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07/13/2018 05:37 PM
Benefits Of Optimism
ASQ Scores Based on Attributional Style Questionnaire (ASQ) scores, Seligman determined that MetLife insurance salespeople who have made a career in insurance sales have done so only by having a very positive attributional style. ASQ score doesn’t just predict success … Continue reading

07/10/2018 10:07 PM
Why You Are Generally Optimistic or Pessimistic
How we think about why we succeed or fail is…characterized as our “attributional style.” [Review: There are internal attributions like being talented and motivated. And there are external attributions like being lucky the circumstances turn out in your favor.] Attributions … Continue reading

07/06/2018 09:30 PM
Internal and External Attributions On How We Think We Succeed
               Consider a moment of success for a child. If a child receives a good grade on a math test, it might be because he or she is talented and motivated—factors that have to do with internal attributions. Alternatively, sometimes people … Continue reading

07/02/2018 09:46 PM
Attributional Style
How we think about why we succeed or fail is a key element in optimism, persistence, and self-esteem. This thinking is characterized as our “attributional style.” Scientific Secrets for Raising Kids Who Thrive P. Vishton I have no greater joy … Continue reading

06/30/2018 05:06 PM
Gender Ideology – The Propaganda Of The Sexual Revolution

06/29/2018 07:36 AM
Is Your Conscience Your Friend Or Enemy?
Do you ever hear voices in your head?  I don’t, but I do hear my conscience from time to time.  Could hearing our conscience be what our society needs to return to sanity, our nation to return to nationhood, our … Continue reading

06/25/2018 09:29 PM
Appropriate Consequences
[I am reminded of a time I was at the park with Sam.  He had climbed a ladder and proceeded to the cross walk, but it was blocked by kids twice his height.  He just turned, squatted down and jumped … Continue reading

06/22/2018 05:00 PM
Key Ingredient in Teaching Responsibility
Work together to tailor consequences in your family. According to Robert Barnes, teaching responsibility requires use of the ICE plan. The I stands for Instruction, the C for Consequence, and the E for the Experience portion of the learning process. … Continue reading

06/18/2018 05:00 PM
Unconditional Love
Lay a foundation of unconditional love. Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell explain this idea well: We need to fill our children’s emotional tanks with unconditional love, because real love is always unconditional. Unconditional love is a full love that accepts … Continue reading

06/15/2018 06:27 PM
Establishing Consequences
Motivating and Establishing Consequences: When Johnny Doesn’t Feel Like Taking Out the Trash These ideas for motivation or charting results are only the beginning. What if your child does not choose to cooperate? The grandest of plans is worth nothing … Continue reading