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05/07/2018 12:49 PM
Andrew suggests "Stop building health centres", in a debate on the NHS
Andrew, taking part in Lord Darzi's debate on the NHS said: "First, we must return to the fundamental question …… "What is health?" as he commented: "Some 50% of our patients today do not have a biomedical problem: they have a housing, education or employment problem, or they are lonely." Read more here:

03/05/2018 04:11 PM
Thank you and congratulations! Infinity is a winner!
For those of you not permanently glued to Twitter, I’m delighted to announce that September’s Infinity Festival has picked up another internal award at The University of Manchester, this time winning a Making a Difference Award for staff contribution to widening participation.

15/03/2018 03:16 PM
Andrew welcomes the Chancellor's Spring Statement
Andrew welcomes the Chancellor's Spring Statement saying: "It is certainly good news to hear that the UK economy has grown every year since 2010;" and, whilst also welcoming the Chancellor's plans to "back enterprise and unleash our creators and innovators, our inventors and discoverers .." warned that bureaucracy was stifling the very enterprise we want to encourage to flourish. Read more here:

21/02/2018 05:34 PM
Andrew describes "The lessons learned" during a debate on volunteering
Andrew describes "The lessons learned" during a debate on volunteering: "first, the value of co-production and of designing the programme with volunteers as much as possible; secondly, the benefit of offering a range of pick-and-mix volunteer opportunities;" and importantly, "thirdly, the power of “thank you” and a recognition of the importance of relationships," as he shows its real worth as "... 36 have gone on to secure employment as a direct result of their volunteering roles and experience." Read more here:

19/12/2017 06:17 PM
Andrew, speaking in a debate on the size of the House of Lords, emphasises the importance of having the right people
Andrew, speaking in a debate on the size of the House of Lords, emphasises the importance of having the right people: "what we must all focus on and protect is the calibre and experience of those people who are called to sit in this Chamber .... your Lordships’ House is not centrally about numbers but about people." Underlining his point, Andrew stated: "... the future of this House is all about ensuring that we have the right people with the right balance of wisdom and practical experience over time." Read more here:

18/12/2017 02:45 PM
Plans submitted to transform a key site in East Ham
Plans have been submitted for the transformation of a key site in East Ham, east London, to deliver a striking new retail, leisure and residential development. Read more here:

02/11/2017 03:50 PM
Andrew questions the over-confidence of the role of the state in a debate on A Manifesto to Strengthen Families
"Being aware of unintended consequences and learning from what we have done," Andrew stressed, "is the first rule of thumb," as he described well-intentioned government initiatives that have failed to help those who needed it the most. Read more here:

20/06/2017 11:14 AM
St Paul’s Way Trust School’s Science Summer School 2017 with Professor Brian Cox
Science Summer School 2017, hosted by Professor Brian Cox, is in its 6th year. It aims to inspire the next generation of British engineers and scientists on 25th and 26th July 2017. See the programme

04/05/2017 06:22 AM
TV star Brian Cox in West Cumbria for science festival
A science festival, headed by Professor Brian Cox, hopes to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists when it comes to Cumbria. “I look forward to meeting everyone on September 28.” (Professor Brian Cox).

02/03/2017 04:30 PM
Andrew speaks during debate on the Report from the European Union Committee, Brexit: the options for trade (5th Report)
Advocating that we "think more outside the box" as we prepare to exit the European Union, Andrew said: " Brexit is a real opportunity for new thinking about the opportunities now presenting themselves in a digitised world that exists outside traditional silos. To grasp it, we all need a real change of mindset, both in Europe and in this country". Read more here: