Sanctuary News

05/28/2018 07:07 AM
Closed July & August
We're closing over the Summer for the first time in 20 years (and hopefully the last).  Between this and the Alley Bash, we will be caught up financially.  A fresh start in September with a new Coordinator: Leanne DeBasio.

05/14/2018 11:04 AM
ProD day hours
Friday May 18th is a ProD day, so as usual, Sanctuary will be open from 1PM to 6:30PM.

04/04/2018 09:50 AM
Gym Night
Our last Gym night until the Fall is on April 10th.  After that, we're in the Park :)

01/16/2018 11:32 AM
No Pottery in January
Our pottery volunteer is off visiting Grandchildren. She will be back in February.

12/05/2017 07:41 AM
Christmas Dinner
Our Christmas Dinner for Sanctuary Families will be on Dec. 17th at 3PM.  It's always a lot of fun, so come if you can :)

09/14/2017 06:25 AM
Harding Heights Ranch
Our visits to Harding Heights for Horse riding will be hopefully be running as much as possible this
fall.  Make sure you get a new permission slip in if you're interested.

06/08/2017 09:51 AM
Summer Hours
Our summer hours start on Monday, July 17.  Regular hours continue through the end of June.
Please pick up a summer calendar from Sanctuary

04/05/2017 09:12 AM
Easter :)
We're closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday.  On the Thursday we will have a traditional Easter Dinner following an Easter Egg hunt.

03/02/2017 10:33 AM
Sanctuary AGM
is March 21st at 6:30 PM @Sanctuary

01/16/2017 12:34 PM
Winter is here
Pottery and Gym Night are ongoing as long as the temperature is not too cold.  We have lots of tucs and some coats if anyone is in need. Stay Warm :)

12/19/2016 10:34 AM
We're closed the same time as SD20 schools - from Friday Dec. 23 through Jan. 6.

09/06/2016 06:57 AM
Fall Activities
I'm still finalzing Horses and Gym Nights.

06/29/2016 01:16 PM
After we re-open on July 18th, our hours will be 1 - 6:30 PM Monday thru Friday.
REMEMBER! We have air conditioning :)

04/01/2016 10:26 AM
Harding Heights Ranch visits
We are starting Harding Heights Ranch visits on Thursdays! Leaving Sanctuary about 3:15 and getting back before 5.  Don Hooper will take 3 children every week to see the animals and groom and ride a horse.  Get your liability forms at Sanctuary.

03/10/2016 06:37 PM
AGM :)
Our Annual General Meeting is Tuesday, March 15th at 6:30 PM.  Everyone is invited!

02/02/2016 11:31 AM
Pottery is back every Monday at 3:30 for several months :)
This is the time to start projects and think of Mothers Day etc. gifts.

11/27/2015 02:07 PM

Sanctuary's CHRISTMAS DINNER will be on Dec. 20 at 3 PM. 
Everyone's welcome, but PLEASE R.S.V.P. :)

09/03/2015 11:20 AM
Wed Sept. 9th at 5:30 in BUTLER PARK, the smokies, RCMP, and Fire Services will be having a Charity baseball game.  ADMISSION IS BY DONATION and there's a full service kitchen.  The RCMP is donating to Sanctuary :)

Last year was a lot of fun so bring the family!

06/01/2015 10:12 AM
2 week closure
We will be closed between June 29th and July 10th.  We will reopen on Monday July 13th with our Summer Hours - 12:30 till 6:30 :)

03/16/2015 10:41 AM
Annual General Meeting
Our AGM is Tuesday March 17th at 6:30 PM at Sanctuary.  Everyone is welcome :)
Come out and see what we do and how we do it.

01/06/2015 02:05 PM
Happy New Year
We're back to our regular schedule.  Gym nights and pottery as posted
Still looking for new gym night volunteers :)

12/18/2014 12:59 PM
We are closed for the School Christmas Break.
We reopen on January 5, 2015

10/15/2014 05:38 PM
We're looking for a couple of energetic people who would like to takeover our Tuesday Gym Nights.  It runs from 5:30 to 7 PM at the Cominco Gym.  The children play a few games and have "free time" play.  If you're interested, talk to Ken.

09/17/2014 03:45 PM
Normal hours if School starts on Monday Sept. 22nd - 2:30 TO 7:30 Monday to Friday :)

09/03/2014 10:27 AM
Sanctuary is open from NOON until 6:30 during the strike.  We will ofter a fortified snack around lunch time.
there is also a Library Club using Sanctuary from 9 AM until NOON for ages 5 - 12.  There are a few positions left so register at the Library soon if you are interested.