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10/02/2018 09:15 PM
The Northeast Louisiana Master Naturalists’ Program Explained
Here’s a date for your diaries next Saturday! Are you a keen naturalist? Would you like to learn more about the Northeast Louisiana Master Naturalists’ Program? If so, why not come along and hear all about it at the Union Museum of History and Art on Saturday, February 17th at ...

09/02/2018 01:45 AM
Jackson Hole WILD Film Festival Results
  Wildlife film lovers around the world will no doubt be excited by the Jackson Hole WILD Film Competition.  https://www.jhfestival.org/2017-film-competition.html There were 900 entries divided between 25 categories and the results are in now with films sorted by category. We can see the film trailers lined up on the website ...

04/02/2018 12:23 AM
Beyond The Stripes, New WWF Report Explores Collateral Benefits of Tiger Conservation
  Read Beyond The Stripes, the new WWF Report on tigers is essential reading for anybody interested in these iconic big cats and explores how their survival is tied to so much else besides.   It’s wonderful that these amazing creatures are now serving as the locus for habitat preservation ...

01/02/2018 12:47 AM
WILD Art Exhibition and Events at Union Museum of History and Art
I loved seeing my work exhibited alongside some truly breathtaking wood sculptures, taxidermy tableaux, oil paintings, photographs, mixed media and pencil and water colour pictures. I submitted images of Southern wildlife alongside some very accomplished artists, many of these works are available for sale via the museum, mine printed in ...

31/01/2018 05:29 PM
Domestic Ivory Banned by 2021 in Hong Kong!
Hong Kong votes to impose domestic ivory ban by 2021 Following hard on the heels of China’s excellent and responsible decision to end imports of ivory, here is news from Hong Kong.  (Source TRAFFIC Press release Jan 31, 2018) According to TRAFFIC, the Hong Kong Legislative Council today voted to ...

30/01/2018 12:18 AM
Registering Land With The Natural Areas Program
On Thursday we welcomed U.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Dept. Field Botanist Chris Doffit to Crawfish Springs to initiate the process of registering our land as part of the US Wildlife and Fisheries protected area program, part of the wider Louisiana Natural Heritage Program.  What is this all about? According to ...

16/01/2018 01:58 AM
Tackling Turtle Holocaust in Vietnam
The world’s largest seizure of illegally trafficked marine turtles, mostly endangered Hawksbills, has finally brought Hoang Tuan Hai to face justice in court January 10, 2018, according to Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV). ENV was present to monitor the trial, along with ten online and print journalists and VTV, Vietnam’s ...

14/01/2018 02:55 AM
Swimming Raccoon in D’Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge

22/12/2017 12:36 AM
Many Types of US Snakes Targeted by Killer Fungus
Wildopeneye is alarmed by this news that all types of US snakes within the area are being injured and ultimately weakened to death from secondary infections by a killer fungus that was first discovered in 2008. See https://www.sciencenews.org/article/deadly-fungus-infecting-snake-species-seemingly-random? for more details.

15/12/2017 11:08 PM
Join The Elephant Count with Save The Elephants
How would you like to participate in an aerial survey of African Elephants? Well now we all can, thanks to Save The Elephants NGO (Source Save The Elephants email) . Does this seem like a good way to help on a cold winter’s day? It is very engaging! The survey website ...