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06/25/2018 02:02 PM
Homeless children: Charities worried about rise in young people needing help
Centrepoint, the charity for homeless young people, says the number of children calling their helpline has risen by 20% this year.

06/25/2018 12:26 PM
Prince William's 'historic' visit to the Middle East
The Duke of Cambridge is the first member of the royal family to visit both Israel and the Palestinian territories.

06/25/2018 05:51 AM
New Paddington Bear 50p coin being released
The special coins have been released to mark Paddington's 60th anniversary - but it'll cost a lot more than 50 pence to get your hands on one of them.

06/24/2018 08:10 AM
These 'Zorro' flies attack elm trees, and they're now in the UK!
Their real name is the zigzag elm sawfly, because of the squiggly pattern they make. Researchers are worried about the damage they'll cause to the UK's elm trees.

06/24/2018 08:04 AM
Saudi Arabia's ban on women driving ended at midnight
At midnight on Saturday 23 June 2018 the rules changed, and 15.1 million women can finally take control of the steering wheel!

06/23/2018 08:22 AM
Plastic: Seabirds found eating plastic after issue raised by Blue Planet II
Scientists find more problems caused by plastic in the oceans

06/21/2018 12:05 PM
Algeria turns OFF the internet
Algeria has turned off the internet during high school exams to try to stop cheating.

06/21/2018 07:11 AM
It's a girl: New Zealand's Prime Minister has a baby
New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern has had a baby girl!

06/21/2018 06:24 AM
Trump to 'keep families together'
US president Donald Trump has changed the way his country deals with families who enter the USA from Mexico illegally.

06/20/2018 07:06 AM
A ban on microbeads
Microbeads in things like shower gels and toothpaste are now banned in England and Scotland.

06/19/2018 03:34 PM
Queen has a new great-grandchild
The Queen's granddaughter, Zara Tindall, has had a baby girl.

06/18/2018 06:47 AM
Windrush: Kids sit down with their grandparents to talk about the Windrush Generation
Kids sit down with their grandparents to talk about what life was like in the Caribbean and why they felt they had to leave their home to travel to Britain.

06/15/2018 04:53 PM
Mars: Nasa has lost a rover in a megastorm
Nasa has lost touch with one of its rovers on the red planet - so what's happened?

06/15/2018 08:01 AM
Plastic straws: Why McDonald's and other companies are scrapping them
The fast food maker has become the latest company to say they are scrapping plastic straws. But who else is doing it and why?

06/15/2018 05:44 AM
USA and North Korea: Your questions answered
BBC expert Laura Bicker answers your questions on that big meeting between the US and North Korea.

06/14/2018 12:34 PM
Grenfell Tower fire: The UK remembers one year on
On 14 June 2017, there was a huge fire at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington in London. On the anniversary of the tragedy, people have been paying tribute to those affected by what happened.

06/12/2018 04:12 PM
President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have made history
The US president and North Korea's leader have met.

06/12/2018 07:12 AM
North Korea: Everything you need to know about the country
Find out more about the history of North Korea, following an important meeting between its leader and the US President.

06/08/2018 07:48 AM
Queen's birthday: Queen Elizabeth II's life in 92 facts
To mark the Queen's official 92nd birthday this weekend, here's the story of her life in 92 facts, of course.

06/03/2018 10:58 AM
Meet Alma, the refugee who taught herself the piano
Alma moved to Ireland from Syria, as a refugee and has been learning how to play from scratch with the help of YouTube.

05/09/2018 01:13 PM
Iran nuclear deal: What is it and why are we talking about it?
The US has pulled out of an important international agreement known as the Iran nuclear deal. We take a look at what it is and why this is a significant moment.

04/16/2018 09:14 AM
What's happening in Syria?
A war has been going on in Syria for over seven years, but how did all the trouble start and what has happened since it began?

09/15/2017 10:37 AM
Advice if you're upset by the news
If you are upset by the news, here is some advice to help you.