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10/30/2013 05:14 PM
Same mistake, three different errors…
Funny thing I had today. Well funny, not when you want to make progress in your work, but still interesting what I discovered when I tried to isolate the problem…I found a way to make the same mistake and have … Continue reading

01/07/2013 07:09 PM
One way to find that ORA-942 causing missing grant
Hi all, It has been too long since the last post. It is not that I do not want to, it is just way too busy… I just came across a small problem where a .NET application written by someone … Continue reading

02/24/2011 04:24 AM
Installation of Oracle 11 Release 2 on Windows 7 64-bit
I never had so much trouble installing an Oracle version on a Windows OS as I had with installation of Oracle 11R2 on Windows 7 (64-bit). The issues I faced were twofold: First I got messages (during installation of the … Continue reading

01/16/2011 02:49 AM
How to deal with DBMS_RLS
DBMS_RLS is a powerfull, but necessary package to create VPD enabled applications. This article shows a way to grant VPD management to developers without the danger of hurting someone else's policies Continue reading

05/23/2010 01:15 AM
Catching up…presenting and taking part in Challenges
I regret not being able to write new things more often, but in fact it only means I am OK: very busy with work, doing private stuff (which is important since life is not all about working), enjoying the three young … Continue reading

01/05/2010 08:24 PM
One simple web page saved my day
As an Oracle specialist you meet it from time to time: something is not working as expected. Lots of times the information is right under your hands on the web. We open Google and search for some error message we … Continue reading

09/20/2009 05:49 PM
Oracle Import issues: Resumable and buffer
Yesterday and today I noticed two things with Oracle import (in Oracle I did not know: 1. An issue with the buffer parameter in Import 2. An issue with Resumable=Y and FROMUSER/TOUSER where the FROMUSER and TOUSER have different default … Continue reading

09/01/2009 02:16 AM
DBMS_REDEFINITION, clustering and how an outline helps to make it completely ONLINE
At last a new post from my hand after months of silence. Well, silence in writing then: in the mean time we got our third child and I participated in the World Championships Double Decathlon in Delft. Those two things … Continue reading

04/25/2009 08:04 PM
How the optimizer may use an index for cardinality estimates without actually using it
The Oracle optimizer may make usage of the existence of an index just to have better information on expected cardinality and not use it to execute a query. Continue reading

03/10/2009 11:59 PM
The trains are a nightmare, IT’s a Miracle and how little can you know…: Tanel Põder in Utrecht!
Today was the first day of the second Miracle Masterclass this year: Tanel Põder has come to The Netherlands! Continue reading