Arutz Sheva News Briefs

05/27/2018 03:51 PM
Beit Shemesh: Chabad running for the city council

05/27/2018 03:43 PM
Economic indicators up .4 percent in April

05/27/2018 03:40 PM
Taking Hamas to the International Criminal Court

05/27/2018 03:32 PM
Caesarea smoke-bomb suspect freed with restrictions

05/27/2018 03:28 PM
Appeal of "sadistic sect" head in Jerusalem rejected

05/27/2018 03:22 PM
PM will meet next week with leaders of France and Germany

05/27/2018 03:22 PM
Report: Sheldon Adelson flew Guatemalan delegation to Israel

05/27/2018 03:17 PM
Knesset speaker: Forum to resolve tensions between gov't branches

05/27/2018 03:14 PM
Watch: Iranian FM chants 'Death to America, death to Israel!'

05/27/2018 03:10 PM
Gazans plan to try to breach Israeli sea blockade