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09/22/2017 11:34 PM
Long Term Trends in Gun Sales Remain Strong
Discussion of the state of the firearms industry began again with the release of the August NICS numbers. Allegations of a fading industry recur every month. Obama was the greatest gun salesman ever, Hillary Clinton almost was, and Trump may be the worst yet. 

09/22/2017 11:26 PM
Gun Control Lobby Seeks to Thwart SHARE Act with Hysteria, Fear Mongering
The panic is now starting to set in amongst the gun control lobby, which is desperately searching for ways to smear a bill that has been around for years in various forms without attracting much attention from the usual anti-gun extremists. 

09/22/2017 11:16 PM
Washington Post Employs Deceptive Tactic on “Children” and Guns
The Washington Post has surpassed the Brady Campaign and Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety to take a place alongside the New York Times as the premier anti-gun propagandists in the country.

09/22/2017 11:13 PM
UK: Growing Support for Arming More Police
The UK’s fear of firearms, and potential weapons of all kinds, is well-documented. Subjects are urged not to carry any item, such as pepper spray, that might be adapted for self-defense. Officers take to social media to boast of “weapons sweeps” that turn up old kitchen knives, baseball bats, and sharpened sticks.

09/22/2017 09:13 PM
Rhode Island: House Gives Final Approval to Gun Control Bill
House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello summoned lawmakers back to Providence in a rare September session, and the House passed an anti-gun bill Tuesday afternoon.  The session had abruptly ended in June with the budget and a handful of other issues unresolved.  Among the unfinished business was H.5510/S.405.  The bill, which was aggressively pushed by anti-gun groups Moms Demand Action and Everytown, falsely portrayed this bill as domestic violence legislation. 

09/22/2017 09:06 PM
Join NRA-ILA at the 2017 "Firearms Law & The Second Amendment Symposium"
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09/22/2017 05:16 PM
Join Vice President Mike Pence This Monday for a Campaign Rally for Luther Strange!
This Monday, September 25th at 7:00 pm at HealthSouth Aviation in Birmingham, Vice President Mike Pence will be holding a rally for Luther Strange! Doors open at 4:00 pm. Please plan to attend!  For additional details about the rally and to register, please visit

09/22/2017 03:10 PM
House GOP pushes to loosen gun rules
House GOP leaders are moving forward with plans to vote on two gun-related measures in the coming weeks, the first time Congress has taken up the controversial issue since Donald Trump became president.

09/22/2017 03:10 PM
Secretary Zinke Declares October National Hunting and Fishing Month
Just days before National Hunting and Fishing Day – which is held on September 23rd every year - U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke declared October will officially be recognized as National Hunting and Fishing Month at the Department. Zinke championed the order to recognize the lasting and positive impact of hunters and anglers on wildlife and habitat conservation in America. This order comes on the heels of several major sportsmen actions from Interior including Wednesday's announcement of the addition of 600 acres of land in Arizona's Santa Teresa Mountains to make Wilderness Areas accessible for hunting and fishing.

09/22/2017 03:09 PM
Albuquerque store clerk fired after shooting attempted robbery suspect
A Circle K clerk who shot a robber in the chest has been fired.The mother of three, Jennifer Wertz, was held up while working at the store near Eubank and Candelaria on Monday.

09/22/2017 03:08 PM
Jeff Sessions warns gang members: 'We will hunt you down'
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned gang members on Thursday that they will be hunted down and brought to justice so they can no longer terrorize communities.