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08/22/2012 07:41 PM
Temporarily – No Comment
God willing, the content of this blog will be migrated to its new site, starting sometime after midnight (here in East Coast America). I have been asked to make no changes during that period (it could be as much as 24 hours). Accordingly, I am turning off comments for that time. They’ll be turned back […]

08/21/2012 10:05 AM
Life in a Sacramental World
At the ordination of a priest, the consecrated Body of Christ is placed in his hands. He is told to “Guard this!” until the coming of Christ. It is a very solemn moment – the beginning of a lifetime in which a man’s relationship to bread will never be the same. It is also something […]

08/15/2012 10:35 AM
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Orthodox Christians (New Calendar) commemorate the death (Dormition) of the Virgin Mary today. For those for whom such feasts are foreign, it is easy to misunderstand what the Orthodox are about – and to assume that this is simply a feast to Mary because we like that sort of thing. Flippant attitudes fail to perceive […]

08/08/2012 12:17 PM
The Sacrament of the Heart
Scholars of the New Testament occasionally conjecture about what is termed the ipsissima verba of Christ, the “very words themselves.” It is a term for those sayings that are considered historically authentic beyond question. One saying which in my opinion belongs to such a category are the so-called “words of institution” (“this is my body…this […]

08/02/2012 12:10 PM
Blog Debut Coming
Within the next few days, the revision of Glory to God for All Things will be appearing. There will be some details that will be worked out after it first goes on line – thus I ask for patience ahead of time. I also offer my deepest thanks to those who have made this possible. […]

07/27/2012 09:55 AM
Blog Progress
Last month I requested help from readers in supporting a revision of the Glory to God for All Things blogsite. The response was deeply encouraging (I’ve sent some notes of thanks). The work is beginning to mature and I hope to see something new up on the site in a couple of weeks. Thank you […]

07/25/2012 09:17 AM
God’s Grandmother
Today is the patronal feast of my parish, St. Anne. St. Anne (Anna) was the wife of St. Joachim. Joachim and Anna were the parents of the Virgin Mary, according to the early tradition of the Church. In Orthodox commemorations they are referred to as the “ancestors of God.” It is a shocking title, perhaps […]

07/20/2012 05:41 PM
Rational Sheep and the Word of God
Any parent who has raised a child has witnessed the miracle of human language. Even children with handicaps find ways to communicate except in the most extreme circumstance. The genius of language is not something we learn – it is instinctual for human beings. Those who study linguistics and neurobiology recognize that we have an […]

07/13/2012 03:24 PM
Beauty and the Face of God
Everything is beautiful in a person when he turns toward God, and everything is ugly when it is turned away from God. Fr. Pavel Florensky +++ In thinking about darkness and light – and their role in our apprehension of the truth – I cannot but think about Beauty, which is a primary place in […]

07/10/2012 08:47 PM
Unshakeable Reality
In his novel, The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis imagines a bus-load of people who travel from “hell” to “heaven.” Their trip takes them from a place described as “gray,” and ghost-like in its not-so-solid existence. Heaven, on the other hand, is quite solid. The day-trippers find the most immediate difficulty of their journey to be […]