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08/16/2018 10:07 AM
Hello! I've been going through your goldmine of a website and noticed there were some scans with lines through them (like a two-page picture that has the middle of the magazine creating a line through it, if that makes any sense), so I tried my best at editing said intrusive lines out. I have the upmost respect for your website and all the work you've done, so I'm just here to ask for your permission to post my edited photos, with credit to you for the originals. Thank you!

Hi there! Well thank you so much for the lovely words about the NP website! Glad you have enjoyed it and everything on it. Some of the pictures do indeed have those lines on them, so that is wonderful that you’ve been able to edit those. Absolutely, you have permission to post your edited pics, with credit to NP. Can’t wait to see them!

07/26/2018 05:56 PM
Hello, folks! By now, many (if not all) of you have seen the...

Hello, folks! By now, many (if not all) of you have seen the Rolling Stone article in which Michael Nesmith discloses that he’s had quadruple-bypass heart surgery. 

As many may remember, when the news of the 2018 Monkees tour date cancellations first came out, there was a lot of contention around certain media outlets and the manner in which they reported the story. In particular, people were coming down on TMZ for making what happened to Nez sound so serious, but it obviously was and is serious. Fortunately, he did seek medical care and got this issue addressed, which is something for which we can all be grateful.

The fact that Nez waited for as long as he did, however, comes as little surprise. In 2011, there was the “Marfa incident,” as those of us who were around recall. Nez performed a show in Marfa, Texas, and it wasn’t until afterward that he revealed he’d been legally blind at the time, due to cataracts. He did have surgery to correct the cataracts, even though it could’ve been rectified long before then. Ever the stoic Texan, downplaying of health issues is par for the course for Nez, so thank God or Zeus or the Flying Spaghetti Monster above he took care of this before it got any worse.

All that being said, NP would like to extend deep and heartfelt (no pun intended, really!) wishes to Nez for a speedy and full recovery. Such a medical procedure is taxing on a person at any age, let alone at Nez’s, and hopefully he will rest and take good care of himself from here on out. Get better soon, Nez! ❤️

07/26/2018 01:26 PM
Monkees’ Michael Nesmith Recovering From Quadruple Bypass Heart Surgery
Monkees’ Michael Nesmith Recovering From Quadruple Bypass Heart Surgery:

For those wondering why the remainder of the 2018 Monkees tour was cancelled, we now have some answers. Michael Nesmith talks about having quadruple-bypass heart surgery in this article from Rolling Stone.

In addition, Christian Nesmith posted this status update on Facebook today:


07/17/2018 01:03 PM
Hi I'm not sure if this blog still gets updated, but lemme tell you, I've stumbled upon it again and now I can't stop laughing. I think I've been following you guys since I was thirteen (and kinda awkward) and now five years later, I have a newfound appreciation for this blog. Y'all are the best! 💋💋

Hey there! Thank you so much for this, this is very sweet and much appreciated. Yeah, unfortunately haven’t updated in a couple of months, given how weird things have been with the fandom (especially here on Tumblr, where it seems almost completely inactive). But it’s truly heartening to know that you’re still digging NP and getting enjoyment from our posts after all this time. Thank you, torkie!

04/15/2018 03:25 AM
This is both hilarious and so, so awkward… (Source: Nez’s...

This is both hilarious and so, so awkward…

(Source: Nez’s personal FB page.)

03/21/2018 01:48 AM
lalalalinoleum replied to your photoset “‘70s Nez cuddling a puppy. Because yes. (Pics via the...

lalalalinoleum replied to your photoset “‘70s Nez cuddling a puppy. Because yes. (Pics via the Videoranch FB…”
can you also post this on twitter? i want to retweet it <3


03/20/2018 03:25 PM
‘70s Nez cuddling a puppy. Because yes.(Pics via the Videoranch...

‘70s Nez cuddling a puppy. Because yes.

(Pics via the Videoranch FB page.)

03/08/2018 05:11 AM
Why NP Loves Micky Dolenz (And You Should, Too)

…A very Happy 73rd Birthday to Micky Dolenz today, and here’s to many more happy birthdays to come!

03/05/2018 08:30 AM
ive-just-begun-to-care: This one’s for @nakedpersimmon, but it’s too long for an ask. I get...


This one’s for @nakedpersimmon, but it’s too long for an ask.

I get some details on Mike’s divorces?  He’s always spoken of his wives so lovingly and respectfully.  I have yet to find where he’s said a bad word against any of them- not even in song, so far as I know.  So whatever happened each time, he doesn’t seem to talk about it much.

I understand about Phyllis.  I guess they must have tried hard, cuz they were married for years after Jason was born, but… some things are hard to forgive.  So that one I get.  But I know nothing about Kathryn.  And Mike and Vic were married for 20+ years before they separated.  But he spoke of her so sweetly.

I guess what I really don’t understand (and you can ignore this part if you want to- I’m just gonna ramble a bit) is how a man could love his wife so much, and say such nice things, and then they just break up. Maybe he’s just good at putting on a front, I don’t know.  Sure doesn’t seem that way.  And his kids still hang out with him, even though they must have been hurt by some things, too.  So I just… I don’t get it.

(Okay, you can start paying attention again.)  There’s a few songs- “Nine Times Blue,” “Carlisle Wheeling,” “Lazy Lady,” “Continuing”- that seem to offer clouded clues (sorry) to his relationships.  So, do you have any information?  So I can stop guessing?

Well, his second marriage (to Kathryn) began because they were both cheating on their respective spouses. Nez ran out not only on Phyllis and their kids, but also Nurit and Jason, so not really the most auspicious start to a relationship. In contrast to his marriage to Phyllis, Kathryn got entangled in Nez’s business affairs (she is listed as a “producer” on Elephant Parts, for one), so she ended up taking him for a lot of money when they divorced. Their marriage also fell apart because of (shocker) infidelity, so there were hurt feelings and unkind words exchanged there, even if Nez didn’t say anything publicly. Whatever animosity existed between Nez and Kathryn seems to be in the past, however, with both making strides to make amends in recent years.

As for divorce number three, with Victoria, yes, they were together for a long time. Because Nez (apparently) still doesn’t have enough sense not to mix his personal life with business, Vic also became involved with running Videoranch, and worked as Videoranch Foreman for years. The large age gap between them might’ve been a contributing factor, what with Vic being 19 and Nez being 45 when they first met. Ultimately, irony decided to pay Michael Nesmith a visit, as this marriage ended due to Vic cheating on him (with someone she met in Videoranch, no less). 

When it comes down to it, Nez was/is a very private guy, so any troubles with his wives or marriages were not something that would play out in the public eye. But it’s never as simple as “they just break up,” because there’s so much that happens that we don’t see or know about. Yes, Nez’s kids have been hurt by his actions over the years, but he is still their father, and all of them (including Nez) have taken steps to try and repair those fraught relationships. Nez has also said previously that none of his songs are about specific relationships or people (although “Magnolia Simms” is clearly about Nurit, so yeah), so other than that, his music might not be the place to look for clues. As it stands, Nez seems like he’s come to a place of peace and resolution with each of his marriages, all in different ways, at different times. 

So, there’s some more information about his divorces, and hopefully this helps explain some things…

03/04/2018 11:57 AM
ive-just-begun-to-care: nakedpersimmon: Legit tearing up...



Legit tearing up watching this right now. It’s somehow become even more poignant with Rose Marie’s passing, and Davy being gone, too…

Oh, my gosh, Rose Marie died?  I’m so sorry to hear that.  And we just lost Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke this last year, didn’t we?  Man, my whole childhood is dying out.

No, Dick Van Dyke is still alive. It was his brother, Jerry Van Dyke, who passed away recently.

02/28/2018 06:49 AM
It’s been six years since we lost you. Wonderful, not-perfect...

It’s been six years since we lost you. Wonderful, not-perfect Davy Jones.

You lived in the posters on our bedroom walls, on the covers of albums that we listened to over and over again, on our televisions in clear, beautiful color that made your already-sparkling smile somehow even brighter. In the midst of our tumultuous adolescences, these were the places that we could find you whenever we needed you to bring happiness and joy into our lives.

You had a family. People who saw you not as Davy Jones, but as “Dad” and “Husband,” who witnessed you at your very best and your very worst. You had friends who can tell endless stories of your generous spirit, your mischievous sense of humor, and your several decades’ worth of dedication to entertaining and charming audiences everywhere.

You had three brothers. Comrades-in-arms, as it were, who went through the machine with you, who shared together in your most exhilarating highs and lowest lows. Sometimes you fought, the way that brothers do, and harsh words–or even blows–were exchanged. But you were loyal to their musical mission in those heady ‘60s days, and stood up for them when it was needed most. They, in turn, never stopped seeing your magic, your boundless energy, and the way the spotlight always seemed to shine so naturally on you.

You were temperamental. Loud-mouthed. Fiery. Hilarious. Lovely. You sang and danced and worked so hard to bring light to those who loved you. And no matter how many years may pass, that light will never go out.

You were not perfect.

But you didn’t need to be for us to love you.

R.I.P. Davy Jones, 1945-2012

02/20/2018 02:52 AM
Monkees' Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith Announce First Tour as Duo
Monkees' Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith Announce First Tour as Duo:

Tour dates for the Mike/Micky Monkees tour this summer (a.k.a., #DynamicDolenzmith) have just been announced (see below). Click link for more information.

Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith Tour Dates

June 1 - Chandler, AZ @ Chandler Center For The Arts
June 2 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Orpheum
June 3 - San Diego, CA @ Humphrey’s
June 5 - Anaheim, CA @ The Grove
June 6 - Saratoga, CA @ The Mountain Winery
June 8 - Stockton, CA @ Bob Hope Theatre
June 9 - Stateline, NV @ Harrah’s Lake Tahoe
June 12 - Denver, CO @ Paramount
June 14 - Chicago, IL @ Copernicus Center
June 15 - Huber Heights, OH @ Rose Music Center
June 16 - Cleveland, OH @ Cain Park
June 18 - Toronto, ON @ Sony Center
June 19 - Kitchener, ON @ Centre In the Square
June 21 - Philadelphia, PA @ Keswick Theatre
June 22 - New York, NY @ Beacon Theatre
June 25 - Red Bank, NJ @ Count Basie Theatre

02/13/2018 04:09 PM
nakedpersimmon:As we celebrate Peter’s birthday, NP also...


As we celebrate Peter’s birthday, NP also remembers Phyllis Nesmith-Gibson, who passed away on this day in 2010 due to complications related to ALS. We mourn the loss of a wife, mother, and woman who epitomized grace, kindness, and generosity of spirit.

Phyllis, you are loved and missed.

02/13/2018 11:41 AM
A very Happy Birthday to the Torkmeister™...

A very Happy Birthday to the Torkmeister™ today…

(”Torkmeister” nickname trademarked and copyrighted by one Micky Dolenz…)

02/07/2018 05:50 AM
Davy with Ringo Starr at a celebrity tennis tournament in...

Davy with Ringo Starr at a celebrity tennis tournament in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1975. 

02/05/2018 06:05 AM
NP remembers Samantha Juste, best known to Monkees fans as the...

NP remembers Samantha Juste, best known to Monkees fans as the first wife of Micky Dolenz and mother of Ami Dolenz, who sadly passed away four years ago today after suffering a stroke. Samantha was a beautiful, classy, kindhearted woman, a trendsetting fixture on the London scene in the ‘60s, and a founding member of the Monkees “First Wives’ Club.” She was loved by all who knew her, and she maintained a lifelong close relationship with both Micky and his family.

Samantha, you will never be forgotten and are truly missed. ♥

01/30/2018 04:20 PM
Watching the State of the Union Address like

01/27/2018 04:10 PM
Cute video of a surprised Nez with Micky after the FNB Redux...

Cute video of a surprised Nez with Micky after the FNB Redux show at the Troubadour!

(Video taken by Tracey Fuller.)

01/26/2018 10:12 AM
Well, this is just stupidly cute…(Pic by Sherri Hansen at...

Well, this is just stupidly cute…

(Pic by Sherri Hansen at the Troubadour.)

01/26/2018 04:07 AM
Michael Nesmith at the FNB Redux show at the Troubadour last...

Michael Nesmith at the FNB Redux show at the Troubadour last night. This kind of says it all, really…

(Pic by Julie Lynn.)