The News from East Farewell

The News from East Farewell is a fictional account of the everyday events that took place in East Farewell back in the 1950s and 1960s. Lots of fun. Written to fill out and compliment the songs from the JD Carroll album, East Farewell. Enjoy.

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Thursday, July 10, 1958   Vol. C680



East Farewell – The 4th of July was once again celebrated in town with a magnificent fireworks display presented by Fireworks International, the same group that presented last year’s spectacular event. This year they tried a new platform for launching the fireworks. They brought in a huge barge and floated it out into the middle of Lake Charles and set the fireworks off from the barge. This made viewing excellent from almost any place along the lake’s shore. It was an awe-inspiring display, even bigger and brighter than last year’s record setting display. This year there were over 1,000 fireworks set off in the fifteen minute display. That averages out to about 10 a minute and the sky was full of exploding carnations, sparkling rain and beautiful multi-bursts.
            The town hosted many out of towners who have made it a tradition to come for the show and take a vacation at the same time. This year with the 4th falling on a Friday the event was held on Friday night after sundown. The day and evening was full of 4th of July civic events like a reading of the Declaration of Independence on the Lakefront Plaza in the late afternoon. All the shops and restaurants stayed open even after the fireworks display and welcomed many visitors to dine and stroll down Main Street. The unofficial estimate of the crowd was over 8,500, there will probably be a higher total once all the local residents report guest they may have had. Parties around the lake were numerous; every lakefront property was decked out with patriotic flags and streamers. Most of the off-shore homes were decorated, too. The barge shooting off the fireworks brought many boaters out on the lake to watch. Boats from the fairly expensive and exotic down to the simplest rowboats and canoes floated all around the lake which may have turned out to be the best viewing venue.
            The spectacular fireworks tradition has gotten noticed all across the region and many, many people have put it on the calendars as their mid-summer must attend event.

Fireworks viewed from the deck of a local yacht



East Farewell – The Travelers continued their losing ways last Saturday as they lost to the league leading Slate Mountain Miners and their pitching ace, Tony “Michael” Angelo, 4-0. This was the Travelers first shutout all season. Angelo was very sharp, striking out 11 Travelers. The only hits the Travelers had were four singles throughout the game mostly with two outs in the inning. The Miners, on the other hand, were able to pepper pitcher, Danny Lane with nine hits including a two run homer from Nick Cantina, the Miners new slugger. Lane also gave up five walks and the defense committed two errors.
            The stands were full for this game. Falling on July 5th the town was hosting a 4thof July celebration and there were many fans from Slate Mountain in town for the fireworks. The Travelers usually almost sell out their home games but with their current losing streak it seemed some fair-weather fans have stayed home leaving unused tickets for the Slate Mountain fans. It seemed the distribution of fans was about even this game which did not help the Travelers who are used to a rousing home team advantage when playing at home.
            “This is totally unacceptable,” said Travelers slugger, Johnny Cloos, after the game, “We are much better than this and I don’t like it. I don’t like losing and I know our fans don’t like it either. We are going to have meeting in the locker room and get to the bottom of this. We are going to turn things around. I promise you that.”
            He then went into the locker room and the door was closed tight. We will have to wait and see what comes out of that meeting. Perhaps we will get an answer next week when the Travelers travel to Riverview to face the Anglers. The Anglers have been struggling also so there is a chance that the Travelers will start to get back on track and climb out of the cellar. The game begins at 1:30 in Riverview Park.



Secretary of State Dulles completes his one-day visit with Premier de Gaulle and learns France plans to build atomic weapons whether or not it receives U.S. nuclear secrets.
The Supreme Court refuses to short cut usual procedures and rule directly on an appeal from an order suspending desegregation in Little Rock.  It said it was sure the U.S. Court of Appeals in St. Louis would act on the appeals “in ample time” to permit arrangements to be made for the next school year. In another action, the court struck down a $100 thousand fine levied against the NAACP by an Alabama judge, who imposed the fine in 1956. Circuit Judge Walter Jones imposed the fine on the ground the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was in contempt of court for failing to comply with an order to produce a list of its members. The judge also barred the NAACP from doing business in Alabama.

The Senate votes to make Alaska the 49th State. This will put the Union some 55 miles from the Russian Siberia.

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees play to a 3-3 tie when the11:59pm Saturday night curfew halts play at the top of the 11th inning. The Sox had scored 2 runs extra, but under American league rules the score reverted back to the previous full inning as goes on the books as a tie.

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Thursday, July 3, 1958   Vol. C679



East Farewell – The strange, strange case of the missing trolley car has been solved. The trolley car was reported missing from the East Farewell Transit Authority railyard on Monday, June 5th. It was found in tact on the abandoned Iron Works spur on June 10th. There was no indication of intended theft or salvage and the car was actually able to be powered back to the yard under its own power since the spur is connected to the main transit system through a disabled switch. Police have been searching for clues and following various leads as to why and how the car ended up where it ended up. Several different theories came out as to the mystery running from and intended strip and sale deal gone bad to an outrageous prank played by unknown perpetrators.
As it turns out, the second theory, outrageous prank, seems to have been the correct theory. On Wednesday Detective Frank O’Hara announced the police had received a confession from the entire Regional High Senior Motor Club. Club monitor, Luther McKenzie, insists he knew nothing of the plot and the police have said they do not consider him a suspect. Club president and recent Regional High graduate, Sam Wendell, came forth with a statement from the entire club admitting they had snuck into the train yard and completely disassembled the car that was stored on the far end of the yard. The car was not currently in service and was scheduled for repair. After disassembling the car the club members transported the parts to the spur line and reassembled the car there. In reality the car was in better shape after it was reassembled because it worked as if it would be able to be put in service on the line. Wendell said in his statement the action was more of a challenge than a prank and said many of the members had spoken about the intricacies of the trolley car system during meetings. Many members rode the system daily and were enthralled with the workings of the car itself.
“It wasn’t really all that hard to take the car apart. Most of the guys had the tools and almost everyone knew how to work on it. Johnson (Joseph Johnson, graduate club member) somehow got a schematic for the car and after that it was a piece of cake to break it down and build it back up. The hard part was transporting all the parts over to the spur line. We thought we might roll the trucks along the track but decided to take them apart too because we didn’t want to leave a trail,” said Wendell when interviewed after the statement release.
After much consideration and deliberation the police and the Transit Authority have decided to merely fine the club members for trespassing and moving transit property from the yard. Since there was no robbery, destruction of property or malicious intent involved the department decided that a $25 fine to each member of the club would be sufficient punishment. The Transit Authority will not pursue further penalties mostly because the cost of repairing the car would have run into the thousands of dollars and the club members did it for free. The only expense the Transit Authority may have incurred is the cost of repairing the disabled switch on the spur line to get the car back to the yard. It has been said but not verified that the club members also contributed in repairing the disabled switch again saving the Transit Authority money.
The Motor Club seems to have pulled off one of the most outrageous year-end pranks in the history of East Farewell. While the Police Department, the Regional High School administration, and almost every adult in town have spoken out against the prank there have been reports that in private the snickers and downright admiration have been frequent and all encompassing. While publicly the Motor Club has been denounced and reprimanded in private many people hold them in very high esteem. 
The Police Department has publicly stated they will not tolerate another prank of this magnitude. They said the amount of time spent on the investigation and the resources that were tied up will be totaled up and charged to the members of the club at a future date. Privately, they are hoping that youthful ingenuity and hubris that was shown by the Motor Club will not be repeated in the near future.

The “Mystery Car”



East Farewell – The Travelers are experiencing their first extended losing streak in two seasons as they sunk to the bottom of the league standings after losing to Mountain View on Saturday, 7 to 2. Even though Explorers pitching ace, Joe “Freight” Trane did not pitch their super slugger, Bobby “Hammer” Taxen was more than enough for the Travelers to handle. Taxen drove in five of the seven runs by hitting two home runs in four at bats. Traveler’s pitcher, Joe Nagy was not on his game giving up 13 hits and walking 5. The Travelers defense committed three errors to boot.
            The game started off strong for the Travelers after Nagy was able to keep the Explorers scoreless in the first, letting only Taxen get a hit. Then in the bottom of the first Francis started things off with a single followed by a short double by Dunham moving Francis to third. Watson struck out but Johnny Cloos was able to smash a good solid double into the right field corner scoring both Francis and Dunham. Things were looking good for the Travelers. Dimero then walked and Joey Brown hit into an inning ending double play. That was as good as it got for the Travelers Saturday. They were only able to get three more hits the rest of the game and they never had more than two men on base in any inning.
            The Exploders’, on the other hand, had a man on base every inning and in most cases two or three. After the first inning the Explorers came alive were able to score three in the third thanks to Taxen’s first homer, two in fifth on a five hit inning and then two more in the eighth with Taxen’s second homer.
            This loss puts the Travelers in the very unusual position of last place in the league standings. They have only occupied this place once before in their history, way back in 1950 in their second season. They have never stayed in last place for more than three weeks and this new position is technically a tie with the Monticello Vikings but the Travelers are not happy.
            Next week the Travelers stay home and host Slate Mountain for yet another tough game with the Miners and their ace, Tony “Michael” Angelo. The game is an afternoon game at Travelers Ball Park. The Travelers expect to have a full house with fans from both sides due to the 4th of July celebration in town that weekend.



Premier Khrushchev ridicules what he called the West’s “orange-size” earth satellites and defied the West’s system of atomic and rocket bases in a Leningrad speech. He told a mass rally of steel workers, the West is “playing with fire and trying to frighten the Soviet Union with its bases. Such tactics are extremely dangerous.” They are similar to the efforts of someone trying to warm his hands by setting fire to his neighbor’s house… The imperialists still hope somehow to frighten the Socialist camp with atomic weapons and rocket bases. It is time they understood how useless such calculations are. Our Sputniks proclaim what heights are attained by the world of Socialism. These achievements can be seen without the large telescopes needed to see the orange-size Sputniks of the United States.”

Arthur Bergh, president of the National Association of dance and Affiliated Artists says rock ‘n’ roll is on the way out and that youth is turning to “Modified Swing.” a more conservative dance involving rock ‘n’ roll steps but eliminating the hypnotically ritualized body movements which have reminded worried anthropologists, among others, of a Watusi ramble. New variations of the Cha Cha Cha, an amalgam of mambo, rhumba and fox trot still are #1 in national ballroom popularity after three years.

In Hollywood a fire roared through a Goldwyn sound stage, reducing it to rubble. The fire destroyed a lavish “Porgy and Bess” set as well as costumes, electrical equipment and a collection of props.

Birthdays Today; 1567-Samuel de Champlain-explorer, 1886-Raymond A. Spruance-admiral/fleet commander, 1906-George Sanders-actor, 1958-Elizabeth Ann Carroll-great person.

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Thursday, June 26, 1958   Vol. C678



East Farewell - the 8th annual Bicycle Race around the Lake rolled off last Saturday with much fanfare and quite a bit of frivolity as a record 90 contestants started frivolitythe race. As with all previous races more riders entered the race in an unofficial mode. To differentiate the official from the not so official contestants a special tag was issued to the official contestants. This year the race was officially won by a new comer, David Doyle, from Bedford. Doyle won in a record time of one hour and 30 minutes, shaving two minutes off last year’s record one by young Bobby Watkins. Doyle’s bicycle was a new, imported British racing bike made by Raleigh that had 10 speeds and high pressure tires. After the race the bike drew great attention from many of the participants and spectators because of its sleek lightweight design and stylish colors. “It looks like it’s going fast even when it’s standing still,” said last year’s winner Bobby Watkins after the race. Watkins, by the way, came in third behind regional high school senior, Julianne Wilson.
The “oddball” entries were also worthy of much attention after the race. The ones that finished in tact that is. One of the newest models this year was a tricycle with oversized back wheels and a very high gear ratio that made it possible to pedal a little and move a lot. One interesting oddball that was eliminated from even the unofficial group was a contraption built by East farewell’s own resident inventor, professor Brian Quantry, who fashioned a two wheeler with and electric engine powered by a car battery that was hooked up to the front wheel. While Quantry’s machine was ingenious and very fast it was somewhat unmanageable due to the weight of the battery and he crashed it during the fifth lap. By that time though, officials had made the decision to disqualify him because they felt he was riding a motor vehicle not a bicycle which is not allowed.
            The bike race has become a very popular event for the early summer crowds. They have taken to not only lining the streets but also setting up stations in front of some of their houses where riders can pick up water or in some cases they have set up a sprinkler for the riders to ride through to cool off. Many of the oddball contestants will actually pull over and chat with the spectators partaking in a snack or drink. Many people have come from out of town to support their favorite rider who may have been from their hometown. Main Street was lined with many spectators and used as the final runway to the finish line at the Lakefront Plaza.
After Mr. Doyle crossed the finish line he was greeted by his long-term girlfriend, Amy, and a host of Bedford residents and friends. He was quickly hustled to the grandstand set up overlooking Lake Charles. As the other racers finished they were also ushered over to the grandstand and after most of the official contestants had finished there was a ceremony and Doyle was given a winning metal as well as second and third place finishers, Wilson and Watkins, who received silver and bronze medals. None of the oddball contestants were celebrated by the official committee but a group of unofficial officials parodied the metal ceremony by giving bike handlebar grips attached to pieces of inner tube to the most creative and most unusual entrants. Prof. Quantry did not receive an award. “Maybe next year,” he laughed as he waved to the assembly on the lakefront Plaza, “maybe next year.”

David Doyle on his Raleigh Racer



Corning – The Travelers went in to beautiful Corning baseball park last Saturday hoping to build on their win from last week but met with a smoke screen provided by ace CGW pitcher, Bill “Smoke” Black. He was able to mystify the Travelers for five innings with his amazing fastball and confounding curveball. The Travelers best hitters like Johnny Cloos and Tony Dimero looked both helpless and confused as Black relentlessly drove his fastball across the plate. It seemed at times that the fastball was actually picking up speed as the game went on. Black’s well-placed curve turned the Traveler’s sluggers into swinging turnstiles. CGW won the game, 5 to 1.
The Travelers were unable to even get on base until the fifth inning. Finally, with one out in the fifth Artie Archibald was able to connect with a Black curve that hung a little too long and drive the ball into center. Billy Sweet came up next and was able to move Archibald to third on a bunt. Pitcher Billy Green came up and surprisingly was able to punch a single between first and second bringing in Archibald. After that hit Black had seen enough, he buckled down and struck out the side leaving Sweet and Green on base.
Meanwhile, CGW was having a field day on the base path. They scored twice in the first inning and then had at least one man on base every inning until the sixth inning. They were able to steal five bases, one an inning, and keep the Travelers defense on high alert the entire game. In the seventh-inning CGW slugger, Frank Herndon, was able to drive in the other three runs with a long homer over the right field fence.
The Travelers will come home next week and face another difficult component in the Mountain View Explorers. There pitching ace, Joe “Freight” Trane may not be available but the leading home run slugger, Bobby “Hammer” Taxen will be in the lineup. The Explorers are currently in second place in the league standings and the Travelers will have their work cut out for them. The game begins at 1:30 in the Traveler’s ballpark.



A freighter and an oil tanker collide under the Manhattan Bridge, touching off an explosion and sending flames high over the bridge. At least 33 are injured with 17 missing.

A U.S Air Force plane with nine men aboard is forced down by Soviet fighter planes inside Soviet territory. The plane burned and the crew has been seized. The United States demands the prompt release of nine American fliers held by the Russians on a charge of violating their frontier.

For several hours in Moscow, hundreds of Muscovites hurled stones, bricks, sticks, chunks of iron incendiary rage and bottles at the West Germany embassy here smashing every window in sight and staining the area with red ink. The United States accuses the Russian government of stage-managing the demonstration against the U.S. embassy in Moscow. The resulting situation said the State Department “is bound to increase international tension.”

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Thursday, June 19, 1958   Vol. C677



East Farewell - The missing trolley car has been found on a side track running along the Iron Works. The siding was obscured by the building on one side and overgrowth on the other and was rarely used in the past five years. The siding was connected to the main transit route when the main transit was built with the intention of giving access to the Iron Works and possibly making a transit stop at the Iron Works. The station was never built and the siding was all but abandoned.
The missing trolley car was found in tact at the end of the siding but it is still unclear how it got there. The car was discovered missing from the public transit main train yard two weeks ago. Who moved the car to the siding and how they moved it is still being investigated. The car could not have been driven to the siding without passing many homes and businesses and would have certainly been noticed. One speculation is the car was taken apart, the parts were transported to the end of the siding and the car was reassembled. This is a wild speculation and the motive is unknown but some people have pointed to some members of the senior mechanical engineering class of Regional High School. This may turn out to be one of the most outlandish senior pranks ever conceived and executed.
“We are still investigating this and we are looking at every possibility. There does not seem to be any criminal motivation and the car itself has been recovered intact,” said Detective Frank O’Hara. “We vigorously exploring the possibility of this being a senior prank by Regional High School students but we cannot comment on that lead any further.”
            Wherever the investigation leads the whole caper will certainly remain on the tongues of the townspeople for some time. If it turns out to be a senior prank then it will go down in history as one of the most outrageous senior pranks of all time.

Missing trolley car on siding



Bedford - The Travelers got back into form on Saturday by slipping by the Bedford Bears and their pitching ace, “Howlin” Frank Fowler, 3-2. The win was not the knockout punch Travelers fans had hoped for but getting a win against Fowler is an achievement on its own.
For his part Fowler kept the Travelers in check for the first seven innings. In the top of the seventh Dale Dunham was finally able to poke a single over Bears shortstop, Billy Grant, and get the first Travelers hit of the game. That must have rattled Fowler because he then walked Bobby Watson and Johnny Cloos came to bat. Fowler and Cloos have a long history as opponents and it is fairly balanced on who is the better player. This at bat Cloos came out on top by taking Fowler deep into the count and connecting with a low outside fastball to send it out of the Park. Those three runs were enough to secure the victory for the Travelers. Traveler’s pitcher, Joey Alfred, was able to keep the Bears and check for most of the game only allowing one run in the third and another in the eighth. The Traveler’s defense was strong and committed no errors while the Bears did commit two errors but neither was consequential to the score.
The fact that the Travelers were able to come out and win a tough game against a good team was heartening for Travelers fans after last week’s disappointing show against a much weaker team. Hopefully, this will be the boost they need to get back on track and marched towards the top of the league standings again. Next week they face another tough game when they travel to Corning and face one of the best pitchers in the league in Bill “Smoke” Black. The game is an evening game under the beautiful lights in Corning Park and begins at 7:30.



Tass reports that friction with the thin air of the upper atmosphere has brought Sputnik III and its carrier rocket closer to earth. The craft’s maximum distance from earth had been 1,175 miles and it is now at 1,148 miles. The craft was launched 5 weeks ago.

Paris – Now that the excitement of de Gaulle’s dramatic return is waning, he faces many challenges – the biggest is Algiers, where the general is expected to visit next week. According to observers – he must do two things: satisfy the universal demand of 9 million Algerians for peace, self-government and independence and the equally stubborn demand of the strongly organized and financially and politically strong French settlers that Algeria remain French. Can he satisfy both extremes? In a Gallup Poll taken in France, 8 of out 10 favor Charles de Gaulle’s accession to power in France.

Cuban rebels agree to release at least 40 Americans and Canadians held in the Sierra Maestre Mountains in exchange for assurance that the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo would not help Cuban government military planes.

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Thursday, June 12, 1958   Vol. C676



East Farewell – The Regional High School held its 30th graduation ceremony on Friday June 6th. This year’s class was the largest to ever graduate from the school. The senior class had 204 classmates walk across the stage to receive their diplomas and a firm, congratulatory handshake from principle Sheers. This year had an unusual outcome in regard to the valedictorian position in the class. This year there were three valedictorians, James Dolan, Betsy Drinker and Mary Donahue. The “Three Ds” as they have been known as, have all exactly the same GPA (4.2) and they each had the same number of extra credits that is usually the tie breaker. They were all very active in their class and much liked by the rest of the class. In an unusual wrinkle in the graduation ceremony all three valedictorians presented a memorable speech to the rest of the class. Memorable because it was not three speeches but one speech delivered in three parts. One third was delivered by Mr. Dolan, then about one third the way through he paused and introduced Miss Donahue who delivered the second third then introduced Miss Drinker who finished the class speech. This was not three different speeches, this was one, continuous speech delivered in three parts by three different people, albeit smart and attractive people, but three different people. The speech was a well-crafted reminiscence the class’s group journey through the school years. Each person took a segment of the school years. It should be noted that most of the class had gone through the entire school experience together from first grade through senior year. Mr. Dolan started with a very humorous remembrance of the elementary years recalling most of the teachers and a surprising number of cute but embarrassing events that occurred and naming each student involved much to the chagrin of the participant. Miss Donahue took over and went through the junior high school years taking a more mature or maybe more adolescent, point of view. Memories of the school talent shows, school trips and some of the notorious art shows were sprinkled with inside jokes and outright laughs. Finally, Miss Drinker wrapped it all up with the senior high school years. She was able to tie all the memories together and neatly wrap the nostalgic journey with the most recent events like the big football games, the basketball championships, all the social events like the prom and the Christmas dance.
            After the wonderful and unusual speech the diploma presentation began and each student received his diploma. After the presentation the senior members of the band took their places one last time and the band played a short selection to conclude the program.. The band played on as the newly minted graduates stood in their seats and all tossed their caps in the air. Then with surprising order they filed out of the auditorium. Congratulations to all the graduates.

1958 Regional High School Graduating Class



East Farewell - The Ondita Cougars came into town on Saturday and behind their ace, Steve “Cat” Catania, no hit the Travelers and walked away with a big win, 3-0. This was the first time in two seasons the Travelers suffered a no hitter. Catania was flawless, striking out 11 and not letting any hitter reach first. The only slips were two walks in the seventh and eight but those Traveler runners were left stranded. The Cougars took advantage of a subpar performance by the usually reliable Joey Alfred and scored a quick two runs in the first inning and then one later in the sixth. The Travelers were completely stymied by Catania’s fastball and bewildered by his curve. “We couldn’t hit anything out there today, it was embarrassing,” said Travelers slugger Johnny Cloos, “We really let the fans down on this one. We are not going to let that happen again. I know Cat and I know he is a great pitcher but today he really made us look bad.”
            The Travelers will regroup and head to Bedford next week where they will face another ace pitcher, ‘Howlin’ Frank Fowler. The Bears are going to be another challenge for the Travelers as they are currently sitting in second place in the league standings. The game begins at 3:00PM in the Bedford Park.



General Charles de Gaulle agrees to become Premier of France “bringing a soldier’s discipline” to the long-paralyzed government.  His first official act was to ask the National Assembly for a free hand in running the country for the next six months.

A six day Cuban Army drive against rebel leader Fidel Castro’s troops gets bogged down in mud, reports say.

Dr. Walter Dornberger, once Hitler’s V-2 rocket head and now working in the US, tells the first national missile industry conference that the problem of getting a space ship back to earth has not been solved and that this is the key to space rule. “This problem of safe return has to be solved fast and first before we start on a project involving a manned trip to the moon or Mars.”

Several top business executives tell a senate group that the current recession is the worst of the post World War II economic slumps and said tax cuts should be considered if the recession continues or worsens.

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Thursday, June 5, 1958   Vol. C675



East Farewell – The long simmering mystery over Romandohas all but been solved and the great East Farewell train robbery has the bandits behind bars one would think that things in East Farewell would start to return to some sense of normal but as of Wednesday one would be wrong. Just as soon as everything seemed to clear up a new, more confounding problem arose.
            When yardmaster, Ben Reilly, came into his train yard on Monday he started his usual inspection of all the cars that serve the EFTA (East Farewell Transit Authority). Much to his surprise an entire car was missing! The cars are usually parked in the yard on the tracks when the system is shut down every night at 11:59PM. The entire fleet of 20 cars is stored in the train yard that is located outside of town near the new Turnpike. The yard is enclosed with a 10 foot fence with a locked gate. There are no lights focused on the yard since it is in view of the Turnpike and it was thought that that may cause a visibility problem for drivers on the Turnpike. There is no 24 hour security and the yard does not have any patrol dogs inside. While the security may seem lax the only thing in the yard besides the cars is a small shop that is used by maintenance workers for car repair. Also, the cars cannot be moved by themselves, they need power via the central power unit that controls the entire system. That power is in standby when the system is shut down and there is not enough power to move any cars. At least that is what everyone thought.
            Reilly was doing his daily inventory on Monday morning at 5:00AM when he realized there was a car missing. There was no sign of the car being driven off and no visible tracks outside the existing tracks that feed the system. “It’s as if the car just disappeared,” Reilly told police, “There are no signs of forced entry into the yard and no way I can think of that they could get the car out without leaving some signs.”
            The police are scouring over the scene but so far have not turned up anything. There are many unanswered questions, the first of which is why would someone do this? They can’t very well sell the car and they can’t use it on another line and they can’t show it off on their front lawn as a trophy. “Right now we are looking into the possibility of taking the car apart and selling it for scrap, but that would be an enormous job and require a very sophisticated set of skills to accomplish,” said Detective Frank O’Hara, “We are looking at all the possible angles and we are going to figure this one out. Right now, I don’t have any solid answers but we will find out what happened.”
            If anyone has any information about this crime please contact the East Farewell Police Department.

Typical EFTA trolley car



East Farewell – The Travelers started to work their way back up the standings on Saturday by whipping the Bear Creek Cubs, 8-2. The Cubs were unable to get on track and were only able to garner six hits in the entire game. Traveler’s pitcher, Danny Lane, racked up 10 strikeouts and was very sharp using his new and improved curveball to confound Bear hitters all day. The Traveler’s defense was also very sharp turning two double plays and only allowing three runners to advance past first.
            Lane started off fast by striking out the first four batters and not letting a Bear reach base until the fourth inning. On the other side, Traveler’s bats jumped on Bear’s pitcher, Hillman Rochester, for three runs in the first inning and the three in in the third. Johnny Cloos was able to drive in Dimero and Brown in the third with his 15th homerun of the season. The Bears were only able break up Lane’s control when in the eight Bear slugger, Joe Gaspar was able to connect with one of Lane’s fastballs and drive it out over the centerfield wall. That drive also scored Ronny Boyd who had reached first on a strong drive into right. Those back to back hits were basically all the offense the Bears could muster. Lane settled down after the homer and struck out the next two batters.
            The win was a good beginning for the four game home stand, the longest home stand of the season, and if the Travelers win all five they will move back into the top of the standings in the league. Next week the Travelers face the Ondita Cougars and their pitching ace Sam ‘Cat’ Caterno. The game begins at 1:30 on Saturday at the ballpark.



President Eisenhower declares he likes Gen Charles de Gaulle and recalled “a long experience of friendly contact with him” from World War II to 1952.

Gen. Charles de Gaulle and the leaders of Parliament meet in secret at the direction of President Rene Coty to seek a way of putting de Gaulle in power. Parliament, where de Gaulle has little strength, was the legal stumbling block.

Gen. Charles de Gaulle agrees to form a new French government but insists he must have full powers to head off civil war.

A violent demonstration against Charles de Gaulle erupts in Paris shortly before he and his wife arrive in the tense capital. De Gaulle conferred at his home during the day with leaders of the strategically placed Socialist Party, then headed for the capital with his wife, their car filled with luggage.

Russian President Klementi Voroshilov tells newsmen at a Finish Embassy reception “we have reasons to think that de Gaulle’s return at this time may do more harm than good.”

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Thursday, May 29, 1958   Vol. C674



East Farewell – Bank robbery suspect and Flowers Show conman, Romando, has been picked up in Jersey City on another charge of suspected con artistry. Jersey City police picked up Romando after complaints from several women about his intentions that were well beyond the range of civil decency. He had approached one woman, her name is being kept private, and after introducing himself and explaining that he was a foreign national in search of a place to deposit his foreign wealth he went on to ask the complainant if she would loan him $10,000 in good faith so he could set up his banking identity. He would not only repay her within 24 hours of securing his bank account but he would pay her $25,000 for her help. The complainant went to the police and told them of his proposition. The police picked up Romando and are holding him in Jersey City.
Romando is known in East Farewell as the ne’er-do-well gigolo who seduced the naively innocent Monica Shippensburg out of the entire 1954 Flower Show budget with the promise of being able to help East Farewell gain an exit ramp on the newly constructed Turnpike. Romando took the money and disappeared in 1954 and has not been seen until now. East Farewell police chief, Stuart Boyle, said that he would be in touch with Jersey City officials and start proceedings to extradite him back to East Farewell to stand trial for his robbery. This will hopefully bring an end to an ugly chapter in East Farewell history.

Last known picture of Romando



Albany – The Travelers opened up in Albany on Saturday with a plan to stop their three-game skid and start a new winning streak. The Senators have been struggling also and were hoping that the home field crowds would ignite their bats. It turned out the Travelers were able to fulfill their wish while the Senators will have to try again next week. The game started off as if both teams did not want to score. It wasn’t until the fifth inning that the Travelers were able to put a score on the board. Anthony Dimero was able to drive in Johnny Cloos after he doubled. Joey Brown was able to single off Senators pitcher, Joe Graham, and then promptly stole second and third as Senators catcher, Wilson Boyle, showed signs of an injured hand from stopping a Graham wild pitch. Boyle was later replaced by rookie Alfonse Dunlap. The rookie played well but was off target on several throws to second allowing the Travelers to compile a record of eight stolen bases within three innings. The Travelers were able to score 5 runs off the stolen base fiasco and walk away with a 7 to 2 win on Saturday.
The Travelers had several chances to completely destroy the Senators but were unable to capitalize on the Senators errors. Although the score was decisively in the Travelers favor the game was closer than the score declared. The Senators were able to remain close until the seventh-inning when the base stealing Travelers exploded.
“We are going to have to play much better and hit the ball much harder if we are going to get back in the race,” said manager Sam Fowler, “we were sloppy and if those guys didn’t have problems with the new catcher we could’ve been in big trouble. I’m going to have a talk with the fellas when we get home.”
The Travelers face to Bear Creek Cubs next week at home. The game begins at 1:30 in the ballpark on Saturday afternoon.



A powerful Nike guided missile blows-up on the ground in Middletown, NJ and exploded seven other missiles in a tremendous blast if fire. Up to 10 may be dead.

A Vanguard rocket hurling a fourth potential American satellite into space but he Navy was unable to say if it went into orbit.

The government plans to establish five airways across the country in which all planes would have to fly under instrument flight rules to cut the risk of collisions. Civil Aeronautics Administrator James Pyle said his agency hopes to put the system into effect by September 21. The airways will be set up in altitudes ranging from 17,000 to 22,000 feet. Within these airways, planes will have to operate under instrument flight rules and any planes crossing them would have to get clearance from the Civil Aeronautics Administration.

President Eisenhower dedicates NBC’s new $4 million television-radio center in Washington DC. The President said many events required “almost instantaneous reaction” from the United States and that fast communications could help the nation respond, “In such a way as it should.”

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Thursday, May 22, 1958   Vol. C673



East Farewell – The senior class of Regional High must have invented a time machine in science class because spats, bobbed hair, long necklaces and cloche hats were everywhere on Saturday night at the Regional High Gymnasium. The senior class celebrated their senior prom with a 1920’s theme and everyone got into the spirit. The gymnasium was decked with a décor that can only be described as “Great Gatsby” and the kids all dressed to impress. The music was served up by the local band Big Roy and the Magnificents with a special guest Jerry Tabor and his “reduced” swing band that had only seven of his normal 16 members. The local restaurant, The Lost Oasis, supplied the buffet style food and the soft drinks. The evening was highlighted by a dance contest, the Charleston of course, which was won by flapper Faye Wright and gangster imposter Jimmy Reilly took the first prize after all the other couples were counted out by the roaming judges.
            The event was a fun filled evening for all the seniors. This will probably be the last big social event the seniors share until graduation and most of the class has been together since elementary school so they are a close knit group. Many will be leaving town to attend college all over the country so this was the “Last Dance” for many. Big Roy tugged at all the young heartstrings when he crooned Sam Cooke’s hit “You Send Me” but he also got them stomping with lots of other hits like “All Shook Up” and “Bye Bye Love”. It was a truly memorable event for all that were involved.

Faye Wright & Jimmy Reilly on the right with other flappers
at the 1958 Senior Prom



Monticello – The Monticello Vikings are riding on their longest winning streak since they entered the league in 1956. Before their game with the Travelers on Saturday they had won three straight and they had won two at home. The Travelers came into Monticello riding on a two game winning streak of their own and thought the Vikings were going to be another notch on their winning streak. The Travelers were sadly mistaken. The Vikings came to win and win they did, 7-2. The Travelers were caught flat footed and the Vikings to full advantage of their under appreciation.
            The Vikings started fast scoring 2 in the first. Traveler’s pitcher, Joey Alfred, did not look good and had trouble finding the plate. He gave up three hits before he got his first out. Vikings, Bert Wassermann and Al Holt went on to score before Alfred got his fastball on track.  The Travelers struggled against Vikings rookie pitcher, Dave “Goldie” Nugget. The 23 year old Nugget had a fastball, a change-up and a whacky looking curve that looked like it changed direction in midflight as it dropped into the low inside corner. The curve baffled the Travelers all day. It took until the seventh for the Travelers to break Nugget’s no hitter when Bobby Watson smacked a double and Johnny Cloos was able to follow with a long single to right, scoring Watson. By then the Vikings had put the game almost out of reach by scoring three in the fifth with a three run homer by slugger, Richard Wright. The Vikings then added insult to injury by scoring one last run in the eighth with two more hits by Long and Smith. The Travelers scored again in the ninth with two hits by Sweet and Francis but it was way too little way too late.
            The Travelers stay on the road next week as they travel to Albany to meet the Senators on Saturday. The Senators are the other new team in the league and Joe Nagy pitched a perfect game against them last year at the end of the season. Next week Joe will see if he can repeat the spectacular event when he takes the mound at 1:30 in Albany Park.



14 year old Bobby Fischer wins the United States Chess Championship.

United Kingdom Postmaster General Ernest Marples announces that from December, Subscriber Trunk Dialing will be introduced in the Bristol area. Automated telephone connection will make calls easier and cheaper, where 18,000 subscribers will be able to make trunk calls without the aid of the operator.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower becomes the first American elected official to be broadcast on color television.

Explorer 1 ceases transmission. Explorer 1 was the first satellite of the United States, launched as part of its participation in the International Geophysical Year. The mission followed the first two satellites the previous year; the Soviet Union's Sputnik 1 and 2, Explorer 1 was launched on January 31, 1958 atop the first Juno booster from the Cape Canaveral Missile Annex, Florida.

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Thursday, May 15, 1958   Vol. C672



East Farewell – The Reese Farm Links officially unveiled their course wide improvements last week with a seasonal opening. The course had undergone various improvements over the winter and while the course usually stays open as long as the ground is unfrozen it was closed from late last fall, throughout the winter and into the early spring. Last week the links were opened to the public and the tee times were filled from Sunday through Wednesday and expected to be filled for the next week or so. At least until all the golfers in the area have had a chance to check out the new and improved Reese Farm Links. The improvements include wider fairways and some added trees. The added trees were the cause of much discussion because they would take away from the “links” nature of the course. Traditionally, Links do not have many, if any trees and are more undulating fairways. The original design of the Reese Farms course, designed by legendary designer, Robert Trent Jones with assistance from world class championship golfer, Bobby Jones, was intended to resemble but not mimic some of the great Scottish links. The close proximity to water (Lake Charles) and the wide open pastures of the Reese Farm contributed to the overall final product. With the introduction of some trees the traditionalists have raised a flag of protest. “The trees just won’t fit in the overall scheme of the Links,” says local golfer and traditionalist, Martin Fowler.
“We think the introduction of some trees to the landscape is needed to help preserve the fine fairways and greens. We have found the weather in East Farewell is nothing like that in Scotland and we have to make some adjustments to make the course fit with the local climate and conditions,” said head groundskeeper, Stanley Pupeck. 
The new and improved course will host the annual Reese Farm Golf Links Golf Outing in August but with the new look the name of the Outing may have to be changed.

The 18thGreen at Reese Farm Links



East Farewell – The Travelers came home last week and faced a new look Erie Eagles who have run up a three game winning streak. The Eagles have six new players in the starting lineup and have been on a run since the beginning of the season. The Travelers have had the same lineup for five seasons and have built a strong, dependable defense as well as a reliable, high scoring offense. It was the snappy, swagger of the young and new against the older, wiser, seasoned talent. The seasoned talent won 5-4.
            The Travelers were first to score. Right out of the gate Dunham popped a double over Eagles second baseman, Jeb Dwyer. Then Johnny Cloos came up and showed why he is one of the best hitters in the league. He took Eagles pitcher, Joe Walsh deep into a three and two count and then fouled of six straight balls before he connected with a low outside curve and drove it out of the park. Much to the fans delight. The Eagles were not going to roll over they came storming back in the second scoring three runs with five hits off Joe Nagy. Things settled down in the middle innings and the Eagles were able to tag Nagy for another score in the eighth. It was in the bottom of the ninth the Travelers showed some confidence that only comes with age and experience. Archibald started with a clean single up the middle then Billy Sweet walked after waiting out Eagles pitcher, Mario Costello, in a 10 pitch at bat where Sweet fouled off 5 straight pitches and then Costello tried to slip a curve ball in but missed on the outside. With two on and the score 4-2 Eagles pitcher Joe Nagy came up and laid down an almost perfect sacrifice bunt and when running to first Eagles catcher, Joe Dorati, and pitcher, Costello, got mixed signals and Costello tried to retrieve the bunt where Dorati should have. Costello turned and tried to throw out the speedy Nagy but his throw was high, over first baseman Francilli’s head letting Archibald to score and Sweet to sneak over to third. Ralph Francis came up with men on the corners and worked a shaken Costello to a three and two count. Costello tried to go for the strike out with a low fastball but Francis was waiting and slammed the ball into right scoring Sweet and sending Nagy to third and tie the score. Dale Dunham came up next and Costello took a long time to start his wind up and threw a ball. This prompted a visit from catcher Dorati. Costello calmed down and threw two strikes but then Dunham got a hold of a change up and drove it to center scoring the winning run.
            The Travelers visit the Monticello Vikings all the way up in Monticello on Saturday at 1:30. Since Monticello joined the league in 1956 they have had a little trouble putting together several wins in a row. Their longest winning streak was three at the end of last season and just recently the last three games. The Travelers will be visiting them when they have a chance to set a new winning record of four in a row. The distance to Monticello may make the Travelers fans sparse for the game so this could be a tough game for the Travelers.



President Eisenhower orders the National Guard out of Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas. Tension is still high but it has been determined that the National Guard were no longer need to keep the peace.
During a visit to CaracasVenezuelaVice President Richard Nixon's car is attacked by anti-American demonstrators. Vice President Richard Nixon was shoved, stoned, booed and spat upon by protesters in Peru.

The Soviet Union successfully launches the Sputnik 3 satellite on May 15th. The satellite carried twelve experiments into space and its mission was to study the composition of the atmosphere and cosmic rays while orbiting the Earth.

The Brussels World's Fair, also known as Expo 58, begins during April in Belgium. This was the first major World's Fair to be organized after the end of World War II with the previous World's Fairs taking place in New York during 1939 and 1940. The main attraction of the fair was the unusually shaped "Atomium" building. The site chosen for Expo 58 spanned about 490 acres and was the same site of the 1935 Brussels International Expo. 

In speed news -Eli Beeding experiences 83 g deceleration on a rocket sled, New Mexico and Walter Irwin flies 2,259 KPH in F-104A Starfighter

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Thursday, May 8, 1958   Vol. C671



East Farewell – The FBI and local authorities have been very busy investigating the biggest crime to hit East Farewell since the Flower Show scandal and have released some information on their findings so far. There have been some surprising revelations and some disturbing ones also. When investigating the McCarron family the local police said that they are not unknowns in the local criminal world. The three McCarron brothers, Ralph, Leonard and David, have all had run-ins with the both the East Farewell police as well as the Slate Mountain and the Youngstown departments. Most of their transgressions involved pretty theft, burglary, and shoplifting. The train robbery was way out of their league. Even their accomplices were not involved in any major crimes.  The police started looking into the disappearance of the boy’s mother, Selma McCarron. She seems to have disappeared shortly before the robbery and has not been seen since. The suspects are not being cooperative and many officials believe she was somehow involved. The police are tracking her last reported whereabouts and who she was in touch with. Some reports from the Mexican authorities say she may have been spotted near Tijuana in the arms of someone whose description matches the missing Lothario, Romando. Romando, as everyone in East Farewell knows, is the ne’er do well who sweet talked his way into naïve local sweetheart, Monica Shippensburg, who ended up giving him all the funds from the 1956 Flower Show. He absconded with the funds and has not been seen until the recent reports.

While police and the FBI continue to investigate the entire gang remains in the Bedford State Correctional Facility and are not cooperating. None of the money or valuables has been located but the authorities have repeatedly said they are moving forward with the investigation. For now the case seems to have more questions than answers.

Last known picture of Romando



Youngstown – The Travelers were able to get back on the winning side of the leger on Saturday when they won a convincing victory over the Youngstown Steelers, 6-2. The Travelers were able to take advantage of an excellent pitching performance by Joey Alfred and some smart base running. Alfred went through the first three innings allowing only one hit and one walk. He let in the first run in the fourth with a double by Hart and a long single by Jones. After that he settled down again and was able to go until the eighth when he let in the only other Steelers run with a single blast from Youngstown’s slugger, Mario Collardi. The Travelers, on the other and were able to tag Youngstown pitcher, Frank Nardi, for two runs in the second and three runs in the sixth, sealing the win with a solo homer by Johnny Cloos in the ninth. In the sixth the Travelers showed some very smart base running skills after Tony Dimero singled, he stole second and when Artie Archibald dribbled a “swinging” bunt towards first Dimero made it to third. Then Billy Sweet’s Texas leaguer sent Archibald to second and Dimero towards home. Centerfielder, Dino Scappelli, fielded the ball cleanly and tried to make a play at the plate but Dimero was able to slide under the tag. Alertly, Archibald scooted to third and Sweet motored to second. This set up Ralph Francis who singled to right driving in both Archibald and Sweet. The Travelers looked sharp on defense, too. They turned a double play in the fifth and Alfred was able to strand three runners throughout the game.
            The Travelers come home next week when they face the Erie Eagles in the evening beginning at 7:05 in the ball park.



The Supreme Court rules unanimously that “ordinary and necessary expenses” of operating an illegal bookmaking business may be deducted for Federal income tax purposes.

24 persons die in a flash fire in a textile building on Broadway in New York City, near Hudson Street. The blaze began when a textile-drying oven exploded. After the blaze was extinguished hours later, fireman actually found two persons alive in the burned building. One was a woman who had taken refuge in a metal box.  Water from streaming hoses kept the box cool, keeping her alive. The other – a man, hugging the floor, had shielded himself from the flames and smoke.

NTA (National Telefilms Associates Inc.) producer and distributor of films for television, buys station WATV (channel 13) in Newark, NJ and its radio stations - WAAT and WAAT-FM for $4.5 million. NTA owns one other television station, KMGM-TV in Minneapolis-St. Paul. The stations are being purchased from Atlantic Television Inc. (TV) and Bremer Broadcasting (radio). Stockholders of both are the same. NTA has plans to make channel 13 a flagship for some of its programming. (The station’s call letters were changed to WNTA-TV and radio.)

Leave It To Beaver” is a bona fide hit on CBS-TV. The show’s creators and producers are Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher, who came from doing the same thing in radio (Amos n Andy) and others. One fan letter seems to sum up the appeal of the program - “It’s just like home ... you must be hiding behind our sofa!” Joe Connelly says he has six children and most of the episodes are based “on what our own kids do or our friends’ kids.” Bob Mosher says some of the ideas come from their own childhood experiences.  “Gather the family to see and enjoy the show hailed by critics as ‘honest and real and irresistibly funny.’”

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Thursday, May 1, 1958   Vol. C670



East Farewell – The FBI and local police have made arrests in the Great East Farewell Train Robbery of 1957. Three brothers, Ralph, Leonard and David McCarron and three others, Gerald Downs, Frank Holloway and William O’Shea were all arrested in McCarron’s home outside of East Farewell. The brothers had gathered the whole gang together to divide up the take but a neighbor had tipped off the authorities after noticing the house that had been empty for several months had a lot of activity and Mrs. McCarron was nowhere to be found. The McCarron boys had not been seen at their house in over six months and Mrs. McCarron disappeared shortly afterward. The FBI, regional and local police have been investigating the crime intensely since the start but have remained quiet about their progress until Wednesday when they suddenly announced the arrest of the gang. The details are still being sorted out and all the questions have not been answered but the authorities are confident that they have the right men. There have been no confessions, yet but there have been reports that large amounts of cash have been recovered from the house. Also, a very substantial amount loot has also been recovered much of which will be put on display in an attempt to reconnect it with its previous owner.

The brazen robbery took place September 12th, 1957. The “Mainliner” that runs from Philadelphia to Chicago on the Mighty Keystone Railroad was boldly robbed in East Farewell. Stopped by signal manipulation six robbers jumped on board, three headed directly to the Mail Car where they blasted open the safe holding $100,000.00 in cash deposits from the First Pennsylvania Bank head to the Chicago Central Bank, while three others rampaged through the passenger cars forcing all the passengers to drop their valuables into a cart that they rolled down the aisle. The robbers were able to clear out the safe and the passengers in about seven minutes and were able to make a clean get-a-way in a truck that was found later abandoned in the woods near Lake Charles. The robbers were so efficient that the police were unable to get to the scene until long after the robbers had taken flight.
Many questions still surround the crime and the perpetrators.  Aside from all the usual questions, how did they plan it, who all were involved, how did they know about the transport one question has arisen from after the arrest, where is Mrs. McCarron? She is said to be a very domineering mother and very protective of her boys. Her disappearance has raised some questions. The entire gang is being held without bail in the State Correctional Facility in Bedford. More answers are expected to be forth coming but for now local victims can take some comfort in the fact that these dangerous felons have been identified, captured and incarcerated. 

The Mainliner pulls into East Farewell



Cedar Creek – Some fanatical Travelers fans were predicting an unbeaten season after last week’s win over Riverview stretched their unbeaten season to three. Everyone can dream and sometimes those dreams will come true but that dream, as impossible as it may be, was dashed on Saturday when the Travelers lost to the also unbeaten Cedar Creek Bulls, 4-3. The first loss was a hard pill to swallow, too. The Travelers led 3-1 into the bottom of the ninth when Bulls slugger, James Dunn came up with one out and men on second and third. Dunn swung a Nagy’s first pitch and missed. Nagy then tried some to slip a curve by him but missed low and inside. He tried the curve again and missed again. Then Nagy tried to blow his fastball by him but Dunn was waiting, with a mighty swing Dunn drove the ball over the center field fence to win the game 4-3 Bulls.
            This was Nagy’s first outing this year and all told he did fine, striking out 9 and allowing only six hits and three walks. The Travelers defense was strong stranding three runners throughout the game. The Bulls were just slightly better, though, Bull’s pitcher, Gene Bradley, struck out 9 also, but only walked two and allowed eight hits. The Travelers left an unusually large numbers of baserunners on base, nine which is way above their average of three.
            “I just let that last pitch get down a little and he was able to really wallop it,” said Nagy after the game, “We let that one get away from us. I feel responsible for it and I am not going to let that happen again.”
            The Travelers stay on the road next week as they face the Youngstown Steelers. The game begins at 1:30 on Saturday in Youngstown Stadium.



The government reports that the average family income last year was $6130 - 50% higher than a decade ago.

Walter O’Malley, owner of the (new) LA Dodgers says he’s elated about the first three games played at the coliseum - attendance for all three was 167,209. “I think it probably set a three-day record.”

The seven month-old daughter of composer Nelsen Riddle dies before the parents can get her to the hospital. The family doctor said the baby had died from an inflammation of the bronchial tubes. “She was just a baby and she had no defense against it,” said the father of the sudden virus.

At the movies -
St Louis Blues - Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt, Pearl Bailey
The Young Lions - Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Dean Martin
The Female Animal - Hedy Lamarr, Jane Powell, Jan Sterling, George Nader
Another Time, Another Place - Lana Turner, Barry Sullivan (Introducing) Sean Connery
The Goddess - Kim Stanley, Lloyd Bridges

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Thursday, April 10, 1958   Vol. C667



East Farewell – The 1958 Easter Egg Hunt took place on the Lakefront Plaza last Sunday afternoon. Even though it was Easter Sunday the turnout was exceptional. This year there were 35 entrants, up 5 from last year. While the age group was held at ten and under the number of eggs was increased from 150 to 175 eggs, even though there were 5 unfound eggs last year. Also this year the start time was pushed back to 3:00PM to give all the families to finish their lunches. This was the third Egg Hunt on the Plaza and the logistics have been worked out to a fairly efficient, machine like event. If you call pure chaos fairly efficient and machine like. Promptly at 3:00 the banner was dropped at the head of the Lakefront Plaza and 40 high spirited children dressed in their Easter best broke out and scattered, all very determined to win the Golden Egg, the prize given for to the finder of the most eggs. This year the winner was little Frankie Kelly with a grand total of 20 eggs, far surpassing last year’s winner, Florence O’Hara who had 16. This year a new and improved “Golden Egg” was presented to Master Kelly avoiding last years near calamity when the 1955 winner, Manny Watkins had to give Florence the Golden Egg as the original idea was to pass the egg along each year. Well, Manny believed he had won the Egg fair and square and was entitled to the Golden Egg forever. It was only after some firm motherly intervention and a promise that he would indeed receive an egg that he handed over the Golden Egg to Florence. This year all the two previous winners displayed their trophies and shared the winner’s platform with Frankie, who proudly displayed his very own Golden Egg. Manny, who did not compete this year due to his 11 years of age beat a hasty retreat from the winner’s platform saying, “That is for little kids, I’m 11 and I don’t need to hunt for eggs anymore.”
            The East Farewell Egg Hunt was another success and even though organizer, Sue Logan, compared it to herding cats it was great fun for the children and since only 166 eggs were accounted for the birds and assorted wildlife that frequent the Plaza after midnight are also thankful for the event. Next year Easter falls on March 29thwhich is very early and it is not unusual for East Farewell to still have snow on the ground at that time. Miss Logan would not make any comment on what would happen if the Plaza was still snow covered for the Egg Hunt. “We’ll have to wait and see what happens, that is a whole year away and we really just want to enjoy today, thank you.”

Florence O’Hara –the Golden Egg and the other winners. Frankie Kelly in rear.



East Farewell – The Travelers are getting ready for their 1958 season with early spring practices on the refurbished ball park field. This year promises to be another winning season and several scribes have picked the Travelers to win it all. The Travelers have consistently been in the top third of the league with championships in 1952, 1953 and 1955. They finished in second place last year and most of the players were dissatisfied with the season. Johnny Cloos called a team meeting after the last game last season, which happened to be a win for the Travelers, and he laid down the plan for this year. On Monday he reconvened the team in the ball park locker room and held a closed door meeting.  No one was talking about what went on in there but the team came out all fired up and ready to hit the practice field. When asked about the meeting Cloos would only smile and say, “What went on in there is between the team. You will see the results this season on the fields. You will have to just wait, and make sure you go to the games.”
            The games begin this Saturday with a home opener against arch rival Slate Mountain Miners with their ace Tony “Michael” Angelo on the mound. The Travelers are countering with their own ace and perfect game hurler, Joe Nagy. The game will begin at 3:00 after the season opening ceremonies. This year the opening ceremonies will include the team being introduced to fanfare supplied by the Regional High School Marching Band. The first pitch will be thrown out by Regional High School science teacher Bill Farley who has become a local celebrity thanks to his recognition by President Eisenhower for his outstanding work in Regional High’s science program that emphasizing outer space understanding and rocketry.
            The Travelers will open the season with a three game home stand. Along with the Miners, the Travelers will host the Riverview Anglers and the Cedar Creek Bulls. The ball park has undergone extensive upgrading over the course of the off season including a completely reseeded infield along with new dirt around the bases and on the base paths. The seats have been upgraded, too. Now all seats have backs an upgrade for the bleacher fans. The concession stands have been upgraded and now will serve food from local restaurants. Many people have been asking for a pre-season tour of the ball park but the Travelers’ management has declined to offer any such accommodation saying only everyone will have to wait and be surprised at opening day.

Travelers Stadium



Robert Sarnoff, president of NBC, says its radio network has lost about $9 million since 1953, but expects it to comeback. He says NBC-radio’s losses were less last year than the previous year, and the break-even point may be attained soon. The ABC radio network is undergoing reorganization in an effort to reduce losses that have amounted to more than $2 million a year. This week, ABC drops all its weekday entertainment type of programs except one. ABC radio will now concentrate on building its newscasts. Since around 1953 - all of the major radio networks have lost money, but things are looking better. Broadcasting Magazine estimates that the four major radio networks collectively had a 9.8% increase in net time sales in 1957. Meantime, some independent stations are doing much better. Advertising is up on major music stations, whose primary programs are manned by disc jockeys.

CBS’s “See It Now” conducts a frightening program this week on the hazards of radioactive fall-out. Hosted by Edward R. Murrow – the program showed explosions, methods of detecting fall-out, slides of human cells exposed to strong radiation and the constructive uses of isotopes, plus interviews with authorities.

Pop music this week

LOLLIPOP - The Chordettes
TEQUILA - The Champs
TWILIGHT TIME - The Platters
FOR YOUR LOVE - Ed Townsend
LAZY MARY (Luna Mezzo Mare) - Lou Monte
WHO’S SORRY NOW - Connie Francis
MET HIM ON A SUNDAY – The Shirelles
BOOK OF LOVE - The Monotones
26 MILES (Santa Catalina) – The Four Preps
HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD (In His Hands) - Laurie London
DINNER WITH DRAC (Part 1) -John Zacherle
SO TOUGH - The Original Casuals
ARE YOU SINCERE - Andy Williams
DON’T YOU JUST KNOW IT - Huey (Piano) Smith & The Clowns
BREATHLESS - Jerry Lee Lewis
WITCH DOCTOR - David Seville
EVERY NIGHT (I Pray) - The Chantels
BILLY - Kathy Linden
MAYBE BABY - The Crickets
CHANSON D’AMOUR (Song Of Love) - Art & Dotty Todd

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Thursday, April 3, 1958   Vol. C666



East Farewell – Spring gave a teasing taunt earlier this week. On Monday and Tuesday the temperatures raced into the 60s and the sun shone brightly. People took off their jackets and rolled up their sleeves as they strolled down Main Street in the afternoon. This was the first time since last September that it was warm enough for that. “Oh my, this is just wonderful,” laughed Mrs. Mallard, local boarding house owner, “I feel like a young woman again. I hope this is a preview of the spring that is coming. We deserve a nice spring.”
The fact is East Farewell usually experiences shorter, wetter springs than other places in the region. It is believed that Lake Charles with its large, open space and huge amount of water makes for a little different weather than the towns that are landlocked. Regardless of the climatic oddities, East Farewell enjoyed a taste of spring and everyone was very appreciative. Officially spring began on March 21st but the weather that day didn’t break the 40 degree mark and cold rain has marked many days. The only sun that has shown for an extended time was last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Sunday saw the delayed St Patrick’s Day parade and was sunny but crisp, not quite reaching 50 degrees. The temperature topped out at 49 degrees that day but was a harbinger of what was to come. Monday and Tuesday were wonderful but just as wonderful as they were the next day (Wednesday) the temperatures dropped back into the forties and just as fast as the jackets were shed they were reacquired. The weatherman predicts that by the middle of the month the warmth should return. Many townspeople can’t wait.

The “Girls” stroll down Lake Shore Drive



East Farewell – The Cougars ended their playoff run early last week, losing to Slate Mountain in the first round of the playoffs, 42-45. The Cougars were hoping to repeat their upset from a week ago when they were able to knock off the top ranked Miners but the well known, stifling Slate Mountain defense proved too much for the boys. The game started off with Cougars taking a quick lead and for a while it looked like the Cougars were going to upset the Miners. By halftime the Cougars had run their fast paced game to its limit but held an ever-so-slim lead, 25-24. Center Dave McGill was the focus of the offense and was running the full court for almost the entire first half but he was able to block six shots, scored eight points and contribute with four assists. He was obviously out of gas by the final five minutes and wisely Coach Wilson pulled him and replaced him with the almost forgotten sub, Jimmy Hawkins. It was Hawkins who replaced McGill early in the season when McGill was injured and then sick. Hawkins played extremely well and showed that he is the obvious heir apparent to center position. McGill is a senior and this was his last game as a Cougar so when Coach Wilson pulled him he received a standing ovation and a pat on the back by the entering Hawkins. It is reported that the two are good friends off the court. Hawkins did his best but by then the Slate Mountain defense had taken control of the game and even though Hawkins scored four points it wasn’t enough. The Miners were able to take the lead at 40-38 and never look back. The Miners top ranking guard Joey O’Hanlon played another beautiful game and Miners center, Frank McGraw was also on top of his game. After the game in a show of true sportsmanship both went over to McGill and shook his hand and exchanged pleasantries. It was a bitter sweet end to a season that turned out better than anyone expected. The Cougars ended the season with a 9-6 season and all alone in third place in the league.



President Eisenhower orders “lunar probes” by unmanned space vehicles – the first time he has ordered any kind of space vehicle to the moon.

In Chicago, the last rites are held for producer Mike Todd, who was killed with three others Saturday in a New Mexico airplane crash. Wife Elizabeth Taylor sobbed and placed her hand gently on the bronze casket, whispering “I Love You.” She had been in semi hysteria since hearing the news of her husband’s death.

Actress Esther Williams sues for divorce from her estranged husband Ben Gage. They were one regarded as one of Hollywood’s happiest couples. Says Esther - “We had been having domestic troubles for the last several years. I finally came to the difficult
decision that a divorce was unavoidable. I had to protect my home and my children.”

Walt Disney dedicates a diorama of the Grand Canyon this week. The 306 foot-long painting stands 34 feet high. The scene is found as Disneyland trains enter a darkened tunnel. One side “leaps-out” the buttes and mesas of the Grand Canyon. Train riders get the sensation of actually looking down into the canyon. Special effects bring sunrise, sunset and an electrical storm that is accompanied by claps of thunder.

The annual PATSY awards are held this week and the top awards go to Spike - star of “Old Yeller” for movies and Lassie” gets one for television. Second place in movies goes to Beauty the horse in “Wild Is The Wind” and third to Kelly, the dog star of “Kelly and Me.” Second place in television goes to Cleo the basset hound of “The People’s Choice” and third place - to Rin-Tin-Tin. Trigger, Roy Rogers famed horse who celebrates his 25th birthday this month, receives the Richard C. Craven Award, a special trophy given each year in honor of the man who negotiated the first agreement for humane supervision of animal actors. Roy and Dale Evans were on hand to receive that award. Kevin Corcoran, child star of “Old Yeller” accepted the award for Spike, as did Jon Provost for Lassie. Jon of course, plays “Timmy” on the series

Pre-teenage woes (yes, even in the 50’s, preteens “suffered” ... here’s a letter to a teen column this week from a 12-year-old girl)...“I am a girl of 12 who doesn’t get along with her mother. It seems that everything I do is wrong. If she sends me to the store and I forget something she calls me ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb.’ The same thing happens if I misspell a word. My parents are not very strict with me but I feel unwanted. I want to dress like other girls but my mother says I am still a baby. She thinks I should not dress like a girl of 19. Other girls I know wear their dresses just below the knee but I have to wear mine shorter. Will you please tell me how I can prove to my mother that I am old enough to dress like other girls?”

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Thursday, March 27, 1958   Vol. C665



East Farewell – Even though it was a week late the St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a big fun filled success on Sunday. The foul March weather postponed annual parade but it could not keep the Irish spirit down. East Farewell has a large contingent of Irish families, most of who are related in one way or the other the railroad workers who built the Mighty Keystone Railroad. East Farewell was originally a main hub for the MKR with the Iron Works located here. The Iron Works supplies rails and other iron parts for the railroad. While the town was not actually founded by the railroad, that honor belongs to the Lendel brothers, it did buy out the brothers when they fell on financial hard times back at the beginning of the century. The railroad then located the Iron works here due convenient location on the line between Philadelphia and Chicago.
            The parade has been a tradition in town for many years and is usually held the second or third Sunday of March but this year the unexpected cold rains forced a postponement to the last Sunday. On Sunday the weather was clear but still crisp and the parade started down Main Street at 9:00AM. Leading the parade was the Irish-American Club which had a green, of course, Ford pickup hauling a flatbed with the group of local Irish musicians who identified themselves as the Galway Boys.The band consisted of three guitars, a bass, a fife, a mandolin, an accordion and a snare drum. The Band played a variety of favorite Irish tunes many were requested by the people on the street, watching. The Galway Boys were followed by a number of fire trucks, a group of Irish dancers from the Regional High School, the Regional High School Pep band who also played many Irish tunes. They were followed by several police cars and the two motorcycles the Police Department owns. In the final position was another bigger flatbed carrying an even larger, louder Irish band named The Irish Rebels. They played a lively batch of jigs that had the people dancing and singing in the streets. The parade made its way down Main Street and turned up Lake Shore Drive. It ended up at the Lakefront Plaza where the bands set up and gave impromptu concerts for many of the parade watchers who had made their way to the Plaza. A couple local restaurants set up tables and offered some traditional Irish dishes like ham and cabbage. Even though it was Sunday the local liquor laws were bent and beer was served to patrons who were of legal drinking age. Even with the cold temperatures (50-55 degrees) there was quite a turnout on the Plaza. Many folks danced and dined throughout the afternoon but as the sun set the crowds dispersed and headed home. It was a postponed but by no means diminished St Patrick’s Day in East Farewell.

The “Galway Boys” 1957



East Farewell – The 1958 Mid-Regional League Playoff Tournament has been set for next week. This year will probably be the final year for this tournament. The League standings at the end of the season will be used to determine the final standings in the league. There has been too much criticism of the Tournament building to a head this year after Slate Mountain has convincingly won the league by a margin of 3 games over their closest rival, Corning, who themselves were two games ahead of third place East Farewell. In the past the league has been closer and the tournament was used to determine a final winner. The teams all concur that it would be better if the season record was the determining factor as opposed to a tournament where one team could become momentarily hot and win the league with only a four game winning streak. “I think all the coaches, myself included, feel the same way. We will play this last tournament and be done with it from next year on,” said Couch Wilson when asked about the major decision.
            The Tournament will be played over two weeks and start on Friday when the Slate Mountain Miners will take on the Cougars in a rematch of their last game of the season. That game was played just last week. The Tournament game will be played in the Slate Mountain Gymnasium and begin at 4:30 on Friday. 








Russian boss Nikita S. Khrushchev (63) takes over as Premier of the Soviet Union, replacing Nicolai Bulganin. The switch was unexpected; Khrushchev takes over full “Stalin Powers” as Premier. “You have just expressed great confidence in me by your decision and you have done me great honor” he told the Parliament. “I will do everything to justify your confidence and shall not spare strength, health or life to serve you.” The new Premier got right down to business and in his formal address, emphasized agriculture, calling on among other things, the need for more cow manure. “The more cows, the more manure, the more the crops” he told the house.

U.S. officials say that Khrushchev’s power grab in the Kremlin could spell danger for the West if the chubby Communist Party leader follows the path of Stalin. State Department officials noted that Khrushchev had toppled such kingpins as V.M Molotov, Georgi Malenkov and Marshal Georgi Zhukov in his five-year struggle for Stalin’s power. They said these tough Communists constitute a powerful Kremlin alumni association which although now widely separated, might someday rise up to take revenge. A danger for the West is that Khrushchev might try to consolidate his position further through foreign adventures to rally soviet public support. Precedents were set by Stalin in the Berlin Blockade and the Korean War.

His second day in the Army - At Ft Chaffee, Arkansas, Private Elvis Presley marches into an Army barbershop and pays 65 cents out of his pocket to have his sideburns shaved. He led an induction platoon of 51 rookies into the barbershop. The barber threw the sideburns into the air, then went up the back of the singer’s head with his clippers and finally took off the top.  Elvis was asked by reporters how it felt - “It don’t feel so much different than it did before. This is the shortest it’s been in eight years.” Col Tom Parker, Presley’s manager, says he is staying with him temporarily to “look after the boy ... see that he gets everything he needs.

At the 30th Annual Academy awards, here are some winners:
Best Actor - Alec Guinness - “The Bridge on the River Kwai”
Best Actress - Joanne Woodward - “Three Faces of Eve”
Best Supporting Actor - Red Buttons - “Sayonara”
Best Supporting Actress - Miyoshi Umeki - “Sayonara”
Best Song - “All The Way” from “The Joker Is Wild”
Best Direction - “David Lean - “The Bridge on the River Kwai”
Best Screenplay - Pierre Boulle - “The Bridge on the River Kwai”

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Thursday, March 20, 1958   Vol. C664



East Farewell – It was a fabulous ending to a truly wonderful mid-winter spring break. The 1958 Flower Show closed with a great new addition, The Big Sell-off. Flower Show Chairwoman, Donna Silverman, came up with the idea and got almost every displayer, florist and vendor to join in the last but, now known, not least event in what is turning out to be the most successful Flower Show ever. On Monday the final event got underway at 7:00AM sharp. The early start was to try to accommodate the folks that had to report for work. The felt banners were pulled aside right at 7 and the waiting line streamed in. Some people knew exactly what they wanted and headed right over to the spots to begin bargaining with the vendors for their remaining wares. Others just seemed to want one last look at the stunning displays, bright colors and sweet fragrances. The whole place was cleared out by 1:00PM the tent was taken down by Tuesday afternoon. The 1958 Flower Show was in the books.
            The only remaining items were the small trophies that were given out for many of the outstanding efforts that were shown this year. This year Best Bloom went to local florist, Dale Garner from Garner’s Garden. Her giant arrangement of cone hydrangea, irises, and orchards took everyone’s breath away. She actually made three and was able to sell one at the Sell-Off. The Most Original went to a truly original mix of wild flowers and evergreens with holly, berries and a stunning red rose prepared by The Outdoor Shop in East Farewell. The Most Majestic award went to a huge arrangement by Bill’s Flowers from nearby Fort Lee. It stood almost eight feet tall and was woven Mandevilla , climbing Lilac Solanum, Climbing Hydrangea and Clematis Archway. The Happiest Spring Sense was claimed by Doris Darling, a local from East Farewell. Finally the Grand Prize went to East Farewell’s own Beverly’s Blooms on Main. Her fabulous combination of roses, orchids, ferns, lilies and fun daisies all arranged spread out over a water outline of Lake Charles, East Farewell’s main attraction. All of the awards were presented Sunday evening in a wonderful ceremony hosted by The Flower Show Committee and the MC was Miss Silverman who as it turns out has a very respectable stage presence. The other awards were only citations but carried with them a great deal of recognition and bagging rights. The Funniest went to Fun with Flowers from Bear Creek, a whimsical display of daisies, violets and wild flowers that made everyone smile. The Most Fragrant was a stunningly sweet smelling bouquet of Eveningstock, Four-o'clock rimmed with very pungentFlowering tobaccos. The weirdest went to a water display that was a bit of a contraption that included a waterwheel that was intended to irrigate a row of blooming roses but instead was kicked by a mechanical cow, swung over and poured its drain on a snoozing farmer who then woke up startled and fired his shotgun in the air. The farmer, the shotgun, the firing and the cow were just ingenious mechanical devices from the incredible mind of local inventor Dr. Quigley E. Dandridge. It was an amazingly weird, fun and whimsical display that was genuinely loved by all.
            The 1958 Flower Show was a wonderful event that had people talking all through town as to what next year will bring. The anticipation can almost be tasted. Miss Silverman said she is already starting to put together the committee and taking ideas for a theme. The town can’t wait.

1958 Flower Show Grand Prize Winner



East Farewell – The Cougars ended their season with a win over their arch rival, the Slate Mountain Miners, 48-46. The game was as close as the final score with the lead changing hands no less than 12 times throughout the game. The Miners who are ranked second wanted to win the game and go into the playoffs tied for first, but the Cougars came to the game wanting to win and move into second place for the playoffs. The Cougars were able to keep the Miners potent offense in check with very tight defense and a surprisingly effective press that threw the Miners off their game. The Cougars went all out and kept the press up for almost three quarters of the game. They imposed it after the 12 minute mark of the first half once the Cougars had secured the largest lead of the game, 20-14. The Miners struggled at first but were able to work their very talented guard and forwards, especially guard Joey O’Hanlon, to break through the press and crawl back to 28-28 tie at the half. During that time they actually were able to take a brief lead, 24-22, after the Cougars had gone ice cold shooting-wise, missing 8 of their 10 shoots.
            The second half was a little more wide open, but not much. The Cougars came out with their press intact, but the Miners had adjusted and were able to penetrate again and again. O’Hanlon was able to keep the Cougars guessing by using fake passes, ingenious dribbling and smart court movements to score the team and game high of 18 points. He was nearly matched by Cougar’s guard, Bobby Fox with 15 points and Cougar’s center, Dave McGill, with 12. As the second half progressed the lead went back and forth and came down to the last minute with the Miners leading by two when Fox was able to bat a bounce pass away from O’Hanlon with Cougar’s other guard, Fergal Conner, picking it up and racing in for the quick score and the tie. With the press still in place, but the Cougars visibly wearing thin, the Miners tried a long in-bounds pass to center, Frank McGraw. McGraw was able to extend his 6’4” frame and grab the high pass only to come down into as swarm of swatting Cougars. He was able to dish off the ball to a circling O’Hanlon who drove towards the basket only to be met by the pillar of McGill. O’Hanlon stopped short and tried a fade back shot over McGill. The shot got by McGill but clanked off the rim where Cougar forward, Don Tasker made an easy rebound. Tasker passed out to Conner who tried to take it down court but ran into McGraw. Conner alertly passed off to a trailing Fox who was able to drive down and make beautiful layup to give the Cougars a 48-46 lead that would stand as the final as the Miners were unable to get a shot off in the last four seconds.
            The playoff will begin next week and the schedule will be built early next week. With this win it is expected that the Cougars will move into second place while the Miners will remain in first place but tied with Corning. The Schedule of the 2 week playoffs will be posted as soon as it arrives.



The Supreme Court rules unanimously that “ordinary and necessary expenses” of operating an illegal bookmaking business may be deducted for Federal income tax purposes.

24 persons die in a flash fire in a textile building on Broadway in New York City, near Hudson Street. The blaze began when a textile-drying oven exploded. After the blaze was extinguished hours later, fireman actually found two persons alive in the burned building. One was a woman who had taken refuge in a metal box.  Water from streaming hoses kept the box cool, keeping her alive. The other – a man, hugging the floor, had shielded himself from the flames and smoke.

Just over a week away from entering the Army, Elvis Presley (22) says he doesn’t know what duties he’ll have when he’s inducted: “I haven’t talked to anyone about it. I’ll do what they ask.”

Actress June Lockhart (mom on Lassie) is divorcing Dr John Francis Maloney - a New York physician. The actress said her husband drank to excess and stayed away from home several nights a week.

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Thursday, March 13, 1858   Vol. C663



East Farewell – The 1958 East Farewell Flower Show opened on Friday March 7 under a huge tent erected on the Fairgrounds. The opening was preceded by a “Sneak Preview” Black Tie Dinner that was attended by some very special invitees, sponsors and participating florists. The last cold day of the winter are stubbornly clinging on but inside the tent spring was blooming all over.  The 67 florists taking part this year is a record for participants and a very happy note for Miss Donna Silverman, Flower Show Main Committee leader, who almost singlehandedly brought the Flower Show back from East Farewell’s history scrapheap. The Flower Show was cancelled two years ago when then chairwoman, Monica Shippensburg, became romantically involved with a ne’er-do-well named Romandowho either stole or was given the entire Flower Show budget by Miss Shippensburg. Romandodisappeared and has never been seen again. Miss Shippensburg took responsibility for the crime and was sentenced to house arrest and promised the make restitution. She has been faithful in her repayment plan and was just released from house arrest two months ago. Ironically, she was the only person injured when Lou’s Deli blew up just last month. She was struck in the head with a flying ham hock while walking down Main Street for the first time in two years.
            The new Flower Show opened officially Friday, March 7th and will run until Monday, March 17th. A new and exciting addition to the show was the extra day (Monday) that Miss Silverman added to hold a big sell-off of all the remaining blooms and plants to the public. “These florists don’t necessarily want to carry all this stuff home and they would love to turn it over to the public and make a couple of dollars in the mean time,” said Miss Silverman when asked to explain the extra day event.
            The displays, of course are the hit of the show. Many florists and contributors have set up beautiful displays, many with water features, walls and some had actual structures built. Imagination ran wild with the displays and originality and magnificence were the key words used to fuel the displays. It would take almost an entire day to wander through the entire show and soak up all beautiful scenes and smells. Turnout is expected to reach record levels. In the first days the floor has been flooded and there have even been lines at the entry areas as people line up early before the gates open. The cold weather does not seem to deter the flower loving public.   
            Mark your calendars and make sure you find time to visit the 1958 East Farewell Flower Show. You won’t be disappointed and you certainly don’t want to miss it.

1958 East Farewell Flower Show



East Farewell- The Cougars were able to extract a bit of revenge on the Southport Hawks besting them 56-50 in their game on Friday night. Earlier in the season the Hawks dominated the Cougars in a one sided game that the Hawks handily won, 50-46. Friday’s game was completely different. The Cougars have grown throughout the season. The young team has overcome some difficulties like losing their center for four games and having to work with new forwards and a young backcourt. Center, Dave McGill is getting stronger every game after his comeback three weeks ago and he was showing a new and improved understanding of his position. He was able control the middle of the court against one of the better centers in the league. Southport’s Bobby Thomas is considered by many to be the second best in the league but after Friday’s game McGill is giving him a run for his money. McGill was able to grab 15 rebounds, assist in 12 points and score 14. Thomas was able to garner 16 rebounds but only had 6 assists and was held to 10 points.
            The game was not the lopsided affair that previous game was. In the first half the lead went back and forth and there was no more than a 6 point difference but in the second half the Cougars were able to build a 10 point lead at one point and the Hawks were unable to generate a strong enough offense to get back into the game. With only 1 minute left the Hawks made their last run and were able to close the gap back fell six points short. The Cougars win puts them in third place in the league all alone. They will finish off their season next week at home against the Slate Mountain Miners. The game will begin at 4:300 in the Regional High Gymnasium



In Monaco - a 21-gun salute sounds at the arrival of a baby boy - heir to the throne - for Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly.

President Batista of Cuba suspends civil rights throughout the revolt-torn country, only to see his entire 22-member Cabinet walk out. Batista immediately names a new Cabinet.  Cuban rebel leader Fidel Castro issues a 22-point ultimatum from his mountain headquarters for President Fulgencio Batista to resign by April 5. In the letter, Castro said a “fight to the finish” would be launched by his guerrilla fighters and by a band of roving terrorists everywhere, beginning on that date.

Dick Clark - idol of teenagers everywhere since his Philadelphia dance show “Bandstand” went national last August, does a lot of television. The show airs from 3:00 to 3:30 and 4 to 5pm eastern on ABC, but he also does an hour-long local version over WFIL-TV (Channel 6) from 2:30 to 3:00pm, and 3:30 to 4:00pm - for a grand total of two-and-a-half hours each weekday afternoon. As if that weren’t enough, Clark drives to New York for a half-hour version of the program on Monday Nights. “A small part of my mail - about 1%, comes from people who don’t like the present trend in popular music. If you don’t like it, there’s not much anybody can do about it. It’s like trying to change someone’s taste in salad dressing. Some prefer Roquefort; others can’t stand it.” Clark resides in Drexel Hill, PA with his wife and their one-year-old son, Richard.

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Thursday, March 6, 1958   Vol. C662



East Farewell- A new, classy social event debuted on Wednesday night as the Flower Show Committee hosted a “Secret Sneak Preview Festive Formal Dinner” kicking off the 1958 Flower Show in grand fashion. The Committee chaired by Miss Donna Silverman, sent out 75 invitations to sponsors and participants and opened up a portion of the huge tent erected on the Fairgrounds that afforded a view of the floor of the show but no one was allowed to go on the floor proper. The dinner was catered by several local establishments including the Lost Oasis and Lou’s Deli. There was after dinner music provided Gus Templeton and his Swing Band. The real star was the floor of the Flower Show that was attracting long stares and very deep analysis by all the attendees.
            The Flower Show officially opens tomorrow and is expected to be fabulous. This year has more florists, more exhibits, more teaching events in all just more of everything. The show will run longer than any show before it, staying open three days longer and with the Sneak Preview Dinner it is opening three days earlier. No one is complaining, though. This event has come back strong from some difficult times a couple of years ago and everyone is extremely happy about that.

“Sneak Peak” Flower Show Dinner



Fort Lee – The Cougars got back on the winning wagon last week when they convincingly beat the Captains, 52-47. The Captains have been having a hard year with their entire starting lineup made up sophomores. They have improved through the course of the season but their inexperience and lack of leadership has taken its toll on the team. The Cougars beat the Captains earlier this season in their only other meeting and Fridays game was not much different. The Cougars took a quick 6-0 lead and then started to take run and shoot position for the rest of the first half. The Captains were able to keep the score close and at one point they were able to take a lead, 16-14, but that was short lived and the Cougars were able to go into the locker room at the half ahead 27-23.
            The Captains came out in the second half with a pressing defense to try to slow down the running Cougars. The tactic worked and the Cougars shifted out of the running game and back to their more straight forward, methodical game that was highlighted with sharp passes, cuts and very strong floor management. While this type of game has been the Cougars breads and butter this season it wasn’t as exciting as the loose, free-wheeling game they showed in the first half. The straight forward game did produce the desired results though, they worked the center and they were able to shoot very successfully from the outside. The Captains were just unable to keep up.
            Cougars center, Dave McGill, led all scorers with a total of 18 points followed by Fergal Conner with 14 and forward Don Tasker with 14 also. Walter Ferguson came in off the bench and scored a surprising 10 points in the second half. The Captains lead scorer was their center Billy Hogan with 20 followed by center, Frank Dunn, with 12.
            The Cougars return home next week to take on the Southport Hawks who beat them earlier this season, 50-46. The Cougars hope the home court advantage will be in force for this game because the two teams are a fair match and both are sitting at third place in the league standings. The game begins on Friday evening at 7:30PM in the Regional High Gymnasium.



Speaking to reporters, Sen. John F. Kennedy predicts sweeping Democratic victories this year.  “Victory is in the air - the handwriting is on the wall - this is going to be the greatest Democratic year since 1936,” he promised. “What we need in America today is not so much confidence in the economy but confidence in our leadership. The Soviets have outshone us in scientific achievements. They have outmaneuvered us in trade and aid. They have outstripped us in the race for ultimate weapons and outer space.” Kennedy told his audience the Democrats could pick up as many as 12 Senatorial seats this year on their way to a Presidential triumph in 1960. 

Near Prestonburg, Kentucky a school bus loaded with children hits a wrecker and an automobile and drops into a rain-swollen river. Some 23 children died.

Hundreds of students from Arizona State College at Tempe demonstrate wildly at the State Capitol. The students were protesting proposed legislation which would change the name of their school to Tempe University.

At the movies -
The Brothers Karamazov - Yul Brynner, Maria Schell, Claire Bloom
Witness for the Prosecution - Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich, Charles Laughton
I Accuse! - Jose Feffer, Anton Walbrook
The Tarnished Angels – Rock Hudson, Robert Stack
Paths of Glory - Kirk Douglas
Darby’s Rangers - Frank Gifford
Bonjour Tristesse - Deborah Kerr, David Niven
Seven Hills Of Rome - Mario Lanza
Raintree County - Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, Eve Marie Saint
Walt Disney’s Old Yeller
Demoniaque - Francois Perier
Please Mr. Balzac - Brigitte Bardot

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Thursday, February 27, 1958   Vol. C661



East Farewell- The first glimpse of the 1958 East Farewell Flower show was revealed at the pre-show press announcement at the Town Hall on Wednesday afternoon. This year’s show will run from Friday March 7ththru Monday March 17th. It will be held in a huge temporary tent erected on the Fairgrounds as it was last year. Donna Silverman is once again leading the committee that organizes the show. Last year she won great praise from everyone for bringing back the near defunct event to an exciting, stunning and beautiful conclusion last year. This year even more florists have signed up, some from as far away as Philadelphia, Cleveland and even one from Buffalo. Along with the fifty-two returning florists or floral related vendors 15 new participants have signed up this year. “It is just breathtaking, all the excitement, the ambitious plans and the wonderful people, I just love it all,” proclaimed Miss Silverman during the press event.
            This year’s show will again be a judged event with prizes given out in several categories, best display, best bloom, most original and most majestic. On the fun side there will be other awards given out for more unusual categories, they will include happiest spring sense, funniest, most fragrant and weirdest. There will also be a grand prize winner.  The awards are mostly ribbons and plaques but the advertising, recognition and just plain old bragging rights make up some of the most coveted awards. The Awards Ceremony will take place on Sunday night, March 16th beginning at 7:30PM. This year the show will open on Monday, March 17th, for half a day for a new, novel event, the Big Sell-Off. Miss Silverman suggested to the vendors that they open one last day after the “official” closing and sell off their displays and arrangements. The suggestion was met with a surprising amount of acceptance. “The sell-off will help the vendors clear out their displays making cleanup easier for them and letting a lot of folks in town get some beautiful plants and flowers to help brighten up their homes.” said Miss Silverman when explaining the Sell-Off.
            Several florists had pictures or drawings of their proposed displays to show off some examples of what everyone should be looking forward to. All the displays were stunning and whetted everyone’s appetite for the show.

A view from 1957 Flower Show



East Farewell – The Riverview Wildcats came into Regional High Gymnasium on Friday night as the league leading team and left the same way, only they were battered and bruised. The Wildcats and the Cougars played a knockdown, drag out grudge match that went down to the last seconds and ended with the Wildcats prevailing, 56-55. The Cougars were hoping to move into second place with a win and the Wildcats were trying to extend their lead in the league standings. The teams played just two weeks ago with the Wildcats prevailing by one point. Friday’s night game was almost a repeat but it was a much rougher game. A grand total of 22 fouls were handed out which was a new, dubious league record. The previous record of 19 was set way back in 1952 but neither of these two teams was involved. “This was not our best game, I spoke to Coach Reynolds (Wildcats Coach) and he feels the same way. This was not our best game. The kids got too worked up and they were just banging each other around out there. I don’t like that and I am going to have a talk with those boys. I am glad they did not let the other team push them around and I am glad they fought hard trying to win but there was just to much contact out there tonight,” said Cougars coach Wilson.
            The tone was set in the first five minutes when Cougars center, Dave McGill tried to post up against Wildcats center, Lou Alonso, but Alonso backed into McGill and both ended up trying to muscle the other out of the lane. It ended up with a foul on McGill but that was only the beginning. The ballet for the center lane went on throughout the game and did not end when McGill fouled out in the last four minutes of the game. McGill was replaced by James Hawkins, who has had a lot of experience, came in and with one minute Alonso picked up his fifth foul trying to push Hawkins around. Apparently, Alonso thought Hawkins not used to playing. He was very wrong, Hawkins played with an attitude that could only be gained from real court time. Hawkins, of course, played four very impressive games when McGill was injured early in the season.
            The battles were not confined to the inside. The backcourt had its fair share of pushing and shoving. Bobby Fox and Fergal Conner both of Cougars guards got into foul trouble and ended the game with four each while Wildcats guards, Mario Fannelli and Charles Danto had four fouls. The guards on both teams spent a lot of time swatting at each other and in the end making too much contact for the referees liking.
            Aside from the fouls it was a pretty good game. Both teams shot with great accuracy and when there wasn’t a foul the work on the boards was outstanding. It came down to the last minutes after the lead changed hands almost every minute. The Cougars had a one point lead with fifty seconds when the Wildcats’ Fannelli was able to make a diving one handed pass to a streaking Danto who was able to drive past Don Tasker and lay up the go ahead basket. The Cougars tried for the last second winning basket but Fox’s shot was from too far out, it hit the rim and bounced out of any rebound reach as the buzzer sounded.
            The Cougars travel to Fort Lee to face the Captains next week. The Cougars have had considerable good luck against the Captains this season. They beat the Captains at home by six points and were never behind in the game. Friday’s game begins at 4:30PM in the Fort Lee Gymnasium.



Doctors say President Eisenhower is completely recovered from the slight stroke and speech difficulty he suffered three months ago.

President Eisenhower says he rejected an all-out drive to beat Russia into the air with an experimental atomic-powered plane because it might have delayed development of a nuclear plane which would be fit for combat.

The Army loses its Explorer II satellite, minutes after firing it spaceward with the Jupiter-C rocket.

Comedian Bob Hope obtains from the Soviet Embassy a visa to visit Russia. He said as he left the embassy, they apparently “saw my show Sunday night. They treated me like I was Red Skelton or Pinky Lee” said the comedian.

KTLA Los Angeles announced in late January that it would begin flashing subliminal messages of a public service nature within 90 days, but it looks like that won’t happen - at all. The station had arranged for the needed projectors with the Precon Process and Equipment Company of New Orleans, builders of subliminal devices. But the FCC seems to be ambiguous on the subject, and KTLA doesn’t want to take the chance. However, a motion-picture producer intends to use the technique within the body of several feature films.

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Thursday, February 20, 1958   Vol. C660



East Farewell – Gus Templeton opened the ninth annual Valentine’s Day Social and Dance on Saturday night with a question, “Who is going home lonely tonight?”
            The sold out crowd that covered the Regional High Gymnasium floor answered with a resounding, “No one!”
            With that Templeton turned to his famous swing band and struck up the popular hit, Memories are Made of These. The tune has become a sort of theme song for the event, having been the lead off tune for the last three years. Templeton served a Master of Ceremonies and not only introduced the other great bands on the schedule but also oversaw the now famous and highly anticipated Homemade Sweet Treat Competition. The menu this year was similar to last year, fried chicken and mashed potatoes with green beans and was again supplied by the Lost Oasis Restaurant and Bar. They also supplied the wine and beer and for the first time owner, Charles Wenz, set up a bar that served hard alcohol drinks.  The bands on the roster were well known to the crowd. There was the always popular Al Jackson and his Blues Band lit the place up after dinner with hits like “Tutti-frutti” and lots of others. Slowing things down were the Doo-Wop group, the Dalmatians, with their now classic, “Only You”
Gus took the microphone after the Dalmatians beautiful set and announced the winner of the Homemade Sweet Treats Competition. This year’s winner was long time entrant, Sylvia Bass with a surprisingly simple cherry cobbler. Perhaps the judges were too full from all the samples and decided on the lighter fare.  Every year since the inaugural social the Sweet Treat Competition has been a highlight of the event. Everyone was able to sample each treat that ranged from the light and fruity to rich and decadent. This year the defending champion, Peg O’Malley, tried to continue her reign by entering her now famous Extra Dark and Rich Chocolate Layer Cake. This four layer devil’s food cake covered with semi-sweet frosting has been making townsfolk swoon and loosen their belts since it was introduced last year. Peg has been supplying the Bakery on Main with a limited number offered for sale. It has become a bit of a social whisper when she brings her shipment in the bakery, the cake don’t last long once the sign goes up they are available. The word spreads quickly and people have been seen actually running to get in line outside the store. Along with Peg’s cake there were lots of favorites, Ida Plant, long time champ, tried a new angle this year with a very light and airy key lime meringue pie and Sylvia Bass, this year’s champ, followed Ida’s lead with her cheery cobbler. There were more entries this year than ever before, there were chocolate cheesecakes, strawberry glazed upside-down cakes, rich chocolate mousse pies and even an ice cream cake entered by a new town resident, Fran Carvel.
Following in the quirky tradition that has taken almost mythical status, Sylvia walked down the center aisle and was “plastered” with her own pies by other members of the competition. The tradition dates back to 1952 when Peg O’Malley was the second winner of the contest and while walking up to the stage she tripped and fell face first into her own cake. It was rumored that a disgruntled loser actually tripped her but she has denied that and has taken responsibility for the mishap. In the following years all the contestants have gotten together and collectively smashed a cake in the winners face after the winner was announced.

            There were no lonely hearts in East Farewell this Valentine’s Day, at least not at the Social and Dance. The party went on until well after 11:00PM and people will be talking about it weeks. This has become one of the most anticipated events on the town’s calendar, for good reason. Don’t miss next year.

Slow dance at the 1958 Valentine’s Day Social



East Farewell – The Cougars center, Dave McGill, returned to action on Friday and immediately made an impact by scoring a game high of 21 points in the Cougars sure handed win over the Slate Mountain Canaries, 46-36. The Cougars were able to break their two game losing streak and regain some court composure as they never trailed in the game. Things looked tough for the Canaries from the start. The Cougars took the opening tip off and went on a 10 point unanswered run. The Canaries were able to pull close at the end of the first half but could only close to a 24-26. In the second half McGill took over and started to shake off some of the rust that had settled in doing his recovery. He was able to score 16 of his 21 points and grab 8 of his 13 rebounds. He was able completely control the center and dominate both offensive and defensive boards. “We are very happy to get Davey back, not that Hawk was bad or anything, he was great, but Davey is better and has so much more experience. He showed tonight that he is back and is fine to play,” said Coach Wilson after the game.
            For the Canaries, their top scorer was their excellent guard, Frankie Leon with 19 points, followed by forward William Flack with 10. This win for the Cougars was a turnaround from the game earlier in the season in which the Cougars looked much weaker. They lost that game 40-48. This game showed the Cougars have really grown and with a complete squad they can play with any team in the league.
            Next week the Cougars have a revisit by the Riverview Wildcats. They played the Wildcats just a week ago but due to weather schedule changes they are playing them again after only two weeks. These teams should be very familiar with each other so a good, tight game is expected. The game will begin Friday night at 7:00PM in the Regional High School Gym.   



New York mayor Robert Wagner bars 10-year-old Eddie Hodges, current cast member of Broadway’s “Music Man, from appearing on the Perry Como TV show this week. The decision was based on a recommendation by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (SPCC). They said Hodges was already working a matinee and evening performances for the Broadway show. Hodges would have made $750 for the 15-minute appearance.

French Actress Brigitte Bardot is resting in Northern Italy after a nervous breakdown. French and Italian newspapers reported she took an overdose of sleeping pills two days ago in a suicide attempt.

Paramount sells its entire library of pre-1948 films to television for $50 million.

Folksingers are making a comeback. Some of the more popular ones are Theodore Bikel, Josh White, Cynthia Gooding, Susan Reed, Oscar Brand, Bob Gibson, Richard Dyer-Bennett and Pete Seeger. Jac Holzman, head of Elektra Records, reports that his folk discs have been doubling annually. Elektra has Theodore Bikel, Susan Reed and Josh White.

Still banned in many places, this week, singer Paul Robeson (60) performs at the Oakland (CA) Auditorium. Robeson has made a number of appearances in California churches recently, but big halls will not book him.

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Thursday, February 13, 1958   Vol. C659



East Farewell – Extreme cold and a very wet snow caused and massive power outage in town on Monday night. Not only were most of the businesses and homes in the east end of town in the dark but the main power station that fed the entire East Farewell Transit Company was also shut down. The station not only lost power but also suffered massive transformer shots due to the heavy wet snow bringing down the lines and shorting them out. The power outage stranded transit vehicles across the system with many travelers on cars left in the dark and cold. Many riders left the cars and walked along the snow covered streets to their destinations. Luckily, the cars were located along main streets in town and many of the riders were locals and knew their way around. No injuries and missing people were reported. The EFTC maintenance crew was on site very quickly and after completely shutting down the system they were able to carefully clear the snow off the cables, restring the wires, repair the generators and start the system back up again. The entire process took almost eight hours.
            “We were lucky that the maintenance crew didn’t run into any strange problems and they were able to repair and regenerate the system in a very reasonable amount of time. They worked diligently throughout the night and they were able to get the system running before the early morning rush hour. I am very proud of the work that they did and I am sure they are, too,” said EFTC Director Sam Nelson in a news conference on Wednesday morning.

            This is the first outage that the Transit System has suffered since it opened almost two years ago. The system has been a reliable mode of transportation for an estimated 5000 people a week and this minor inconvenience is not likely to change their habits.

Trolley makes a turn in the snow



East Farewell – The Cougars came home to a welcoming crowd on Friday afternoon hoping to repeat their early season success against the Riverview Wildcats. After their disappointing loss in Corning they were trying to regain their momentum and get back in the league race. The Wildcats came into town looking for revenge and the game was a battle from the start.
            The tip-off was an indication of the intensity both teams had. When Cougars replacement center, James Hawkins tipped the ball to forward Don Tasker, Wildcat forward Ben Miller tried to jump in for a steal but ran into Tasker hard and knocked him to the floor, causing the first of many fouls at exactly 15:48 in the first half. Tasker was not hurt but the lingering absence of senior center Dave McGill did hurt the team. Hawkins played a very respectable game and has gotten better with each start but his 6’3” stature just isn’t the same as McGill’s commanding 6’5” tower. Coach Wilson said McGill will be back in the lineup next week but this game was when he was really needed. The Wildcats center, Gerald Mancuso, stood 6’4” and has played the position for three of his four years on the team. Hawkins tried valiantly but Mancuso was just too much for him. Hawkins eventually was to foul out at a critical time in the game. With only two minutes left and the Cougars leading by 2 Hawkins banged Mancuso as Mancuso was turning to shoot and that was the end for Hawkins. Mancuso made one of the foul shots but the Cougars missed their shot and the Mancuso was able to grab the rebound without too much trouble, feed a streaking Barney Fuller down the side who took the ball down to the corner where Cougar, Fergal Conner caught up to him and forced him to shoot an awkward shot but Mancuso was able to rebound it and put it up over both Tasker and Joey Mitchell and sink the winning shot for 50-49 Wildcats win.
            “It was too bad we lost Hawk when we did but we should have not been in that position to begin with. That Mancuso kid is just tremendous. I think if we had Davey in there Mancuso would have been kept in check, but Davey was still hurting and Mancuso got the better of Hawk. Davey will be back next week for sure so I think things will pick up for us,” said Coach Wilson after the game.
            The Cougars stay at home next week to host the Slate Mountain Canaries. The Cougars hope that the return of Dave McGill will turn their fortunes around. The game will be on Friday afternoon at 4:30PM in the gymnasium.



Upstate New York from Albany to Buffalo gets hit with its biggest snowstorm since 1925. Drifts up to 15 feet blocked some highways. Hundreds of persons are stranded with at least 10 deaths reported.

In a recent Gallup Poll, Senator John Kennedy would win if the election were being held this week with Kennedy at 49% and Nixon at 38%.

A German rocket scientist, held by the Russians for the past 13 years says the Russians aren’t kidding when they say they have intercontinental ballistic missiles. Peter Lertes was one of the scientists returned to West Germany with nine colleagues who were finally allowed out after the 13-year period.

General Motors engineers demonstrate a car steered by an electrical cable beneath a concrete surface. To turn off the road or to pass another vehicle, a switch was thrown to put the car back into manual. “We think of it as the first building block in what may become a more sophisticated system for controlling vehicle spacing, detecting location of cars of giving the driver signals for throttle and brake control.”

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Thursday, February 6, 1958  Vol. C658



East Farewell - The annual Regional High School science fair took place last week with exhibits throughout the school and a grand display in the gymnasium. Students from all grades participated and exhibits ranged from the weather to electronics. There was a large presence of space related projects with a number of experimental model rockets on display. Interestingly, there was a dearth of exhibits chemistry. There were several volcanoes and more than five weather related exhibits displaying different cloud formation, typhoons, cyclones, and hurricanes. The most popular exhibits were the model rockets and the futuristic space stations and some exhibits that bordered on science fiction. All the students spent many hours designing, developing and building their projects.
There was a competition associated with the science fair and a group of teachers as well as some local business people inspected the exhibits on Friday afternoon and asked students questions about their exhibits. They also asked the students to demonstrate some of the action exhibits like the volcanoes and some of the model rockets. Most of the volcanoes gushed gloriously while all of the rockets were restrained by cables except one that broke away and flew into the ceiling much to the chagrin of the judges and student engineer alike. Student Howard Ball was embarrassed but also elated when his model rocket broke away from the guide wires and blasted into the ceiling of the gymnasium. It ricocheted off a metal roof support, flew along the top edge of the ceiling, hit another support and deflected into a ceiling tile sticking nose first into the tile as the engine ran out. After everyone was sure there were no injuries a spontaneous round of applause broke out. This display did not help Ball in the judging, though, first place went to senior Charlie O’Mara’s three stage rocket display explained how rockets of the future will need several stages to exit the earth’s atmosphere and make their way into outer space. Second place went to junior, Grace Williams, whose volcano exhibit was based on the Hawaiian volcanos that formed the island. Not only did her volcano spew lifelike steaming lava, the lava spilled out into a large tub full of saltwater and hardened to enlarge the existing island.

The science fair is always a highly anticipated event that gives the students a chance to use their imagination and their science skills to explore some very exciting ideas.

Rocket blasts off in Science Fair Project



Corning- The Cougars had recovered from their team flu but they were still without center Dave McGill when they limped into Corning to face the red hot Corning Devils last Friday. The team played valiantly and backup center, Jimmy Hawkins, played an ever improving game in understanding his newly acquired position but the Corning Devils showed why they are the league leading team with flawless foul shooting and a very strong inside game. The Devils were victorious, 52 – 48, but that was not as close as the score indicates. The Cougars were able to close a 10 point deficit in the last three minutes thanks to the Devils clearing the bench. Cougars point guard, Bobby Fox, was leading scorer for the Cougars with 10 points. Forward Donnie Tasker led both teams and rebounds with 15. Devils top scorer, Alex Ward led all scorers with 21. The Devils defense was able to stymie the Cougars continually throughout the game and created 11 turnovers that all turned in the points for the Devils.
“We were not on our game today, I think boys were still recovering and really missed Davey, not that Hawk was bad, he’s not, we just need some more experience in the center,” said Coach Wilson on the bus on the way home.
Next week the Cougars come home to meet the Riverview Wildcats. They beat the Wildcats earlier in the season and hope to repeat the victory on Friday in the Regional High School gymnasium at 4:30.



The United States’ first scientific satellite, “Explorer” is doing nicely as it reaches its top orbit height of 1,700 miles.

An Atlas ICBM takes off from Cocoa Beach, but the flight was not terminated normally. This followed two consecutive ICBM successful test firings over a limited range.

President Eisenhower re-affirms that the Administration might favor a tax cut to break the recession unless the economy turns upward by mid-year.

A 13-member committee to frame legislation concerning the exploration and development of space is created by the Senate. The panel is expected to be headed by Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas, the Senate Democratic leader. It will study proposals for the administration of space programs with the aim of reporting a bill to the Senate by June 1. Recommendations are now being prepared for President Eisenhower by Dr. James Killian Jr., his scientific adviser.

Willie Shoemaker rides to his 3,000-career win. Willie’s been at it for nine years, but this week, he scores his 3000th winning mount in the eighth race at Santa Anita. The horse was Eternal Pere.

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Thursday, January 30, 1958   Vol. C657



East Farewell – It has been a long time since Frankie Knox walked down Lake Shore Drive. Eight years and six months to be exact. Frankie enlisted in the Marines in July, 1950 right after he graduated from Regional High. He was acting in response to his country’s call for recruits in response to the North Korean invasion of South Korea. He was in Korea by December of 1950. Knox was involved in the defense of Pusan but was captured by the North in February of 1951. There was no word of his situation for over two years, many thought he had been killed. When the armistice was signed in 1953 his grieving father was told that he was still alive, being held in a Communist prison camp. His mother had tragically passed away in 1952, most said from a broken heart. Frankie was finally released in July 1954 but had to remain in Korea due to medical needs and was finally cleared to come home in August 1956. He was shipped back to the US in September 1958. His father went down to meet him in Philadelphia, where his ship docked after a long trip through the Panama Canal and up to the Philadelphia Naval Base. His father was among the families that had gathered to meet their returning heroes. Since it had been so long since the first ships had arrived home the fanfare was nonexistent and only the families with returning servicemen were on hand. Frankie came down the gangplank to the cheers of the people on the dock and into the arms of his father. He bent down and patted the dock in his only gesture of his happiness to be home.
            Frankie and his father came back to East Farewell quietly and there were no public announcements made. It was only through a tip from a close friend was this newspaper even aware of the homecoming. When approached by this paper Frankie would only say he was grateful to be home and greatly saddened by not being here for his mother’s passing. His father asked that the family be given time and privacy to get acquainted again. This paper will comply with his request and is asking the town to also comply. When alerted of the homecoming many had called for a parade and welcome home ceremony. Those plans have been put on hold. “The guy is a hero and he deserves some recognition, I am sure he will never pay for a beer in this town ever again,” said bartender and lifetime friend, Harry O’Malley.

            For now this paper will only say, “Welcome home, Frankie, thank you for your service.”

Frankie Knox



East Farewell- The Cougars ended their two game losing streak by just beating the Central Bears, 52-50 on Friday night. The Cougars were again without center Dave McGill who is sidelined due to injury, but replacement center, Jimmy Hawkins, did a very respectable job by scoring 10 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. Hawkins was not the Cougars weak spot. The overall play was not the sharp, patterned play that the fans have come to expect. The play was slow and sloppy. The whole team looked lethargic and their passing was inaccurate telegraphed. It wasn’t until after the game that Coach Wilson offered a solution. “Tonight, the whole team seems to have come down with the flu. They were able to take the floor and after the first half I was going to call the game but they collectively wanted to finish. I played my subs who were healthy and we were able to get by the Bears, just barely (laughing). I sent all the sick boys home right after the game. I hope they get better, we will have to forefeet next week if they don’t recover.”
            The subs along with a healthy Hawkins were able to hold off the Bears who may have been a little scared of catching whatever the Cougars had. The poor Bears have had trouble all year and this was just another problem for them to deal with. Their shooting was off and their defense was skittish at best. The Cougars subs, led by Walt Ferguson, Mack MacKensie and Robby O’Shea were able to put together enough of team to turn back the Bears with a defense that kept the Bears off the board for the last two minutes. The final was Cougars 52, Bears 50.
            Hopefully, the Cougars will have recovered when they travel to Corning to face the red-hot Devils next Friday afternoon. The game will be in the Corning High Gym at 4:30.



At least one, and possibly four, Red Army; deserters have cracked the biggest ring of Soviet might displayed in Berlin since 1963 to escaped to the West, it was reported today. The Soviets tacitly admitted defeat in their attempt to bait the defectors by calling off the manhunt at noon. The Western Allied Nations revealed the presence of only one Soviet deserter in the West, but Russian anti-Communist organizations in Berlin and West Germany said four Russian deserters had crossed into West Berlin.
The first two-way moving sidewalk was put in service at Love Field in Dallas, Texas. The length of the walkway through the airport was 1,435 feet. 
Baseball announces players and coaches rather than fans pick all sta
The play "Sunrise at Campobello," by Dore Schary about Franklin D. Roosevelt's struggle against polio, opened on Broadway with Ralph Bellamy as FDR. 
Roy Campanella - the famed Dodgers catcher and the best catcher in the National League, breaks his neck in an auto accident, about a mile from his house in Glen Cove, Long Island. A seven-man team worked over the Negro star for four hours and 20 minutes in an attempt to repair the damage and relieve paralysis from the chest down. It now appears his career is through and he’ll at least be partially paralyzed. Campy’s car skidded on wet pavement as he went into a dangerous S curve. The car flipped over and crashed into a telephone pole. The first doctor to reach him as he lay moaning said, “It doesn’t look good for his baseball career.” Married with six children, ranging in age from 4 to 16, Campanella owns a prosperous Harlem liquor store. As a baseball veteran of more than 10 years, Campanella is eligible for a $175 monthly pension when he reaches the age of 50. If permanently injured, he gets $250 a month for life under baseball’s pension plan. He was getting ready to move with the team from New York to Los Angeles. In his 10 seasons with the Dodgers, Campy thrice was voted the National League’s MVP - in ‘51, ‘53 and ‘55.

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Thursday, January 23, 1958   Vol. C656



East Farewell- The fairly new tradition of building snow sculptures on Lakefront Plaza took an interesting twist this year. The semi-art event, which took place last year as an unscheduled, impromptu event due to the Town Council’s reluctance to sponsor the event, again was not sponsored by the Council but that rogue attitude seemed to breathe a bit of reckless abandon into the whole event. The twist this year was that the artists had gathered last week on Lakefront Plaza and started their work, but then an enormous snowball fight broke out and almost all the sculptures were destroyed for ammunition. The snowball fight was reported last week in this paper and once the shenanigans had settled down the artists returned to the Plaza and had to start all over again. Undaunted as many as eighteen artists along with a plethora of high school “assistants” (really, they were leftovers from the snowball fight) plied up, dug out, carved and created some of the most interesting sculptures that the event has ever seen. This year outer space and rocket ships were the general, overall theme. There were several rocket ships, blasting off, in flight and one landing on what can only be guessed at as the moon or Mars. Long time sculpture and organizer, Bernie Talbot, outdid his last year creation of a beautiful snow queen with an enormous rocket blasting off headed to an oversized moon. Another favorite was a giant moon with a “man-in-the-moon” face carved into it. Some spectators suggested that the face resembled Tom Connelly, Town Council president. The sculpture, Alice Mahoney said she was not trying to portray the president, in fact she said she didn’t even know what he looked like. “I wouldn’t recognize him if I bumped into him on the street,” said Mahoney when asked.

            In keeping with the unorganized nature of the event there were no prizes given out and only popular judgment was the deciding factor in the winner. The results were varied, depending on what time of day or evening you took the poll. During the day Talbot’s blastoff was most popular but in the evening Mahoney’s Man-in–the-Moon won out, maybe because she placed a light inside the sculpture making it a bit of a Jack-o-Lantern drawing oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Folks were also treated to several restaurants set up tables and served hot snacks and coco. The sculptures have been left on the Plaza and will eventually melt away, unless of course there is another snowball fight.

Snow sculptures on Lakefront Plaza 1958



Slate Mountain – The league leading Slate Mountain Miners hosted the first meeting of the season between the league leading teams and the home court advantage may have had some effect on the Cougars causing them to lose their second game in as many games last Friday night. The Miners played very strong defense and were able to take advantage of the Cougar’s replacement center, sophomore Jamie Hawkins, to win 36-32. The crowd was decidedly pro-Miners and was very loud throughout the game and their ruckus seemed to have an effect on Hawkins who had to sit out almost the whole third quarter with four fouls.  “Hawk was rattled by the crowd. They threw some pretty mean taunts at him and he took it out on the court, drawing fouls. He is still young and this was the first time he ever encountered this kind of abuse. He will learn from it and promised me he won’t let it happen again,” said Coach Wilson after the game.
            Aside from Hawkins dilemma, the Cougars played a fairly good game with the backcourt showing very strong signs of developing into a pair that will present some problems for other teams later in the season. Both Fox and Conner showed greatly improved communication skills as they worked together to beat a tight Miners press and both score in double figure (10 and 12, Fox and Conner) and almost earn double s in assists ( 9 and 10, respectively).
            The Miners took an early lead, 14-6, but the Cougars patiently whittled away to tie it up at the half, 22 all. In the second half both teams stepped up their defense and even with Hawkins out the Cougars were able to hold the Miners to only 14 points. Unfortunately, the Cougars were held to 10 points.
            The Cougars come home next week and face the Central Bears. They have already played the Bears and won convincingly, 40-32. Center Dave McGill may be able to play but Coach Wilson would not make any promises. “We are waiting to see how things go, we are not going to push this kid, besides Hawk is doing better than anyone thought and I am comfortable with him in there,” said Wilson after the game.
The game begins at 7:00PM in the Regional High Gymnasium. There will be a JV Game before, beginning at 3:45PM.



An Atlas ICBM takes off from Cocoa Beach, but the flight was not terminated normally. This followed two consecutive ICBM successful test firings over a limited range.

A military transport and a Navy patrol bomber collide in mid-air of Norwalk, near Los Angles. 47 are dead.

United Nations Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold says that he had been invited to visit Moscow, presumably to discuss United Nations affairs involving the Soviet Union. Among them is disarmament. He hopes to go in the spring.

Steve Allen is heading to the West coast and will originate his next two Sunday night shows from Hollywood.

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Thursday, January 16, 1958   Vol. C655



East Farewell – It is rare that the Regional Schools are closed for a snow day but a huge snowfall on Sunday night paralyzed all traffic including the school busses Monday morning. Some students still walk to school but a large number now ride the bus and they were not going to make it to school on Monday. At 6:30AM Principal Donnelly decided to call the day off for the entire district. Announcement went out to local radio station WEFL and was broadcast every ten minutes along with the other area schools that had closed. Slate Mountain, Fort Lee and Cedar Creek all were cancelled. The alert system has not been used in four years and no one was sure if it would work, but it did and it seemed that everyone got the message because the schools were empty. The schools were empty but the town was not. While many of the high school students took shovels in hand and tried to earn a little spending money by shoveling the sidewalks, many others spent the day on their skies and sleds. About midday on the Lakefront Plaza a group of skaters and snow sculpture builders started a “friendly” snowball fight. Snow was tossed willy-nilly at first but then escalated into a full blown snow ball battle. The snow sculpture kids went on the offensive and the ice skaters tried to out flank them and the fight spread out down Main Street. Soon the battle had spread up Main Street and down Lake Shore Drive. Even some of the shopkeepers became involved. Since business was extremely slow they came out their front doors and joined in the insanity. “It was all in good fun,” said shop owner Bill Swan, “The kids were laughing and running all over the place. When they ran by my front door I looked around and since there was no one in the shop I ran out and joined in. They were all kind of surprised but they just laughed and started throwing at me and me at them.”
            Most people took the tomfoolery in stride there were some curmudgeons that were not amused. “Those hooligans were causing a lot a trouble right on Main Street. If there were any cars or trolleys they could have been hurt. They were noisy and boisterous, why they were laughing and shouting so loud I had to close my front door so I could get some peace,” complained Geraldine Decatur who owns Sew What, a needle and thread shop on Main.

            The snowball fight played itself out as the participants tried themselves out and returned to the Lakefront Plaza laughing and slapping each other on their backs. There was no damage and the police seemed to be content to let the children play partly because their cars were snowed in and the couple of beat policemen were keeping an eye on the whole shenanigans.

The Great Snowball Fight of 1958



East Farewell – On Friday night before the snowstorm the Southport Hawks came into the Regional Gymnasium as the League leading team and left the same way. The Hawks were able to fly out of the gym with a 50-46 win and the Cougars wondering how they were going to stop them at their next meeting. The evening game was sold out and both Cougar fans and Hawks fans filled the gym. The Hawks started off quickly with a 8-0 run right after tip off. The Cougars were finally able to get going and tie things up at 14. Cougar’s center, Dave McGill started out strong matching up against Hawks center, Mike Reilly, one for one but at the end of the first half turned his ankle coming down with a rebound and had to leave the game. After the game Coach Wilson said that luckily nothing was broken and McGill might be ready to play next week or the week after that. Sophomore, James Hawkins took McGill’s place but struggled against the experience of the Hawk senior, Reilly.
            Without McGill the Cougar’s backcourt tried to pick up the slack but the Hawks were able to contain both Fox and Conner. This left the Cougars forwards to try to make a difference. Both Tasker and Mitchell played very strong games taking a lot of the pressure off Hawkins. Tasker was able to really run the court and direct the offense while Mitchell helped Hawkins on the defensive side. Together they were able to contain Reilly in the second half.
            Even with the adjustments the Cougars were coming up short. The Hawks were just too strong and their experience was evident as they broke down the Cougar’s press and ran up a 42-32 lead in the third quarter. The Cougars were able to regroup and battle back and take a slim lead, 44-42 with three minutes left. Unfortunately, Mitchell fouled out with 2:20 left and Reilly was able to take command of the center again and force Hawkins into a fourth foul with 1:30 left. Coach Wilson left Hawkins in but Reilly was able to score the last six points almost unguarded.
            “We had a tough night, with the loss of Davey, we tried to rally and young Jamie, he tried like heck but he is still young, he will be good but he is still learning. The other guys did a really good job but it wasn’t good enough. You can’t expect to beat the Hawks if you aren’t running on all cylinders,” said Coach Wilson after the game.
            The schedule does not get any easier for the Cougars next week as they travel up to Slate Mountain to take on the Miners, the south side of the mountain team. The Miners are also at the top the league standings and will give the Cougars all they could ask for. The game begins at 7:30PM in the Slate Mountain Municipal Arena.



Congress opens and almost immediately, President Eisenhower asks for an extra $1.26 billion this year for missile development, additional government, scientists and defense of strategic Air Command bases.

Radio station KWK St. Louis will play each rock record in its library once - then break it with a sharp snap clearly audible to the listeners. The supply is expected to be exhausted in a week. Robert Convey, KWK president who gave the order after conferring with his DJ’s, said they were in agreement that rock ‘n’ roll “has dominated the music field long enough.”

Football News - The West beats the East in the Pro-Bowl 26-7.

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Thursday, January 9, 1958   Vol. C654



East Farewell - The slightly delayed New Year’s parade took place on Saturday much to the delight of everyone in town. The parade started on the Fairgrounds lawn and proceeded down Main Street, turned on Lakeshore Drive and ended at the Lakefront Plaza where the Regional High School band gave a brief concert. The Girl Scouts led the parade for the second year in a row. This year there were more out of town bands and civic associations represented. There were three different fire companies represented along with the local SPCA. The Slate Mountain Pipers made their first appearance this year much to the delight of the crowds and as always the Regional High School Marching Band topped off the parade. The weather this year was on usually cold but the sun was shining brightly making the frigid temperatures bearable.
            “This parade is a lot of fun but very cold. You have to be prepared or you will freeze,” said Mrs. Mallard from the porch of her boarding house on Lakeshore Drive.

            A New Year’s parade is somewhat unusual for this part of the country but East Farewell has held one for the last seven years. The scope and content can hardly match that of the much more famous parades in Philadelphia, New York and Pasadena but the spirit of the marchers and fans match any other venue bar none. Even with the weather delay this year the parade was host to many outside guests who came to celebrate New Year’s Eve and go to the parade on New Year’s Day but the sudden snowstorm changed their plans. The town’s guests made the best of a tough situation and for the most part decided to stay for the weekend. This “extended” holiday was very well received by all the businesses in town. After the snow was cleared the streets were open and the sidewalks were full. The cold weather and snow drifts along Main Street and Lakeshore Drive made a beautiful scene for all the visitors. The restaurants and stores along the streets were very busy and there was a festival like feeling all throughout the town.

The Slate Mountain Pipers inaugural march



East Farewell - The Cougars made short work of the Captains on Friday afternoon. The Cougars were able to control the game and handily walk away with a 50–44 win that was not as close as the score indicated. The game started with a 10–0 run by the Cougars and the hapless Captains were unable to get their footing. The Captains have had a difficult season so far. They are rebuilding the team after losing their entire starting lineup to graduation. This year the team is made up of sophomores and juniors, there is not a single senior in the starting lineup. The younger players are trying very hard and have had moments of very respectable play but they have not been able to be consistent enough to put together a win this season.
            Cougar’s center, Dave McGill, led the way for the Cougars, completely controlling the center and underneath the basket. He was very effective on both the offensive and defensive boards. The Captains center, Billy Wentworth, who only stood 5’ 10”, was outmatched in both skill and experience. McGill led all scoring with 18 points. After leading by as much a 14 Coach Wilson started putting in the second and eventually the third team. For the last five minutes He had cleared his bench and the Captains were able to put together a 12 point run to bring the score p to the final 50-44. “The Captains played a tough game, but we were too much for them today. They have a lot of heart and showed some promise, but we were clearly better. I think they will get better as the season goes on and they get a little more comfortable on the court,” Coach Wilson said after the game.
            The Cougars stay at home next week when the Southport Hawks come into town. The Hawks will present a much tougher game. They are bringing an undefeated record into the Regional High Gym on Friday evening at 7:30.



President Eisenhower dramatically reasserted his authority as Commander in Chief of the armed forces in a hard-hitting state of the Union speech. He then sent Congress a record peacetime budget just short of 74 billion dollars. He said by far the largest part of it, almost two-thirds, is for defense against growing danger from Russia in “the dawning age of space conquest.”

An article in the magazine Soviet Aviation says this week that Russia’s first sputnik disintegrated and fell a week ago. The second sputnik still is circling the globe. It was launched Nov. 3.

Two intercontinental weapons - The Atlas and the Navaho - blasted off in rapid succession at Cape Canaveral.

Ted Williams, king of the batters at the age of 39, is named the outstanding Male athlete of the Year for 1957 in the annual Associated Press year-old poll.

 A Hollywood wedding- Jayne Mansfield (24) to Mickey Hargitay (20).

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