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11/19/2017 02:27 PM
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11/17/2017 05:09 PM
Children in Need: Your photos
You've been sending us your pics as you raise money and wear your best bear ears, spotty tops and fancy dress!

11/17/2017 06:36 AM
Facebook / Instagram: Our responsibility to under-13s
Facebook / Instagram have told Newsround that they feel a sense of responsibility for under-13s if something awful happens to them on their sites.

11/16/2017 03:19 PM
Elephant trophy ban reversed in United States
Many are concerned that the lifting of this ban will encourage more people to hunt elephants in Africa.

11/16/2017 08:20 AM
Online safety: Prince William launches anti-cyberbullying plan
Prince William's charity, the Royal Foundation, has been working with lots of big organisations to put together a list of rules to help keep young people safe online.

11/15/2017 12:22 PM
What's happening in Zimbabwe?
The army has taken control in the African country and the president is under house arrest.

11/15/2017 12:09 PM
Zimbabwe: What is a coup?
The army have taken control in Zimbabwe and many people are calling it a coup. But what is a coup?

11/15/2017 06:55 AM
Is Russia behind some 'fake news'?
The prime minister says Russia is causing trouble using social media.

11/14/2017 08:15 AM
Nasa astronaut Al Worden answers your questions
We asked you to send us questions for Nasa astronaut Al Worden - and he answers them here!

11/13/2017 12:41 PM
Earthquake hits Iran and Iraq border
7.3-magnitude earthquake strikes the border between the countries of Iran and Iraq, affecting thousands of people.

11/13/2017 11:13 AM
World Heritage Sites and the threat of climate change
A report has revealed that the number of World Heritage sites affected by climate change has nearly doubled in three years.

11/13/2017 10:42 AM
Different types of bullying explained
Between 13 and 17 November, it is Anti-Bullying Week. Find out more about the different ways in which bullying can happen.

11/12/2017 12:49 PM
Pictures: Royal Family lead Remembrance Sunday events
The annual Remembrance Sunday ceremony has taken place at the Cenotaph in London.

11/12/2017 11:46 AM
New York's famous Rockefeller Christmas tree arrives
New York's famous Christmas tree has arrived and been put in place at the Rockefeller Center.

11/11/2017 01:52 PM
Two minute silence held across UK
Millions of people have held a two minute silence to remember those who have died in wars.

11/11/2017 08:55 AM
Thick smog covers parts of India and Pakistan
Many parts of northern India and Pakistan have been covered in a thick smog for more than a week now.

11/11/2017 08:42 AM
'I designed the hijab emoji'
Meet 16-year-old Rayouf. The emoji she invented is heading to phones and computers all over the world.

11/09/2017 08:09 AM
Check out this real-life flying Iron Man!
Real-life Iron Man and British inventor sets the first world speed record in a jet-powered suit.

11/03/2017 02:38 PM
What's happening in Syria?
A war has been going on in Syria for over six years, but how did all the trouble start and what has happened since it began?

10/28/2017 10:19 AM
What is happening in Catalonia?
There has been tension and uncertainty in an area of Spain called Catalonia. Catalonia has declared independence, but Spain says it doesn't have the right to do so.

09/15/2017 10:37 AM
Advice if you're upset by the news
If you are upset by the news, here is some advice to help you.