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21/01/2018 06:42 PM
New website
We no longer update this website. Our new site is at Advertisements

19/01/2017 06:21 PM
Our Recommendations for Nominations to the NCC and CAC
Your CLP can now nominate candidates for the National Constitutional Committee (NCC) and Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC). These are incredibly important internal elections taking place later this year. The NCC deals with disciplinary matters within the party – a role which, unfortunately, has become increasingly important in recent years. The CAC deals with matters related […]

16/07/2016 11:23 AM
NEC and Leadership Elections
NEC Ballot The National Executive Committee (NEC) elections have started. Ballot papers should have reached you by email already and by post by next Friday. They have to be returned by 5 August. Only full Labour Party members who joined before 24 June this year will receive a ballot. It is essential you remind all […]

09/03/2016 08:16 AM
Nailing the lie that the last Labour government was “Tory Lite” – By Dave Bodimede, Rayleigh & Wickford CLP
If Jeremy Corbyn is the answer then many baffled New Labourites still wonder what the question is. However, many on the Left assume the last Labour government delivered little for working people. For them Corbyn may be the answer, with ‘a real alternative to the Tories’? But the assumption is wrong and Corbyn isn’t the […]

09/03/2016 08:16 AM
Council budgets – By Councillor Tom Beattie, Leader of Corby Borough Council.
Like many Labour Council Leaders and Leaders of Labour Groups I was heartened and encouraged to receive a letter dated 17th December from Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Jon Trickett, setting out the leadership’s position in relation to the setting of legal […]

29/01/2016 12:06 PM
Labour First’s recommendations for NEC and NCC elections 2016
Nominations are now open for the six CLP representatives on the National Executive Committee. The 33 member NEC is currently finely balanced between the Hard Left and mainstream members. The NEC is the governing body of the party between Annual Conferences in all matters relating to party organisation and rules. We are recommending support for […]

29/01/2016 12:03 PM
Speech by Michael Dugher MP to the Labour First Annual Meeting, 16 Jan 2016
Taking the fight to the Tories – by showing we can beat them. Speech by Michael Dugher to Labour Party members in Oldbury in the West Midlands: Taking the fight to the Tories – by showing we can beat them Now I don’t know how many of you read the remarks by Dave Watts in […]

12/09/2015 12:36 PM
Labour First statement following Leadership Election
Labour First did not support Jeremy Corbyn and our concerns about the impact of his political positions and even more, those of some of his supporters, on Labour’s electability are profound. Of course we will work with him and the Shadow Cabinet to oppose the relentless Tory assault on workers’ rights and benefits. However, one […]

15/08/2015 12:17 PM
Voting Guide
Here are Labour First’s recommendations for moderate candidates to support in the current Labour Party ballot: Leader Labour First’s position remains that there are prominent supporters of Labour First backing each of Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall. We clearly do not share Jeremy Corbyn’s politics and believe these would destroy Labour’s chances of […]

27/07/2015 11:56 AM
An Open Letter to Progress
To: John Woodcock MP and Richard Angel Dear John and Richard, We are writing to you as Chair and Director of Progress. We appreciate the experience of working with you for many years now to jointly promote moderate candidates in internal Labour Party elections for the NEC and NPF etc. The current challenge for the […]