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12/09/2017 06:02 PM

Classic Studio-Level Character Animation,
Editing & Visuals for Indie or Pro studios.

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6th December 2017, San Jose, CA - Reallusion launches fundamental animation update with iClone 7.1 with new features for studio-level motion design for any creator to achieve professional animation results. The largest annual update to iClone 7.1 delivers redesigned Depth of Field (DOF) achieving significant improvement in camera realism. A total overhaul of the Timeline system that now offers multi-track and key select with time warp, sampling keys from clips, and enhanced mirror copy. The advanced Timeline is integrated with the new Curve Editor Plug-in for synchronous operation to build professional motions the classical way and suitable for any budget. iClone 7.1 Update Highlight Video: iClone Curve Editor Demo Video:
The Curve Editor allows you to adapt all the skills of classic animation principles to your iClone animations. Select a motion clip or a section of keys from the timeline and start applying curves to achieve the best animation performance. Exercise full control over time and space adjustments in your animations, create smooth and cinematic cameras, perform arc rotation for cartoon animation, and achieve the perfect ease-in and out behavior! Curve Editor - Build Professional Motion the Classical Way ● Outliner Tools: display the object-related nodes with RTS (rotation, translation, and scale) curves in Tree Mode or List Mode, with Keyword Filtering options. ● Tangent Tools: quick access to the frequent-use tangent types such as Auto, Smooth, Spline, Linear, Step, Accelerate or Decelerate. ● Handle Tools: allow for the adjustment of the tangents for the transition style to exaggerate or understate the animation. ● Key Editing Tools: regular editing features for keys such as selecting, adding, deleting keys, and setting values and times. ● Navigation Tools: pan and zoom the graph view for better observation of the displayed curves Life-like Presets for Curve Animation
● Life-like curve behaviors with the Transition Curve Preset Types provide an abundant way to re-interpret the motions. ● Once a Curve Preset is picked, the result will be immediately visible in the viewport, making it fast and easy for the user to determine the most suitable transition type. ● 16 Presets represent for commonly used animations such as acceleration, deceleration, smooth, damping, and different bouncing types. ● Curve Presets can be further customized using Curve Editor after Sampling and Optimization. Realistic Camera Behaviour
● Simulate natural camera movement using smooth transition curve and ease-in and out. 
● Generate cinematic camera moves by using a different tangent type or curve presets 

Sampling and Optimizing Keys● Sample Keys out from a Motion Clip for further editing. You can either sample keys for all motion layers, or for specific chosen layer tracks. ● Merge layer keys back to motion clip for additional pass of layer editing ● For simplifying the hyper-dense sampled keys, you can optimize the keys with custom threshold for better modification Mocap Data Cleaning● Take out jitters, glitches or redundant keys within motion data by sampling clip and smoothing out selected keys ● Remove foot sliding using Reach Effector editing to ensure firm foot contact to the floor. ● Easy re-edit mocap data by turning them into manageable keys for curve editing. DOF Camera Realism - Realtime and Rendered Visual Optimization

iClone 7.1 camera DOF is dramatically improved. Pick a mesh target for the DOF, customize the parameters, and also select from multiple bokeh effects. iClone DOF

Updated DOF Features ● Focus Distance now gives a precise focal distance based on a specific mesh surface picking point. ● Focus Range can be used to grow out from the point of the Focus Distance to cover the area of clarity. ● Near and Far Transition Region for smooth blending between focused and defocused area. ● Near and Far Blur Strength: ● New Bokeh effects, include: Hex, Circle, Star and Heart. ● Blur Edge Samples Scale can be used to soften the jaggedness in the junction between the regions of blurriness and sharpness of an object. More ● New DOF Regions can be used to display and diagnose the DOF ranges. More The New Timeline - Multi-track Animation Editing and TimewarpThe all new Timeline increases the motion editing and animation control inside iClone 7.1 with features to grab, edit and timewarp multiple keys over multiple tracks. Precision control over the entire scene animation with the new Curve Editor for character animation and motion capture editing. Quickly build, edit and refine 3D scenes for virtual production, previz and animation projects. Non Uniform Cell Size for Timewarp Updated Timeline Features ● Sample and Flatten Motion Clips ● Merge Clips. ○ Merge Clips can be used to join disparate clips of the same track. ○ Usage: pick two adjoining clips and perform Merge Clips via the context menu ● Auto Extend feature has been added to the timeline toolbar. ○ When Auto Extend is enabled, a new animation key will join a clip to its left. ○ When Auto Extend is disabled, a new animation key becomes an independent motion clip. ● Hollow and Solid Keys: ○ Hollow keys represent partially keyed frames ○ On the other hand, Solid keys represent keys where all axes have been keyed. ● Create Transition Clip: ○ Accessible via the right mouse button context menu, the Create Transition Clip function can be used to convert clip transition region into a new clip segment. Reach Effector Editing - Effector Animation for Dynamic Motion
● Reach Target has a new Reach Effector. ○ The Reach Effector can be applied on any bone in order to create a lite IK effector. ● Use Reach Effector to ensure foot to ground contact ● Reach Key can now be baked into the current pose. iClone 7.1 is available now as a free update to iClone 7 users iClone 7.1 is available online at For More Info on iClone 7.1 new features please check our forum:

About Reallusion: ​Reallusion Inc. is a 2D and 3D animation software and content developer. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with R&D centers in Taiwan, and offices and training centers in Germany and Japan. Reallusion specializes in the development of real­time 2D and 3D cinematic animation tools for consumers, students and professionals. The company provides users with easy to use avatar animation, facial morphing and voice lip­sync solutions for real-­time 3D filmmaking, and previsualization for professional post ­production. Reallusion's core technologies are widely used by trainers, educators, gamers and filmmakers providing them with stand­alone movie studio packages.

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12/09/2017 04:31 PM

#MAGIX #Looperoid #Polaroids #PhotoStories #Pictures #Editing #Animated #GIFs

The most beautiful way to share photos: MAGIX releases free mobile app, Looparoid

Looparoid is the first app that lets you combine multiple pictures to create unique photo stories that resemble Polaroids to share with your friends and family.

Madison, WI (USA), December 04, 2017 – With Looparoid, MAGIX delivers a free Android app to create breathtaking photo stories that can be downloaded straight from the Google Play Store. Entertaining animated GIFs from photos are created in seconds.

Whether it's your last vacation, home improvement project or dinner with friends: Looparoid can bring up to 8 images together to create one story. It's super simple to use: The user selects their favorite photos, picks a fitting frame in a Polaroid style and then adds a title – and it's done! In no time at all, the completed Looparoid can be shared instantly via messenger.

"A million photos are created every day and there's a story behind each one. With Looparoid, we want to inspire people to tell these stories", says Max Herberger, Looparoid product owner. "Using the app's selection of frames and effects, any user can create a Looparoid that fits their own unique photo story. In addition, we've paid a lot of attention to simple, intuitive operation, so that creating Looparoids is just as fun as looking at them."

Looparoid is the result of years of experience in the development of user-friendly desktop and mobile apps for photo and video editing from the MAGIX team. Continued development and innovative functions for Looparoid have already been planned for the immediate future.
Looparoid is now available for free in the Google Play Store and is compatible with Android 5.0 version and higher.

MAGIX is an internationally operating provider of software, online services and digital content for using multimedia products and services. Founded in 1993, MAGIX offers private and professional users a technologically sophisticated and user-friendly range of products for designing, editing, presenting and archiving digital photos, videos, music, documents and websites. MAGIX is the market leader in the field of multimedia software in Germany and in the most important European markets. It is also regarded as one of the most successful market participants in the USA.

MAGIX see.hear.feel.create

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10/04/2017 10:03 PM

#Google #GooglePixel2 #Pixel2XL #PixelBook #PixelBuds #GoogleHome #GoogleHomeMini #GoogleHomeMAX #Android #AndroidOEMS #Samsung #GalaxyS8 #GalaxyS8Plus #Apple #iPhone8 #iPhone8Plus #iPhoneX #GalaxyNote8 


Yes, I watched the whole Google event live! I've got to say that I'm happily eating my words! The products from Google looked superb in both the look and design of the hardware and, very importantly, the software! 

Needless to say that I am very impressed! I just love the idea of the PixelBook, the Google Home devices, and, of course, the handsets! As you should know, I love my big screens and my handset is the Pixel XL 2! I love it! Yes, despite the “leaks” I was suitably surprised throughout the reveal!

I love the translation in real-time! This is the future right now!

I want everything I saw and I'm going to get 'em all too! Well, barring the smaller Pixel 2 handset. This is a remarkable feat from Google. I passed on last year's Pixel handsets and now… I want the lot! 

Above: Pixel Buds. Look at that wonderful design! So much better looking than Apple's Air Buds that look pretty stupid; whoever designed the Air Buds must have watched an episode of the Jetson's for inspiration! Anyhoo... The Pixel Buds come with AI that is Google Assistant. I just love that one can do live translation wearing the Pixel Buds and/or other compatible gear such as the Pixel 2 handsets. The Google Buds will set you back £159!

Look, from where I'm sitting, Apple seems hell-bent on its current self-destructive path. I mean, didn't Apple take on an additional “designer”??? And this iPhone X notch issue??? I don't get it! Anyhow…

Although Google were merciful in taking potshots it is very clear that Apple have run out of steam. Google have a vision and they are realizing it to great effect!

Apple, they've gone to the nursery and have created talking doody emojis, which was a great source of amusement for Apple. Then, on the other hand…

Google demonstrates - in real-time - an audible translation between Swedish and English! WOW! Time to renew my passport and get traveling again!

Kudos to Google! Well freaking done!

Above: Just look at the elegant design of the Pixel 2 XL... No ugly notch in sight! No headphone jack! But there is an adapter in the box! Cool!

No. No. Nooooooo! There's no point in making comparisons with Apple's offerings as they are different platforms! But, that said, the 2017 Pixel handsets appear to so much more satisfying! The designs are fantastic! No freaking notch in sight!

Can I compare them to the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and Note 8? Can I make comparisons with the LG V30? How about the Huawei Mate 10?

The beauty of Google Android and it being open to a vast array of manufacturers is that each manufacturer can create a unique experience and some of us have a tendency to own at least 3 handsets from different OEMS! I've lost count of all the phones I have from different OEMS. That said, Samsung and Google are my two top manufacturers! I might get the LG V30 and the Huawei Mate 10!

Above: The Google PixelBook! It is gorgeous and very desirable. Look at the spec for the biggest and baddest one: Intel® Core™ i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD! Great, huh? Finally, a PixelBook - Chromebook that looks capable of video editing! Put me down for this one! I will have to find the most part of £2k to get the top of the line and a PixelBook Pen!

Yeah, yeah… Like me, you've noticed that there's no tablet offering… Well, in a few ways it's not surprising as the tablet market is having an identity crises at the moment. I wish Android tablets would just step up to the plate. Yes, I think there are great efforts from Samsung, Huawei and, maybe Asus… Of course, Google tablets are great too. The trouble is that most Android folk just want a tablet that's powerful, cost effective, and has a shelf life of a couple of years at least.

Apple have experienced a drop off in tablet sales and that's primarily because of the weird ideas the execs have… iPad mini, cuts into the iPad, iPhone Plus does the same to both the mini and 10” and the MacBook eats into the iPad Pro! While it's debatable as to the superiority of the Apple tablet over Android ones, it's clear that the iPads don't serve its parishioners; the flock have been led up the garden path instead of the promised land! The iPads are too expensive to the point where you may as well get a MacBook.

Look over your shoulder and the Windows platform has more scope what with the laptops that convert into a tablet (by folding away the keyboard) and then there are the Surface devices. These are real computers, and have more value as a consequence!

Whereas the Android tablet is a fusion of purposes: entertainment and productivity at a reasonable price - sometimes!

Saying the above, now that the PixelBook utilizes powerful Intel i5 and i7 processors I think it's another sharp nail in the iPad coffin and it opens up the possibilities for the Android tablet to come back strong in 2018! The Android tablet market just needs a manufacturer brave enough to do the following: -

  1. Put a decent Octo-Core SoC in it.
  2. Put a 4G radio in it at no extra cost.
  3. Price it from £200 to about £350 max and the Android tablet will be commonplace on the streets like the smartphones are.

There you go! It is pretty easy! Well, it appears that way! It just takes one manufacturer to make the first move... Which one will it be? Samsung? Hmmmm... I think Samsung is looking to usurp the iPad out of principal once and for all! Huawei have come the closest to delivering on a decent cost effective and well designed tablet. Here in the UK, the 8" MediaPad is not sold with the 4G radio. You can't go to an outlet like PC World and pick one up! Asus? They keep falling short! At one time Asus had some great ideas with Android tablets that was based around a phone that is slotted inside a tablet housing, they had some other decent ideas too... Lately, Asus have been trying but the power isn't quite there... Again, Archos looked as though it was about to unleash what could have been the perfect Android tablet and it never materialized. Oh, well... I think that Huawei is going to come through on the Android tablet front; they are almost there...I think the 8" MediaPad 4 ought to do it! I think Google should have offered a tablet - at least an 8" one! The Pixel 8" - cool name!

A new smartwatch was absent; I think there's scope for Android Wear - well, kind of… I think the smartwatch needs a bigger wrap-around screen and use the full Android operating system. Both Google and Samsung had a great headstart but they didn't ignite like they should have. I think Samsung’s Gear efforts are better than the Apple Watch; it's just that the media exaggerates what Apple does to the point of absurdity. It's a shame. I think the Apple biased tech media stagnates the growth of true innovation. I think Google gets despondent when Apple gets all the accolades for crap! I also wish Apple would do something that deserves the press attention for a change. A talking poop emoji??? For crying out loud!

Oh well… Yes, I wanted to see a version of Google Home with a screen to enable video calling… I envision a range of screen sizes for the purpose… It makes sense with all this wallpaper screen technology. Now that would be really futuristic!
Above: Google Home Max. It costs a pretty penny at $399, but it may be useful for a lot more than Google Assistant... I could possibly use it for music composition... The speaker quality is supposed to be excellent! Hmmmm... We'll see... At least I will definitely get a great Hi-Fi out of it! You can stand 'em up in portrait or landscape as shown in the pic! I may have a couple of those when it is ready!

Below: Google Home Mini, it will retail at $49! Pretty good going!

It's clear that Google possesses a far reaching understanding of how technology can enhance our lives.

Above: Google Clips. It looks like a very useful camera to capture aspects of one's life and create long lasting memories. It captures soundless video clips, which is a bit of a shame as it would make for a great spy camera. That's going to cost about $249.

Across the board, Google, Android and its OEMS are doing more exciting things with Technology than Apple. I keep telling people... No, I don't hate Apple but what it does is hijack the ideas of others and make it look like it has innovated when they haven't. I find that annoying! Yes, I did consider a Mac computer because of the video editing possibilities but I would NEVER think about an Apple computer now! I would rather buy a powerful Chrome desktop with a AMD Ryzen chip in it - if it were possible! I would take the chance. People underestimate the Chrome Apps! However, a dual Chrome and Windows desktop would be something... Come to think of it, we have this right now! I only have to access the Chrome App marketplace on my PC when using the Chrome browser. Well, with Windows there are so many decent software applications such as Serif Affinity Photo and Designer - if you are looking for a cost effective to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Not to mention that you can still pick Serif PagePlus for a DTP program that is perfect for publications that require professional printing. Forget PagePlus for digital publication for the moment... Are you with me so far? You want to edit videos? Just check out what MAGIX is doing by the way of video editing software. I don't know how fast the MAGIX video software is compared to Apple's Fastcut, but you have to remember that the cost of the Windows based PC will get you more for your money compared to any Mac! At the very least you get USB ports and a soundcard that you can plug a headphone into! If you want to make professional music on the PC you have so much more scope than you have on the Mac! I digressed a little...

So, from DeX to Google Home to Clips, etc you feel like the future you were promised by Sci-Fi and Technology TV shows is finally coming to life!

Awesome stuff! I will catch on the next one!
Thank you for reading! I am very, very impressed with Google's 2017 line-up! They are very desirable indeed! Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene

10/04/2017 12:59 AM

#Samsung #Google #Android #AndroidOEMS #Apple #GalaxyS8 #GalaxyS8Plus #GooglePixel2 #Pixel2XL #iPhone8 #iPhone8Plus #iPhoneX #GalaxyNote8 


I don't know about you but I'm finding myself being a little bored of the smartphone industry. 

People keep asking me why I've been reviewing Samsung premium handsets more than any other manufacturer. The answer has always been that it's because the Galaxy S and Note ranges happen to deliver an all round performance for the money. All round performance has been a constant with Samsung. LG, Motorola and Huawei have come close with their flagship products but not close enough, 2017 could change all that...

As predicted, Samsung have delivered a stunning design married with great features and functionality. Yes, there are many beautifully designed Android handsets out there however, attributes such as the camera, screen and functionality are the casualties of these wonderful looking options.

The camera on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are solid. While the HTC made Google Pixel XL and standard features highly rated cameras the discrepancies aren't strong enough to sway me - a Samsung fan - away from the Galaxy S8 Plus! Not to mention that the Google Pixel is not aesthetically pleasing to my - or anyone else's eyes for that matter. Who designed it, Jay Leno?

iPhone? Well, when you place the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus next to the current iPhone 7 and Plus there is simply no contest over the design - Apple has this renowned designer too! As per usual, the iPhone 7 performs a little better than the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus; this tells me that it is not totally down to Samsung where performance - raw processing power is concerned.

It appears to me that Google needs to develop a custom system on a chip for Android. Google needs a custom SoC that's specific to Android as the best of the best can't quite match the ultra slick iPhone performance - but we're talking in a macro of a second or two. Even budget handsets give a most satisfying performance these days. As great as the iPhone is, speed is not an issue. Yes, iOS apps look a little better than the Android counterparts but, again, there's not such a great difference for me to look over upon iPhone screens. I'm very productive on Android!

I have yet to come across any performance issues with the Galaxy S8 Plus. I don't know of anyone who uses their phones as we've seen in those hardware tests. I certainly don't. Still, those tests clearly gives credence to the Android custom SoC. C'mon, Google; sort it out!

The eyes have it…
… Certainty, the placement of the fingerprint scanner is awkward. Fortunately, there are other ways to unlock the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus - notably the iris scanner! After a while of using the iris scanner, I can say that it works remarkably well and in the dark too! Direct light (in the face) can prevent the iris scanner from working, it's not a big deal as I would then enter a 4 digit PIN code, or use the fingerprint scanner. With the flip case, the fingerprint scanner is easier to access; I have learned to pick it up in a certain way - back first. It's a reflex.

Let's face it, when a thief makes off with your phone it's game over. One hard reset and the phone has a new owner! It's that simple. So, if we drop/misplace our handsets we are at the mercy of the person who finds it.

A plea for decency: Be a good Samaritan and hand in that found phone. Think of the treasured memories encoded in pictures and videos of the owner. Good deed done.

Absolute power…
I've got to say that the battery life on the Galaxy S8 Plus is okay; it gets me through the day with about 20% left after moderate use. I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times and I'm sure I'll continue to say it: constant social media updates, media consumption - including gameplay - and camera usage will rapidly deplete the battery. If you're a heavy smartphone user you'll need to do the following: -

  1. Carry your fast charger with you at all times. The Galaxy S8 Plus charges up to 50% in 30 minutes from 10%.

  1. Invest in a charging power-pack. It's like having a spare battery.

  1. Get one of those power cases; as always I advise getting a Samsung branded power case. As of yet, I've not seen such a power case from Samsung - it's unusual. I'm sure it's on the way.

That's the way of the flagship battery these days, which brings me to…

… Skin up!
One of the complaints against Samsung's flagships is its TouchWiz skinning of Android. Somehow, I don't think it's TouchWiz - it's now called “Experience” and it's version 8.1. No… I think it's more to do with the amount of functionality that Samsung packs into its flagships. I can't think of any other handset that has so much within. Can you think of a single flagship that contains so many features as the Galaxy S and Note ranges?

It's those features within the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus that can sometimes cause the interface to lag. So far, there's no lag that I can see. I don't play games and in general usage it's just fine; the Experience is very responsive and pleasing.

I'll probably succumb to using Nova Launcher or similar launcher to create the user experience that I've become accustomed to in due course. For now, I'm okay with the Samsung Experience. It may be worth noting that I've not used a third-party launcher on my Galaxy Note 4.

Picture perfect...
The camera is a 13MP main shooter and it doesn't disappoint.

This year it seems that most of the flagships - and even some budget to mid-range - have within a very good to great cameras, so much so, that there's not much between them. When have the Samsung flagships ever failed on the camera?

As a consumer, I know that I'm going to get a darned good camera with the Galaxy S and Note ranges. The camera is one of the main reasons why I go for the Samsung flagships; I have yet to be let down. I have one small issue with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus camera; I can only record video at 10 minutes at a time. I should be able to record video until there's no space left on my micro SD card! Not that I ever have recorded video over 10 minutes long! It just would've been ideal to record video for longer if one day I had the inclination to do so.

At the moment, I cannot see a better all-round handset than the Galaxy S8 Plus. I'm quite sure that it'll be bettered by the Galaxy Note 8. You could say that the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus and the Note (8) can be viewed as Beauty and The Beast. It's hard, but not impossible, for other manufacturers to get a look in.

Anyone for Bixby?
Have you seen the recent Apple ad for Siri featuring The Rock, Dwayne Johnson? Do you know what that ad is about? Now, the penny drops… You've guessed it… This latest Siri ad is about the threat of Samsung's AI assistant, Bixby.

As per usual, the Tech Writer community have mostly misunderstood the purpose of Bixby. Samsung isn't competing with Google's AI assistant or any other such as Amazon's Alexa, etc. No! Bixby offers a means by which you can interface with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus (presumably the imminent Galaxy Note 8 too). This update hasn't yet reached the UK; from what I've seen thus far, Bixby has great potential. I see Bixby working alongside Google's assistant.

The fixed Bixby button…
I've yet to hit the Bixby button accidentally. Would I want to be able to assign another aspect of the Galaxy S8 Plus to the Bixby button? Goodness, no! That's all I need, another bloody button to push! That said, considering you'll be able to launch Bixby with a voice command, “Hi Bixby,” maybe that's a minor - a very minor - design flaw to have a hard immovable button. Do I need to see Bixby cards, in a Google Now manner, to inform me of the weather? Not really. Still, it's handy. I can't complain.

Launching Bixby with a voice command and use it to interface with the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus and Note 8 is a boon!

The Desktop EXperience…
There are quite a few Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus centric accessories, the usual flip cases, keyboard cases, 360 camera, etc. Outstanding is the DeX unit that enables you to convert the Galaxy S8 /S8 Plus and Note 8 into a desktop computer! WOW!

You might be under the assumption that DeX is aimed at business users. If that's the case, can DeX be termed as an "accessory"? Hmmm… I don't think so…

As an owner of the Galaxy S8 Plus, Note 8 and several PCs, I would say that DeX would be an accessory that I don't particularly need but certainly want.

It should be clear as day that I love Tech and that I have to have DeX. I think most Tech Geeks who are into the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus and Note 8 would want DeX just because.

Yes, I can see how DeX will be of use to business users… I can envisage DeX stations around the workplace as a means to engage in spontaneous or planned productivity. DeX works well with Microsoft apps; we'll get apps in a bit…

It would be very shortsighted to view DeX as just a business computer peripheral…

Non Technical People…
As someone who's a Tech enthusiast, it's hard to fathom that there are non technical people in this day and age. I've got to say that such non technical people happen to be women. More specially, friends of mine.

One such friend has a Windows XP PC that's struggling to open Google Chrome! It's driving her crazy! I've been trying to get her to upgrade her PC for ages, and most frustratingly to no avail! Well, she is due a phone upgrade soon. I'm encouraging her to upgrade to the Galaxy S8 and to get DeX while deciding on a PC.

My non technical friend will be able to do all the things she would do on her PC on a day to day basis: word processing, social media networking, media consumption, etc. DeX is perfect for her!  

In general…
DeX can certainly be a device that can negate the need for a PC/laptop - depending on your use. You can possibly declutter a personal space such as a bedroom with this small device.

If you're not a PC power user I would recommend that your next upgrade should be a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus or Note 8 and to invest in a DeX station.

The downside of DeX…
At £140, DeX doesn't come cheap. On top of the initial expense of the handset, you may have to fork out for a monitor, keyboard and mouse. I'd go for a Bluetooth enabled keyboard and mouse. I can't stand wires all over the place.

You'll need Bluetooth speakers as the sound from the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus and Note 8 is compromised once placed in the DeX station via USB C.

Because of the angle of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus front-facing camera when seated in the DeX station, you might find that it's awkward to use Skype for video calling. But you could position DeX to make Skype video calling possible.

Then there's the question of how many apps are compatible in desktop mode. Some apps won't scale to fullscreen, and/or cease to function as intended. Oddly, Samsung's own proprietary video editing app cannot, at the time of writing, go fullscreen! It's little annoying.

DeX, the conclusion...
I'm sure that there'll be more DeX compatible apps in the not too distant future. There are enough productivity apps that work very well in desktop mode. For me, the Microsoft productivity office apps are perfect for my needs. Even though the Samsung video editor doesn't scale up, I can still use it to create basic but good videos.

I think that DeX needs to come down to at least £65… Okay, £80 at the most! DeX deserves to be a computing staple for years to come. I think app developers will get behind DeX in a major way! This is a good opportunity for Android to step up its app game; if you've ever used an Android tablet you'll know how frustrating how some apps aren't able to take advantage of the bigger screen. Considering Android screens have reached 2k and 4k, apps should be malleable by now. Apple does not have the equivalent to DeX!

Yes, it’s out! The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is out there as you are well aware! The Unpacked launch contained little or no surprises that I can’t remember it all in detail like I could past events. I am quite sure that these “leaks” are done deliberately to manage expectations.

I have gotten my Note 8 to complete my Samsung double whammy! I am the proud owner of the S8 Plus too!

What can I say about the Galaxy Note 8 that hasn’t been said before? Let me use my own voice…

The design of the Galaxy Note8 is so beautiful that it hurts - more so if I wasn’t able to get hold of one! How Samsung has made it possible for such a slim version of the Galaxy Note to retain the S Pen is truly a feat of design and engineering - bear in mind that it is dust and water resistant. I have the Midnight Black version… I would have gone for a Grey or Blue, but Gold??? NO! I can’t stand Gold; I think it looks gaudy for my tastes. I was kinda forced into a Galaxy S6 Edge Gold and I can’t say that I like it very much. Anyway…

It is early days and I may post up a review - if I think I can write something that you’ve not read or listened to via YouTube and/or podcasts.

One of my concerns is the battery; the Galaxy Note8 is sporting a huge 6.3” Super-AMOLED screen. As I keep saying, it only when you start using the devices is when you see how the battery fares.

To be honest with you, Dear Synapse Circuit Reader, I feel jaded with handset reviews. This is not me bashing Samsung or any other manufacturer, no! I think the smartphone industry is as great as it ever was, it’s just that I can get a good idea of how a phone functions just by looking at the spec. I bet you can too! I am never disappointed with Samsung premium handsets - again, Samsung handsets have an all-roundness to them. I love Samsung’s premium design aesthetics, cameras, and functionality. I find that on the competing manufacturers there are sacrifices made on the above features. I would have liked to have been able to check out an LG V30 but it is not out yet at the time of writing.

The Huawei Mate 10 has yet to come out too! Yes, all eyes are going to be upon Google for the next Pixel handsets. I honestly believe that we’re going to be reading, listening to and watching reviews of a similar nature to last year. I do not see anything outstanding apart from Samsung devices purely on the design to functionality ratio. I love the Sci-Fi look of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 (and its predecessor) but, from the spec, I can’t see it having an all-round factor that the Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8 Plus has. I tell you something... I do believe that Google with its Pixel 2 & 2 XL, and LG V30 and Huawei Mate 10 will put a massive dent in the sales of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. Some people don't like Samsung for the heavy skin and the lag associated with it - I can't say that I have noticed any major issues thus far - and as a result, people go for the pure Android experience as found on the Google devices; LG and the G6 and V30 are very similar to the Galaxy S8 and Note8; Huawei has made waves with the P and Mate ranges, it looks like the Mate 10 is going to present an alternative to the Note8 and certainly the iPhone X. More about the iPhone X in a bit!

Once in awhile we can get a few surprises from the budget to mid-range side of the smartphone equation. I think Motorola has blanded out somewhat, and some other manufacturers promise to deliver cost effective powerful handsets that aren’t good performers in actual useage. Trust me, I have tried the cost effective route and, while I don’t play games, I take a hit on the camera and social media front whereby the phone in question becomes too sluggish to enjoy to the max. When I upload photos taken on such low budget devices one can see the reduction in quality straightaway! The Alcatel Pixi 4 6” handset remains as one of the most outstanding low budget handsets of 2016 - 17. I think Alcatel have managed to surprise the smartphone world with its budget to mid-high ranges.

Let downs…
While we’re on the subject of budget Android devices…

Do you remember French manufacturer Archos? Well, the company made some big promises that they have failed to deliver on… I was all set to purchase a Diamond Tab 4G; if I remember correctly, this would be Android tablet would have smashed it! It had an 8” 2K screen (or something like that), an Octa Core SoC, 4GB RAM and 4G! Needless to say that the tablet did not see the light of day! I could have done with such a powerfully decked out tablet for my operations! Then there were a couple of premium handsets at mid-range price that could have put the cat amongst the pigeons… I have forgotten what they were called now, but I was all set to get them both! Today, what’s on the Archos site looks pedestrian to the rest of the market vendors, and about 80% of the smartphones on the site are currently “unavailable” just like the other Archos products that failed to manifest! I don’t know what Archos is playing at but it looks like they won’t around fairly soon at the rate it is going.

And finally…

As you know, I am not an Apple fan by any stretch of the imagination. This is purely because of Apple’s weird stance where innovation, practicality and design are concerned. Again, it’s been my contention that Apple hasn't done anything that I can truly call innovative. I do not look at Apple products and say, “WOW! I want it!” The Windows PC will always be my weapon of choice. The Android phone and tablet are the better options for me than the iPhone and iPad.

What Apple announced a couple of weeks ago continued its tradition of weirdness… The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus look like last year's models and the spec is pretty much the same with the exception of the A11 Bionic chip. The A11 Bionic chip will no doubt be a very powerful one in keeping with Apple’s tradition of iPhone and iPad chips, however, it makes me chuckle that Siri is still far behind Google Assistant and that Samsung has managed to beat Apple to the punch where the virtual assistant is concerned in terms of being able to interface with the handset with voice commands! The A11 Bionic chip pertains to being able to read the face for its Face Unlock feature and other biometrics. Yes, “weird” because the Samsung Galaxy’s features Face Unlock, Iris Scanning and Fingerprint. Hmmmm… The camera looks good as always but the iPhone 8 - as with all previous incarnations - just don’t have the X factor for me. Speaking of the “X Factor”...

iPhone X
Don’t call it “X”! Call the iPhone X the iPhone 10! I guess there’s no 9 then… Okay, not to worry…

Just what were Apple thinking with that awful notch at the top of the iPhone X???? It is horrific! It’s as though Apple haven’t been paying attention to Android designs. C’mon, I prefer what Samsung and other manufacturers have done with the Bezeless Design concept. Oh my goodness! Why didn’t Apple make the iPhone X slightly more elongated and the bezel a tad thicker to house the camera and sensors??? Why??? WHY??? Look at what LG did with the G6!

Again, with the weirdness, the iPhone 8 sales have taken a great hit because of the anticipated iPhone X that may or may not be released later this year. I think that Apple may have problems with the manufacture of this one… The iPhone X appears to be problematic otherwise it would have been available at the same time as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. I can only envisage two camps of iPhone fanatics: -

01. The practical user that will go for the iPhone 8/8 Plus wishing to save money and giving that notched X a miss!

02. The spec for specs sake fanatic who will wait for the iPhone X because it looks more powerful than the 8 and 8 Plus. The X version will appear to be the best and some people won't settle for less. So, why bother with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus????

Gone are the days, at least in the UK, where people feel that they have to line up for weeks, days, hours to get the latest iPhone. There were no such queues for the iPhone 8! As stated above, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have not broken any sales records because I think the iPhone market has become deeply fractured! Fractured not just because of the imminently sketchy X release but because the premium Android handsets are better designed and there is not much of a difference in the camera stakes these days. Many manufacturers still have the headphone jack! And if Android OEMS have done away with the headphone jack they supply a USB C to headphone jack dongle in the package for free! Unlike Apple whereby the iPhone user has to purchase those awful looking earbuds and/or a dongle for iPhone headphone accessories.

In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 devices get sold out regularly! Retail outlets are at the mercy of fresh deliveries of the Galaxy Note 8! It looks like Samsung are on the path for record breaking sales of the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8! It is not surprising simply because of the design factor alone! The Galaxy premium offerings look like a slab of onyx; they are marvelous and look like something out of a Sci-Fi movie!

But the notch on the iPhone X??? I know that the Apple bought media are pretending that the hideous notch isn’t an issue when it is! Now you might be forgiven to think that I am laughing at iPhone fanatics but you are wrong! Technology is what it is: either you are onboard with the concepts presented or you are not. With the iPhone X, I can see that many who are devoted to Apple are deeply disappointed as it looks just wrong compared to some of the best Android designs. The iPhone 8 designs are pedestrian and safe to say the very least! It’s almost as if Apple is trying destroy its own market… It’s ironic that the latest announcements took place in a theater named after Steve Jobs.

I wonder what Jobs would have made of the iPhones and iPads - especially the Plus and mini variants since his passing… I don't think he'd be happy. There again, Jobs would have destroyed Apple in going "thermonuclear" in trying to sue Google for the Android operating system, etc. Mind you, with so much money at steak, Jobs would have almost certainly been thrown out of his own company for his personal vendetta against what is arguably the better operating system!

Catch you in the next one!
Thank you for reading! I may publish in-depth reviews of the Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note8 if I feel that I can add something that you haven't read before or in this very article. Watch this space... Oh, it's the Google Pixel 2 launch later on... I am looking forward! Stay tuned for my coverage on the Pixel 2 and XL launch! Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene

10/03/2017 02:03 AM

#MAGIX #Music #Maker #MusicMaker #DAW #Music #Software 

MAGIX releases the latest Music Maker Editions: Now fully customizable!

Beat producers are now free to add the exact sounds, instruments and features they want to Music Maker.

Berlin, October 2nd, 2017 – As Music Maker celebrates its 22nd birthday, MAGIX releases fully customizable Music Maker Editions to the market. Fans of loop-based music production can now select their favourite Soundpools, instruments and features from a massive content pool to customize the program to one's own personal music style.

Endless creative possibilitiesThe latest Music Maker Plus Edition and Music Maker Premium Edition contain all the basic program functions as well as large content packages allowing users to freely choose their content through the in-app Music Maker Store. At the outset, Music Maker Premium Edition provides selection for 3 Soundpools, 1 Soundpool Collection, 8 instruments, 9 feature packs and 3 pre-set packs worth up to €699 / $699 / £639. Highlights available in the selection include the Mastering Suite and Orange Vocoder ME. Users who want more can purchase additional content via the in-app Music Maker Store.

"Our new Plus and Premium Editions offer everything users need to bring new musical ideas to life. If you're a fan of hip-hop, you may not be interested in Techno Soundpools, and vice versa. We've provided a huge selection of high-quality content so you can choose exactly what you need", says Torsten Heise, Product Owner for Music Maker at MAGIX.

A lifetime of free updates

Another exciting new development is free updates for a lifetime. From now on, all users will always be able to access the latest software version of Music Maker meaning that they will receive basic  functions and bug fixes for free. And that will be the case for as long as MAGIX continues to develop Music Maker. More exclusive updates, software instruments, features and Soundpools for the Music Maker Editions and the in-app Store will be made available separately in future.

The new Music Maker Editions are now available in stores and online.

✔ Music Maker Plus Edition – € 59,99 / $59.99 / £49.99
✔ Music Maker Premium Edition – € 129,99 / $129.99 / £99.99
✔ Music Maker Control Edition – € 169.99 / – / £119.99 (Music Maker Premium Edition + USB-keyboard)

✔ Music Maker Performer Edition – € 199,99 / – / £139.99 (Music Maker Premium Edition + novation Launchkey Mini)
About MAGIX:
MAGIX is an internationally operating provider of software, online services and digital content for use in multimedia products and services. Founded in 1993, MAGIX offers private and professional users a technologically sophisticated and user-friendly range of products for designing, editing, presenting and archiving digital photos, videos, music, documents and websites. MAGIX is the market leader in the field of multimedia software in Germany and in the most important European markets. It is also regarded as one of the most successful players in the US market.

MAGIX see.feel.hear.create
Thank you for reading! Review coming soon! Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene

10/03/2017 01:40 AM
Face Mocap and Animation Now...
...for Every Creator! Reallusion and Faceware launch... ...Faceware Realtime!

#Reallusion #iClone7 #iClone #7 #2 #3DAnimation #3D #Animation #3DGraphics #FaceCapture #Face #Capture


17 San Jose, CA Reallusion and Faceware Technologies, Inc., announce a new way to achieve pro-quality facial capture that quickens production time and blazes character animation with iClone 7 and Faceware Realtime for iClone. 

Faceware Realtime for iClone demo video
Fast, Accurate, Marker less Facial Mocap for Realtime Animation

Reallusion’s partnership with Faceware enables iClone 7 to achieve real-time facial motion capture and recording. This will empower indies and studios of all levels, giving them access to facial motion capture tools that are fast, accurate and marker less--all from a PC webcam. 

Faceware Realtime for iClone is a professional quality real-time facial tracking software designed to give iClone users a simple, cost-effective, and powerful tool for animating character’s faces. 

Use a capable webcam to live mocap or a pre-recorded image sequence to drive natural human facial expressions and head movement. To fully utilize Faceware’s 42 facial tracking Face ID, iClone 7 now has 60 Facial Morphs. 

“Faces are one of the hardest parts of the human body to animate, but with iClone 7 and Faceware Realtime for iClone, the process is now drastically easier for iClone users and those just getting started in the profession,” said Peter Busch, vice president of business development at Faceware Technologies. “The package is packed with powerful, yet intuitive, features that will enable animators at every level to produce some really great facial animation. We can’t wait to see what iClone users create!”

Capture Sources and Camera Settings
● PC Camera Tracking: Use PC cam, GoPro or ProHD cameras to live capture facial animation.

● Image Sequence: Convert any video for use as a facial tracking source, making production iterations convenient.

● Access to all available camera supported frame rate and resolution.

● Recommended High Quality PC Camera:
○ Logitech Brio Ultra HD, 60 fps

○ Logitech HD Pro C920, 30 fps

● Face Tracking Model:
○ statiCam for desktop capture

○ HeadCam for head mounted capture

Fast and Simple Calibration - One click. It's that easy.

Calibrating the technology to your face is an important part of how Realtime for iClone works. Calibration establishes a baseline by ‘teaching’ the technology what your face looks like in a neutral pose. Unlike other tracking software, calibration in Realtime for iClone is fast and simple, allowing you to train the technology in a single button press and adjust on-the-fly for optimal results.

Synchronous Audio Recording during Facial Capture
● Optionally record live audio with the face capture session.
● Recorded audio generates lip synch data.

● Blend lip-synch and motion capture to create the best result.

Tracking Data Inspector
● Instant, dynamic feedback. These meters let you view your animation data in real time.

● Observe the relationship between your facial performance and the real-time data stream and adjust the result.

Custom Capture Profiles
● Default 60-morph capture profiles are optimized for StaticCam and HeadCam.
● Define expression style with morph sliders and save it as a Custom Capture Profile.

Feature-based Facial Strength Filters
● Globally or separately control the signal input strength for brows, eyelids, eyeballs, mouth, jaw, cheek, and head rotation.

● Easily capture stylized characters with proper strength settings for toning down or exaggerating features.

Optional Mocap Mouth Blend with Audio Lipsync Viseme
● Audio to Lipsync Analysis gives another level of lips and tongue accuracy, and allows detailed Viseme editing.

● With the options to choose the blend ratio between facial mocap and audio lipsync, and achieve the optimal result.

Refinement and Face Key Timeline Editing
Edit face capture performances in post with the iClone facial timeline.
Access the motion clip track to edit & offset with face keys.

Expression Intensity control through slider bars.

FBX Character & Animation Export
● Import and take your characters with facial captured animation to any game-engine or 3D application via 3DXchange Pipeline.
● The exported FBX characters keep full facial blend shapes, and their animation data in time sequence. You can re-edit them in other 3D tools for further possibilities.

● Supports industry standard 3D character systems with the largest available face-rig ready character library and creation engine.

Total Character Tracking, Mapping and Animation Pipeline

Workflow Quick View

Jeff Jasper, VFX pro on Faceware Realtime for iClone 

“The Faceware Realtime iClone 7 system is a huge win for me as a Faceware user. It is by far the best integration of Faceware I have seen in any package. Combined with the new face keying, you have a powerful combination to deliver truly professional results. The fact that Reallusion has pulled all this off in a single release is truly amazing and I am super excited for the future of iClone.” ~ Jeff Jasper

Get Your 30-Day Free Trial of Realtime for iClone

Want to try it out? It's Easy.

The free trial of Faceware Realtime for iClone is available at In addition to iClone 7 and Realtime for iClone, you will also need the Facial Mocap plugin for iClone 7, developed by Reallusion. With these you’ll be creating realtime facial animation in record time. 

You can also find Support for both Realtime for iClone and the Facial Mocap plugin here:● Tutorials:● Articles: 

iClone Faceware Facial Mocap Plug-in Suite

* Works with iClone 7.02 above

This bundle includes:
● iClone Facial Mocap Plug-in for Faceware ($599)

● Faceware Realtime for iClone ($599)

List Price: US$1,198.00
NOW : US$999.00
Platform: Windows

Delivery: Download

About Reallusion: ​Reallusion Inc. is a 2D and 3D animation software and content developer. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with R&D centers in Taiwan, and offices and training centers in Germany and Japan. Reallusion specializes in the development of real­time 2D and 3D cinematic animation tools for consumers, students and professionals. The company provides users with easy to use avatar animation, facial morphing and voice lip­sync solutions for real-­time 3D filmmaking, and previsualization for professional post ­production. Reallusion's core technologies are widely used by trainers, educators, gamers and filmmakers providing them with stand­alone movie studio packages.

About Faceware Technologies 
Faceware Technologies Inc. (FTI), established in 2012 after years as part of leading facial tracking and augmented reality company Image Metrics, is dedicated to meeting the needs of professional animators in the video game, film, television, and commercial industries. The company’s Faceware Facial Motion Capture product line has been utilized in the production of hundreds of video game titles, feature films, music videos, commercials, television shows, and stage plays, and is the leading facial animation solution provider for clients such as Double Negative, Digital Domain, Blur Studios, Activision-Blizzard, Rockstar Games, Microsoft, 2K Sports, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Sega, Sony, Bethesda, Motion Theory and Moving Picture Company. Faceware’s product consists of the Faceware GoPro and Pro HD Headcam and Tripod Capture Systems; Faceware Analyzer, which allows clients to analyze and process their own performance videos; Faceware Retargeter, an Autodesk plugin which allows users to create facial motion capture data at a much faster rate than traditional methods; and Faceware Live, the real-time facial capture and animation solution.
Thank you for reading! Review coming soon... Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene

09/29/2017 01:22 PM

#MAGIX #PhotoStory #Deluxe #Presentation #Video #Editing


MAGIX releases a new version of award-winning photo slideshow software, Photostory Deluxe, featuring significant performance upgrades.

MAGIX sets powerful new standards for speed, colour processing and high-end effects in digital photo presentation.

Berlin, September 25th, 2017 – The latest version of MAGIX Photostory Deluxe represents a significant upgrade in terms of performance. High-resolution image material is now processed up to five times faster, which is evident through perfectly smooth previews. Advanced full image editing enables precise photo optimization directly within the program. With new photo effects, MAGIX focuses on quality and individuality.


✔ Enhanced performance & technology upgrades
Everything for superior design is included, giving slideshows a high-gloss finish with high- resolution 4K images. Processing is now five times faster thanks to new, innovative, dynamic resolution reduction. Customers also have access to perfectly smooth previews.

✔ Greater precision for better results: 16-bit deep colour
A fully reworked workflow chain with 16-bit deep colour precision enables even more creative freedom with effects editing and prevents image artefacts in colour transitions.

✔ Unique slideshows created with the huge range of unique effects
Over 1,500 intros/outros, transitions, background noise and songs for popular themes such as vacation and travel have been completely redesigned in a clear new layout. Now includes five new professional high-end effects for enhancing photos. Photostory also offers one of the most popular effects around, "lens reflections".

✔ The best functions just get better and better

The program's most important functions have been enhanced too. The popular Photostory Wizard feature's interface has been optimized and can now be used for quick photo import. Full screen editing is even more advanced and can also be used in the main interface.

Photostory Deluxe is available now in stores and online.

Photostory Deluxe – € 69,99 / $69.99 / £59.99

MAGIX is an internationally operating provider of software, online services and digital content for using multimedia products and services. Founded in 1993, MAGIX offers private and professional users a technologically sophisticated and user-friendly range of products for designing, editing, presenting and archiving digital photos, videos, music, documents and websites. MAGIX is the market leader in the field of multimedia software in Germany and in the most important European markets. It is also regarded as one of the most successful market participants in the USA.

MAGIX see.hear.feel.create

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09/26/2017 01:45 AM
MAGIX releases a 5X faster version of Movie Edit Pro SYNAPSE CIRCUIT NEWS

#MAGIX #MovieEditPro #ProfessionalVideoEditing #Video #Editing


MAGIX releases a 5X faster version of Movie Edit Pro.

With the release of the new Movie Edit Pro, MAGIX brings a software to the market that has been designed completely to customer feedback. New features include up to 5X faster video editing, smoother display for up to 4K resolution and a comprehensive range of effects.

September, 2017 – The brand new version of Movie Edit Pro is the result of close cooperation between MAGIX developers and Movie Edit Pro customers. Listening to customer feedback, the most sought-after requests including faster speed and smoother previews, even for high-resolution  4K videos, has been incorporated. The effects area is now also perfectly synced to the user's workflow and can be customized using the new, integrated Store. Ongoing collaboration with customers will continue to be reflected in forthcoming updates, which are included for free to customers who have bought the new version, thanks to the MAGIX Update Service. 


Video editing: Smoother & up to 5X faster
INTEL GPU hardware acceleration has been activated in Movie Edit Pro. As a result, editing video material can now be completed 5X faster than in the previous version. Even hi-res material up to 4K now plays smoothly on your preview monitor! The most sought-after customer request for smoother, more stable video editing has now been made possible thanks to cooperation between MAGIX and Intel.

Up to 1,500 effects in an expandable collection
Intros/outros, transitions, film templates and now soundtracks are available to users in a quantity and quality that's never been seen before. In the new Movie Edit Pro Store, users can expand  their selection of effects already available in the program. The effects areas itself has been redesigned in an aesthetically pleasing, clearly laid-out tile format. All effects can be accessed with a single click, making video editing even easier and faster than ever before. A coupon worth up to € 49,95 / $49.95 / £39.95 in value for five effects is included in Plus and Premium program versions.

4 brand new premium plug-ins

Users can now work with 4 of the most-requested plug-ins: NewBlue ColorFast 2, NewBlue Elements Overlay, iZotope RX Elements & HitFilm Movie Essentials. The latest effect plug-ins are included in the Premium version and are available in the two other versions at a special price. Also included are picture-in-picture effects, split screens, high-quality sound optimization and original film effects.

The all-round solution for 360°

Movie Edit Pro also provides a unique and complete solution for optimizing 360° recordings. The latest features such as 360° stitching and 360° perspective rotation complete the comprehensive set of 360° features with 360° effects and 360° to 2D cutout animation.

Preview: Future updates

With the purchase of the latest Movie Edit Pro version, users will also receive forthcoming feature updates for free. New features available in November: Discover total freedom in the Timeline! Tracks can be customized to the user's needs at any time, enabling a simpler, more flexible video editing workflow. Another feature to be released in November designed in line with customer feedback is the chroma keying feature, which is now significantly more user-friendly.

The new version of Movie Edit Pro is now available online and in stores worldwide.

Movie Edit Pro – £59.99

Movie Edit Pro Plus – £79.99

Movie Edit Pro Premium –£99.99

MAGIX is an internationally operating provider of software, online services and digital content for using multimedia products and services. Founded in 1993, MAGIX offers private and professional users a technologically sophisticated and user-friendly range of products for designing, editing, presenting and archiving digital photos, videos, music, documents and websites. MAGIX is the market leader in the field of multimedia software in Germany and in the most important European markets. It is also regarded as one of the most successful market participants in the USA.

MAGIX see.hear.feel.create

09/26/2017 01:21 AM
CrazyTalk Animator 3.2 Graphic Design and Animation Photoshop Pipeline SYNAPSE CIRCUIT NEWS

NEW CrazyTalk Animator 3.2 Graphic Design and Animation Photoshop Pipeline


#Reallusion #CrazyTalk3point2 #Design #Animation #Photoshop #PSD #AffinityPhoto #AffinityPhoto #Xara

It never ceases to amaze me how Reallusion keeps reaching for new heights! Here's the latest...

21st September 2017, San Jose, CA - CrazyTalk Animator 3.2 update provides a total Photoshop PSD in-and-out solution to not only help 2D Animators, but also Graphic Designers. Save lots of time on character creation and animated content development thanks to a round-trip PSD pipeline that can bring artwork to life through source animation file editing with Photoshop’s powerful editing features.

CrazyTalk Animator & Photoshop Video:


Turn Artwork into Animations, & Vice Versa
With the CrazyTalk Animator 3.2 Pipeline, artists can convert 2D artworks to animatable characters through PSD Templates. Now it also allows Graphic Designers everywhere to quickly repurpose their content with new styles, colors, accessories, and poses. The new CTA 3.2 PSD export capabilities allow you to freely pose illustrated characters, quickly swap outfits & accessories, and create custom facial expressions prior to composing everything back in PSD design layers. All source sprites are exported for compositing and re-editing, allowing artists to save lots of time and effort when using PSD assets to generate comic creations, magazine covers, infographics, banner designs, and much more. Quickly Create Animated Content

With the capability to launch Photoshop and synchronize updates on character layers, CrazyTalk Animator 3.2 can send props or characters to Photoshop for further custom editing. With this ability users can easily design clothes, alter color shading, or apply filter effects to their animatable assets.
Sending content to Photoshop with logically grouped character assets makes it easy to change skin color, add multiple image segment layers, and synchronously update animatable sprites once you save the file in PSD format. Users can quickly upgrade simple illustrations to sophisticated visuals like paper cutting, hash shading, or add highlights and shading effects to individual body parts.

Animated Accessory System Users can freely compose one or several accessories by using several prop items together and assigning pre-made animations which can later be triggered through the Right-click menu. The updated Accessory System also allows you to apply a chosen item directly to a target body part. Generate a Whole Series of Characters Once you setup one character, then you can quickly add new assets in Photoshop to generate abundant styles. These assets can be reused, as characters are free to pose and animate. User Showcases - Comic Artists
"We are Veggie Studio and we are founded by three sisters that specialize in illustrations, comics, and dress up games. We really like CrazyTalk Animator 3, as it is so easy to create character animations. It is great for general animations, game scenes, game characters and presentation videos." - Veggie Studio

User Showcases - Digital Illustrator

"My name is Kimberly Larmond, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I have been mulling around the idea of creating animated shorts for quite some time now. However, I have been a bit reluctant to undertake this task in After Effects, as it seems monumental. I stumbled across CrazyTalk Animator 3, and I was flabbergasted!"
 - Kimberly Larmond

Compatible Character Animation for PSD Software
Whether you are a Photoshop guru or prefer to use another PSD compatible character design tool, CrazyTalk Animator 3.1 fully supports PSD import with: Photoshop, Xara, Affinity Photo, Clip Studio Paint and Krita.

More info on  CrazyTalk Animator 3.2 Importing & Exporting PSD

Discover all the CrazyTalk Animator 3.2 Learning Resources 

Forum Help -
PSD Import -
PSD Export -

CrazyTalk Animator 3.2 is available for Mac or WIN PC, at & the Apple Store - For more info on purchasing CrazyTalk Animator - CTA 3.1 Pipeline Version required for PSD support 

Try CrazyTalk Animator 3.2 - Free Download - Pipeline Version 

Free Animation Video Tutorials
New tutorials on importing Photoshop PSD to CrazyTalk Animator 3.2 

About Reallusion: ​Reallusion Inc. is a 2D and 3D animation software and content developer. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with R&D centers in Taiwan, and offices and training centers in Germany and Japan. Reallusion specializes in the development of real­time 2D and 3D cinematic animation tools for consumers, students and professionals. The company provides users with easy to use avatar animation, facial morphing and voice lip­sync solutions for real-­time 3D filmmaking, and previsualization for professional post ­production. Reallusion's core technologies are widely used by trainers, educators, gamers and filmmakers providing them with stand­alone movie studio packages.
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09/26/2017 12:31 AM

#MAGIX #FASTCUT #Free #Video #Editing


Fastcut for everyone: MAGIX releases 100% free software for fully automatic video editing for the first time!

The new program transforms video recordings into a finished video complete with music in just a few seconds. No previous video editing experience is required.

September 25, 2017 – The first free video software program from MAGIX is now available! Fastcut can be downloaded for free. 

Please see

The program creates perfectly edited videos from camera and smartphone recordings in a matter of clicks.

✔ Automatic video editing in seconds
Fastcut lives up to its name and is easy to use, intuitive and above all, fast. Select footage, choose a soundtrack, click "Create video" and the program will create a finished video in seconds.

✔ A massive selection of music
The creative core of Fastcut is made up of an impressive collection of soundtracks, which includes free songs from a wide range of different genres. The in-app Store contains over 150 additional soundtracks for users to customize and further expand the selection already available in Fastcut.

"At MAGIX, it was important to us that even users without any experience in video editing could create impressive videos with high-quality results. That's why we made Fastcut – it's so easy to use and intuitive. And now, we've made it free too! Fastcut now can be used by anyone to create entertaining videos with music in no time at all", says Sven Kardelke, Chief Product Officer at MAGIX.


MAGIX is an internationally operating provider of software, online services and digital content for using multimedia products and services. Founded in 1993, MAGIX offers private and professional users a technologically sophisticated and user-friendly range of products for designing, editing, presenting and archiving digital photos, videos, music, documents and websites. MAGIX is the market leader in the field of multimedia software in Germany and in the most important European markets. It is also regarded as one of the most successful market participants in the USA.

MAGIX see.hear.feel.create

08/31/2017 11:33 AM

#MAGIX #VEGASPRO15 #ProfessionalVideoEditing #Video #Editing


New VEGAS Pro 15 available now – Providing filmmakers the ultimate work-space customization.

The new version of VEGAS Pro provides the ultimate flexible production environment with a modern look, innovative functionality, powerful plug-ins, and more.

Berlin, Germany; August 28, 2017 – MAGIX announces the availability of the latest update to the VEGAS family of products. VEGAS Pro 15 once again establishes the software as an innovation leader with new features both inside and out, and a fresh, innovative UI that accommodates your personal workflow for maximum productivity. A modern look, powerful plug-ins, cutting-edge hardware acceleration, and important productivity tools and features help you work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Workflow and UI enhancements The innovative hamburger menu system, found throughout the application, keeps the UI clutter free and gives users the power to customize their work space, yet still grants easy access to all the tools. Selectable background shade, adjustable icon color strength, and streamlined track headers and event design enhance and maximize timeline workflow. Hardware Acceleration Support for modern graphics cards and Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) technology produce enhanced real-time response and faster rendering times for important popular video formats. Picture-in-Picture and Crop OFX plug-ins New PinP and Crop OFX plug-ins offer real-time controls right on the Video Preview window for direct manipulation of plug-in parameters, and provides a faster, more intuitive workflow. Advanced Color Workflows Support for ACES 1.0 and a new LUT OFX plug-in give you the ability to work in the expanded color spaces of modern cameras from all major manufacturers.

Tools to speed productivity The Instant Freeze Frame, Selectively Paste Event Attributes, and the Share Online features provide short cuts to popular production workflows. 

Professional plug-in bundles power creativity Industry-leading plug-in developers BorisFX, HitFilm, and NewBlueFX provide additional tools for VEGAS Pro 15 and VEGAS Pro 15 Suite that enable customers to enhance and repair video, generate spectacular effects and easily produce stunning titles.

“Since we resurrected VEGAS Pro a year ago, we've received a ton of valuable feedback, and VEGAS Pro 15 comes as a direct result of that customer feedback,” said Gary Rebholz, VEGAS Product Owner. 

"Everything we've done – from the very visible innovative approach to user interface design, to invisible deep-code optimizations to software and hardware acceleration, and all of the new features in between come straight from our users. 

This new version proves that VEGAS Pro is here to stay and sets the tone for an exciting future for the VEGAS line. We are very proud to present VEGAS Pro 15.”

VEGAS Pro 15 is now available online and in stores worldwide.
VEGAS Pro 15 Edit – € 399 / $399 / £299
VEGAS Pro 15 – € 599 / $599 / £499
VEGAS Pro 15 Suite – € 799 / $799 / £649

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08/31/2017 11:20 AM


#Startup #Art #Artworld #Artists #Artistic #Drawberry #Australia 


Australian Startup Drawberry Revolutionizes International Art Shopping

Drawberry brings change to the way people order custom art worldwide by introducing an innovative online platform.

Sydney, Australia – August 24, 2017 – A team of talented young art and software enthusiasts from Sydney, Australia, has launched a unique online platform that is opening up a world of opportunities for international art shopping. Drawberry is a place one would go for custom paintings made from photos or from samples, but it is unlike all other paint-from-photo sites.

Drawberry’s unique offer is in the way art ordering works. The service has hundreds of artists participating from different corners of the world. A person from any country can upload a photo, from which they want a custom painting made, and get bids from artists all over the globe. They can then select an artist to work with by the bid amount, the artist’s professional skills or the artist’s portfolio of previously painted works.

“Drawberry welcomes both artists and art shoppers from anywhere in the world!” says Anna Lind, Drawberry’s PR Representative. “You can order Impressionist-style paintings in France, ink-wash paintings in China or Japan, and what’s best – you can choose from dozens of artists who all work in the style you want. Art shoppers win every time, as they get the best price from the best artist.” lets art shoppers choose the style, genre, medium and other options for their painting. Photos can be used as a starting point, but ordering reproductions of famous paintings or getting artwork in some unusual style or a mix of styles is also a popular trend on the site. Users can communicate the details with their selected artist beforehand and keep in touch throughout the art creation process. When done, the painting is shipped to the customer wherever they might be in the world.

The safety of all transactions is ensured by Drawberry’s strict security mechanisms, by the use of PayPal for all payments and by a team of moderators working 24/7 to resolve any issues or disputes. The service employs a rating system and collects user feedback to help other art shoppers make informed decisions.
 Company Background:
Drawberry is an Australian startup that began as a project within a well-known publisher of PC optimization software. A team of driven individuals had worked on the Drawberry project for over a year and finally launched it in early 2016. Since then the service has acquired a large audience of both artists and shoppers, and the online community has been growing every day. More information on the Drawberry service is available at

08/12/2017 11:29 PM


#Manfrotto #360 #Virtual #Reality #VirtualReality

The first dedicated range of solutions supporting virtual reality creation

  • Pro and enthusiast solutions for immersive content creation
  • Reliable, high-performance bases, accessories and extension booms
  • Engineered with high-quality materials and careful attention to ergonomics and detail
UK 9th August 2017 - Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, is excited to introduce the brand new 360o Virtual Reality range and to be the first player to bring unique, dedicated products designed to support professionals and enthusiasts shaping the future of photography and videography. Manfrotto’s new 360o Virtual Reality offering includes bases, accessories and extension booms that make it easier and more fun to create amazing 360-degree videos and photos.
With this new range, Manfrotto is facilitating the transition that is taking immersive content creation into the mainstream: from niche professional to widespread consumer application. Leveraging Manfrotto’s innovative offering, photographers and videographers can effortlessly capture entire scenes around their camera, enabling anyone viewing the content to look around and feel like they are experiencing the scenery in real life.

Manfrotto’s new 360o Virtual Reality Range provides a wide choice of combinations for individual content makers to select according to their specific needs and objectives.
Manfrotto VR bases provide reliably stable support and are compact enough not to show in 360° shots. They guarantee the stability photographers and videographers need to get a few meters off the ground and are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit individual creative requirements.

Manfrotto’s VR accessories range makes flawless 360° shooting quicker and easier. These innovative accessories are compatible with all products in the range for the best results every time.

Manfrotto’s VR boom extensions maximize camera height when required. They can be connected to all the bases in the Manfrotto VR range, enabling users to achieve a wide variety of heights for the most breath-taking content.

The Manfrotto 360° VR range features a convenient selection of kits designed to make 360°content creation incredibly easy and intuitive. They are compatible with the most popular 360° cameras and are the smartest choice for anyone who wants to start creating high-quality immersive content easily, right away.

The Manfrotto 360° VR range starts from RRP £29.95 to £634.95
For more information, please visit

Manfrotto (Vitec Group)
Manfrotto is the world leader in the design, production and distribution of professional products for photography, video and entertainment. The company was founded in 1972 based on Lino Manfrotto’s experience, and its mission has always been to support and simplify the work of reporters, photographers and producers. The Imagine More project adds to this historical mission the idea of fuelling the enthusiasm of weekend photographers and supporting the surge of new amateurs.  Part of the UK-based Vitec Group since 1989, Manfrotto has now become a worldwide presence. In its eight key markets – Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Hong Kong and the United States – it is represented by its own direct distribution system, Manfrotto Distribution, whereas in 80 other countries sales are handled by independent distributors
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MAGIX are forging ahead soundly... NEWS!

#MAGIX #SoundForge #Audio #AudioEditing #Mastering

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 announced!Packed with new features, the new version of SOUND FORGE Audio Studio presents a new look, new functionality, new edit modes, new plug-ins, new meters, and more.

Berlin, Germany/Madison, WI (USA), August 7, 2017 – MAGIX announces the availability of the latest update to SOUND FORGE Audio Studio. Version 12 takes SOUND FORGE Audio Studio to a whole new level supplying everything you need to record, edit, enhance, and deliver high resolution audio. The perfect tool to digitize, repair, and restore LP records and tapes, create podcasts, master audio, burn CDs, and render to all the popular audio formats for streaming on the web or playback on portable media players.
64-bit-Architecture Built on a 64-bit platform to supply more editing power, more processing power, and a more powerful workflow.

Recording workflow The updated and redesigned recording window offers easy access to all the settings and controls you need to achieve the perfect high-resolution recording.
Open and append command An easy and fast way to assemble tracks for a CD. Select a file or group of files to append and they are automatically added to the project with CD track markers.
Non-destructive editing modes
• Slice Edit: Enables you to continue to tweak your edit even after you’ve made your cut.

• Soft Cut: Creates automatic, user-adjustable crossfades with each edit to guarantee
smooth transitions between cuts with no pops or clicks.
Spectral cleaning Perform frequency-based noise removal. Visually identify frequencies of an offending noise such as a chair squeak or cough in your recording, then use the spectral cleaning tool to select and remove the frequencies that make up those sounds.
Vinyl recording and restoration workflow The new workflow makes it easy to record vinyl LPs and tapes, remove crackle, pops, and hiss and burn to an audio CD or burn a set of audio files to a data CD or DVD in popular formats such as MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, or AAC.

Visualization window Presents several ways to analyze and track audio output including Peak meters, Phase Oscilloscope, Correlation meter, Direction meter, Spectroscope, Spectrogram, Bit meter, Oscilloscope, and Tuner.

Includes Ozone Elements 7 from iZotope at $129.00 value A mastering plug-in with a set of 75 professionally crafted presets, along with macro controls to fine tune the EQ and Compression to achieve full, rich, and loud final masters.

Repair and restoration tools
• DeClicker/DeCrackler: Automatically detect and remove clicks and crackle from vinyl recordings or other noisy environments.

• DeClipper: Restore and recover analog or digital material with clipping artifacts.

• DeEsser: Remove sibilance with presets for male and female vocals.

• DeHisser: Easily clean up background hiss with presets for hiss behind vocals, cassette tape hiss, analog tape hiss, and more.

• DeNoiser: Reduces unwanted steady-state noise like that created by air-conditioning, equipment hum, and amplifier hiss.

Elastic Audio Editor Tune vocals to a pitch-perfect performance with precise control over pitch.
Support for popular video formats Open popular video formats to enhance and repair the audio using the included filters, effects, and noise reduction tools.

“Throughout the development cycle of this new version of SOUND FORGE Audio Studio, the engineering team has kept their focus on the phrase ‘Define the edge‘ ”, said Gary Rebholz from SOUND FORGE. “Our goal: take the existing audio production powerhouse to the next level with cutting-edge tools and processes. We think you’re going to love Sound Forge Audio Studio 12.”

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 is now available online and in stores worldwide.

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 - £49.99 Upgrades from earlier versions - £24.99
In May, 2016, MAGIX acquired the SOUND FORGE product line, along with other video and audio products. The choice of audio professionals the world over, SOUND FORGE continues to provide the essential tools needed to record, edit, enhance, and deliver high-resolution audio with speed and accuracy.
About MAGIX:
MAGIX is an internationally operating provider of software, online services and digital content for use in multimedia products and services. Founded in 1993, MAGIX offers private and professional users a technologically sophisticated and user-friendly range of products for designing, editing, presenting and archiving digital photos, videos, music, documents and websites. MAGIX is the market leader in the field of multimedia software in Germany and in the most important European markets. It is also regarded as one of the most successful players in the US market.

MAGIX see.feel.hear.create
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Real-time Face and Body Mocap for iClone 7 at Siggraph 2017 - SYNAPSE CIRCUIT NEWS
Real-time Face and Body Mocap
for iClone 7 at Siggraph 2017


#Reallusion #iClone7 #iClone #7 #2 #3DAnimation #3D #Animation #3DGraphics

Reallusion Partnering with Pro Capturing Technologies from Faceware and Xsens

07-31-17 San Jose, CA - Los Angeles Siggraph 2017 / 08-07-17 London, Synapse Circuit - Following the award-winning debut of iClone 7, Reallusion now announces iClone 7 real-time face and body motion capture featuring partnerships with Faceware and Xsens.  iClone 7 simplifies mocap with dedicated tools and UI for recording actors in any environment; empowering a single PC into a streamlined and affordable rig for character creation, animation and live face and body mocap. Reallusion will showcase the innovations in iClone 7 at Los Angeles Siggraph, August 1-3 2017, Booth #1219.
Reallusion partners with Faceware and Xsens
Reallusion is connecting the industry-leading motion capture providers to iClone 7 delivering a face and body mocap solution that is quick, adaptable to existing pipelines and works with standard consumer equipment or specialty pro helmets and suits.  Improve productivity with the mocap-ready plugins for Xsens, Faceware, Noitom and more to come with Reallusion’s open call for developers to expand iClone features via more plugins.  Reallusion will showcase the latest plugins coming to iClone 7 at Siggraph 2017 booth #1219.  Watch live demonstrations of real-time face and body mocap in iClone 7 featuring support for Xsens and Faceware.

See the Reallusion team demo new iClone 7 features at Siggraph Booth #1219
[iClone New Features Video]
[iClone Facial Motion Capture Demo]
Full lip-sync lip shape and keyframe editor timeline
Reallusion announces Faceware RT for iClone.  
Faceware RT for iClone is a totally independent face mocap tool that uses a highly accurate markerless capture using a regular PC Cam and iClone 7 to achieve real-time facial motion capture recording.  Faceware RT for iClone will empower indies and studios of all levels to access face mocap tools geared for ease of use and performance results for any project, previz, or production. Faceware RT for iClone will be available from Reallusion September 2017.
Faceware Technologies statement on the partnership with Reallusion iClone,
“Faceware RT for iClone is a professional quality real time facial tracking software designed to give iClone users a simple, cost-effective, powerful tool for animating your character's faces. Use your standard webcam or a pre-recorded image sequence to drive natural human facial expressions and head movement. Affordably and easily bring your characters to life.”
iClone 3D Character System with 60 Facial Morphs
In order to fully animate the facial capture detail, iClone 7 updated the Character Creator 3D Character Generation Systems with up to 60 Facial Morph capability. Enhance subtle detail on facial muscle control and make iClone 7 fully-compatible with the professional facial capturing standard provided by Faceware.
iClone 7 Facial Mocap Features
    Compatible with Standard 3D Characters
    60 morph facial mapping ready for iClone, Character Creator and DAZ Genesis Characters
    Custom Character Import
    be able to custom import 3D characters via FBX, define facial morph targets using 3DXChange 7.
    Up to Two Face Simultaneous Capture
    In addition to the direct Faceware RT plugin connection, iClone reserves the room for additional Faceware Live face capturing via TCP/IP, adding the possibility for dialog or duo facial motion recording.
    Feature-based Facial Strength Filters
    Globally or separately control the signal input strength for brows, eyelids, eyeballs, mouth, jaw, cheek and head rotate.
    Easily capture stylized characters with proper strength settings to control stylized or exaggerated features.
    Live Face Capture and Imported Image Sequence
    Use PC cam, GoPro or ProHD cameras to capture face motion
    Record actors remotely via video camera and use for the face mocap source
    Face Mask for Selected Capture
    Isolate facial features to mocap the full face or just certain features or muscles.
    Optional Mocap Mouth Blend with Audio LipSync Viseme
    Combine detailed lip shape from lip-sync via real-time audio recorded by iClone during the capture session; maintain the level of overall mouth mocap for facial expressions.  Balance the intensity of lip-sync and mocap using sliders.
    Refinement and Face Key Timeline Editing
    Edit face capture performances in post with the iClone timeline. Access the motion capture track to edit & offset with face keys.  Mix and Blend using the Viseme and Express intensity slider bars.
    Export Character Morph Animation via FBX
    Take iClone and Character Creator characters to any game-engine or 3D application
Jeff Jasper, Oscar / BAFTA winning team, FX Supervisor “Interstellar” New Deal Studios
"The iClone 7 Faceware RT system is a huge win for me as a Faceware user. It is by far the best integration of Faceware I have seen in any package. Combined with the new face keying you have a powerful combination to deliver truly professional results.  The fact that Reallusion have pulled all this off in a single release is truly amazing and I am super excited for the future of iClone.”
Xsens & Reallusion partner to enable Xsens MVN, Awinda & Link on iClone 7
Further moving iClone 7 into the professional studio standard, Reallusion announces a partnership with motion capture titan, Xsens, enabling iClone 7 with the Xsens mocap suits and MVN motion capture software.  The forthcoming Xsens Mocap Plugin for iClone will join the currently available plugin for Noitom Perception Neuron and add to the live motion capture options for indies and studios.
Remco Sikkema, Sr. Marketing Manager at Xsens on the Reallusion iClone 7
“iClone is one of the leading 3D packages in the Indie community, this aligns perfectly with our Indie Program. iClone 7 has proven to be a stable and complete package for games developers and animation artists. Similar to the ease of use of Xsens MVN, iClone 7 simplifies the world of 3D Animation.”
The Xsens and Reallusion partnership opens access to the budding indie creatives and small studios with the Xsens Indie program, a program designed to support up-and-coming talent, making it easier to access Hollywood-grade motion capture on a budget. It provides indies, young studios, and game developers with a more affordable way to bring projects to life, without having to compromise on quality.  The Xsens Indie program offers suit owners earning under $750k revenue over the last fiscal year with free access to the MVN Motion Capture software.  iClone 7 compliments the Xsens Indie program with an affordable virtual production, mocap and animation solution for visualizing and producing Indie projects.
iClone 7 Open Device Architecture
Partnerships with Xsens and Faceware showcase the new iClone 7 open device architecture enabling device vendors or toolmakers to easily plugin interactive interfaces, tools and devices to iClone.
Visit Reallusion at Siggraph 2017 booth #1219
About Faceware:
Faceware’s hardware and software represent complete solutions for the interactive entertainment, film, video game, television, and commercial markets for clients such as Double Negative, ILM, Digital Domain, Blur Studios, Activision-Blizzard, Rockstar Games, Microsoft, 2K Sports, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Sega, Sony, Bethesda, and Moving Picture Company.
About Xsens:
Xsens is the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products. Its sensor fusion technologies enable a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world in consumer electronics devices and professional applications such as 3D character animation, motion analysis, and industrial control & stabilization.
iClone 7 More Info:
iClone 7 Demo Video:
iClone 7 Faceware RT Availability
    Faceware RT for iClone to launch September 2017
    iClone 7 and Faceware RT bundle will price from $1500.00
About Reallusion: ​Reallusion Inc. is a 2D and 3D animation software and content developer. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with R&D centers in Taiwan, and offices and training centers in Germany and Japan. Reallusion specializes in the development of real­time 2D and 3D cinematic animation tools for consumers, students and professionals. The company provides users with easy to use avatar animation, facial morphing and voice lip­sync solutions for real-­time 3D filmmaking, and previsualization for professional post ­production. Reallusion's core technologies are widely used by trainers, educators, gamers and filmmakers providing them with stand­alone movie studio packages.
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07/24/2017 05:23 PM
NEW Reallusion iClone 7 Virtual Production with Cinematic Visuals & Expert Animation


#Reallusion #iClone7 #iClone #7 #2 #3DAnimation #3D #Animation #3DGraphics

“A Tour de Force that is Unmatched in the Industry”
Jeff Jasper - Oscar-winning team member/FX Supervisor ‘Interstellar’

San Jose, CA 21st July 2017 - Reallusion launches iClone 7, the biggest update ever in the iClone real-time 3D evolution. This giant leap empowers iClone users with the latest PBR/GI visuals, unlimited creation for 3D characters, professional animation for morph and curve editing, real camera system, as well as several significant technology integrations with industry leaders. iClone 7 is now a virtual production platform with community inclusive tools and massive aggregation of real-time content, empowering indie filmmakers, pro studio crews, previs / VFX teams, writers, directors, animators, advertisers and anyone that wishes to quickly turn their vision into a reality. Compared to game engines enhanced with cinematic timelines, iClone 7 is much easier to start or include into an existing production pipeline as there is no need to have specific game development knowledge or coding capabilities.

VIDEO Watch the iClone 7 New Features Video...
What’s New in iClone 7?
● PBR Physically-Based Rendering ● NVIDIA Global Illumination (VXGI) ● 60-morph facial animation rig ● Character pipeline for Unity and Unreal ● Live Mocap - Total Body Motion Capture solution ● Techviz & Previz with Real Camera System & Camera Switch (RED, Alexa, Canon) ● Morph Creator & Morph Animation ● LUT library with Film Looks ● Lighting & Shadow Pass, Shadow Casting, Matte Shadow & Invisible Mesh Plane ● Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA) ● IBL Bake 360° Capture ● HBAO+ (Enhanced Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion) ● Motion Curves with Graph Editor (7.1) ● Visual Learning Library with hundreds of quick-reference feature videos
Intuitive Character Creation
Elaborate character design tools with a workflow that capitalizes on speed and quality, combined with animation-ready rigging to immediately enliven character creations with motions, facial animation, and lip-sync. Generate unlimited character styles with high-detail visual quality via face and body morphs, PBR dynamic materials, and layers of fashion. Facial Animation Rig

Create vivid facial animations with audio lip-sync and puppet emotive expressions with motion key editing. The amount of facial morphs has now doubled from 30 to 60, giving you unmatched facial precision for mouth, cheek, eye, and other facial feature animation. iClone 7’s facial architecture also meets professional face tracking specifications, opening a new door for real-time facial mocap!
Motion Layer Editing 
Instantly animate any character with intuitive animation tools that record face and body animation with a unique puppeteering engine. Freely control body parts with HumanIK, and use motion layer editing to quickly fine-tune characteristics of your animation.

Dynamic prop animations utilize industry-leading NVIDIA PhysX for natural rigid body dynamics and soft cloth simulations. Morphs and blend shapes expand your options for animating both characters and props, while a new and long-awaited Curve Editor now allows you to fine-tune motions for dynamic and exaggerated motions.
Morph Animation Achieve dynamic and organic animation performance with a series of morphs added to props or skin-bone characters. This is a simple technique that adds incredible performance enhancing animation options that can be keyed and controlled inside iClone 7. The Morph Manager edits morph groups from a hierarchical model, and you can import OBJ morphs from 3D modeling or sculpting tools. Link selected morphs to adjust them individually using the iClone 7 Morph Manage interface. All imported blend shapes are available in the timeline with individual morph tracks. You can set keys and tweak values for each morph track in order to achieve organic movements between morphs. 

● Character Morph Animation: Body morphs can be applied to exaggerate a character’s secondary actions.
● Prop Morph Animation: Props with several morph alternatives can turn a simple shape into a lively actor.

Global Illumination, NVIDIA VXGI

Utilizing NVIDIA’s leading real-time VXGI (Voxel Cone Tracing technology), iClone 7 greatly enhances visual realism by integrating secondary light reflections over diffuse and specular surfaces. Users can quickly and easily level-up their existing projects to achieve superbly-fine video renders in a fraction of the time, even when using slower GPU systems.

GI for Realistic Interiors and Architectural Visualization

Physically-based Rendering (PBR)
iClone 7 introduces PBR as the new real-time renderer for iClone users. Not only does it deliver amazingly realistic visuals, but it also serves as the new material content standard that helps maintain a consistent look between iClone 7, 3D game engines, and popular PBR design applications like Substance Painter.

Custom Shaders: LUT, +HBAO, Shadow Map
In order to harness the ever-increasing visual potential of rapidly growing real-time GPU technologies, the iClone team has re-engineered iClone 7’s render core, aiming to make it compatible with industry standard shader languages. By utilizing this new Custom Shader architecture, iClone 7 has enriched its rendering capabilities with LUT color grading, shadow matte to turn any mesh into a shadow capture for professional compositing, and HBAO+ for increased sharpness and more precise AO range control.

Virtual Production & Direction
Produce professional shots in real-time, using industry-standard iClone cameras like Alexa, Red, Canon, and more! Use iClone 7 for all your virtual production requirements including previz, and techviz; and take advantage of the new 1:1 seamless camera pipeline compatibility with the ability to import or export cameras via FBX.

Oscar & BAFTA winning FX Supervisor on iClone 7
“iClone 7 represents a huge leap in features that take iClone to a whole new level for professional production workflows. Studios have long dreamed of an animation platform with integrated performance capture, procedural animation and pipeline scripting in a package that also delivers stunning visual quality in real-time. Add in flexible integration with 3rd party software and game engines and you have a tour de force that is unmatched in the industry. Delivering on features like realtime GI with reflections, full PBR workflow and viewport rendering, HBAO+ and Shadow Mattes all bring the level of realism to the render to unprecedented levels.”

Jeff Jasper, Oscar winning team for Interstellar as a digital FX supervisor for New Deal Studios

NASA SEALS Virtual Production Case Study

iClone 7 enables Monkey Chow animation studio with new mocap & previz pipeline...
“Not that long ago the only filmmaker who got to do this was James Cameron when he made Avatar!” - Jeff Scheetz, NASA SEALS
Watch the Nasa Seals iClone Previz Video 

Florida animation studio takes feature-length screenplay ‘NASA SEALS’ into virtual production with Reallusion iClone and Noitom Perception Neuron. The new era of community inclusive tools available to studios and indies today allow for directors, producers, writers, and animators to collaborate in real-time visualization, bringing scripts to life with 3D animation.

iClone Opens: Developers and Partners
iClone 7 is now plugin-ready for developers and technology companies to connect hardware and software with iClone.  It is already integrating with the latest technologies including the latest NVIDIA real-time visuals. iClone 7 features technology partnerships with Allegorithmic Substance & Painter, NVIDIA Gameworks, Faceware, Xsens, Noitom, PopcornFX, and others.

iClone 7 Visual Essentials Pack featuring Reallusion partners Allegorithmic, Panocapture, Amplify 

iClone 7 More Info:

iClone 7 Demo Video: 

iClone 7 is available for Windows from Reallusion - from $199.00

About Reallusion: ​Reallusion Inc. is a 2D and 3D animation software and content developer. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with R&D centers in Taiwan, and offices and training centers in Germany and Japan. Reallusion specializes in the development of real­time 2D and 3D cinematic animation tools for consumers, students and professionals. The company provides users with easy to use avatar animation, facial morphing and voice lip­sync solutions for real-­time 3D filmmaking, and previsualization for professional post ­production. Reallusion's core technologies are widely used by trainers, educators, gamers and filmmakers providing them with stand­alone movie studio packages.
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07/05/2017 09:11 PM
Music Maker: MAGIX has reached over 100,000 new beat producers in just two months!

#MAGIX #Music #Maker #Free #Standard #Live #Premium #MusicMakerFree #MusicMakerStandard #MusicMakerLive #MusicMakerPremium


MAGIX Music Maker Free is currently breaking the Internet! If you haven't heard of MAGIX Music Maker (Free Version) and you have the vaguest of an interest in music production then you need to read this!

Berlin, July, 2017 - MAGIX Since introducing the first free version of popular software, Music Maker, MAGIX has reached over 100,000 downloads. Thanks to this fully functioning DAW, music enthusiasts can get started in digital music production completely for free and start producing music right away. Record. Produce. Share.
Based on a modular design and an intuitive workflow, Music Maker makes it easy to record, arrange, mix, produce and share your music. Record external instruments and vocals, add and arrange loop-based musical elements, record and playback MIDI information, mix, produce, and then publish the finished product. The modern user interface with its drag & drop workflow make music creation easy and fun. A complement of professional music creation tools amp up production quality and inspire creativity.

Endless Creative PossibilitiesThe new, free, full-featured version of Music Maker comes with 425 sounds and loops, 3 instruments, and 8 effects. It's easy to add more sounds and instruments to the collection with just a few clicks. Integrated sounds, loops, and instruments offer unlimited possibilities for creativity and experimentation with complete control over all production aspects of any genre, from EDM and trap to rock and pop. The possibilities are endless.

"Music Maker has always enabled music lovers to get creative and win audiences over by producing their own songs in authentic studio quality. Now, with the free version of Music Maker, anyone and everyone can get started in the world of music production, develop or evolve their skills and make their musical dreams a reality.", Torsten Heise, MAGIX Product Owner and Music Maker. About MAGIX:MAGIX is an internationally operating provider of software, online services and digital content for use in multimedia products and services. Founded in 1993, MAGIX offers private and professional users a technologically sophisticated and user-friendly range of products for designing, editing, presenting and archiving digital photos, videos, music, documents and websites. MAGIX is the market leader in the field of multimedia software in Germany and in the most important European markets. It is also regarded as one of the most successful players in the US market.

MAGIX see.feel.hear.create
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06/22/2017 07:34 PM
FUZE to Code on Nintendo Switch - SYNAPSE CIRCUIT
FUZE Technologies Ltd is proud to announce they are bringing their hugely popular learn-to-code platform, FUZE Code Studio to Nintendo’s incredibly sought after new console, Nintendo Switch.

#Fuze #Code #Studio #Nintendo #Switch #Coding 

Learn to Code on Nintendo Switch™ with FUZE Code Studio

Since 2013 FUZE has achieved great success in teaching young people how to code using the FUZE personal computer and FUZE Code Studio - their accessible and easy to use programming language.
FUZE Code Studio motivates and inspires users of all ages and abilities, leaving them wanting to learn more, even if they have no prior experience of coding. FUZE’s unique method means children as young as six can learn to code using a real text based language – and now it’s coming to Nintendo Switch.

FUZE Code Studio is the perfect stepping stone between visual coding simulators currently used in most primary schools and real-world languages like Python, Java and C++/# etc. FUZE Code Studio comes with everything you need to learn to code in one app. Users can code their own games and share the experience with friends and family – imagine creating your own game then transferring it to a big screen with multiple controllers so others can play your creations. Thanks to Nintendo Switch’s revolutionary design this becomes a reality – and coders will soon be learning how to interact with external devices, sensors and motion controls in ways not previously possible.
One reason for FUZE’s success in educating young people to code is the wealth of support content included and to download. Worksheets, projects and a very comprehensive reference guide are all included and more are being added all the time.
FUZE Code Studio on Nintendo Switch makes learning to coding more accessible than ever and what’s more, is children can learn while having fun. The move to Nintendo Switch is one FUZE’s CEO, Jon Silvera is convinced makes perfect sense.

He states “Back in the eighties when home computers reached critical mass and were selling into the tens of millions they all had one thing in common.  They all had very accessible coding environments to get users started within minutes. Before you knew it we had more coders than we knew what to do with and a multibillion dollar industry was born!

In stark contrast, today we have a global shortage of coding skills and very few accessible learning platforms. It seems we’re running around ‘Scratching’ our heads, wondering where it all went wrong”.

Jon Silvera continued “We are deeply honoured and very excited to have been accepted as an independent developer for Nintendo Switch.  Over the last four years FUZE has taught tens of thousands of children in schools, science events and clubs, how to code using a text based programming language. Nintendo Switch is the perfect platform for FUZE Code Studio to help nurture the next wave of bedroom coders.”

The UK Government recently rewrote the Computing Curriculum to focus almost entirely on coding and computational thinking to ensure we have the much needed coding skills to support the increasingly digital landscape. FUZE Code Studio for Nintendo Switch is perfectly suited to assist in meeting this objective.

FUZE Code Studio for Nintendo Switch will be available Q2 2018 with additional gaming content to be made available via DLC add on packs.  Pricing will be confirmed nearer the launch.

To be kept up to date with the release of FUZE Code Studio for Nintendo Switch please register at:

About FUZE Technologies:
UK-based FUZE Technologies Ltd has its roots in home computers and programming. Our many years of experience in the computer industry and our passion for technology innovation and computer programming have positioned us perfectly to expand our business into Programmable Computers and Electronics.  The last five years has seen the development of FUZE for Linux, Raspberry Pi, Asus Tinker Board and Microsoft Windows.  The team continues to deliver outstanding FUZE Coding Workshops to schools across the country and constantly receives incredibly positive praise and testimonials.

For more information on FUZE please see

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YouTube Stars Shine Animation Reallusion Animates VidCon 2017
YouTube Stars Shine with Animation Reallusion Animates VidCon 2017

#Reallusion #CrazyTalkAnimator #CrazyTalk #Animator #3 #Pro #CrazyTalkAnimator3 #2DAnimation #Cartoons #YouTube

The Reallusion machine keeps on rolling...

6/16/2017 San Jose, CA - VidCon, the YouTube creator's expo for today's online video stars and tomorrow's next YouTube celebrities will showcase this week. Many popular YouTube personalities compete for video views, subscribers, and big audiences that drive the VidCon experience Reallusion - the 2D/3D content and software developer - are proud to be showcasing its user-friendly CrazyTalk Animator 3 animation tool to help video content developers garner video engagement.
At VidCon 2017, Reallusion will be setup at Booth #2624 where would-be YouTube stars can sign up for an extended trial copy of CrazyTalk Animator 3 PRO (CTA3), and free video training. Qualified YouTubers can then upload their animated videos, or reviews, to YouTube and mention CTA3, and link back to the main CrazyTalk page in order to receive a full-version copy of CrazyTalk Animator 3 PRO worth $179.
Watch Video: Reallusion YouTube Demo
Animate in 5 Minutes with Specialized Tools
CrazyTalk Animator 3 (CTA3) is a revolutionary 2D animation suite that enables all levels of users to create pro-level animation with the least amount of effort and time. Now with CTA3anyone can instantly bring an image or photograph to life through preset motion effects, or they can setup their own custom characters to animate in minutes thanks to extensive motion libraries, intuitive facial puppets, and audio lip-syncing.
Personalize your Own YouTube Channels
In today's YouTube environment users are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. CrazyTalk allows users to customize their video effects by animating trademark logos, images, or text with just a mouse. YouTubers can create custom virtual 2D hosts which they can composite with real video footage, along with animated assets to give their channels their own personal style.
"Our delivery times are very short, and one of the things that allow us to meet these schedules is CrazyTalk Animator due to its speedy workflow." - Pablo Escalona / LunaCreciente YouTube Channel
Discover Why Other YouTubers choose CrazyTalk
For over a decade, CrazyTalk has been the go-to-tool for beginners and professionals who need quality animations in record time. YouTubers choose to use CrazyTalk thanks to its short learning curve, flexible interface, quick workflow, vast motion libraries, online content store and more.
YouTubers that use CrazyTalk Animator 3
442oons - Weekly Animated Football News
LunaCreciente - Musical Children's Channel
Super Kids TV - Children TV Network
Garry Pye - Comic Artist Turned PRO Animator
Linguaspectrum - Teacher Creates Popular Language Channel
*Created by 442oons
FREE CrazyTalk Animator 3 - Recruitment Program
YouTubers who are interested in animation can visit the Reallusion booth to sign up for an extended trail of CrazyTalk Animator 3, with online video training. Users simply need to fill out their basic information in order to receive an invitation email to download their extended trial. Qualified YouTubers can then claim a full-version copy of CrazyTalk Animator 3 PRO after uploading their first CrazyTalk video, or review, to their YouTube channels.
More info about CrazyTalk Animator 3
CrazyTalk Animator 3 is available for Mac or WIN PC, at & the Apple Store -
Signup for CrazyTalk Animator 3 - Recruitment Campaign\event\animator\youtuber
Free Animation Video Tutorials - Video Tutorials for CrazyTalk Animator 3

About Reallusion:

Reallusion Inc. is a 2D and 3D animation software and content developer. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with R&D centers in Taiwan, and offices and training centers in Germany and Japan. Reallusion specializes in the development of real­time 2D and 3D cinematic animation tools for consumers, students and professionals. The company provides users with easy to use avatar animation, facial morphing and voice lip­sync solutions for real-­time 3D filmmaking, and previsualization for professional post ­production. Reallusion’s core technologies are widely used by trainers, educators, game developers and filmmakers.
Thank you for reading! Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene

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#MAGIX #Photostory #PhotoEditing #VideoEditing #Presentation #Soundtrack #Video #DVD #BluRay
MAGIX is going all out to dominate multimedia; Adobe is trailing behind. As you may or may not know, Sony has pulled out of the creative multimedia software race by selling off its Creative Software range of applications that includes Vegas (video editor), Sound Forge (audio editor) and Acid (DAW).

MAGIX has a superlative attribute is that it has applications for just about everybody! The range of applications can be likened to an infinite layer of multimedia tangents cut from key audio/visual applications. This has the advantage of a pronounced seamlessness interface throughout.

Photostory Deluxe 2017 shares its DNA with Movie Edit Pro, which was cut from the Music Maker DAW application many moons ago. As you might know, both Music Maker and the range of MAGIX video editing software applications had blossomed wonderfully!

Above: Animation effects of still images within Photostory Deluxe. Photostory Deluxe can be seen as a marriage between a video editor, photo editor, and slideshow application such as PowerPoint. The result is very compelling… What's more is that Photostory lends itself to just about anyone! Create a digital photo/video book of your precious family moments; how about stunning intros and outros for your YouTube videos; how about a digital portfolio/showcase reel? The possibilities are there!

Above: Photo editing in Photostory Deluxe. As expected, you can output your creations to most video formats and create a DVD/BluRay disc. 

Above: The Photostory Deluxe interface in more depth.

For the most part the user interface is straightforward; Photostory makes for a simple fuss free video editor. However, the interface can get a little confusing when incorporating animation and transition effects. It can take a while to commit the menus to memory. With a bit of effort, you could create intros and outros that resemble Adobe After Effects! Photostory can be a great tool for YouTube content creators who are starting out, on a budget, and/or don't require the kind of functionality and power of a full blown video editor such as Video Pro X (review coming soon).

Above: What you are seeing is the automatic creation of a slideshow via a selection of pictures and music soundtracks. Below: The titling aspect of Photostory Deluxe; it works just like a video editing application.


One of the many great aspects of Photostory Deluxe is that you can take the colour attributes of a photo or video and add it to different photos and videos - even if the photos/videos were taken with a different camera/camcorder to create a uniformed look. Below: Transition and fades.
CONCLUSIONIn the world of smartphone photography and videography, Photostory Deluxe is a must have! I'm sure you've got great material on your phone and/or in the cloud doing absolutely nothing. Photostory Deluxe will transform your videos and photos into works of art. Make a simple slideshow out of your photos and add some background music! Hey, you make your own royalty free music using the free version of Music Maker or any of the commercial versions.

Above: Export options... From video file to DVD and BluRay.

The Multimedia Designer in me would want to see a means for creating interactive presentations in a similar vein to PowerPoint. DVD/BluRay have limited interactions but an executable CD ROM/DVD/BluRay would be ideal for interactive displays and kiosks. It'll make for a means of creating interactive promotional materials for creatives such as bands,filmmakers, photographers, and so on. Or output to HTML5 for online learning. I can see it now… MAGIX Multimedia Designer… 

Photostory Deluxe is a great presentation creator...

Photostory Deluxe scores a spectacular... Synapse Circuit Platinum!

Thank you for reading! Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene

05/26/2017 06:53 PM


#VST #VirtualStudioTechnology #Virtual #Studio #Technology #Steinberg #DAW #Instruments #Effects #Electronic #Music #ElectronicMusic #ComputerMusic #MusicTechnology #FutureMusic #SuperWave #Ultimate #Super #Wave #SuperWave #Sirius #Analogue #Synth #AnalogueSynth

Synapse Circuit keeps bringing you more VST synths (and soon to be effects) for your music making pleasures... 

Sirius is a powerful virtual analogue synthesizer incorporating a Moog Filter for that nostalgic warm and fat analogue sound.

If you're technically squeamish look away… NOW!

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
35 Oscillators + Noise Generator with integrated 12dB Resonant Filter
Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Square, Pulse, Bi-Pulse, Triangle, Vintage Saw, Exp Saw, Morph Triangle, Parabola, Saw Square, BPF Noise, White Noise
Controls: Tune, Semi Tone, Pulse Width/Morph, LFO1 WFM Depth, LFO2 WFM Depth, Ring, Sync, Active

3 Channel Mixer
Controls: OSC1, OSC2, Noise

Resonant Filter: Moog 4-Pole 24dB
Filter Type: Low Pass
Controls: Cutoff Frequency, Resonance, Keyboard Track, Envelope Intensity, Velocity Sensitivity, Velocity Curve

Controls: Level, Pan, EG2/Gate, Distortion, Distortion Shape, Distortion Limit, Keyboard Track, Velocity Sensitivity, Velocity Curve

2 Envelopes with Time Scale and Output Contour function
Contour Types (Curve): 13
Controls: Curve, Time Scale, Clip Attack, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

Low Frequency Oscillators
2 LFO's (Low Frequency Oscillators)
Waveforms: Ramp, Pulse, Triangle, Sine, Sample and Hold
Beat Ratios: 33
Controls: Select (Waveform), Frequency, Key Sync, Tempo Sync, Sync Note, Motion, Phase, LFO1>LFO2 Frequency

Virtual Patch Function
Virtual Patch function x4 (8 Source Inputs, 8 Destination Outputs)
Controls: Select (Patch), Source, Destination, Depth Level

Classic Arpeggiator
Types: Up, Down, Alt1, Alt2, Alt3, Alt4
Range: 1-4 Octaves
Beat Ratios: 18
Controls: Type, Range, Latch, Resolution, Velocity Mode, Transpose Channel, Transpose Mode, Tempo, Gate

16 Step Sequence x4 (Modulation x3, Gate)
Destinations: 29
Types: Forward, Reverse, Alt1, Alt2
Beat Ratios: 18 (Independent beat resolution for each sequence)
Controls: Select (Sequence), Depth/Length, Motion, Sequence Type, Run Mode, Resolution, Key Reset, Knob (Destination), Step Value

Effect Types: Chorus, Phaser, Delay (Stereo, Cross, L/R), Distortion, Equalizer
Chorus Controls: Speed/Time, Depth, Pre-Delay, Modulation Depth, Feedback, FBK Mode, Waveform, Phase, Level, Panpot
Phaser Controls: Speed/Time, Depth, LFO (Internal, External), Waveform, Freq Min, Freq Max, LFO 1 Depth, LFO 2 Depth, Stereo Diff, Feedback, Stages, Key Sync
Delay Controls: Speed/Time, Depth, Type, Tempo Sync, Sync Note, Feedback
Distortion Controls: On/Off
Equalizer Controls: High Freq, High Gain, Low Freq, Low Gain, Active

Other Features
Integrated Patch Browser for loading and saving of FXP and FXB files
16 note polyphonic operation
Main volume control
Mono/Polyphonic control
Portamento control
Pre-Bend function
Compatible with Korg MS2000 control surface
Midi CC control with learn capability
128 high quality presets

2 GHz+ Processor recommended / 1024 x 768 pixels screen resolution / 24 bit colour depth.

Gosh! Did you get all that?

Above: Sirius working like a dream in MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Premium, which is a cost effective level entry DAW, and my has it grown! See review here: MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Premium

As you know, the preset patches are a good indication of what a synthesizer is all about. Once again, I am truly astounded by the eargasmic range of the presets. The bass patches are rich and deep - check out the Moog basses; luscious pads, and multitude of great authentic sounding patches from strings, arpeggiated Instruments that brings back that era of 80s Synth Pop, and Trance oriented Instruments. WOW!


Again, I'm blown away at how great the interface looks for a synth coming in at this price. It's not gimmicky, it's complex but on the right side of complexity - if you know what I mean. Okay, when you first launch it as a novice the knobs and buttons may as well be embedded within the dashboard of a pilot’s cockpit! But when your eyes and brain calm down you'll see that it's not so complex. Going through the presets gives you an idea as to how the onboard sequencer works for example.

As always, I encourage novices to get stuck in and create unique patches. Look, I can tell you that as a computer musician I don't have an in-depth knowledge of synthesizers, it never stopped me from messing around with hard and software knobs and sliders to get the sounds that I want.

Sirius transports me back to my youth and discovering synthesizers for the first time. My Electronic music heroes are very varied; from Parliament/Funkadelic’s Bernie Worrell to Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb to Depeche Mode, Front 242 and many others! The aforementioned made me swap my guitar for a synth (Kawai K1), drum machine (Roland R8) and sequencer (Kawai Q80). I was a kid on a budget but I managed, with no prior knowledge, to program some great patches on the K1.

It was an exciting time for me as I and anyone else could get on a stage, press ‘play’ on the sequencer and music would come out! Amazing! But, sadly, today people are still doing the Industrial thing.

Sirius, has given me the synthesizers that I wasn't able to afford from yesteryear! I was able to feel nostalgia and excitement from being in the possession of a great synth! I feel like making music again. Gosh!

I'm impressed by the care and attention to detail in how this synth was put together. The quality is unprecedented at this price point, £15! £12 - if the sale is still on by the time you get to read this review!

I can't fault Sirius! It's great! It's a monster of a synth! I'm sure that the seasoned synth enthusiast/professional would get a tremendous amount of joy from Sirius! Please, do not overlook Sirius and SuperWave in general in favour of synths that costs considerably more! You'll be missing out!

Trust Synapse Circuit on this one… Sirius is super-cost effective and awesome in sound! It is a no brainer!

Sirius scores an heartfelt... Synapse Circuit Platinum!
You can purchase it here: SUPERWAVE SIRIUS

Thank you for reading!
Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene

05/25/2017 05:46 PM
Reallusion & Sketchfab Partner for 3D Character Creation and Publishing SYNAPSE CIRCUIT NEWS
Reallusion & Sketchfab Partner for 3D Character Creation and Publishing

#Reallusion #CharacterCreator2 #Character #Creator #2 #Sketchfab #CrazyTalkAnimator3 #2DAnimation #Cartoons

Reallusion are at it again... Reallusion is an unstoppable machine!

San Jose, California 5/25/2017 - Reallusion and Sketchfab partner technologies connecting Character Creator 2.0 advanced 3D characters to Sketchfab’s powerful real-time 3D content viewer & sharing platform. Sketchfab integration with Character Creator (CC) 2.0 adds instant and highly flexible sharing of 3D characters to the CC 2.0 enhancements featuring PBR shaders, Image Based Lighting options, and a new Substance Material Generator to dynamically design high-quality 3D characters and appearances.

Watch Video: Character Creator to Sketchfab:
Create & Publish fully-rigged 3D Characters Directly to Sketchfab

Complete Character Design Tools Ready for SketchfabCharacter Creator 2.0 characters are fully-equipped to look great and animate in real-time on the web or in VR with Sketchfab. Character Creator tools are designed to start with an already rigged character base that can be clothed, morphed and animated from head to toe. Choose from hundreds of motions in iClone to animate characters for Sketchfab and add facial animation with lip-sync to make characters come to life with ease. The new Character Creator 2.0 comes with updated visuals for industry standard PBR shaders, allowing users to import PBR textures made with 3D paint tools like Substance Painter, 3D Coat, or Quixel. Users can now export their Character Creator assets to iClone, Unreal, Unity, or Sketchfab with the same PBR visual quality.
View Animated Character Creator model  “The Female Pirate” on Sketchfab 

Publish and Share Real-time 3D Characters online and in VR The new “Upload to Sketchfab” function lets Character Creator 2.0 and Character Creator 2.0 Lite users directly publish 3D characters straight to Sketchfab to share their content with the world. Users can export the character along with its motion clips, facial morph expressions, and PBR textures. Characters with different motion clips can animate in real-time in the Sketchfab viewer to see the animated results. Sharing Character Creator 2.0 characters with Sketchfab also provides a complete method to post real-time 3D viewers embedded into Facebook, Twitter or blogs and websites.

Get a Free Character Creator Download from Sketchfab

Reallusion is showcasing the Sketchfab real-time 3D viewer as a dynamic way to browse and view 3D character content in the Reallusion Marketplace demonstrating that the Sketchfab viewer is a valuable tool for content developers and artists alike.

View Reallusion Assassins on Sketchfab

Sketchfab Soft Cloth Physics Animation Demo

This is a character test showcasing how Sketchfab can real-time render blend shape animation generated from iClone soft cloth physics.

Pricing and Availability:
Character Creator 2.0 is available for Windows 7 and above. The full version of the software is free to anyone with a licence of iClone 6 Pro or the upcoming iClone 7, which currently cost $199.

There is also a free Lite edition of Character Creator, which includes all of the features of the commercial version, but limits users to five exports and a maximum of 30 seconds of animation in FBX files.

About Sketchfab:
Enter new dimensions. With a community of over half a million creators contributing over a million scenes, we are the world’s largest platform to publish, share and discover 3D content online and in VR.

Our technology integrates with every major 3D creation tool and publishing platform and supports almost every 3D format directly through our site or using one of our official exporters. Using our universal 3D & VR player, your creations can be embedded on any web page and every major network including Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, WordPress, Bēhance, DeviantArt and Kickstarter.

With offices in NYC and Paris, Sketchfab is proud to be the official 3D publishing partner of Adobe Photoshop, Facebook, Microsoft Hololens, Intel RealSense and more. Sketchfab is a venture­ backed company, alumnus of the TechStars accelerator program (New York Spring 2013) and winner of several start up awards.

About Character Creator 2.0:

Character Creator (CC) innovates 3D character design process for generating fully rigged characters with: Face & Body slider morphs, Custom Clothing Design, Animation, & Content, and FBX Export. CC 2.0 delivers character design tools for 3D pros and hobbyists alike with AAA level visuals and options to do all-in-one character design for ZBrush, Mudbox, Allegorithmic Painter, Substance, Unreal or Unity, and web sharing sites like Sketchfab. Character Creator features PBR, a customizable clothing system, and direct real-time animation capability through Reallusion iClone for creating custom motions and facial animation.

About Reallusion:

Reallusion Inc. is a 2D and 3D animation software and content developer. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with R&D centers in Taiwan, and offices and training centers in Germany and Japan. Reallusion specializes in the development of real­time 2D and 3D cinematic animation tools for consumers, students and professionals. The company provides users with easy to use avatar animation, facial morphing and voice lip­sync solutions for real-­time 3D filmmaking, and previsualization for professional post ­production. Reallusion’s core technologies are widely used by trainers, educators, game developers and filmmakers.
Thank you for reading! Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene

05/24/2017 11:50 PM



#Audio #Editing #DAW #VST #VirtualStudioTechnology #Virtual #Studio #Technology #Steinberg #Instruments #Effects #Electronic #Music #ElectronicMusic #ComputerMusic #MusicTechnology #FutureMusic #SuperWave #Ultimate #Super #Wave #Ultimate #Analogue #Synth #AnalogueSynth

Synapse Circuit brings you more VST synths (and soon to be effects) for your music making pleasures... 

A Bright Future Shines Ahead for the Entire SOUND FORGE Line

MAGIX releases SOUND FORGE Pro MAC 3 and announces new versions of SOUND FORGE Audio Studio, and SOUND FORGE Pro

Berlin/Madison... It’s official: The SOUND FORGE community will be pleased to hear that MAGIX has committed to upgrades for the entire SOUND FORGE family of products. Currently under development by engineering teams in the US and Germany, new upgrades begin to arrive this month with upgrades for the entire line slated for completion within the next 12 months.

SOUND FORGE Pro Mac 3 marks the beginning. Support for 64-Bit float/192kHz/32 channels high-resolution audio, sample-accurate editing, enhanced professional-level filters and processing and disc-at-once Red Book Standard audio CD authoring makes SOUND FORGE Pro MAC 3 the perfect tool for audio processing and mastering on macOS. Version 3 adds several new features including loudness metering and the iZotope Plug-ins RX Elements and Ozone 7 Elements.

A new, 64-bit version of SOUND FORGE Audio Studio follows at August 8, 2017. Top features include: Improved DSP-algorithms for native audio effects, slice-oriented edit mode providing a dynamic way to edit wave files, VST3 compatibility and enhanced accessibility.

After 4 years without a new version, SOUND FORGE Pro 12 is expected to roll out end of 2017. Teams in both Berlin, Germany and Madison, Wisconsin have set a goal to raise the bar for audio editing and mastering in version 12. 
“For years, the name SOUND FORGE has defined the industry standard for top-tier professional audio recording, editing, and mastering tools,” said Gary Rebholz from SOUND FORGE team. “But we're not satisfied with relying on our reputation, so our teams in Berlin and Madison, now join together to renew a commitment to carry on this unparalleled legacy. Audio pros and enthusiasts alike will continue to rely on SOUND FORGE for years to come.”

The latest version of SOUND FORGE Pro Mac 3 is now available online for $299/€299.

About SOUND FORGEIn May, 2016, MAGIX acquired the SOUND FORGE product line, along with other video and audio products. The choice of audio professionals the world over, SOUND FORGE continues to provide the essential tools needed to record, edit, enhance, and deliver high-resolution audio with speed and accuracy.

Great stuff, huh? You betcha! Thank you for reading!
Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene

05/11/2017 03:17 PM


#VST #VirtualStudioTechnology #Virtual #Studio #Technology #Steinberg #DAW #Instruments #Effects #Electronic #Music #ElectronicMusic #ComputerMusic #MusicTechnology #FutureMusic #SuperWave #Ultimate #Super #Wave #Ultimate #Analogue #Synth #AnalogueSynth

Synapse Circuit brings you more VST synths (and soon to be effects) for your music making pleasures... 

My goodness! SuperWave Ultimate looks like something out of the Millennium Falcon! It promises to deliver great sounds for all manner of genres including: Pop, Rock, Electronica, Dance and Trance. Big talk! And for less than £20? Yeah, right! Let's have a look… Could it really be possible to have such a potentially awesome sounding synth for such a low asking price?

If you're technically squeamish look away… NOW!

Technical Specifications

2 Oscillators (Total of 28 Oscillators played simultaneously)
Osc 1 Waveforms: Ultimate Osc, Tri Sync Osc, Noise, Morph Osc, Square, Saw, Triangle, SF2 Exp
Osc 2 Waveforms: Square, Saw, Triangle, Noise, Perc
Ultimate Osc Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Soft Ramp, Peak Ramp, Square, Triangle, Peak, Octava, Cluster1, Cluster2, Noise
Morph Osc Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Soft Ramp, Peak Ramp, Square, Triangle, Peak, Octava, Cluster1, Cluster2
Osc 1 Controls: Waveform, Gate Sync, On, Ultimate Osc Detune, Ultimate Osc Stretch, Tri Sync Slide Speed, Tri Sync Mode, Noise Cutoff, Noise Resonance, Morph, Morph Beat, Square Pulse Width, Square PWM Depth, Saw Shape, Saw LFO 1 Depth, Triangle Shape, Triangle LFO 1 Depth, SF2 Exp Level, SF2 Exp Spread
Osc 2 Controls: Ring, On, Gate Sync, Sync, Waveform, Range, Fine/Wide, Square Pulse Width, Square PWM Depth, Saw Level, Saw Harmonics, Triangle Level, Triangle Harmonics, Noise Cutoff, Noise Resonance, Perc Level, Perc Decay
Ultimate Osc Controls: Pan Mod On, Master Level, Phase/PW, Stereo Spread, Analogue Drift Rate, Analogue Drift Depth
Ultimate Osc Mixer Controls: Waveform, Harmonics, Semi Tune, Fine Tune, Phase/PW, Pan, Level
Ultimate Osc Mod Edit Controls: Tune Depth, PW Depth, Pan Depth, LVL Depth, Waveform, Key Sync, Rate/Beat
Morph Osc Edit Controls: Waveform, Harmonics, Morph/Beat, Stage

Osc Common
Osc Shift: -2 +2 Octaves
LFO 1 & Env Destinations: Osc 1+2, Osc 2, X-Mod, Tri Sync, Tri Sync + Osc 2
Controls: -Oct +Oct, LFO 1 & Env Destination, Osc Balance, X-Mod Depth, LFO 1 Depth

Resonant Filter: 12dB, 24dB
Filter Types: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass
Controls: Cutoff Frequency, Resonance, 12dB/24dB, Type, Key Follow, LFO 1 Depth

Controls: Pan, LFO 1 Depth, Level

3 Envelopes with Time Scale and Output Contour function
Contour Types (Curve): 13
Pitch Envelope Controls: Attack, Decay, Curve, Time Scale
Filter Envelope Controls: Depth, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Curve, Time Scale
Amp Envelope Controls: Attack, Decay Sustain, Release, Curve, Time Scale

Low Frequency Oscillators
2 LFO's (Low Frequency Oscillators)
LFO 1 Waveforms: Triangle, Saw, Square, Sample and Hold
Modulation (LFO 2) Waveforms: Triangle
Beat Ratios: 33
LFO 1 Controls: Waveform, Rate/Beat, Fade, Key Sync, Beat Sync
Modulation (LFO 2) Controls: Depth Select, Rate/Beat, Depth, Key Sync, Beat Sync

Classic + Phrase Arpeggiator
Modes: Up/Forward, Down/Back, Alt1, Alt2, Alt3, Alt4
Range: 1-4 Octaves
Beat Ratios: 18
Controls: On, Tempo/Beat, Phrase On/Off, Chord On/Off, Hold, Mode, Range, Tempo, Gate

32 Step Sequence x4 (Modulation x3, Gate)
Directions: Forward and Reverse
Beat Ratios: 18 (Independent beat resolution for each sequence)
Sequence 1 Destinations: Pitch 1, Cutoff, Amp, Pan, Morph
Sequence 2 Destinations: Pitch 2, Cutoff, Amp, Pulse Width, X-Mod
Sequence 3 Destinations: Pitch 1+2, Cutoff, Amp, Ult Stereo, Tri Sync
Sequence 4 Destinations: Cutoff, Amp, LFO 1 Rate, LFO 2 Rate
Sequence 1 Controls: On, Key On, Reverse, Beat, Smooth, Pitch 1, Cutoff, Amp, Pan, Morph
Sequence 2 Controls: On, Key On, Reverse, Beat, Smooth, Pitch 2, Cutoff, Amp, Pulse Width, X-Mod
Sequence 3 Controls: On, Key On, Reverse, Beat, Smooth, Pitch 1+2, Cutoff, Amp, Ult Stereo, Tri Sync
Sequence 4 Controls: On, Key On, Reverse, Beat, Smooth, Calibration, Cutoff, Amp, LFO 1 Rate, LFO 2 Rate

Effect Types: Tone Control, Chorus, Phaser, Delay (Stereo, Cross, L/R), Sweep Filter, Limiter with Drive
Tone Controls: Bass, Treble
Chorus Controls: Rate, Depth, Wave, FBK Mode, On, Pan, Phase, Mod Depth, Level, Pre-Delay, Feedback
Phaser Controls: Rate, Depth, Wave, LFO (Internal/External), Stages, Key Sync, On, Stereo Diff, Freq Min, Freq Max, LFO 1 Depth, LFO 2 Depth, Feedback
Delay Controls: Time/Beat, Feedback, Level, Type, On, Beat Sync, LPF Feedback
Sweep Filter Controls: Wave, Beat Sync, On, Key Sync, Cutoff Freq, LFO Depth, Rate/Beat
Limiter Controls: Bypass, Threshold, Drive, Squash

Other Features
Integrated Patch Browser for loading and saving of FXP and FXB files
10 and 20 note polyphonic versions available
SF2 Wavetable Expansion Oscillator
Main volume control
Mono/Polyphonic control
Portamento control
Midi CC control with learn capability
FREE Trance SF2 Expansion containing 30 plus multi-sampled waveforms
384 high quality presets

2 GHz+ Processor recommended / 1024 x 768 pixels screen resolution / 24 bit colour depth

Gosh! Did you get all that?

REALIZATION Above: Ultimate working like a dream in MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Premium. Well, I've got to say that the GUI of Ultimate looks superb! It evokes the feel of a hardware synthesizer - I can visualize the controls on a physical keyboard and/or module.

Ultimate is a beautiful looking vintage analogue VST instrument. Now, let's check out how it sounds...

The preset patches are nothing short of brilliant! Ultimate absolutely delivers upon the aforementioned music genres. The bass patches are rich as are the leads and pads. Run them through the onboard arpeggiator and you'll be further astounded. Some patches have sequences as part of the sound and they sound wonderful!

I've got to say that not only does Ultimate look and sound fabulous, it's beautifully created. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that the synthesizer has been created to perfection when you take the cost into consideration! There were no instances of hanging notes and it wouldn't crash when I put it into a decent budget DAW that is MAGIX Music Maker Premium. I played some notes on my Akai USB musical keyboard whilst the sequencer (of the DAW) was running and it didn't cause a crash like other synths have done.

Well done!

No doubt that we're looking at a potentially complex synth in Ultimate! I'm talking from a programming perspective. In order to get the most out of any synth you must program your own patches - in my humble opinion. If, like me, you're not very technical, you'll soon get to intuitively understand the parameters.

I'm going to have great fun creating my own patches.

SuperWave Ultimate is an absolute no brainer. It looks great, sounds even greater and it's been created with such precision that I didn't worry about the possibility of it crashing my DAW in the middle or composition.

You will do well to add this one to your collection. Even at £19.99 you're getting such a steal of a deal. You're just laughing should you snap it up for the spring sale price of £15.99! The arpeggiator, effects and sequencer in addition to the sound shaping possibilities with the vast range of oscillators makes for one awesome sounding and inspirational synth! Get it now! Quick - before the sale ends!

SCORE Come on... This synthesizer was put together by a scientist! It's clean, clear and precise! Ultimately (see what I did there?), you can get some deep bubbling basses, searing laserbeam leads, electrical pads, and some dirty old sleazebag electronic sounds! Seriously... Gosh!
Ultimate scores a super-well deserved... Synapse Circuit Platinum!
You can purchase it here: SUPERWAVE ULTIMATE

Thank you for reading!
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05/10/2017 05:39 PM


#Web #Design #WYSIWYG #Incomedia #WebSiteX5 #Responsive

Synapse Circuit brings you what could be the new WYSIWYG Website Design application...

Yes, it looks as though Serif has dashed WYSIWYG Web Design from its roster of creative software, choosing stick to photo editing/manipulation and illustration applications. I'll be doing reviews on Affinity Photo & Designer respectively! Stay tuned… With Serif out of the WYSIWYG Web Design application game, it leaves great opportunity for competitors to fill the gap that WebPlus (X8) has left in its wake. Synapse Circuit looks at what appears to be a strong contender…

It has been a while since I looked at Incomedia's WebSite X5 Pro application. I think I reviewed version Pro 11… Let's take a look at the Pro 13 incarnation…

Like most WYSIWYG Web Design applications, X5 Pro 13 is aimed at the non-programmer - not that HTML is really a programming language. X5 Pro 13 is meant to be very easy to use, and for the most part it is pretty straightforward.

The modular step-by-step approach remains unchanged; this is a little frustrating coming from applications such as Xara/MAGIX Web Designer, WebPlus, and, of course, Dreamweaver!

While the interface safeguards the novice from making errors, Incomedia needs to add a secondary optional interface for advanced users. This secondary interface would allow the designer to place content precisely on the page.

WebSite​ X5 Pro 13 has many templates that can be easily modified to suit. As always, I recommend that you start from scratch! The danger in using templates is that thousands of X5 Pro (13) users could use the same template as you.

However, the templates can serve as a lesson to understand​ a particular layout. If you're a novice, it'll take you a bit of time to learn good design principles. It's time well invested!

Responsive web design is all the rage at the moment. In a nutshell, a responsive web design means that your website will adapt to different screens i.e. mobile, tablet and desktop. WebSite​ X5 Pro 13 makes light of creating responsive web pages; it takes a lot of the guess work out.

You should know that Google's​ search engine will rank responsive websites higher than non-responsive ones. A responsive design comes with a few challenges that makes you think about how the content is presented. Personally, I nearly always request the desktop version over mobile designs when browsing the web on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

My opinion is that most mobile sites pack too much information in a cramped space. Oh, well… … It takes a bit of getting used to. In fact, I don't like most mobile versions of websites (as I've stated above). That said, responsive websites is a must and WebSite​ X5 Pro 13 handles this aspect very well!


Digital Products
This is a great attribute for budding entrepreneurs that provides a means of selling digital products such as music files, photography, eBooks, etc. Yes, sell your work independently!

Parallax & Animation Effects
These days many sites show off slick scrolling effects and animations. Used selectively, these attributes can complement thoughtful design.

Online Control Panel
Here you've got an online control panel that helps you to be on top of certain aspects of your website such as online store orders, blog discussions, etc.

Title Object
Here you can add Search Engine Optimization tags to titles in order to increase the chances of a search engine finding your site and/or specific page.

WebSite X5 Manager
There's an app for Android and iOS that allows you to get notifications on your mobile device when an order is placed on your online store or when someone comments on your blog, etc. I love it!

WebSite X5 Pro can work with databases and can create areas that users can access by registering.

You can also connect your blog to FeedReady, which of an app that feeds off the RSS of your blog. Not bad at all. Your audience will use FeedReady if you've got great content!
WebSite X5 Pro 13 is a hard WYSIWYG Web Design application to beat. Yes, it's a tad more expensive than similar apps by about, on average, £50 but you're getting very useable professional features that will have you producing websites with a back end that doesn't require the expert knowledge of a programmer.

Now that Serif WebPlus is no more Incomedia WebSite X5 Pro 13 rules the cost effective WYSIWYG Web Design arena.

And when you use WebSite X5 Pro 13 with Incomedia's WebAnimator… WOW! FREAKING WOW!!! You'll be able to create your own Flash-like animations in HTML5; interactive content; and custom video and audio players! You can get them both for under £300! That's an amazing achievement!

Here's a link to the Synapse Circuit WebAnimator review: WebAnimator

WebSite X5 Pro 13 is definitely a winner and it comes through for the non-programmer with shining colours. Despite the step-by-step nature of the interface - I do hope we get an optional interface for experienced designers - WebSite X5 Professional 13 scores a well deserved Synapse Circuit Platinum! ​
WebSite X5 Pro 13 Scores a well deserved... Synapse Circuit Platinum!
You can purchase it here: WebSite X5 Pro 13

Thank you for reading!
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