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06/21/2018 10:02 AM
Why summer shouldn’t be a time for body image worries

06/11/2018 01:46 PM
When should technology be used during exam season?

06/11/2018 10:47 AM
How exercise can help raise your child’s self-esteem

05/30/2018 09:25 AM
Can reality TV be a good thing?
Reality TV: a good thing

05/21/2018 12:14 PM
What is the dark web? A parent’s guide

A parent’s guide to the dark web: why your child may be using it and what you need to know

04/19/2018 12:20 PM
Talking to your teen about sexting? Get the facts.

How to have conversations about sexting and make sure your teen is staying safe. 

Talk about sexting

04/18/2018 03:50 PM
Talking to your teenager about consent

Advice and tips on understanding what consent means.

Talk about consent

04/18/2018 02:20 PM
Spotting abuse in teenage relationships

How to spot the signs of an abusive teenage relationship and what to do if you think your teenager may be involved in one

Teen relationship abuse

03/29/2018 10:03 AM
Family dynamics and your child’s self-esteem

A guide for parents on the importance of family influence on helping build body confidence in teenagers, with advice from the dove Self-Esteem Project

03/29/2018 09:37 AM
Starting conversations with your child about positive body image

Tips to boost your child’s positive body image from the Dove Self-Esteem Project and Parent Info

03/29/2018 09:17 AM
Body image and the media

Young people, body image and the media: a guide from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

Waist measure

03/26/2018 11:14 AM
VPNs: What are Virtual Private Networks?

A parent's guide to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) from CEOP’s Leah Buck

03/13/2018 12:23 PM
Supporting teenagers through relationships

Brook and CEOP's Digital Romance research project spoke to over 2,000 young people about their relationships and the use of technology in their love lives. Here is CEOP's expert advice on how to support teenagers through romantic relationships. 

02/20/2018 03:00 PM
How can the digital world help young people with epilepsy?

Advice for parents from Epilepsy Action on how the digital world can offer young people living with epilepsy the support they need

01/29/2018 01:38 PM
Helping your child cope with panic attacks

Panic attacks in children: a parent’s guide from Dr Bijal Chheda-Varma, clinical psychologist at Nightingale Hospital

01/17/2018 12:50 PM
The power of your words: parents’ effect on children’s body image

Be aware of the power and impact your words can have on how your child feels about themselves. Read our advice from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

01/17/2018 10:43 AM
Encourage your child's individuality

Celebrate your child's unique qualities with the Dove Self-Esteem Project

01/17/2018 09:53 AM
Celebrating your child’s inner beauty

01/09/2018 10:08 AM
Conversations with young children about sex and relationships

Expert advice on how to talk to young children about sex and relationships

12/11/2017 03:06 PM
How do I know which video games are suitable for my child?

PEGI ratings and video games: a parent's guide

Christmas games for children

12/05/2017 12:18 PM
Mood-altering substances – everything you need to know

Maryon Stewart, founder of the Angelus Foundation (now Mentor UK), offers her expert advice on how to talk to your child about legal and illegal substances that may alter their mood or behaviour

12/04/2017 01:05 PM
Selfie aware: redefining beauty one photo at a time

How selfie culture and social media can affect your child’s body confidence – and what you can do about it

11/27/2017 12:47 PM
Child-friendly T&Cs: what parents should know

Child-friendly terms and conditions on social media; a parent’s guide 

11/23/2017 04:00 PM
Celebrity appeal: appearances can be deceptive

Help your child boost their body confidence and understand how celebs images are manipulated with help from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

11/23/2017 12:35 PM
Resisting the latest appearance trends

Advice for parents on helping your child deal with pressures to look a certain way and body shaming with help from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

11/17/2017 02:11 PM
Fake news: a parent's guide

What is fake news and how can you help  your child spot it? Nicky Cox, editor in chief of First News, offers advice for parents

11/15/2017 10:04 AM
Meeting others: the particular challenges for LGBTQ+ children

Helping LGBTQ+ children and young people meet others safely: a parent’s guide


11/07/2017 05:44 PM
Ten tips for talking to your child’s school about bullying

Ten tips for talking to teachers if your child is being bullied at school.

10/30/2017 11:47 AM
Are you worried your child might see something inappropriate online?

What happens if your child sees something they shouldn't online? CEOP offers advice for parents

keeping children safe online

10/23/2017 10:57 AM
Body image and social media: I wish...

Help your child feel good about themselves, however many likes they get on social media, with advice from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

10/23/2017 10:39 AM
Positive body image: rising to the challenge

Lorraine Kelly explains why body image workshops in school can help boost self-esteem

Boost body image for children and young people

10/18/2017 11:37 AM
With a little help from my friends

10/18/2017 08:44 AM
Childhood stroke: what parents need to know

Around 400 children in the UK suffers a stroke every year. Here, Dr Anne Gordon on behalf of the Stroke Association, explains more






10/09/2017 12:46 PM
Homework: 10 tips to get ahead

A parent's guide to managing your child’s homework effectively

10/04/2017 02:13 PM
One of a kind: resisting the pressure to conform

Advice for parents on helping your child cope with peer pressure from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

boosting daughter's self-esteem

10/03/2017 11:30 AM
Does your child have the skills to combat cybercrime?

Cybercrime: the NCA's National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) looks at how you can encourage your child to use their digital skills in a positive, rather than negative, way

09/25/2017 10:20 AM
At what age can my child…?

What age can your child be left alone? When can they drink? We answer parents’ frequently asked questions about legal milestones in their children’s lives

09/19/2017 01:32 PM
Viral Trends 2: the sequel

Viral challenges continue to shape a lot of young people’s experiences online. fare harmless and just good fun, but some are more sinister and could pose risks. Here's what parents need to know

09/13/2017 08:48 AM
A girl’s beauty confidence starts with her mother

How a secret code between parents and their child could help protect young people when they have problems. Read our advice from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

09/13/2017 07:45 AM
Saving made simple

Tips to help children learn to save and manage money in the real and online worlds.

Saving for children

09/13/2017 07:38 AM
Preparing for university: a parent's guide

Some practical tips for parents to pass on to their children on how best to prepare for university

starting university teens

09/11/2017 02:24 PM
Look for the good: positive role models

09/07/2017 10:31 AM
Creating a positive personal style

Lorraine Kelly helps children and young people boost their body confidence with help from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

Lorraine Kelly present body confidence workshop

09/05/2017 12:51 PM
Digital resilience: a parent's guide

But what exactly is digital resilience? And what can we do as parents to help our children develop it?

digital re

08/11/2017 09:43 AM
Download a FREE parent guide to boosting children's self-esteem

Get your free guide to help boost your child’s body image and confidence from the Dove Self-Esteem Project


07/07/2017 09:39 AM
Five tips for starting a new school

Five tips to help your child tackle their first week at a new school with ease and confidence.

Back to school

07/03/2017 09:13 AM
Talking to your child about suicidal thoughts

​There has been substantial media coverage of the Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why. The drama has been accused of inaccurately portraying, or even glamourising, suicide. Dr Alys Cole-King Clinical Director, of the Social Enterprise Connecting with People, and Dr Stan Kutcher, Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health, offer advice to parents on talking to their children about the programme and its difficult subject matter

Suicide, suicidal thoughts, 13 Reasons Why

06/27/2017 04:03 PM
Yubo (formerly Yellow): what parents need to know

A parent’s guide to Yubo, formerly called Yellow, from Thinkuknow - the education programme of The National Crime Agency’s child protection command CEOP

Five tips for starting a new school

06/15/2017 12:09 PM
It’s no game – how to tell if your child is addicted to tech

Many parents worry their child is addicted to gaming but are they really, or just doing something they enjoy to excess? Psychiatrist Richard Graham offers his advice


06/13/2017 10:16 AM
Snapchat: a parent's guide

Everything you need to know about Snaptchat, the hugely popular picture sharing app


06/08/2017 10:15 AM
Helping your child celebrate their cultural background
Body confidence and self-esteem for teens

06/08/2017 10:00 AM
Self-esteem: How listening to your child can be as important as talking to them

How parents can develop their listening skills to help their child open up about self-esteem issues

Dove self-esteem project body confidence resources for teens

05/26/2017 12:22 PM
Helping your child cope with peer pressure

Peer pressure: how parents can help their children cope


05/25/2017 11:48 AM
How social media affects your teen’s self-esteem

Social media, body confidence and self-esteem: a parent's guide

body confidence

05/25/2017 11:42 AM
The Dove Self-Esteem Project: The miscommunication minefield

How learning to speak ‘teenage’ could help communication and build confidence in your child

Body image and self-esteem

05/23/2017 08:42 AM
E-cigarettes and vaping: a parent’s guide

Expert advice on what you can do if you suspect your child may be using ecigarettes.


05/10/2017 11:50 AM
Roasting: a guide for parents

How to deal with roasting: the cyberbullying craze that can have a profound effect on its victims

Young person

04/27/2017 10:24 AM
Live streaming: what parents need to know

The risks and opportunities that children face when using live streaming social media apps including

live streaming

04/26/2017 11:27 AM
Connected toys: not just child’s play

Advice for parents on the security risks of smart toys that talk to the internet – and perhaps other people you don’t want them to

connected toys

04/12/2017 02:37 PM
FREE 40-page body confidence book for every parent

Get a free booklet to encourage young people to develop and maintain a healthy body image

04/10/2017 10:35 AM
Bullying at home: when family banter goes too far

When does family banter about teenagers' bodies turn to bullying? Read our advice from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

Family banter bullying

04/10/2017 10:20 AM
Bullying outside the home

How bullying outside the home can lead to self-esteem issues for teens: a guide for parents from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

Body image sad

04/10/2017 10:03 AM
Body image: how fathers can help their daughters

How the relationship between daughers and their fathers can affect their body image.

Body image and self-esteem

03/28/2017 09:25 AM
The 6 apps and services that every parent should know about

A guide for parents to some of the most popular apps children use online

6 Apps every parent should know about

03/17/2017 12:01 PM
Boys and body image: it’s (not) different for girls

Recent research shows that boys today are increasingly sturggling with body image issues. How can parents support their son if they are affected?

boys and body image

03/16/2017 02:33 PM
‘Am I pretty?’ Advice for parents on self-esteem for teens

We look at the online craze of ‘Am I pretty?’ videos, where young people ask others to judge them on their looks. How can parents help?


03/16/2017 12:33 PM
Five video games parents should be aware of

The gen on some of the most popular games, plus how the Games Rating Authority works.

Video games

03/15/2017 05:00 PM
The distortion of beauty

We look at how young people, particularly young women, are fed a narrow, manipulated view of what is beautiful by the media.

self-esteem and body image

03/06/2017 01:52 PM
Talking to your child about traumatic life events: miscarriage, redundancy and terminal illness

Advice for parents on how to talk to your children about traumatic events in the family

Father and son

03/06/2017 12:07 PM
The new blended family parenting rules

Advice on how to be an effective parent or step parent within a blended family

Family silhouette

02/27/2017 11:10 AM
Careers your child could enter if they study tech

Expert advice from Stemettes on the huge choice of jobs your child could go into if they study STEM subjects at school

tech careers

02/20/2017 02:44 PM
The Real Me: why feeling good about yourself does you good

The Real me: why feeling good about yourself helps children thrive. Advice from the Dove Self-Esteem Project


02/20/2017 02:18 PM
Building self-esteem

Get your free parent guide to boost your child's body confidence from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

Body confidence and self-esteem for teens

02/06/2017 11:49 AM
Sex education in schools: a parent’s guide

Sex and relationships education: a helpful rundown of what is – and what could be – taught in schools

teddy bears

02/03/2017 02:19 PM
Preventing far-right extremism: a guide for parents

Far-right extremism: how to spot the signs your child could be vulnerable + what to do to protect them

far right extremism

02/01/2017 10:47 AM
Safer Internet Day 2018: a parent's guide

All you need to know about the global initiative that encourages safe internet use.

01/27/2017 02:21 PM
Helping your child stay safe from cybercrime

Cybercrime: a parent's guide to keeping your kids safe


01/23/2017 01:24 PM
The GCSE grading system explained

A parent's guide to GCSE grades.


01/20/2017 12:06 PM
How can your child deal with in-game bullying?

Dealing with in-game abuse can be extremely upsetting, distressing and draining. Liam Hacket from anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label gives advice on what your child should do if they are being subjected to in-game bullying

Child gaming online

01/11/2017 10:57 AM
LGBTQ+: 5 things you can do if your child comes out

Concrete steps you can take to learn more about your LGBTQ+ child and their identity.


12/14/2016 12:42 PM
Fitness apps: a cause for concern?

Fitness apps: a parent's guide

Fitness apps

12/12/2016 11:35 AM
How to have a happy family Christmas

Advice on making sure you have a harmonious holiday with children and relatives.

Happy Family Christmas

12/07/2016 09:57 AM
Online safety course for parents: Parenting in the Digital Age

Find out more about Parent Zone's online digital parenting course

online safety training parents

12/05/2016 01:09 PM
Seasonal Netiquette: 5 new parenting rules for screen time and tech when families gather

Tips for parents on navigating screen time and technology rules when families meet up

christmas dinner

11/28/2016 01:01 PM
What does Ofcom do to protect your child?

How does Ofcom, the communications regulator, tackle material online that may be inapprorpriate or upsetting for children?

child looking at tablet

11/22/2016 12:00 PM
Finding the right after school childcare

Advice for working parents when looking for an after school club or nanny 

child painting

11/14/2016 01:49 PM
Help! My child's phone has been stolen

If your child's mobile phone is stolen: how to help them recover – and stop it happening again.

Boys on mobile phones

11/09/2016 10:31 AM
Helping your child cope with media coverage of traumatic events

With graphic images being shown on the front pages of newspapers and on daily news bulletins, even very young children are exposed to upsetting information. 

Terrorism and trauma helping children cope

10/24/2016 10:00 AM
Think critically!

Critical thinking: a parent’s guide to fake news and helping your child question what they see or hear online

Google screen grab - critical thinking

10/21/2016 02:52 PM
Tell everyone about Parent Info
Keeping kids safe online poster

10/20/2016 09:02 AM
Bullying: 5 articles every parent should read

Practical advice for parents on bullying, cyberbullying, LGBTQ+ bullying and what to do if your child has been bullying someone else

online bullying Jedidja PD

10/07/2016 12:00 PM
Are you worried about your child’s lack of self-esteem?

Self-esteem: a parent’s guide from Young Minds


10/04/2016 09:15 AM
Having a positive digital footprint

Top tips on how to help your child make their online presence work for them and create a positive digital footprint

social media

09/21/2016 09:45 AM
Staying connected: 4 ways the online world can help families going through divorce

Useful online tools to help with organisation and communication if you are a separated or divorced parent

Divorce advice for kids after Brangelina split

09/16/2016 09:11 AM
Tips for parents who are struggling to make ends meet

Practical advice for parents on low incomes to help claim the benefits you're entitled to

Families money and finances

09/08/2016 10:23 AM
Support for children who have experienced crime

Children and young people can experience significant levels of crime and victimisation. Here's how as a parent or carer you can help your child be safer.

victim support

09/07/2016 11:03 AM
The 5 digital parenting rules that REALLY matter

The really important things that every parent needs to know about online safety.

online safety

07/20/2016 10:54 AM
Pokémon Go: a parent's guide

Everything you need to know about Pokémon Go, including concerns for parents and safety tips

Pokemon Go

07/01/2016 11:07 AM
Divorce: 10 ways parents can make it less painful for their children

Divorce and separation are tough on children, but as a parent you can make the process and its effects less painful through good communication. Here are 10 tips from Gingerbread to help

Divorce and children

06/30/2016 01:30 PM
A parent's guide to is an app for creating and sharing lip sync videos among friends. What do parents and carers need to know about it? 

06/21/2016 01:47 PM
Bullying: a parent's guide. What if my child is bullying another child?

Scotland's anti-bullying service, Respect Me, offers parents advice on how to help children caught up in bullying behaviour online or off

helping hand

06/21/2016 01:16 PM
Bullying: a parent's guide

Scotland's anti-bullying service, Respect Me, offers parents advice on how to help children caught up in bullying behaviour

Bullying Scotland

06/21/2016 11:25 AM
Apps to help families enjoy the great outdoors

With the summer holidays just around the corner, we've gathered some of the most exciting apps we’ve found to get kids outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer

Children outdoors

06/16/2016 09:28 AM
A parent's guide to YouNow

YouNow is a live video and chat app that's popular with children and young people. What should parents and carers know about it? 

06/09/2016 02:32 PM
Healthy eating: a parent’s guide

There's lots of advice online about healthy eating for children, but what do parents really need to know? Consultant dietitian Lucy Jones offers her top tips

healthy eating

06/08/2016 09:38 AM
Homework: being a supportive parent

Helping your child with their homework and revision can often be a huge benefit when it comes to exam day. Here's what you need to know to support your child's learning. 


05/24/2016 11:15 AM
Screen time: do family habits affect childhood obesity?

Is eating in front of a screen bad news for your child's health? Research shows it might be. Here’s what you can do

05/23/2016 12:51 PM
Helping your child cope with exam stress

Helping your child cope with exam stress: top tips for parents


05/09/2016 01:59 PM
Sharenting: should you share pictures of your children online?

A parent's guide to the very modern phenomenon of social media sharenting


05/04/2016 03:07 PM
Bullying: tips for children

Top tips for children and young people who are being bullied

Kidscape bullying

05/04/2016 02:54 PM
How to help your child if they're being bullied

National children’s charity, Kidscape, offers parents tips on how to help their children sif they are being bullied.


05/03/2016 02:18 PM
YouTube: what parents need to know

Kids can't get enough of the video sharing site. Read CEOP's comprehensive guide to everything parents need to know about it


04/21/2016 09:27 AM
Online dating and teens

Advice for parents from CEOP about online dating sites for teens. Should you be worried?

03/15/2016 04:46 PM
Helping your child get the sleep they need: a parent's guide

Many teens are chronically sleep-deprived. Dr Pooky Knightsmith offers advice on how parents can help their child get a good night's sleep

sleep hygeine

03/15/2016 04:37 PM
Children in care and online risk: tips for carers on how to protect them

Looked after children can be more vulnerable to approaches online from strangers. Here, CEOP offers some tips to carers on how to protect them – and how they can learn to protect themselves

children in care

03/15/2016 04:13 PM
Teens on Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps out there. Here's what parents need to know

Teens on Tinder

03/10/2016 11:00 AM
What to do if your child is self-harming

Self-hamr: expert advice on how to help you and your child through this difficult and emotional time

03/09/2016 01:55 PM
Body dysmorphic disorder: when a negative body image becomes a mental health condition

A parent's guide to body dysmorphic disorder


03/09/2016 01:51 PM
Fighting the stigma of mental health: a parent’s guide

Natasha Devon, former Government Mental Health Champion for Schools, offers advice on how to help your child

Mental health stigma

03/02/2016 04:02 PM
Social media apps: setting safety and privacy settings

Here's how to set parental controls on apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

social media

02/24/2016 02:11 PM
Start talking PANTS!

The NSPCC explains how a simple conversation will help to keep your child safe from sexual abuse on and offline

underwear rule nspcc

02/23/2016 02:31 PM
Mindfulness in schools: a parent's guide

Schools are turning to mindfulness as a way of helping pupils relax, concentrate, and avoid distractions. But what is it – and could it help your child?

mindfulness in schools

02/04/2016 12:53 PM
Social media and group violence: a parent's guide

Advice for parents on the rise of viral fight videos online

street fight

01/27/2016 02:34 PM
5 ways the internet can help you enjoy family time together

Setting parental controls on Netflix and using Google Maps to explore are just two of the ways tech can help you enjoy time together as a family. Read our top tips for parents

Family digital

01/26/2016 10:01 AM
Understanding and supporting anxiety in your child

Anxiety: how parents can help their children

Worried girl

01/26/2016 09:30 AM
Sexual abuse on webcam: what parents can do?

CEOP explains how the abusers operate and what you can do to protect the children in your care.


01/20/2016 02:06 PM
Viral internet trends: a parent's guide

The growth of social media has brought with it some strange modern phenomena. One of the more recent ones is the viral online challenge...

viral internet trends

01/20/2016 02:03 PM
Selfies: the good, the bad and the downright irritating

91% of teens have taken a selfie. Should parents be worried or are they just harmless fun?


01/14/2016 09:54 AM
When your child wants to use social media: a parent's guide

Most popular social media services don’t allow anyone under 13 to join. Even so, lots of younger children manage to set up accounts. What can parents do?


01/05/2016 12:42 PM
Alcohol: facts and tips for parents

Why is it important to talk to your child about drinking before they're 13? The Alcohol Education Trust explains, and shares their tips for age-appropriate discussions

12/15/2015 11:53 AM
When your child racks up a huge mobile phone bill

Parents sometimes end up paying unexpectedly large phone bills and don’t know why. The Phone-pay Services Authority explains what to look out for when giving your child a mobile device…

Family digital

12/15/2015 10:49 AM
Helping your child recover from an eating disorder

Hospital admissions for eating disorders among young people have almost doubled in three years. Here, Priory offers advice to parents on supporting your child's recovery

eating disorder help

12/03/2015 03:58 PM
Protecting your child from online grooming: a parent’s guide

Essential tips for parents if you're concerned your child may have been groomed online by a paedophile

CEOP documentary

12/03/2015 03:34 PM
A parent's guide to vlogging

How to know your Zoellas from your PewDiePies in the world of vlogging

zoella, alfie deyes and louise pentland

11/30/2015 02:18 PM
Mental health and young people: tackling stigma together

1 in 10 children will experience a mental health problem. Here's how to help them

Time to change image

11/25/2015 12:06 PM
Laughing gas: not funny

Laughing gas: a parent’s guide

Laughing gas

11/25/2015 11:16 AM
Understanding online shaming - a guide for parents

What is  online shaming and what can you do to protect your child from it?

11/19/2015 11:48 AM
Christmas video games without the surprises

Where to go for information on the video games your children will ask for this Christmas.

Tearaway Unfolded

11/18/2015 10:49 AM
Bulimia nervosa: a parent’s guide

Bulimia is the most common eating disorder. Here's Dr Pooky Knightsmith's advice on how to tell if your child is affected – and where to get help. 

Bulimia binge purge

11/17/2015 04:55 PM
PEGI games ratings explained

PEGI unpicked: UK video games ratings explained in full

pegi descriptors

11/12/2015 12:11 PM
Get Parent Info FREE on your school website

SCHOOLS! Here's how to get Parent Info's expert information and advice on your own website for free.

Harry Potter Lego pupils

11/10/2015 10:16 AM
How to protect your child from trolls

Sadly, once your child explores the online world, they may find a troll waiting for them. Here's how to help them cope.

Internet troll

11/05/2015 10:29 AM
Choosing age-appropriate video on demand and online content for your family

From Netflix to NowTV: how to keep your family safe when viewing TV and films online and on mobile devices

Boy on tablet

11/02/2015 01:39 PM
WhatsApp: a guide for parents and carers

Teenagers love WhatsApp – as do a lot of parents. Here's what parents need to know about it

A parents guide to WhatsApp

11/02/2015 01:29 PM
9 ways the internet can be good for your children

We hear a lot about the negative effects on children of using the internet but it can also be a positive thing. Here’s our guide for parents

Ways the internet can be good for children and internet safety

10/22/2015 01:23 PM
If one sibling has a disability

It can be challenging to manage family life as a parent of children with and without disabilities. Read our advice for parents

10/14/2015 09:27 AM
Removing illegal online images: a parent’s guide to The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

How the Internet Watch Foundation is protecting children from online sexual abuse

10/08/2015 03:12 PM
Eating disorders and the internet: a parent’s guide

Is the internet causing young people’s eating disorders? We talk to Beat's Rebecca Field to find out

10/08/2015 02:55 PM
Disability and growing up: advice for parents with children going through puberty

Disabled young people have the same needs for sex education, healthcare and opportunities to socialise and discover their sexuality as their non-disabled peers. Read our advice for parents on how best to help them deal with puberty

10/01/2015 12:37 PM
What is LSD? A guide for parents

LSD is one of the most famous hallucinogenic drugs. Recently, there has been an increase of 175% in the number of 16-to-24-year-olds admitting to using it

10/01/2015 12:26 PM
Ecstasy: a parent’s guide

Ecstasy use is on the rise among young people. What should parents know about the drug

10/01/2015 11:51 AM
Ecstasy, LSD and the dark web: a parent’s guide

Ecstasy and LSD use among 16-24-year-olds has increased by 84% and 175% respectively in the past year. Overall drug use has remained constant – so why are these two gaining popularity with young people?

09/24/2015 09:11 AM
Games to help your child learn to read

09/23/2015 09:53 AM
If your child is bullied for being LGBTQ+

Homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying is sadly very common in schools. Read Stonewall’s advice on how to help your child if they're on the receiving end AND what to do if your child is among the bullies

09/23/2015 09:41 AM
Tackling LGBTQ+ bullying at school

Stonewall explains how language and other behaviours can cause distress and longterm harm for LGBTQ+ children at school – and what parents can do to stop it

09/18/2015 10:09 AM
When your child comes out as transgender: a Q&A with Sue Chitayi

Sue Chitayi, mother of a transgender son and parent volunteer at Gendered Intelligence, answers some parents' common questions

Online safety transgender

09/16/2015 11:20 AM
Screen time and young children: finding a balance

Screen time: a common sense guide for parents

09/03/2015 02:37 PM
Childhood obesity: a new epidemic?

Obesity: a guide for parents. What is it, and what can you do if your child is overweight?

09/03/2015 01:36 PM
Secondary school: the first few weeks

The big move up to secondary school can be a bit scary. Here are our tips on how to support your child through some common teething problems.

09/01/2015 12:15 PM
Picky eating: how to help your child eat better

A parent's guide to picky eating: how to help your child be more adventurous with food

07/15/2015 01:06 PM
Legal highs - a parent's guide

Legal highs can be every bit as dangerous and addictive as illegal drugs, and they're they're easier to get hold of. Make sure you and your child are clued up about the risks. 

07/06/2015 01:19 PM
When to talk to your child about puberty (or will school take care of it)?

Sex and relationships education (SRE): a parent's guide for primary school age children

07/06/2015 01:09 PM
Sexting: CEOP says don't panic, but do respond

CEOP offers advice to parents on how to respond if your child shares a picture online they regret

still from animated film

07/06/2015 01:00 PM
Talking to your child about an eating disorder

The number of young people treated in hospital for eating disorders is rising. Here are some tips for talking to your child on the subject

07/03/2015 03:25 PM
Teenage pregnancy: how you can help your child

Your son or daughter hasn't only been having sex – now they or their partner is pregnant. Bekki Burbidge of the FPA looks at your options

07/03/2015 12:21 PM
Knife crime and if your child is in a gang: advice for parents

Worried about the surge in knife crime in England and Wales? Think your child may be involved in a gang? Read our advice for parents from the Home Office

07/03/2015 12:12 PM
Gangs: signs and how to prevent involvement

Tell-tale signs of gang involvement, and ways to prevent your child getting involved in the first place - advice for parents and carers from th Home Office

07/03/2015 09:59 AM
Helping your child make choices for their future post-16

Today in the UK, everyone has to stay in education or training until they're 18. Here's what parents need to know about the options available for your child 

07/03/2015 09:38 AM
Preparing your child for secondary school

It's the end of the summer term, with mixed emotions for some children who are moving on. But there are also practical things to consider. Here are our tips for being super-organised for the move to secondary school in September. 

07/03/2015 08:54 AM
Setting boundaries that work

Children need boundaries to make them feel safe - and to push against. This is as important online as off. The Parent Zone's Sophie Linington offers some tips on digital boundary-setting.

07/03/2015 08:31 AM
Here come the Stemettes: a Q&A with founder Anne-Marie Imafidon

Stemettes’ founder Anne-Marie Imafidon on why it matters to get girls into STEM.  

06/25/2015 11:41 AM
Preventing violent extremism – what parents can do

Advice for parents on helping their children avoid becoming involved in violent extremism

Syrian women in Homs 2012

06/18/2015 02:12 PM
Teen sex and contraception: what’s legal?

Get clued up on what's legal when it comes to contraception and sex for your teen.

06/18/2015 01:16 PM
If your teen is sexually active

Finding out your teen is already having sex can be a shock. Find out how best to handle the situation and support them

06/18/2015 09:27 AM
Keeping adopted children safe from online risk

Adopted children are more vulnerable to risks online, such as contact from birth families. What can parents do to help keep them safe? Read our advice from CEOP

06/11/2015 02:07 PM
Getting young people involved in volunteering

The internet can help and encourage young people to help others. Here's how your child can get involved in voiunteering

youth volunteering children

06/05/2015 10:29 AM
Treatment for your child’s eating disorder

It's unusual for young people with eating disorders to get better on their own. Here's our roundup of treatments available on the NHS and from other support services.

06/05/2015 09:32 AM
Understanding binge eating disorder

Binge eating disorder: a parent's guide

06/04/2015 03:32 PM
Understanding anorexia nervosa

Anorexia is a serious disease that can affect children and young people and sufferers are often secretive about their suffering. We explain how to spot the symptoms and what to do if you're concerned about your child

Black cloud

06/03/2015 09:27 AM
What can make young people vulnerable online?

CEOP's Dr Helen Whittle outlines what could be putting your child at risk online – and what you can do to help protect them

06/03/2015 08:35 AM
Pro-ana and pro-mia: the dangers of pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia sites for young people

A parent’s guide to pro-ana and pro-mia websites. What effect could they have on your child if they have an eating disorder?

05/19/2015 12:23 PM
Top tips for teens on digital finance

Teaching children about money in the digital age: a parent’s guide

05/19/2015 12:20 PM
Managing money in a digital world: a parent’s guide

How to help your child manage money in a digital world

05/19/2015 10:11 AM
Monitoring apps: what parents should know

Monitoring apps: the pros and cons of apps that let you to virtually follow your child

05/07/2015 03:23 PM
ooVoo: everything you need to know

ooVoo is a group video chat service that has been the source of some controversy, with fears that children are giving away information to people they don't know. Like any popular online tool, used wisely it's great; used unwisely it can be a platform for problems. Here's everything you need to know about what ooVoo is, how to use it safely, and how to report anything worrying.

05/05/2015 01:39 PM
What are parental controls and how can they help children stay safe online?

Filters and parental controls won't keep your children safe online, but they are a useful first line of defence. Here's what parents need to know

05/05/2015 01:16 PM
What I wish my parents had told me about HIV as a gay teenager

HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with other men aged 15-to-24 have doubled in recent years. Here's what one gay man wishes he'd known as a teenager 

04/28/2015 02:09 PM
Staying safe on Minecraft

Tips for parents on helping your child make the most of Minecraft

04/28/2015 01:43 PM
What is Minecraft?

Minecraft: what parents need to know

04/22/2015 12:14 PM
A parent's guide to gender stereotypes

Gender stereotypes could affect girls and boys' job prospects in the future. Here's how parents can help

04/22/2015 11:16 AM
Why media images can ruin girls’ lives

Are images of women in the media that focus entirely on physical appearance affecting girls’ future?

04/16/2015 12:32 PM
LGBTQ+ glossary for parents

04/15/2015 10:07 AM
Online risk: myths and facts

Separating online risk from things that could actually cause children harm: a parent’s guide

04/15/2015 08:45 AM
Boys and self-harm: facts and tips

The number of boys self-harming is rising. Here’s what parents need to know

04/10/2015 10:12 AM
Internet porn: top tips for how to respond

CEOP’s Dr Elly Hanson offers advice on how to address the tricky issue of online porn with your child

04/10/2015 09:44 AM
Is internet porn affecting children's happiness?

CEOP's Dr Elly Hanson explains what we know from the evidence about the effect of porn on children and young people

03/30/2015 09:50 AM
Self-harm: what parents should know

Why do young people self harm and what can you do to help them?


03/30/2015 09:48 AM
Sexually transmitted infections: eight useful facts

Teens and STIs: a parent’s guide 


03/24/2015 02:21 PM
What is digital literacy? A parent's guide

What does it mean to be a digitally literate child in the internet age?

digital infants

03/04/2015 03:41 PM
Is your child at risk of sexual exploitation? Know the signs

Advice from Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation on the signs of sexual exploitation and the steps parents can take to keep their children safe from unhealthy relationships and grooming

troubled-looking girl

03/04/2015 12:42 PM
Revenge porn: a parent's guide

Distributing so-called revenge porn is a criminal offence. How can young people be protected from it?

Ministry of Justice's Revenge porn campaign

02/27/2015 03:28 PM
Three top tips for building your child’s online resilience

Digital literacy and online resilience: a parent’s guide

Image changed through glasses to sunset and coloured sky

02/26/2015 03:53 PM
Money matters for parents of disabled children

Parents and carers of children with disabilities often face heavy costs. In this Q&A, Cerebra addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about benefits.


02/26/2015 03:31 PM
Self-injury and children with intellectual disabilities: what parents should know

Seeing your child scratching, biting, hitting or banging their head can be incredibly distressing - but it's a not uncommon experience for parents of children with intellectual disabilities. Cerebra explain self-injury and what parents can do.

02/26/2015 03:24 PM
Learning disabilities, autism and internet safety: a guide for parents

Help for parents on dealing with issues raised by the internet for children and young people with autism and learning difficulties

Internet brain

02/25/2015 12:58 PM
Sex and relationships online

What do you need to know when your child is exploring their sexuality online? Marie Smith of CEOP offers parents advice

02/24/2015 01:05 PM
If you find out your child has been sexually abused or exploited

CEOP's Dr Elly Hanson offers advice to parents on coping in the aftermath of your child being abused

02/19/2015 01:04 PM
How to talk to your child about mental health, even at primary school

Three children in every classroom has a diagnosable mental health issue. Read our advice form Place2Be to help your child if they are one of them

Boy at desk

02/11/2015 03:00 PM
What is a digital tattoo?

A tattoo is permanent, much like the information we post online. CEOP gives its top tips on making sure your child's online reputation is just as good as their offline one

02/11/2015 01:23 PM
Supporting your child’s education: five top tips for dads

Jeremy Davies of The Fatherhood Institute offers his top tips for what dads can do particularly well. 


02/05/2015 04:30 PM
Online sexual abuse and exploitation: where do I report if I'm worried about my child's safety online?

Suspicious about someone your child is talking to online? Worried your child may be a victim of online secual abuse or exploitation? Read this advice from CEOP, the child protection command of the National Crime Agency to find out where and when to report

02/05/2015 04:25 PM
Self-harm: facts for parents

What do you do when you discover your child is self-harming? Consultant psychiatrist Dr Andrew Hill-Smith offers advice on how you can help your child

01/20/2015 03:27 PM
Why everyone should learn to code

Simon Humphreys of Computing at School explains why coding is cool

Dog with iPad

01/16/2015 12:30 PM
Five rights children should have online

There is deep concern about the impact the internet is having on families, especially on children and young people. iRights is a coalition calling for five basic rights that children and young people should have online. 

iRights logo

01/16/2015 11:48 AM
Preventing abuse: how to minimise the risks

Tips for parents on protecting your child from abuse, by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation

Boys on a beach with wild waves

01/16/2015 11:36 AM
Spotting the signs of abuse

What are the warning signs that someone could be abusing your child? Donald Findlater of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation explains

People walking through woods

01/16/2015 11:17 AM
Grooming: how do abusers do what they do?

Grooming: The Lucy Faithfull Foundation offers advice to parents on how to spot the signs

criss-crossing railway lines

01/15/2015 03:41 PM
Who are abusers and why aren't we better at spotting them?

What parents need to know: the facts about the people who abuse children from The Lucy Faithfull Foundation

Broken black crayon, stick man drawing

12/11/2014 03:13 PM
Gambling and young people: a parent’s guide

Is gambling an addiction like drugs? And is your child at risk of becoming a problem gambler? Read our tips for parents

Playing cards

11/26/2014 01:51 PM
What is - and isn't - legal online?

The digital world is so new that half the time we don't know what the rules are. In fact, there are plenty of laws governing what you can and can't do online. Here's our guide to what you should and shouldn't be doing online (legally, anyway).

Off-limits online

11/26/2014 12:30 PM
Children, alcohol and the law: a parent’s guide

What’s the law on children and drinking alcohol? Read our quick guide to find out

Alcohol and the law

11/25/2014 03:30 PM
Negging: what parents need to know

Negging is on the rise online as well as off. But what is it – and how can you help your child cope if it happens to them?


11/20/2014 02:22 PM
Talking about alcohol with your child: a parent's guide

Our checklist of top tips for guarding your child against trouble with drink...


11/11/2014 01:48 PM
Underage drinking: how big an issue is alcohol for teens?

Children and alcohol: a parent's guide

Alcohol and teens

11/07/2014 03:10 PM
Consent: when has someone agreed to sex?

Consent and teens: how to help your child understand that no means no

Couple with umbrella

11/03/2014 03:21 PM
Cannabis, skunk and the teenage brain

Advice for parents on cannabis, skunk and its reported links to mental health issues in young people


09/24/2014 09:26 AM
Helping your kids recognise unhealthy relationships – on and offline

How can your child spot relationships that are going to hurt them? Read our parent guide to abusive relationships and what to do about them


09/24/2014 09:23 AM
Healthy body image in children: what parents can do

Top tips for parents on helping to boost your child’s self-esteem and body image

Body image

09/24/2014 09:21 AM
Three tips for starting a difficult conversation with your child

Sex, drugs, internet porn - no, no, no, you don't want to talk to your child about that! How embarrassing. Especially as you know hardly anything about any of it. But it's one of those jobs (like changing nappies) that parents are put on earth to do. Here are our tips for making it less of an ordeal.


09/12/2014 11:28 AM
Addicted to social media – or just teens being teens?

People often talk about children being addicted to social media. But are they really? Parent Info offers advice on helping your child use social media safely

Social media

09/12/2014 11:15 AM
Should parents worry about what their kids are doing online?

Are children sharing too much online?

Computer gaming

09/12/2014 10:36 AM
Digital natives: are children really better at using the online world than adults?

Popular thinking has it that children instinctively know how to navigate the digital universe, while their parents are clueless. What’s the truth?

Children at screens

09/09/2014 11:36 AM
When parents split up - managing contact

When parents split up, they have to agree the contact arrangements for children. The Coram Children's Legal Centre outlines acceptable practice for contact, what to do when things go wrong, and some tips for making contact work for everyone.


09/09/2014 10:52 AM
When parents split up - a guide to the legal terms
Broken key

09/09/2014 10:18 AM
When parents split up - FAQs on residency

Residency is the legal term for where children live when their parents have split up. The Coram Children's Legal Centre answers some FAQs about living arrangements, formal and informal.

People symbols

09/04/2014 11:54 AM
Young people and suicide: if your child tries to take their life

Ged Flynn of Papyrus, the national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide, outlines what parents need to know if their child tries to take their life

Bench silhouette

09/01/2014 12:16 PM
What is female genital mutilation and why does it happen?

130 million women worldwide are living with the impact of female genital cutting, also known as female genital mutilation (FGM). Here's what you need to know

Countries where FGC takes place graphic

06/25/2014 12:46 PM
Body confidence: how parents can help

How parents can help children and young people boost body confidence and self-esteem

Teens and body image

06/18/2014 12:53 PM
CEOP's video: talking about pornography

VIDEO: It can be a hideously embarrassing subject to talk to your child about porn. Professor Tanya Byron, Dr Linda Papadopolous and other experts offer tips for opening non-awkward discussions

Porn button

06/09/2014 10:47 AM
Top tips if your child is being bullied

Alex Holmes, anti-bullying programme manager for the Diana Award, outlines some useful things to do if your child is being bullied online or off

Reaching out

06/04/2014 08:48 AM
Setting filters on YouTube

YouTube's SafetyMode allows parents to restrict the content their children see. Here's our quick guide to setting it up


06/04/2014 08:43 AM
Setting filters on Google

Google is often the first port of call for homework and curiosity of all kinds. Here's how to guard against adult content appearing in your children's Google searches.


06/04/2014 06:45 AM
Sex: preparing to talk to your child

Use these online advice services to help you prepare before talking to your child about sex, contraception and online safety

Face to face

06/04/2014 06:21 AM
When you think your child may be gay

Advice and support for parents who think their child is lesbian, gay, bi or trans

Rainbow steps

06/04/2014 06:17 AM
Q&A about sex and teens with Brook

Brook's Richard Essery answers some parents' FAQs on young people and sex

Holding hands

06/03/2014 04:25 PM
When your child is being bullied online: a parent's guide

Alex Holmes, deputy CEO of the Diana Award, offers advice on how to recognise bullying and what to do if your child is affected


05/30/2014 05:27 PM
What if you’re worried about your child’s mental health? VIDEO

Video: Claire Usiskin from YoungMinds talks about warning signs parents should look for and how you can respond if you're concerned about your child's mental health

Crayon drawing

05/30/2014 05:22 PM
Sexual health: advice for parents when your child become sexually active VIDEO

Talking to your child about sex: a parent's guide

Couple in doorway

05/30/2014 05:19 PM
Online sexual abuse

In this video, Jonathan Baggaley explains how CEOP can help parents who are worried about online abuse.


05/30/2014 04:52 PM
Phone safety and selfies: a parent's guide VIDEO

Video: how to keep your child safe when using their mobilke phone

Group selfie

05/29/2014 08:10 AM
What kind of parent are you?

There are three main styles of parenting. Which one best describes you? 


05/28/2014 08:00 AM
Instagram: a parent’s guide

Tips to pass on to your children on the responsible – and safe – use of Instagram

Online safety for children

05/26/2014 09:38 AM
Cyberbullying: practical advice for parents VIDEO

Alex Holmes, the Diana Award anti-bullying programme manager, was previously a victim of bullying and now runs the anti-bullying ambassadors programme. In this video, he explains what cyberbullying is, why it hurts - and what you can do about it.


05/24/2014 12:53 PM
How can I talk to my child about unhealthy images?

Your child is probably going to come across unwanted images online. Not an easy topic for discussion. So how do you broach the subject?

Phone images

05/22/2014 02:59 PM
Instagram FAQs for parents

Instagram is now bigger than Twitter. What's the big attraction? And is there anything parents and carers need to know?

Online safety for children

05/22/2014 02:19 PM
Mental health and young people: the background

What does good mental health look like when it comes to young people? Parent Info offers insight for parents from YoungMinds

Good mental health

05/22/2014 01:58 PM
Talking about sex and relationships

Justin Hancock, author of Talking To Teens About Sex, explains how to avoid being embarrassed talking about the birds and the bees with your child

Conversation bubbles

05/22/2014 01:41 PM
How to open a difficult conversation with your child

CEOP's tips for starting a difficult conversation with your teenager – and where to take it after that

Stormy weather family

05/16/2014 03:44 PM
Abortion: what should I tell my child?

Laura Hurley of Brook offers some ideas for tackling the topic of abortion with your child


05/16/2014 03:29 PM
Depression and young people

Advice for parents from Young Minds on helping your child if they’re depressed


05/16/2014 02:38 PM
Your child’s digital footprint

What goes online stays online. Some advice to help you and your child understand the long-term implications of publishing all about your life.

12 year-old boy sitting and looking inscrutable

05/16/2014 01:54 PM
Online teen speak

Wondering what your children are tapping into their phones? Or, in fact, what it means? Here's our parent's guide to some popular teen chat acronyms and slang words. 


05/16/2014 11:37 AM
Sexting: what parents need to know

What parents need to know about sexting


05/16/2014 10:46 AM
Digital parenting top tips

Top tips on staying up-to-date with what your child is doing online

Digital parenting

05/16/2014 09:55 AM
Snapchat: what to do if you’re worried

Snapchat: how tor react if things go wrong

Keeping safe on snapchat

05/16/2014 09:46 AM
Making Snapchat work for you

How to be a bit more careful, and a bit better informed, when using Snapchat: a parent’s guide

Keeping safe on snapchat

05/15/2014 10:29 AM
Snapchat FAQs

Snapchat: what parents need to know

Keeping safe on snapchat

05/04/2014 01:29 PM
Making the most of parents’ evenings

It pays to be prepared for parents' evenings...

School stairs