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08/13/2018 10:09 AM
Prevalence and Profile of High Impact Chronic Pain

Almost 11 million U.S. adults have “High Impact Chronic Pain.” 

07/27/2018 09:45 AM
Highlighting Recent NCCIH Pain-Research News: Part 2

In this blog post, Acting NCCIH Director Dr. David Shurtleff discusses highlights from the 2018 symposium, “From Science to Society: At the Intersection of Chronic Pain Management and the Opioid Crisis” & invites people to attend a one-day pain symposium co-sponsored by NCCIH on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 in advance of the World Congress on Pain.

07/25/2018 06:39 PM
Highlighting Recent NCCIH Pain-Research News: Part 1

In this blog post, Acting NCCIH Director Dr. David Shurtleff discusses NCCIH and NIH plans that focus on the opioid epidemic and problems with which it is often associated: pain; chronic pain; substance misuse and addiction; and mental health problems. 

07/24/2018 11:03 AM
NIH Collaboratory Expands Its Portfolio of Pragmatic Clinical Trials

In this blog post, Dr. Catherine Meyers discusses new Pragmatic Clinical Trial (PCT) Demonstration Projects that have been funded within the NIH Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory.

07/24/2018 10:36 AM
NIH expands program that conducts large-scale clinical trials in real-world settings

This press release addresses the National Institutes of Health’s Health Care Systems (HCS) Research Collaboratory and announces five new research awards; such research will help strengthen the relevance of research results to health practice.

07/24/2018 06:48 AM
King Bio Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Aquaflora Candida HP9, Lymph Detox, and Baby Teething Liquids Due to Microbial Contamination

King Bio voluntarily recalls lots of Aquaflora Candida HP9, Lymph Detox, and Baby Teething liquids due to microbial contamination.

07/23/2018 07:14 AM
One-Day Chronic Pain Symposium in Boston To Feature Researchers and Patients

In this blog post, Dr, Wen Chen calls attention to a chronic pain symposium organized by the NCCIH Pain Working Group that precedes the 2018 World Congress on Pain.

07/18/2018 10:09 AM
Pursuing a Research Career? Apply September 1–November 15, 2018 for NIH Student Loan Repayment!

In this blog post Dr. Lanay Mudd discusses NIH Loan Repayment Programs for researchers.

07/18/2018 07:46 AM
Use of Natural Products by Children
kids eating

Read this issue of NCCIH’s Clinical Digest to learn more about the use of natural products by children.

07/16/2018 06:58 AM
Blissful Remedies Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Certain Kratom Powder Capsule

Blissful Remedies recalls kratom product Lot No.: 112710 with expiration 03/2019 found embedded on the top of package of kratom ( mitragyn a speciosa) powder products, manufactured, processed, packed, and/or held, between March 1, 2018 to April 30, 2018.

07/09/2018 08:40 AM
LL’S Magnetic Clay Inc. Expands Allergy Alert On Undeclared Allergens In Prescript-Assist Dietary Supplement To All Lots

LL’s Magnetic Clay, Inc. of Austin, Texas recalls all lots of Prescript-Assist (still within expiration date) because of its potential to contain undeclared allergens, including almonds, crustaceans, milk, casein, eggs, and peanuts.

07/03/2018 02:15 PM
Study Explores the Molecular Basis of Chronic Pain Following Nerve Injury
After an injury, neurons undergo genetic changes that are initiated by DLK and lead to pain and nerve damage. Over time (left to right), certain genes become more active.

Researchers identifiy a key molecule, dual leucine zipper kinase (DLK), that controls pathways leading to chronic neuropathic pain following nerve injury.

06/29/2018 01:19 PM
NCCIH Grantees: Using Administrative Supplements To Fund Additional Research on Pain or Opioid Use Disorder

Think of administrative supplements when you’re thinking of how to fund research projects.

06/28/2018 01:33 PM
To K or Not To K?

Applying for a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Career Development Award (or K award)? Read this for more information.

06/25/2018 01:45 PM
6 Things to Know About Travel-Related Ailments and Complementary Health Approaches

People planning to travel internationally are often interested in complementary or integrative health approaches for travel-related illnesses and conditions. Some of these approaches for travel-related health problems are promoted widely in advertising or marketed on the Internet. However, little of this information is supported by research evidence, and some of it is misleading or false. Here are 6 things to know if you are considering using herbal remedies, dietary supplements, or other complementary health approaches for travel-related ailments and hazards.