Kate Spinks Dean

Fine Art Body Painting

14/11/2015 06:18 AM
Grapefruit pearls, who knew!
No blog post about drawing today, we’ve been baking. Two of my best friends have invited themselves over for dinner tonight, I suppose that’s how you know they are your best friends.  I’m making a mixed vegetable, slow cooked pie and couldn’t decide what to make for dessert. I get a veg box every week […]

04/06/2015 12:02 PM
Under pressure.
A very quick post from me because I’m shattered.  It’s been my first night off in weeks and I’d planned to write a blog post, maybe do some drawing and get an early night.   Instead I corked my map of the world board ready for a new map of the world (continuous improvement, remember?) and […]

14/05/2015 11:20 AM
First day at school 
    I found an art class and it’s PERFECT. It’s weekly, it’s open to all ages and abilities and it’s in walking distance from my house. I was pretty nervous this morning about going, it probably didn’t help that my ever-supportive boyfriend told me I was going to be picked on for being the new girl! […]

03/05/2015 11:16 AM
I’m looking for an art class, I was considering a college course but being a tour-widow with a toddler, a dog, two cats and a couple of businesses to run, I have a similar amount of spare time as a Spanish donkey.  I had grand ideas of starting a college course and of somehow shoehorning […]

30/04/2015 10:29 AM
Well that went well …
Okay, I know, three months without writing a blog is unacceptable.  I was doing so well in February and now I’m soooo out of practice, I sat down to write a blog and this is the first thing I came up with … “Life at the moment is a juggling act, with every ball I add I […]

11/02/2015 04:40 AM
Stuff what got done
It’s been a bit all over the place to be honest I played an incredibly intimate gig in London singing backing vocals for the brilliant Sian Cross (www.siancross.co.uk) I took Jemima for her first dentist appointment, she wasn’t impressed, she didn’t get a sticker. Tommer and I went on an awesome “Shag do” (stag and […]

26/01/2015 11:53 PM
Chasing a toddler who’s tumbling down the stairs while clenching two cups of boiling tea …
… not the way I’d choose to start my day.  She’s fine now, she’s eaten her body weight in breakfast cereal and there’s tea over everything in the stairwell.  I think I’m going to pass it off as a new interior design craze.   A large selection of toys are out already – predominantly the […]

23/01/2015 08:05 AM
I love to body paint.  I love creating optical illusions using the glorious canvas that is the human body and I love the temporary, perishable, bittersweet beauty in that we have to take a photo to capture this moment before all the pigment gets washed down the drain.  It all has to be perfected in […]

23/01/2015 06:45 AM
Proud to be a Bristolian and a tribute to Lorraine McKeag
The Bristol Evening Post wrote a superlative article about ‘Life in Flight’ on their website last week (click here to read online article) and followed it with a FRONT PAGE image on the Weekend Post newspaper. I’m so chuffed to be included in the paper at all but to have one of my images adorning […]

23/01/2015 06:35 AM
Dad, I’m in Cosmopolitan
It’s all gone crazy, I’m over the moon and somehow it’s getting better and better.  My story has been covered by Cosmopolitan … Cosmopolitan New York that is.  WHOAH.  Crazymentalawesomebums. View the article here …