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10/20/2017 01:58 AM
Maternal diet may program child for disease risk, but better nutrition later can change that
Research has shown that a mother's diet during pregnancy, particularly one that is high-fat, may program her baby for future risk of certain diseases such as diabetes. A new study from nutrition researchers at the University of Illinois shows that switching the offspring to a new diet—a low-fat diet, in this case—can reverse that programming.

10/18/2017 06:50 AM
Faster metabolism makeover—nurturing your gut bacteria
Here's how to take control of your cravings and lose weight for good by improving your gut health.

10/13/2017 07:10 AM
Five persistent myths about the causes of breast cancer
Understanding what causes a type of cancer is vital to prevent more cases in the future. But it can feel like we're being told to avoid a new thing every day because it might cause cancer. A survey in the US found that agreement with the phrase: "It seems like everything causes cancer" is on the increase – even though, thanks to research, we know more about what causes and prevents cancer than ever before.

10/12/2017 02:36 PM
Like it or not: Broccoli may be good for the gut
For the broccoli haters of the world, researchers may have more bad news: the vegetable may also help promote a healthy gut.

10/12/2017 08:30 AM
'Drink medicine' works as well as injection to treat skin sores
When a child is sick, they are never happy to have a painful needle injection. So being able to take a drink medicine instead is definitely a good thing.

10/11/2017 08:01 AM
How parents can conquer guilt to help kids with eating disorders
Lydia is seriously underweight and suffering from medical complications from an eating disorder. She is in hospital. Her treatment team recruits her mom to help Lydia gain weight through meal support. Lydia and her mom sit down for their first meal together.

10/09/2017 02:00 PM
Alzheimer's gene poses both risk and benefits
Scientists drilling down to the molecular roots of Alzheimer's disease have encountered a good news/bad news scenario. A major player is a gene called TREM2, mutations of which can substantially raise a person's risk of the disease. The bad news is that in the early stages of the disease, high-risk TREM2 variants can hobble the immune system's ability to protect the brain from amyloid beta, a key protein associated with Alzheimer's.

10/06/2017 12:59 PM
Lifestyle changes can close regional obesity gap, study finds
Lifestyle differences are to blame for regional variation in obesity rates in Scotland, research has found.

10/06/2017 07:50 AM
Tom Petty died from a cardiac arrest – what makes this different from a heart attack and heart failure?
Rolling Stone magazine landed in a spot of bother on Monday after publicising news of rock star Tom Petty's death prematurely, while others said it was the result of a heart attack rather than a cardiac arrest. Petty unfortunately did subsequently pass away, from a cardiac arrest, but it's important to note neither a cardiac arrest nor a heart attack is synonymous with death.

10/06/2017 07:43 AM
Antisocial behaviour mainly a consequence of gene interactions
Individual genes have little influence in the development of antisocial behaviour. However, the interaction of genes as a whole could explain some of the differences in antisocial behaviour. This was revealed by international research among more than 25,000 participants in which the researchers Jorim Tielbeek, Arne Popma, Tinca Polderman and Danielle Posthuma of VUmc and VU Amsterdam were involved. Tielbeek carried out this research with funding from the NWO programme Research Talent. The research was published today in JAMA Psychiatry.

10/05/2017 11:53 AM
Genomic screening helps doctors target girl's cancer
Victoria Thompson, clutching a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips while she watches the TV show "Paw Patrol," is a pint-sized pioneer. She doesn't know it, but this two-year-old girl is part of a national precision medicine trial through MUSC Children's Health for children with high-risk neuroblastoma.

10/04/2017 02:32 PM
Gene therapy helps boys with 'Lorenzo's Oil' disease
The fledgling field of gene therapy has scored another win: An experimental treatment seemed to help boys with the inherited nerve disease featured in the movie "Lorenzo's Oil."

10/04/2017 10:00 AM
Anxiety and depression caused by childhood bullying decline over time
A new UCL-led study has provided the strongest evidence to date that exposure to bullying causes mental health issues such as anxiety years later.

10/03/2017 02:40 PM
Breast cancer's decline may have saved 322,000 lives
(HealthDay)—New research finds the number of American women who've lost their lives to breast cancer has fallen precipitously in the past 25 years, with more than 322,000 lives saved in that time.

10/02/2017 09:56 AM
The Latest: Nobel winner Young: Body clocks are the future
The Latest on the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (all times local):

09/25/2017 09:17 AM
Mastectomy study confirms 'Jolie effect'
(HealthDay)—Actress Angelina Jolie's decision to undergo breast removal to reduce her risk of breast cancer has led other women to do so, a new study shows.

09/23/2017 01:55 AM
Lady Gaga's fibromyalgia puts illness in the spotlight
(HealthDay)—Earlier this month, superstar Lady Gaga took to social media to announce that she has long struggled with fibromyalgia.

09/22/2017 07:00 AM
White supremacy—the dark side of eugenics
Whenever I work on a new edition of my human genetics textbook and reach the section on eugenics, at the end of an evolution chapter, I'm relieved that it's history. But this summer, as I wrapped up the 12th edition, the eugenics coverage took on a frightening new reality.

09/20/2017 12:10 PM
Prostate cancer symptoms aren't always obvious
(HealthDay)—Although about 1 in 7 men will be eventually be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime, the warning signs of the disease are often vague and may be confused with other conditions, experts at Fox Chase Cancer Center say.

09/20/2017 01:24 AM
The big question: Will cancer immune therapy work for me?
Dennis Lyon was a genetic train wreck. Cancer was ravaging his liver, lungs, bones and brain, and tests showed so many tumor mutations that drugs targeting one or two wouldn't do much good. It seemed like very bad news, yet his doctors were encouraged.

09/19/2017 06:50 AM
Experts explain what parents should know about pediatric obesity
Contrary to what many people think, childhood obesity doesn't just happen if a child eats too much and exercises too little. Sure, proper nutrition and physical activity are crucial to anyone's health, but there are many influencing factors beyond a child—or parent's—control.

09/14/2017 11:30 AM
U.S. cancer death rate continues to fall
(HealthDay)—More Americans are surviving cancer than ever before, but as the population ages, even more will develop the disease.

09/14/2017 10:30 AM
Could swine flu be linked to type 1 diabetes?
(HealthDay)—Young people who've been infected with the H1N1 swine flu virus may be at increased risk for type 1 diabetes, a new study suggests.

09/04/2017 07:51 AM
Skin lightening: the dangerous obsession that's worth billions
Millions of people across the world want to make their skin lighter – but the treatments they use can be dangerous. Mary-Rose Abraham meets beauticians, dermatologists and their clients to walk the line between aesthetic choice and racial prejudice.

08/31/2017 10:18 AM
Play it smart: Stay in school for a healthier heart
(HealthDay)—Higher education has been linked to better jobs, greater pay and, now, even a healthier heart.

08/29/2017 05:49 AM
Americans OK with GMs for health care, but still wary about food
More than three-quarters of Americans would accept release of genetically modified mosquitoes to decrease risk of the Zika virus, but fewer than half accept genetic modification (GM) of animals, grain crops and produce, according to a Purdue University study.

08/25/2017 08:40 AM
Americans are confused about food and unsure where to turn for answers, survey shows
More than one-third of Americans do not know that foods with no genetically modified ingredients contain genes, according to the new nationally representative Food Literacy and Engagement Poll we recently conducted at Michigan State University. For the record, all foods contain genes, and so do all people.

08/24/2017 07:55 AM
'Breakthrough' leukemia drug also portends 'quantum leap' in cost
When doctors talk about a new leukemia drug from Novartis, they ooze enthusiasm, using words like "breakthrough," "revolutionary" and "a watershed moment."

08/22/2017 06:18 AM
Will CRISPR fears fade with familiarity?
The first "test-tube baby" made headlines around the world in 1978, setting off intense debate on the ethics of researching human embryos and reproductive technologies. Every breakthrough since then has raised the same questions about "designer babies" and "playing God" – but public response has grown more subdued rather than more engaged as assisted reproductive technologies have become increasingly sophisticated and powerful.

08/11/2017 05:47 AM
Sleep biology discovery could lead to new insomnia treatments that don't target the brain
UCLA scientists report the first evidence that a gene outside the brain controls the ability to rebound from sleep deprivation—a surprising discovery that could eventually lead to greatly improved treatments for insomnia and other sleep disorders that do not involve getting a drug into the brain.