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08/14/2018 04:04 PM
Florida's Gulf Coast Battles Deadly And Smelly Red Tide
A toxic algae bloom is killing fish, turtles and dolphins and discouraging tourists from visiting Florida's Gulf Coast. It's not the first such event, but it is especially intense.

08/14/2018 03:39 PM
Brigham Young University Geologists Discover Oldest Known Pterosaur Fossil
A pterosaur is not a dinosaur, but the oldest known powered flying vertebrates. Brigham Young University students and teachers have published the result of their findings of the oldest known fossil.

08/14/2018 08:00 AM
Watch This Native Pollinator Build Her Bee-Jeweled Nest
Research shows that 400 female blue orchard bees are as effective at pollinating almonds as the more than 10,000 bees in a honeybee hive. But they reproduce slowly and are prone to wandering.

08/13/2018 05:55 PM
Despite FDA Caution, Doctors Say Lasers May Help With Vaginal Pain And Dryness
The FDA recently warned against using lasers for so-called "vaginal rejuvenation" treatments to reshape or tighten the vagina. But one kind of laser treatment might have gotten a bad rap.

08/13/2018 01:31 PM
French Theme Park Asks: Crows Can Pick Up Trash, Why Can't You?
A team of six trained birds — rooks, actually — is collecting paper and cigarette stubs at the Puy du Fou park in western France. They drop the trash into a container in exchange for food.

08/13/2018 04:00 AM
Ambitious 'Human Cell Atlas' Aims To Catalog Every Type Of Cell In The Body
Already the project has revealed a previously unknown type of cell in the windpipe that might play a role in cystic fibrosis — and lead to a new treatment, scientists say.

08/12/2018 08:17 PM
After 17 Days And 1,000 Miles, A Mother Orca's 'Tour Of Grief' Is Over
After carrying her calf's corpse for an unusually long time, a "remarkably frisky" Tahlequah, or J-35, as the orca's known, was seen Saturday chasing a school of salmon with fellow members of her pod.

08/12/2018 10:50 AM
New Study Sheds Light On Depression In Teens And Parents
There is a new study on the effect treating teens for depression has on their parents. It suggests just treating teens has benefits for parents.

08/12/2018 07:09 AM
NASA Launches Spacecraft Toward The Sun
This morning, NASA launched the Parker Solar Probe. The probe will attempt to get closer to the sun than any other human-made object.

08/11/2018 07:19 AM
Understanding Horizontal Gene Transfer In 'The Tangled Tree'
NPR's Scott Simon asks science writer David Quammen about horizontal gene transfer and how it changes how we think about humankind's place in the world. Quammen's new book is The Tangled Tree.

08/11/2018 07:19 AM
The Sound Of The Golf Swing
Manufacturers work to perfect the sound drivers make when the ball is hit just right. Scott Simon talks with Tom Mase, who teaches mechanical engineering at California Polytechnic State University.

08/10/2018 07:42 PM
In Parts Of California Blanketed With Wildfire Smoke, Breathing Is 'A Chore'
As fires continue to rage in California, smoke is causing health problems for some residents. Public health officials warn against breathing polluted air.

08/10/2018 06:13 PM
Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend — Just Look Up
The shower will peak late Sunday night and early Monday morning, but you can also catch a good number of meteors in the middle of the night on Saturday. Find a dark spot and let your eyes adjust.

08/10/2018 04:41 PM
Are You Listening? Hear What Uninterrupted Silence Sounds Like
Inside the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington state, acoustics experts have attempted to preserve a location free of human-made noise. They call it One Square Inch of Silence.

08/10/2018 09:27 AM
From A Million Eggs, Putting Together Clues About Science's Past And Future
Egg collecting was once a popular pastime. Now, the pristine specimens in one collection are a key resource for research on a range of topics, from the climate change to changes in bird populations.