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16/07/2018 11:39 PM
Bioblitz at Allen Acres July 21
I heard today by email that Allen Acres will begin its bioblitz on July 21.  A bioblitz is an intensive exploration and recording of a designated area’s wildlife within a given period, a popular form of citizen science. The idea is that people can gather in the area and make ...

24/06/2018 01:47 AM
The Lion’s Share Aims To Benefit Wildlife From Global Marketing
Mankind is responsible for killing off about 83% of wildlife apparently, that’s not a very happy situation. People like animals, and the advertising industry knows it. About 20% of commercial advertising uses animals in it and yet animals are under threat in many and various parts of the world. What ...

23/06/2018 10:41 PM
Making the Jaguar the Icon of Sustainable Development
It’s encouraging when 30 nations get together to make things better! Here’s the video about the UN’s recent Jaguar Conference. It’s all about endangered species’ habitat conservation and its proper financing. Jaguar.4 from UNDP GEF NY on Vimeo.  

23/06/2018 02:11 AM
Eye to eye with a Luna Moth at Allen Acres B and B
I’m standing eye to eye with a Luna Moth (Actius luna) in the grounds of Allen Acres B and B, a nature -oriented farm-stay near Pitkin Louisiana, transfixed by its Art Deco grace and impressive dimensions. By any standards this is a large moth and in comparison with the small ...

16/06/2018 03:03 PM
The Case of the Mad Snappers
Originally posted on Louisiana Master Naturalists - Northeast:
We came away with stories to tell! Our day began in a ULM classroom. Dr. John Carr patiently walked us through the major families of amphibians and reptiles of northeast Louisiana with the help of an illustrated PowerPoint and a couple of…

15/06/2018 02:02 PM
Fuego Eruption Aftermath – ARCAS Helping Out Domestic and Wild Animals
ARCAS is workingto help rescue and treat animals impacted by the recent deadly Fuego volcanic eruption. For more info contact: Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association, Guatemala Asociaciòn Rescate y Conservaciòn de Vida Silvestre (cc502)5704-2563, 7830-1374 www.arcasguatemala.org arcasguatemala@gmail.com

15/06/2018 01:24 PM
Forthcoming Events -Integrating Native Plantings With Roses, Sunflower Festival and More!
My thanks to Dr. Allen again for this interesting events news! First, the 2018 GREEN THUMB SEMINAR “Native Plants & Roses: A Love Affair in your Garden”   Shreveport, LA- The American Rose Center invites you to our third 2018 Green Thumb Educational Seminar on Saturday, June 16, 2018.   ...

11/06/2018 06:42 PM
Beetle-mania, these dung beetles were on a roll!
My wife and I were thrilled to encounter these dung beetles on the footpath to Rainey Lake at Tensas River NWR. These amazing creatures are very determined about first finding some suitable animal manure, then shaping it into a neat ball and then bringing it to their burrow to serve ...

23/05/2018 01:13 PM
Heartwood Natural Area
Originally posted on Louisiana Master Naturalists - Northeast:
What a special time we had learning about upland hardwood forests and touring Heartland Natural Area that surrounds the home of Kelby &Amy Ouchley! Kelby Ouchley is a great storyteller! We heard many interesting stories of the Ouchleys’ 30 years of experience…

09/05/2018 01:22 AM
Botanical Workshop Events
I enjoyed our Louisiana Master Naturalists Northeast Plants class with Dr. Charles Allen so much that I thought I’d blog his forthcoming events information here to spread the word. Dr. Allen says “In Louisiana, the big event this week is the Cajun Prairie Meeting in Eunice on Sat May 12. ...