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10/12/2017 08:54 PM
2017 Salutes To Conservationists Tony Whitten and David Shepherd
Alongside the passing of our own Andy Luck this year, Wildopeneye blog also mourns and salutes the conservationists Tony Whitten and David Shepherd who have joined Andy in heaven in 2017. This constitutes a rather heavy loss to us here on Earth but we have cause to celebrate their lives ...

07/12/2017 09:38 PM
Wildopeneye Youtube Channel launched
Wildopeneye has launched a Youtube Channel for wildlife films and also to provide links to content on subscribed channels. The first short film is up there now and features a flock of wild turkeys filmed beside the road into Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Louisiana. This refuge is ...

05/12/2017 08:46 PM
Climate change’s effects on the UK’s birds revealed in new report
According to the the British Trust for Ornithology”s (BTO) latest (Dec 2017) press release, many of our rare breeding birds are at a high risk of extinction in the UK, this assessment is based on projections of how climate will become less suitable for these species. Key Facts: Climate change ...

02/12/2017 10:23 PM
Autumnal Scenes from Northeastern Louisiana
Wildopeneye is focusing on filming again! I think that that would please Andy.  Kimmie and I have been filming in Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge and D’Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge for the Union Museum of History and Art’s forthcoming wildlife exhibition. Both National Wildlife refuges are lovely in the autumn, ...

17/11/2017 03:44 PM
The Biodiversity Heritage Library
By C. Paxton Wildopeneye stretched a bit wider this morning and watered a little when I learned via an article on Open Culture that there are now over two million images of nature available online at the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL)! What a wonderful resource for writers, teachers and students ...

17/11/2017 01:42 PM
New Species of Great Ape Designated! The Tapanuli orangutan (Pongo tapanuliensis)
It’s not every day that you learn of a new species of Great Ape! What a week this has been. Check out the news of the Tapanuli orangutan from the WWF website. According to WWF “the Tapanuli orangutan (Pongo tapanuliensis) is distinguished from other orangutan populations based on morphological and ...

16/11/2017 06:47 PM
Not Bear Bile! New PSA from Education For Nature Vietnam
  Bear Bile PSA by ENV In this latest public service announcement by Education For Nature Vietnam, people are reminded that it is no longer socailly acceptable to use bear bile extracted from Asiatic Black Bears.  The video portrays a wealthy entrepreneur’s attempts to celebrate success falling flat when he offers ...

04/10/2017 10:23 PM
Lousiana Master Naturalists Northeast Flock To Black Bayou For General Interest Meeting
Yesterday evening (Oct 3) Kimmie and I went to The Black Bayou National Wildlife Refuge to attend the first open meeting of the group that aims to serve as the northeastern chapter of the statewide Louisiana Master Naturalists. As if to salute the formation of the group,  a flock of ...

01/09/2017 09:38 PM
Sponsoring a sea turtle nest with ARCAS Guatemala
Hello everybody.  Charles Paxton here, I received a communication today from my friend and ARCAS Director, Colum Muccio alerting us to the fact that it is now the height of sea turtle nesting season and inviting us to sponsor a nest again at US $25. Kimmie and I have done ...

16/08/2017 02:16 AM
Leaf-footed Bugs