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02/16/2018 05:11 AM
Careful, Alexa Is Listening
In a TV commercial for Amazon's Alexa speaker, a guy tells it to order cat food. An owner filed a complaint saying their smart speaker heard the ad and ordered cat food.

02/16/2018 05:11 AM
A Mullet Festival: Because, Sure, Why Not Have A Mullet Festival?
The small Australian town of Kurri Kurri is having a festival to celebrate the mullet haircut. A contest for best cuts will include categories like everyday wear, grubby, kids and women.

02/14/2018 07:18 PM
This Fake Kim Jong Un Got An Icy Reception From North Korean Cheerleaders
Cheerleaders, meet Dear Leader ... kind of. A guy named Howard, who keeps dressing up like the dictator, tried to introduce himself to the country's Olympic cheering section. They weren't having it.

02/14/2018 05:09 AM
Kansas Governors: Teenagers Yes, Dogs No
A Kansas man filed papers for his dog to run for governor after seeing reports about teenagers running, because there is no age requirement. But Kansas' secretary of state said no to the dog.

02/14/2018 05:03 AM
There Are 2 Very Different Adam Rippons
One is an Olympic figure skater and the other is a video game developer. The game developer has been getting a lot of tweets this week.

02/12/2018 06:26 PM
Lawsuit Alleges Mafia-Like Tactics Aimed At A Disneyland Social Club
Like an oddly wholesome motorcycle gang, members wear denim vests festooned with Disney trading pins on the front. Some members sport tattoos of Walt Disney himself.

02/12/2018 09:54 AM
WWII Bomb Shuts Down Flights At London City Airport
The unexploded ordnance, described as a 500 kg German bomb by local authorities, has prompted the cancellation of all flights on Monday from the airport. The bomb was found in the River Thames.

02/10/2018 08:02 AM
There Is A Competition To Avoid Learning Who Won The Super Bowl, For Some Reason
About a dozen people are among the last standing in a competition against modern technology. They don't know who won the Super Bowl and they're trying to go as long as possible without finding out.

02/09/2018 02:05 PM
Do You Know This Justice? Massachusetts High Court Wants You To Help ID Him
There's a portrait of a mystery man hanging in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. He may have been a judge between 1780 and 1820. Maybe. Officials are appealing to the public for any insights.

02/09/2018 06:18 AM
A Mystery Portrait In Massachusetts
A portrait of a justice hangs in the Massachusetts Supreme Court, but nobody knows who the person in the portrait is. The current chief justice is asking the public's help to identify the person.

02/09/2018 04:52 AM
Florida Child Gets Stuck In Toy Claw Machine
A kid in Florida really wanted a stuffed animal from inside a claw machine — so much that he got inside, and got stuck. A firefighter rescued him quickly.

02/07/2018 04:52 AM
Farmer Calls Police Over Tiger In Cow Shed
A farmer in Scotland called the police after spotting a tiger in his cow shed. It didn't move for a while. He then realized it was a stuffed toy tiger.

02/04/2018 11:27 AM
Hunter Knocked Unconscious By Shot Goose Falling Out Of The Sky
A falling goose hit a waterfowl hunter near the Miles River on the state's eastern shore, knocking him out and causing head and facial injuries. He's in stable condition.

02/03/2018 08:00 AM
'Mermaids' And 'Mermen' Of Brazil Refuse To Be Tamed
Tail-costumed swimmers in the South American nation say they will not bend despite official safety warnings.

02/02/2018 04:29 PM
Historic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Is Gearing Up For Public Display
One of the oldest Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles in the country is getting restored before being put on display for the public. It's all happening in Wisconsin, of course, the longtime home to Oscar Mayer's main processing plant.