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05/02/2018 08:30 AM
The grotesque chaos of Claire Kober’s Haringey
The resignation of a council leader would normally be no biggie. I mean, I’m guessing entirely here, but presumably that happens in towns or cities across Britain several times a year, for one reason or another. These things usually merit a run of front pages in the local press, and perhaps a short mention or […]

06/12/2017 07:18 PM
Time to move on from the 1980s, Lord Hattersley
If I were official keeper of the Croslandite flame, easily the most renowned contemporary advocate of that standpoint, I’d be humble enough to ponder why my preferred brand of politics carried such little traction in Britain in 2017. As a serious partisan of social democracy, I would ask why ideas of the stripe that until […]

04/12/2017 09:32 PM
Elections to Labour’s national executive: do you want a member-led party or don’t you?
When I’ve finished writing this blog post, I’ll be heading over to my inbox to send my National Executive Committee votes off for Yasmine Dar, Rachel Garnham and Jon Lansman. For obvious reasons this internal contest has been portrayed as pro-Jez or anti-Jez; you’re either for him or against him. Yet it’s worth remembering this […]

01/12/2017 10:58 AM
Pete Willsman reports from Labour’s November Executive
National Executive Committee Away Day 26 November 2017 This NEC was the annual ‘Away Day’, where ‘blue sky thinking’ is encouraged. This year we held our meeting in Glasgow where we were warmly welcomed by the new leader of the Scottish Labour Party, Richard Leonard and the very enthusiastic Scottish Executive Committee (SEC), and part of […]

16/11/2017 09:52 PM
What is happening in Catalonia?
  Things have happened quickly since the unauthorised referendum called by Catalunya’s regional government on October 1st. The result – a  90% yes vote on a 42% turnout, with many opposed to independence staying away – led Catalan president Carles Puigdemont to proclaim independence. The Spanish government responded by completely suspending Catalan autonomy and unleashing […]

13/11/2017 09:45 PM
Those who helped break the economy cannot fix it
Make no mistake, yesterday’s increase in interest rates was a big deal. Painful as it might be for a good share of the population, the real point is that the Bank is signalling the end of a particular phase of monetary policy. Since 2010 the counterpart to self-defeating austerity policies has been expansionary monetary policies. […]

08/11/2017 10:14 PM
Socialism and immigration – a reply to Don Flynn
Don Flynn claims that I argued “that support for the right of migrants to freedom of movement is the same as support for the free movement of capital”. Readers of my article can see that I said no such thing. It is  possible to support one and not the other. Armed with this confusion he […]

02/11/2017 06:44 PM
Freedom of movement and the rights of labour: A reply to David Pavett 
David Pavett’s attack on the newly-formed Labour Campaign for Free Movement wrongly argues that support for the right of migrants to freedom of movement is the same as support for the free movement of capital. The implication he draws from this association is that in curbing the right of people to move freely we would […]

31/10/2017 09:21 PM
The importance of trade for jobs
The Brexit negotiations are entering a decisive phase, with leading UK business organisations saying they will not invest and must consider whether they relocate if there is no agreement on a transition phase and there is clear progress on trade talks. For its part the Tory Cabinet is deferring any discussion on its key aims […]

01/10/2017 08:43 PM
Jeremy Corbyn and the new mainstream
Tweeting earlier in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech, Ed Miliband observed that the centre ground had moved and was being shaped by Labour. Correct. The boasts about Labour being the mainstream have a solid foundation because, to be more exact, our party is one of two mainstreams. There’s the one we’ve seen Labour pander to […]