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07/27/2017 07:57 PM
Anybody can fire this locked "smart" gun with $15 worth of magnets
FOR GUN CONTROL advocates, a "smart" gun that only its owner can fire has promised an elusive ideal: If your phone or PC can remain locked until you prove your identity, why not your lethal weapon? Now, for the first time, a skilled hacker has taken a deep look into the security mechanisms of one leading example of those authenticated firearms. He's found that if smart guns are going to become a reality, they'll need to be smarter than this one.

07/27/2017 04:17 PM
UT Professors Appeal Campus Carry Ruling
Earlier this month, a judge ruled against University of Texas professors Lisa Moore, Mia Carter, and Jennifer Lynn Glass, all of whom sued to block the campus carry law which allows licensed gun owners to carry guns concealed in most areas of campus.  The ruling stated that the judge could find no evidence to support their fears that the law has had a stifling effect on free speech.

07/27/2017 04:14 PM
Democrat candidate for Minneapolis mayor: Let's take the guns away from the police
This is the logical next step for the left on this, isn’t it? Well, let’s slow down on it a little bit and look at their big-picture strategy, since the left often thinks it’s won more people over to its point of view than it really has. Objective: Convince the public that the police are the enemy, more of a threat to them than the criminals.

07/27/2017 04:13 PM
$1500 Smart Gun Hacked Using $15 Magnets
It has been revealed that a $1500 smart gun, intended to reduce gun crime, has been developed with a huge flaw, which can be exposed by cheap magnets. The vulnerability could allow a hacker to exploit a number of its features including being able to override the security software.

07/27/2017 03:51 PM
Suspect shot by man in self-defense
Officials said police received a call in reference to a shots fires around 2:49 a.m. When officers arrived at the scene, they found a woman later identified as 23-year-old Raven Symone Fisher lying on the ground at the apartments. 

07/27/2017 03:48 PM
Wingstop employee injures masked robber during shootout in Third Ward
A suspected robber was shot in Third Ward Tuesday by a Wingstop employee, police said. Houston Police have arrested and charged Benjamin Maurice Colbert with robbery threat, suspected of robbing the restaurant in the 3700 block of Scott Street just after 11p.m.

07/27/2017 03:06 PM
Keeping Up The Pressure
NRA-ILA remains mission-focused on passing the legislation that will make America freer and safer.

07/27/2017 02:54 PM
Maine: Ballot Initiative Reform Legislation Needs Your Help
On August 2, the Maine State Senate will consider Legislative Document 31.  LD 31 addresses problems and concerns with the state’s current “Citizen Initiative” process. 

07/27/2017 01:00 PM
North Dakota: Permitless Carry to Go Into Effect
On August 1, the permitless carry law enacted by the passage of House Bill 1169 will go into effect. HB 1169 was signed by Governor Doug Burgum in March, and makes North Dakota the 12th state to enact permitless carry, also know as “constitutional" carry.

07/26/2017 10:11 PM
Chicago Guns Matter founder isn’t done with fight for a gun range
Rhonda Ezell was really sick. Suffering from kidney failure, lung disease and other ailments, she didn’t like to venture very far from her South Side home. But to obtain a new Chicago firearms permit to keep a gun in her home in 2010, she had to go through hours of training — and Chicago didn’t have any public shooting ranges within the city limits.

07/26/2017 08:53 PM
North Carolina: Sunday Hunting Expansion Signed By Governor
Yesterday Governor Roy Cooper signed House Bill 559 into law. The final version of HB 559 expanded on the Sunday Hunting provisions passed in 2015.  The Outdoor Heritage Act of 2015 removed the absolute prohibition on hunting with firearms on Sunday in North Carolina.  However, it only applied to hunting on private land, maintained a prohibition on hunting migratory birds, exempted counties with populations over 700,000 from being included, and did not allow hunting within 500 yards of a residence not owned by the landowner.

07/26/2017 04:24 PM
Heidi Harris: CCW’s On The Rise
Since July 2016 1.86 million concealed carry permit applications have been submitted, which brings the total of CCW holder to 16.3 million in the U.S. though African-American women are leading the charge.

07/26/2017 04:22 PM
Gun-rights advocates challenge assault-weapons ban in Supreme Court
Gun-rights advocates on Friday urged the U.S. Supreme Court to review and strike down as unconstitutional Maryland’s ban on military assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines, those carrying more than 10 rounds of ammunition.