiday shoppers are feeling generous this year, retail sales are poised for big gains
With 10 days until Christmas, retailers hope to cash in on the final stretch of shopping. Spending is strong so far.

12/15/2017 02:15 PM
US industrial production rose in November on a rebound in oil and natural gas
U.S. industrial production rose 0.2 percent in November due to a rebound in extracting oil and natural gas after a stoppage due to Hurricane Nate.

12/15/2017 01:39 PM
The Federal Reserve doesn't think the GOP tax cuts will pay for themselves
Fed officials do not seem to be buying that economic growth will offset the proposed tax rate reductions.

12/14/2017 03:00 PM
Business inventories slip in October, following a month of no gain
The measure of business supply met economists' expectations, dipping slightly after flattening out in the prior month.

12/14/2017 01:43 PM
US import prices surge in November
Prices surged in November amid an increase in the cost of imported petroleum products, leading to the largest year-on-year increase in seven months.

12/14/2017 01:30 PM
Retail sales unexpectedly surge in November
Sales increased more than expected in November as the holiday shopping season got off to a brisk start, pointing to sustained strength in the economy.

12/14/2017 01:30 PM
US weekly jobless claims rise less than expected
First-time claims for state unemployment benefits rose less than expected, declining from the previous week.

12/13/2017 08:09 PM
Citi raises prime lending rate to 4.5% from 4.25%
The move comes after the Federal Reserve upped its key short-term rate a quarter-point, as expected

12/13/2017 07:55 PM
Tax reform helping boost economic growth outlook, Yellen says

12/13/2017 07:03 PM
The Fed maintains 2018, 2019 rate forecast
The charts have become a series of tea leaves that many investors like to read for hints about what the FOMC will do next.

12/13/2017 07:02 PM
Here's what changed in the new Fed statement
This is a comparison of Wednesday's FOMC statement with the one issued after the Fed's previous policymaking meeting on July 26.

12/13/2017 07:00 PM
Fed raises rates a quarter point, hikes growth outlook for economy
The Federal Reserve had been expected to raise its benchmark interest rate a quarter point to a target range of 1.25 percent to 1.5 percent.

12/13/2017 01:30 PM
US consumer prices increase, but core inflation is moderating
Prices accelerated in November amid a rebound in gasoline prices, but declining healthcare and apparel costs curbed underlying inflation pressures.

12/13/2017 12:00 PM
Weekly mortgage applications fall 2.3% as rates rise
Total mortgage application volume fell 2.3 percent last week, weighed down by fewer applications to refinance.

12/12/2017 04:54 PM
Companies are paying a shockingly low 'effective' tax rate of just 13% right now, calculates Wall Street economist
Companies already are paying below the 20 percent tax level targeted in the GOP reform plan, according to Yardeni Research.

12/12/2017 03:29 PM
80% of Wall Street economists, strategists believe bitcoin is a bubble: Survey
Despite bitcoin's immense gain in popularity, Wall Street's top economists and market strategists remain unconvinced.

12/12/2017 01:30 PM
US producer prices post the biggest annual gain in nearly 6 years
U.S. producer prices rose in November as gasoline prices surged and the cost of other goods increased.

12/12/2017 12:30 PM
Tax cuts and rate hikes are on the way, starting Wednesday, CNBC's survey of Fed watchers finds
CNBC's Steve Liesman reveals Fed insights from CNBC's latest survey of money managers, strategists and economists.

12/12/2017 11:39 AM
More American jobs? Broadcom deal might mean the opposite
President Trump hailed Broadcom's decision to bring its headquarters to the U.S., but if its takeover bid for Qualcomm goes through it may cost jobs.

12/12/2017 11:00 AM
A tax cut designed for economic contraction, not growth
Individuals unlikely to see a boost in disposable income, hence, there is unlikely to be a large increase in consumer demand.

12/11/2017 06:02 PM
Manufacturing CEO survey shows record high optimism on prospect of tax reform
The National Association of Manufacturers found that 94.6 percent of CEOs were positive about their company's outlook.

12/11/2017 04:00 PM
GOP tax cuts will pay for themselves — but only if other changes happen too, Treasury says
The Treasury projects that the Republican tax plan would boost the real GDP growth rate to 2.9 percent over 10 years.

12/11/2017 03:37 PM
On Main Street the bigger you are, the better tax reform looks: CNBC/SurveyMonkey
The bigger a small businesses is, the more bullish it is on Trump's tax reform plan, CNBC/SurveyMonkey survey reveals.

12/11/2017 02:23 PM
Sen. Chuck Grassley highlights the problems the GOP tax bill still faces
Chuck Grassley says the GOP needs to compromise on the alternative minimum tax and state and local tax deductions.

12/11/2017 01:57 PM
Business confidence on Main Street is not rising, despite the prospect of tax reform
Small-business confidence in Q4 didn't rise, the latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey reveals.

12/11/2017 12:18 PM
Contenders emerge for the No. 2 Fed job as search narrows
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York will soon narrow its search for candidates to fill what is considered the Fed's second-most powerful job.

12/11/2017 12:01 PM
Fed's incoming chair Powell faces an early test of his policy view as tax cuts near approval
The incoming Fed chair appears set to let an expected tax cut run its course as weak wage growth and inflation buttress his view that the economy remains underpowered.

12/08/2017 07:22 PM
The economy's biggest mystery — paychecks just aren't growing
The 228,000 jobs created formed a solid foundation, but the moribund 2.5 percent wage growth left many scratching their heads.

12/08/2017 03:10 PM
Strong November jobs report shows solid economy and best of all worlds for stocks
November's solid jobs gain and modest wage growth show a strong economy with still low inflation, perfect for stock gains.

12/08/2017 02:53 PM
Trump advisor Cohn: 'We're still not growing wages in this country'
The Trump administration is concerned about the lack of wage growth White House economic advisor Gary Cohn says.