Camp Logs

Notes about our camps and activities

03/18/2014 02:02 AM
Scout Camp - Kibblestone April 2014
The Scouts had an enjoyable weekend at Kibblestone working towards their Outdoors and Camp Cooks Badges. This was the first camp for several of our members who have come up from Cubs but they all worked really hard on gaining the skills to cook at camp as well as lighting fires and tracking. The weather was fairly kind to us but the intermittent rain led to quite a muddy path in one part of the field.

Looking forward to many more enjoyable camps this year

Photos of the camp can be found in the Gallery

06/10/2013 03:28 AM
Group Camp July 2013 Kibblestone
The group had an enjoyable camp at Kibblestone on the weekend of 28th to 30th July with 32 Cubs Scouts and Explorers on Camp for the Weekend and 10 Beavers coming out for the day. They enjoyed peddle carts and the low rope course along with Scotch Arrows and other bases. Thank you to Linda & Graham who cooked for us on the weekend and Gary who enjoyed his first camp as a Cub Leader.

It was also good to see some of our members who have been away at University and away with work back to help or visit the camp.

Everyone had a good camp and the weather was good for us.

02/24/2011 03:34 AM
First Camp of the year Kibblestone March 2011
The Scouts and Explorers brought the camping season to an enjoyable start with a fun packed weekend at Kibblestone.

The scouts were working on the Campers badge including cooking breakfasts for themselves and then preparing and cooking their evening meal on an open fire. Two Scouts were also invested on the camp at Devil's Ledge on the Sunday morning. Photos are available on the Gallery

Although a little chilly in the evening and rain overnight on the Saturday the camp was fun and the rain we had didn't disrupt the activities. We hope the weather is as kind to us for the rest of the year.

We're looking forward to the next camp already.

10/02/2010 01:56 AM
Kibblestone - October 2010
An enjoyable final group camp of the year even though we all missed having Skip on camp as he is away in America with work. (Although he did make a few surprise visits to check up on us).

The Scouts and Cubs had a wizarding theme to the camp which led to a few messy bases including making magic potions and bobbing for apples, although it was more interesting when they went straight from that to searching for chocolate in flour. (see The Gallery for some pictures)

The Explorers had a more relaxing time although they had to cook and look after themselves. Not sure what Sam was doing with the beans to get the pan so black??

The weather was kind to us apart form a couple of rain showers on Saturday but the leaders awoke to frozen tents this morning.

Can't wait for the next camp now.

09/15/2010 11:01 PM
Group Camp - July 2010
The Group had their annual camp at Sherratts Wood in July with the Cubs, Scouts and Explorers staying for a weekend and the Beavers out for the day on Saturday.

The camp had a medieval/knights theme and saw the youngsters designing shields, practicing  jousting and building catapults.

The camp was an an enjoyable event for all. Photos from the camp can be found in the Gallery

09/15/2010 04:44 AM
Scout Camp - Kibblestone July 2010
The Scouts finished off the summer term with what has now become an annual event, a hike to Kibblestone along the canal and over Barlaston Downs. Photos can be found in the Gallery.

Once again the Scouts carried their kit to camp out overnight and for the second year running we had to wait for a train at the level crossing in Barlaston.

On the Sunday the Scouts went canoeing and gained the Paddlepower Start certificate

04/17/2010 06:16 PM
Phoenix ESU Camp - Kibblestone - 7-9th May 2010
The first Explorer Camp of the year was a huge success with 11 Explorers on the camp.

It was a chilled out affair with the highlight of the weekend being a taster session of Kayaking for everyone on Saturday afternoon. Everyone had fun and we only had one person capsize. By the end of the event everyone could paddle forwards in almost a straight line.

The weather was OK but a little cool and a few showers which made the Kayaking a chilly event but Sunday made up for it with the sun coming out meaning we could drop the tents in the dry.

Ivor claimed another victim by setting fire to the door of the army tent and singing one of the new dining shelters.

Photos will be online shortly in the gallery

03/30/2010 04:19 AM
Sherratts Wood - 16th - 18th April 2010
First camp of the year and it was highly successful - 28 Scouts/Explorers and 7 Leaders on camp. The camp was organised by 3 of the older Scouts as part of their badgework.

The weather was really good to us - although a little cold Friday night and frosty tents in the morning but Saturday day was glorious Sunshine so there were one or two red faces/necks by evening

The activities went down well even if the marshmallow making attempt ended up a little soggy but it didn't stop Sam eating it.

The Scouts and Explores also had a session on the climbing/abseil tower and most of them made it to the top. Even Skip made it to the top although there are rumours it took 4 ropes to hold him??

We even managed to get all the tents packed away totally dry.

Looking forward to the next camp now - not long to go.

Photos can be seen in  the gallery