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04/19/2018 05:01 AM | Britons in Europe need post-Brexit certainty too - think-tank
The European Union should stop waiting to see what the final Brexit deal is and "urgently" start planning for Britons who live on their territory now, a think-tank says.

04/19/2018 02:58 AM | Japan finance official denies sexual misconduct allegation
Japan's vice finance minister has denied sexual misconduct allegations against him and challenged a TV station's report that its employee was a victim.

04/19/2018 02:58 AM | 'That's how she's wired': Pilot lauded for handling crisis
The Southwest Airlines pilot being lauded as a hero in an emergency landing after a passenger was partly blown out of the jet's damaged fuselage is also being hailed for her pioneering role in aviation.

04/18/2018 11:36 PM | Nepal honours 1st conquest of Everest without bottled oxygen
Nepal's government has honoured two climbers who were the first to scale Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen 40 years ago.

04/18/2018 11:32 PM | Dad tries to blame 14-year-old son for murder he committed, court hears
A dad from the UK allegedly tried get his 14-year-old son to take the blame for a murder because he thought the boy would get a lighter punishment.

04/18/2018 10:01 PM | 'Outpouring of love' as America mourns Barbara Bush
Former president George H. W. Bush thanked fellow Americans for their "outpouring of love" following the loss of his wife of seven decades, Barbara, saying the tributes flowing in for the one-time first lady were "lifting us all up".

04/18/2018 08:51 PM | WATCH: Hero US pilot praised for safely landing flight after engine blows, passenger sucked out of window
Captain Tammie Jo Shults has become a hero in her own right for safely landing an American flight after one engine blew. Watch.

04/18/2018 08:40 PM | UN in talks with Syria, Russia on security for chemical weapons experts
A UN team is discussing security arrangements with Syrian and Russian authorities in Douma to allow experts to deploy soon to investigate an alleged chemical weapons attack, UN security officials say.

04/18/2018 08:17 PM | SpaceX blasts off NASA's new planet-hunter, TESS
NASA blasted off its newest planet-hunting spacecraft, TESS, a $337m satellite that aims to scan 85% of the skies for cosmic bodies where life may exist.

04/18/2018 07:40 PM | Nanny who killed kids while parents away convicted of murder
A nanny who stabbed two children to death at their New York home while their parents were away has been convicted of murder.

04/18/2018 07:37 PM | 'Happy Birthday little Pony' - Chevrolet wishes Ford Mustang a merry 54th!
Chevrolet wished the Ford Mustang a cheeky happy 54th birthday. Watch the clip!

04/18/2018 07:12 PM | George and Barbara Bush, a 'storybook' 73-year marriage
Former first couple George and Barbara Bush's relationship was a true love story, described by granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager as "remarkable".

04/18/2018 07:12 PM | Trump leaves open possibility of bailing on meeting with Kim
US President Donald Trump is leaving himself plenty of wiggle room when it comes to a summit with North Korea's leader, saying he will bail out of the meeting if he decides it won't produce results.

04/18/2018 06:05 PM | China holds live-fire drills off coast in warning to Taiwan
China's military held live-fire military exercises in the Taiwan Strait in a warning to the self-ruled island against seeking formal independence after moves by the US to increase support for Taiwan's government.

04/18/2018 05:30 PM | Russian airspace still open to US airlines despite chill in relations
US airlines are still able to fly in Russian air space, the transport ministry assured on Wednesday despite a transit agreement between Washington and Moscow expiring shortly.

04/18/2018 05:05 PM | First Saudi cinema opens with popcorn and Black Panther
The lights dimmed and the crowd of men and women erupted into applause and hoots as Hollywood's worldwide blockbuster Black Panther premiered in Saudi Arabia's first movie theatre.

04/18/2018 01:15 PM | Brazil thieves grab $1m in cellphones from airport - report
Brazilian thieves disguised as workers made off with a shipment of cellphones worth $1m from Rio de Janeiro's international airport, Globo television reports.

04/18/2018 06:54 AM | Canadian drug mule sentenced in Australia for cocaine cruise
An Australian court has sentenced a Canadian woman to eight years in prison for her part in an attempt to smuggle cocaine worth $16m into Sydney in luggage aboard a luxury cruise ship.

04/18/2018 05:57 AM | Miguel Diaz-Canel, 57, selected as next president of Cuba
Cuban officials have selected 57-year-old First Vice President Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez as the sole candidate to succeed Raul Castro as president of Cuba.

04/18/2018 05:56 AM | Brazil court rejects Lula's latest appeal
A Brazilian court has turned down ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's latest appeal against his 12-year sentence for corruption, seemingly putting his bid for a political comeback even farther out of reach.