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08/16/2018 06:58 PM
From Builders, Construction, & Manufactured Housing – July Business, Jobs, Confidence Report
  The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is a national trade group that reportedly includes hundreds of manufactured housing connected members, among their 325,000 total members.   NFIB is big enough to do the kind of research that most manufactured housing industry specialized trade associations can’t afford to do, or in one case, won’t […]

08/16/2018 05:54 PM
Kudlow Says “We Are Crushing It,” Plus Manufactured Housing Market Updates
We strive for balanced, evidence-based reports. Yesterday evening, readers/viewers tuned into this evening market report to hear what Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren says should become law. It’s her vision for what should be next for the economy, which includes all new regulations. Tonight, we’ll hear what President Trump’s economic advisor, Larry Kudlow has to say, […]

08/16/2018 11:48 AM
Bloomberg “New Home for $90,000? Manufactured Housing Is Making a Comeback” Reveals MH Media Challenge
Regular readers of the Daily Business News will note that in the headline, we didn’t open the above with “Mainstream Media Challenge,” why?   Because the manufactured home (MH) industry’s communications struggles are twofold. Internal – within the industry – as well as external, meaning mainstream media, and/or other third-party reports, such as the important […]

08/16/2018 07:14 AM
Introducing the JW Corruption Chronicles, News Reporting Isn’t Dead
Before starting the headline report, some disclosures are warranted. Disclosures. This digital publication is a subsidiary of a privately held LLC, which engages in trade media as well as various expert, marketing and business development services focused on HUD Code manufactured homes (MH), and factory-built housing in general.   A look at our principal’s LinkedIn profile […]

08/15/2018 06:28 PM
After De-Regulation, Senator Warren Promotes Re-Regulation Via Accountable Capitalism Act, Plus MH Market Updates
Elizabeth Warren’s vision, if it became law, could “destroy capitalism,” says a Harvard expert in a video interview that will be our spotlight for this evening. If you’re new, already hooked on our new spotlight feature – or are ready to get the MH professional fever – our headline report is found further below, after the […]

08/15/2018 05:25 PM
Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s Honeymoon Mobile Home Auctioned Soon
  “It’s a shame that so many in the industry just don’t get it,” said an industry reader and client who tipped the auction of Elvis’ honeymoon mobile home to MHProNews.  “Manufactured home pros should celebrate the mobile home past, not run from it. Yes, we need the right terminology, and done correctly it would […]

08/15/2018 04:19 PM
“Buyers Have Had Enough,” says Redfin’s Glenn Kelman
“As U.S. home prices have increased faster than wages for 70 straight months, buyers in markets like these have finally had enough, at least for now. There are still plenty of markets where homebuyer demand is strong. But for the first time in years, we are getting reports from managers of some markets that homebuyer […]

08/15/2018 12:18 PM
“Work With Us Or Die,” Threat from Facebook’s Brown, per SUN Report
  Campbell Brown is Facebook’s head of news partnerships.  According to reports from The Australian, Drudge, and the Sun, Brown told a group of media executives down under that they have to “Work with us or end up in hospice.”   Hospice is defined by Google’s dictionary as “providing care for the sick, especially the […]

08/14/2018 07:24 PM
Battle for the House, What to Watch in Tuesday’s Primaries
  Barring some unforeseen political earthquake, the smart money has the GOP holding the Senate in November’s midterms.   So, the focus for most pundits is on the House of Representatives. The White House has made it clear that they think they can get a red wave in November, due in part to increased economic […]

08/14/2018 06:48 PM
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway reloads Apple, Goldman Sachs, Plus MH Market Updates
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owns Clayton Homes and numerous other HUD Code manufactured home industry-connected operations. But its reach is so vast, that in direct and indirect ways, it can influence the manufactured housing industry.  With that backdrop, the latest moves by Berkshire Hathaway are posted below. If you’re new, already hooked on our new […]

08/14/2018 04:10 PM
Kevin Clayton, Leslie Gooch Sound-off; Left & Right Agree? Manufactured Homeland, MHI, & You
  To tee-up the Kevin Clayton, Lesli Gooch portions of this article, the Daily Business News on MHProNews will start with noteworthy development in media.  When voices from the political and economic left – and the conservative/libertarian economic and political right – broadly agree on a core issue, that alone should be headline news.   […]

08/14/2018 05:47 AM
Ford is Powering the “Home of the Future”
Several years ago, early in our history, MHProNews interviewed Eddie Hicks, a veteran manufactured home community consultant. Part of the topic was product placement.   Fast forward to the Verge and Curbed, which have snagged Ford as the sponsor for their “Home of the Future” video series. You’ll often notice on the top right corner […]

08/13/2018 06:38 PM
HUD Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing Rule
The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule, was put into effect in 2015, during the tenure of former President Obama.   The rule required jurisdictions that received Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding to assess fair housing. AFFH aimed to identify solutions to discriminatory barriers in housing markets. The Daily Business News on […]

08/13/2018 05:32 PM
“We Shouldn’t Fear Our Government,” Feds Pay Out Millions in Case, Plus MH Market Updates
“We Shouldn’t Fear Our Government,” said True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht in a video in our featured report this evening. The IRS targeting scandal of conservative groups during the Obama Administration may not seem to have anything to do with the markets, or manufactured housing, does it? The recent settlement of the scandal will be […]

08/13/2018 12:25 PM
RV/MH Hall of Fame Class of 2018 Inducted in Gala Ceremonies
  The Class of 2018 includes: (Back row left to right) Bill Wilson, Cherry Hill Mobile Home Park and Indian Hill Estates; Roger Faulkner, General Coach Canada; Mike Cirillo, Star Management; John Evans, CMHI. (Front row left to right) Derald Bontrager, Jayco, Inc.; Joan Cohron, accepting for Darrel/Harrel Cohron, Dealer and Community Owner; Becky Lenington, […]

08/13/2018 04:22 AM
Becoming a Standout Performer, Monday Morning Sales, Marketing Meeting
  There are certain basics that many marketing and sales coaches teach.   Among them is a simple, yet profound concept. It’s this. Set yourself apart from the crowd.   Do so in a compelling fashion.  Make a customer’s experience with you a memorable one.   There’s a variety of ways to be unique that […]

08/12/2018 04:41 AM
Back to Basics Will Boost Manufactured Home Sales, Sunday Morning Manufactured Home Industry Headline News Recap Aug 5 – Aug 12, 2018
Let’s stress again that there are numbers of honorable operators and professionals in manufactured housing.   Some of those honorable souls would see “the basics” in a similar way that we at MHProNews would agree with too. But perhaps in an ironic way, the fact that not everyone understands what “the basics” are illuminates a […]

08/11/2018 06:32 AM
“Shadows of Liberty” Movie Introduction, Affordable Housing, and You
  “Tony, if MHProNews is writing about it, I want to know about it.” – MHProNews executive level reader.   Topical curation – subject selection and presentation – is important to the readers of a trade publication. This one is no different. “Curation is a field of endeavor involved with assembling, managing and presenting some type of collection,” […]

08/10/2018 06:36 PM
Billions in Global Deals, Flying Above the Fray for Unicorn Prefab Builder
While manufactured housing professionals are struggling at historically low levels, Robbie Antonio is demonstrating his ability to do billions of dollars in deals globally.   “This is an exciting period for the company as we continue to expand our footprint worldwide. Bahrain is an important part of this expansion because of its strategic location and […]

08/10/2018 05:27 PM
“It’s A Problem That’s Been Bubbling for Years,” Turkey Tank$, Plus Manufactured Housing Market Updates
As the United States begins to flex more economic muscle, there are increasing signs in markets from China, Europe to now Turkey that are reflecting weaknesses in markets overseas. Today, Turkey grabbed the headlines, and some experts share their take. It’s a troubling reminder why manufactured housing is a much safer bet, which will be […]

08/10/2018 02:41 PM
Freddie Mac’s Manufactured Housing, Myths vs Facts – Your Professional Thoughts?
We’ll weigh in on this Freddie Mac handout promoting manufactured housing another time, but would value that of the readers of Daily Business News on MHProNews.   Here it is, below. We just have this suggestion, as you look at this handout from Freddie Mac, meant to promote manufactured housing.  Please consider it from all angles. […]

08/10/2018 09:19 AM
What RV Industry’s 2018, Prior Results Reveal for Manufactured Housing
  Executive Summary?  The facts are black and white. Eye-opening.   Some RV vs. MH Shipment Performance Facts: The RV industry shipped more units in March of 2018 than did the entire manufactured housing industry through June of 2018.  Good for them, ouch for our industry. In 1998, when HUD Code Manufactured Homes (MH) last […]

08/09/2018 06:29 PM
Heartland Immigration Raids by ICE Are Targeting Businesses, Owners, Management – Plus Illegals
  OMAHA, Neb. (AP) —  “A large federal law enforcement operation conducted Wednesday targeted businesses in Nebraska and Minnesota that officials say knowingly hired — and mistreated — immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally,” reports the Associated Press (AP).   There have been several incidents in various parts of the nation that has involved […]

08/09/2018 05:48 PM
“I Admit, I was Wrong,” said Heritage’s Feulner, Plus Manufactured Housing Market Updates
Wouldn’t it be refreshing if certain folks in Arlington, VA made an admission like the headline confession Heritage’s Edwin Fuelner made on camera? But, the focus for this evening’s market report isn’t that, rather, it is two-prime points. General economy/jobs, and the under-reported internal struggles in China over the trade troubles with the U.S. If […]

08/09/2018 12:39 PM
AG’s Hathaway Lawsuit OK’d
  “The Consumer Protection Division of the Idaho Attorney General’s Office is now free to pursue a planned lawsuit aimed at banning Paul Hathaway, the former owner of Hathaway Homes Group, from selling mobile and manufactured homes,” per Bryan Clark for the Post Register and Standard Journal   Hathaway Homes Group is in the process […]

08/09/2018 10:14 AM
“All the News That’s Fit to Print,” “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” Affordable Housing, MH Reality Checks
  Wheat and chaff. Take the best information that a source provides, sift out the chaff, and voila! You have useful information.   The headline two quotes above are from the old tag line of the NYTimes, which brought the industry the sensationalistic “The Cold, Hard Lessons of Mobile Home U. The second is the […]

08/08/2018 06:50 PM
Carson’s Recent Address on HUD, Affordable Housing, and the Manufactured Housing Vantagepoint
  If you listen to the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies video below, the outlook for affordable housing sounds bleak.     By contrast, Mark Weiss, in a soon-to-be-released commentary, told MHProNews that “HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, as the saying goes, “gets it.”   First, and most fundamentally, he understands – and has […]

08/08/2018 05:29 PM
Skirts vs. Coat-Tails for Biz and Investors? Plus Manufactured Housing Market Updates
The markets closed mixed, and the midterms are approaching in just 90 days.  As the American Banker noted in their print edition, part of what is up in the air is certainty for business and investors. Is it a blue wave ahead, or is the President of the United States (POTUS) Donald J. Trump’s claim […]

08/08/2018 10:49 AM
MHPro Alert: DOE Issues Manufactured Housing Energy Rule RFI
“The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has published a “Notice of Data Availability and Request for Information” (“Notice”) regarding its previously dormant manufactured housing energy conservation standards rulemaking in the August 3, 2018 edition of the Federal Register (see copy attached),” said the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR)   “The DOE Notice seeks information […]

08/08/2018 04:40 AM
“Waste, Fraud, and Abuse” – FHFA, GSE Federal Oversight Announcement
The House Financial Services Committee announced that there will be an upcoming hearing that will continue their probe into allegations of “waste, fraud, and abuse.”   The Daily Business News on MHProNews has tracked developments over the ongoing drumbeat out of Washington, D.C. over concerns regarding the Federal Housing Finance Administration (FHFA) and their legal […]

08/07/2018 09:02 PM
Ready Player One, “Mobile Home Stacks,” and the Manufactured Home Industry Reality Check
Culture is often a reflection of entertainment, and entertainment often influences society, and thus culture.   With that in mind, what did the movie Ready Player One  tell the manufactured housing industry? Ready Player One (RP1) featured people living “in “stacks,” which are literally mobile homes piled on top of one another to near skyscraper heights.” […]

08/07/2018 06:03 PM
Stocks Rise Amid Trade Tiffs, Iran Sanctions Take Effect, Plus MH Market Updates
Don’t look now. The uncertainty over trade, sanctions, tariffs in the first half of the year gave way on Wall Streets to a more recent steady rise in the markets. While there’s plenty of question marks – read, uncertainty – ahead, there seems to be growing confidence that the Trump Administration may be on the […]

08/07/2018 04:54 PM
City Settles Case with Community Owner for $1.5 Million
The City of Chino recently reached a $1.5 million settlement with a manufactured home community owner. The suit originally asked for $34 million, and was filed in July 2010 by Chino MHC, owner of Lamplighter Chino Mobile Home Park,  per the Champion Newspapers. “The settlement agreement resolves long-standing disputes and litigation between the parties,” city […]

08/07/2018 05:13 AM
“Insulting” – Local News Report on “Mobile Home” Fire Underscores Why Terminology Matters
  A local news story of a “mobile home fire” on I-20 underscores why the terminology issue matters.   Before diving into the local media report to see the lessons learned, let’s examine part of a detailed statement from a multi-decade manufactured home professional. Why? Because it very much relates to this issue. It was […]

08/06/2018 06:58 PM
Rising Tide Lifts Millions off Food Stamps, Plus Manufactured Home Market Updates
The USDA reports that the number of people on food stamps, more properly known as SNAP benefits, has been declining by millions since February of 2017. More jobs, higher wages are clearly contributing to that outcome, which will be our focus spotlight this evening. If you’re new, already hooked on our new spotlight feature – […]

08/06/2018 01:27 PM
Manufactured Housing Shipment Totals, June 2018
Manufactured housing shipments continued to rise, but the pace of growth slowed in June, per the latest data from the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR).  MHProNews presents MHARR’s latest data, and their formal statement, followed by an MHProNews analysis.    Washington, D.C., August 6, 2018 – The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) reports that […]

08/06/2018 11:55 AM
HousingEconomics Releases New Data on U.S. Housing, Comparing MH and Stick Built Data
  HousingEconomics is part of the National Association of Home Builders ® (NAHB), an outlet for NAR data.   According to their website, “The NAHB Economics Group has provided research and analytical solutions to member companies and professional economists since 1970.” And “you can rely on the premier data source for the U.S. housing industry: HousingEconomics.com.” […]

08/06/2018 08:25 AM
“Fixing Our Industry’s Terrible” Public Relations, a Proven Strategy
This is a “Feedback Edition” – featuring comments from MH Industry Voices – that is still part of our normal Monday Morning Marketing and Sales meeting.  You could summarize the topic like this.  Shouldn’t our job selling homes that are quality for so much less be easier than it is?  What can be done to […]

08/05/2018 05:26 AM
They Did It Before…Sunday Morning Manufactured Home Industry News Headline Recap July Aug 5, 2018
  They Did It Before, They Can Do It Again    The headline is a play on words, and can be taken in a good way, or a problematic one.   “We did it Before, We Can Do It Again” was a World War II song, aimed to remind Americans that they had beaten Germany […]

08/04/2018 05:43 PM
“Thou Shall Not Steal,” $2 Trillion Annually Lost to Lack of Affordable Homes, Making the Manufactured Home Case
After years of arguably failed polite talk, perhaps more direct and blunt words are needed.   The logic of research economists Chang-Tai Hsieh and Enrico Moretti is that improper land use policies are costing the nation some $2 trillion dollars a year. The reasoning of National Association of Realtors (NAR) Chief Economist Lawrence Yun is […]

08/03/2018 06:44 PM
Significant Slowdown of New HUD Code Manufactured Home Production Growth in June, Per Latest Data
While manufactured housing production has nudged up marginally in June, the data reveals that it has slowed significantly from earlier this year.   The state-by-state breakdown of production is found in the chart below, based upon data collected for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by IBTS. A more detailed report will be […]

08/03/2018 05:58 PM
Lou Barletta – Senatorial Candidate – Sums Up Upcoming Mid-Term Battle Lines, Plus MH Market UPdates
It only took Lou Barletta about 3 minutes to machine gun the bullets that sum up the 2018 midterm battle lines. Check out that new video, because the midterms are coming up fast. With markets closing mostly up, the Barletta related video will be our feature for tonight. If you’re new, already hooked on our […]

08/03/2018 02:10 PM
Loan Zone Manufactured Home Buyers, Sellers – CU Insight on Fannie, Freddie and Duty to Serve Manufactured Housing Industry
“Despite news reports that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will start pilot programs for chattel manufactured home loans, don’t look for a big move by them any time soon in this arena,” said the CU Insight yesterday. The CU Insight’s about us page says, “…is the place for all things credit union. We are the […]

08/03/2018 05:42 AM
SECO Woes – Southeast Community Owners Symposium – Tom Lackey, Industry Pros, & MH Consumer Legal Clouds
From time to time, a variation on the question is asked, ‘What happened to the reports about Tom Lackey, Stoney Pointe manufactured home (MH) community, missing titles, owner-carry, SECO and all those consumers who lost their homes?’     The short answer? Based on the latest reports to the Daily Business News on MHProNews, this […]

08/02/2018 05:46 PM
Fresh Facts, Figures, Future of Affordable Housing -Comparisons- Conventional Site-Built v Mobile/Manufactured Home Industry Data
  One of the most serious issues in America is the affordable housing crisis.   It should be noted that affordable housing is a non-partisan issue. People most commonly live in apartments, other forms of rental housing, and other types of homes. Those hundreds of millions may be Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or any other political […]

08/02/2018 05:31 PM
How Trillion Dollar Apple Market Cap Stacks Up Against Berkshire Hathaway, S&P 500 Firms – Plus MH Market Updates
Everyone will be buzzing about Apple being the first to hit a trillion dollar market cap.  Berkshire Hathaway holds a growing stake in Apple.  How does Berkshire, or other publicly traded firms compare?  See the infographic below, our feature for this evening. If you’re new, already hooked on our new spotlight feature – or are […]

08/02/2018 01:40 PM
Wholesale “Hurricane Sale” Attracts Communities, Retailers, Manufactured Home Pros, Event Update
“Legacy Georgia’s Hurricane Liquidation in Eatonton is going to be the biggest MH sale of the Fall,” said Casey Mack Legacy Housing Corporation in charge of Marketing | Web | Dealer Programs. “The countdown is on with less than 42 days to go!”   They are running several weeks ahead of plan, Mack said, “we appreciate […]

08/02/2018 05:04 AM
“Vehicular Homelessness” Rising, Land Use, and Manufactured Housing Policies
  In the background of numerous mainstream media news stories are the underlying cause(s) of the headlined issue.   A recent example of this is a CBS News report on the stunning rise of what some are calling “vehicular homelessness.”  Even with economic improvements, more people are trying to figure out affordable living the best […]

08/01/2018 07:43 PM
HUD’s Brian Montgomery, Published Notice of Meeting of the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC)
  The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) and the Federal Register inform the Daily Business News that HUD Assistant Secretary Brian Montgomery has announced the next meeting of the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee   Here below is the MHARR release, with the Federal Register notice linked here as a download.   HUD PUBLISHES […]

08/01/2018 06:14 PM
#3 MH Lender Hit by $2 Billion in Fines, Plus MH Market Updates
Numerous manufactured home professionals don’t realize that the per HMDA data, the #3 lender in manufac5ured housing is Well Fargo, which Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has a large stake in.  The fines they were hit with today are our featured spotlight tonight. If you’re new, already hooked on our new spotlight feature – or are […]