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03/22/2017 04:51 PM
This designer Samsung TV looks like a painting - CNET
Most TVs look like big, black rectangles that clash with your otherwise tasteful decor. This chic Samsung is wall art. Bonus: A TV that looks like sculpture.

03/22/2017 04:47 PM
Stupid, dangerous and viral: Saying '108' to Siri - CNET
Law enforcement agencies around the world are asking people to stop giving Apple's digital assistant the three-digit code for emergency services in India.

03/22/2017 04:19 PM
Amazon's next big market: Dubai? - CNET
The Seattle online retailer reportedly agrees to buy leading Arab world e-commerce player

03/22/2017 03:48 PM
AT&T pulls ads from YouTube, other Google sites - CNET
The US carrier joins British retailers after ads appear next to extremist videos on YouTube.

03/22/2017 03:13 PM
Facebook activates Safety Check for London attack - CNET
The Met Police are warning people to use common sense when circulating pictures of the suspected terrorist incident online.

03/22/2017 03:04 PM
Twitter mulls greatest tennis player: Williams or Federer? - CNET
Social Cues: After GQ calls Roger Federer the "greatest tennis player of all time," Twitter gushes back with love for Serena Williams...and also Waluigi.

03/22/2017 03:04 PM
Google says it's stopped a ton of 'dangerous' Android apps - CNET
The company says it's gotten better at keeping potentially harmful apps from reaching Android's 1.4 billion users.

03/22/2017 02:47 PM
Netflix 'Death Note' trailer looks write-fully creepy - CNET
A mysterious book kills anyone whose name is written in it. Good thing a teenager finds it (they're totally stable).

03/22/2017 02:38 PM
Farmers are hacking their tractors so they can actually fix them - Roadshow
Not only is proprietary software an issue with John Deere, it's a problem that could affect your car, as well.

03/22/2017 02:29 PM
These US cities have the best mobile networks - CNET
Indianapolis tops the list of cities with great cell coverage. New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles -- not so much.

03/22/2017 02:09 PM
Boba Fett meets Toblerone, and the sweet result is Boblerone - CNET
The Force will not be with your teeth if you bite into it -- it's a resin sculpture, not chocolate.

03/22/2017 02:06 PM
Gambling site seeks 'Head of Trump betting' - CNET
Commentary: Irish site Paddy Power insists there's a need for someone to come up with imaginative bets on matters associated with the president.

03/22/2017 01:41 PM
Samsung Galaxy S8 could have a 3-month refund policy - CNET
If you find you hate that Galaxy S8, you may be able to return it, no questions asked.

03/22/2017 01:37 PM
Netpicks: Everything coming and going on Netflix for April 2017 - CNET
Big new originals including "Bill Nye Saves the World" and "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return" anchor Netflix's April.

03/22/2017 01:23 PM
See Mount Etna erupt in striking space photo - CNET
An astronaut's camera captures an unusual nighttime view of Mount Etna erupting with streaks of red lava.

03/22/2017 01:19 PM
'Mystery Science Theater 3000' trailer blasts off to Netflix - CNET
Take your first look at the "MST3K" reboot, coming to Netflix in the not-too-distant future.

03/22/2017 01:15 PM
GoPro video shows why it's not wise to ride a retired racehorse - CNET
Commentary: It all starts so nicely. And then the horse remembers it used to be a racehorse.

03/22/2017 01:05 PM
Should you get an iPhone SE now, or wait? - CNET
Commentary: Apple's smallest new iPhone, with more storage, is a better bet than the iPhone 6S -- but keep in mind the internals are now a year older.

03/22/2017 01:00 PM
Samsung Pay joins India's digital-payments movement - CNET
The country's push towards the cashless economy continues.

03/22/2017 12:51 PM
How did it take until 2017 for a truck to sport RV-matching paint? - Roadshow
The 2017 Ram Laramie Longhorn now comes with a paint job meant to match your RV's paint job.

03/22/2017 12:42 PM
Samsung has a strange idea of where babies come from - CNET
Commentary: An ad for Samsung's AddWash washing machine offers a novel view of procreation.

03/22/2017 12:31 PM
Here are the 9 best features in Android O - CNET
Google released a developer version of Android O, and here are some of our favorite features and why you should actually care.

03/22/2017 12:29 PM
See the end of 'Rogue One' flow perfectly into 'A New Hope' - CNET
A Star Wars fan stitches together the two movies, and you'd never know that four decades in the real world separate the beginning and end of a classic scene from a galaxy far, far away.

03/22/2017 12:19 PM
What do you think Android O stands for? (The 3:59, Ep. 198) - CNET
We talk about the upcoming version of Android, Uber's CEO sticking around, and music and VR at South by Southwest.

03/22/2017 12:12 PM
LastPass fixes just-discovered vulnerabilities - CNET
Security bugs in the password manager that could have led to passwords being stolen were fixed in less than day, according to the researcher who found them.