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03/22/2018 02:25 PM
Taekwon-Do South Africa Elite National Championships 2018

Our Annual Taekwon-Do South Africa Elite National Championships took place on 17 March 2018. Hosted by TSA’s MTG club. Many clubs descended on the venue in Johannesburg for a great day of competition.
The black belts kicked off the day with some great displays of Patterns and sparring. The childrens divisions were up next , with great skill and spirit shown throughout the morning.

The Adults and Teens colour belt divisions commenced in the afternoon with some exciting matches with the breaking and special techniques divisions closing off the day on schedule.

The sparring divisions were run on round robin or repochage bracketing with allowed for more than one match in general instead of being knocked out in the first round. This tends to take longer but allows for a more fair end result.

Congratulations and a big thank you to all competitors, coaches, umpires, assistants and supporters. We look forward to next years event.

Please go to:
For many pictures.

09/20/2017 01:07 PM
Gauteng Invitational Championships

Saturday the 16th of September 2017 saw Taekwon-Do South Africa's MTG (Magua Taekwon-Do Group) host the Gauteng Invitational Championships in Parktown, Johannesburg. 

The tournament was a success with clubs from all corners of Gauteng arriving for a great day of competition. The day started with the adult age black belts followed by the children divisions with the teenagers and adults taking to the floors in the afternoon. 

The standard from the competitors was high with some excellent performances throughout the day  and as always much is also learnt from stepping on the floor. 

We would like to thank all of the competitors, officials, assistants, spectators and the instructors for supporting this event and your students, family, friends and fellow practitioners.

We look forward to next years event.

03/24/2017 09:16 AM
TSA Elite National Championships 2017
The Taekwon-Do South Africa Elite National Championships 2017 annual tournament was the 14th annual Elite tournament hosted by Magua Taekwon-Do clubs. The Wits Education Campus's Scott Gymnasium was host to this years event. 
Clubs from all over came together on 11 March and competed  along side one another. The standard was high while competitors vied for top spots. 

The competition ran well and was the second time we used the repochage bracketing system for the sparring. It allows more ring time and was enjoyed by the competitors. It does take a bit longer but the consensus was that it didn't matter as the positives outweigh the extra time it takes.

Well done to everyone who entered, officiated and assisted on the day. Thank you to all of the instructors and clubs for your valued support and efforts put into your members.

The day started early with the Black Belt categories first. The Kids then arrived for their categories and the afternoon saw the teens & adults turn. 

We look forward to next years event !

02/16/2017 12:26 PM
Grand Master Nicholls Seminar 2017
The Magua Taekwon-Do clubs for Taekwon-Do South Africa hosted Grand Master Trevor Nicholls 9th Dan vice president of the International Taekwon-Do Federation as well as his son Mr Reece Nicholls who is a two time sparring world Champion and multiple European champion who traveled from London, England. GM Nicholls is an ambassador for our federation head, President Choi. 

The six hour seminar was held at the Wits Education Campus in Parktown on Saturday 11 February. Some younger members also participated for two hour of the seminar. We do our best to bring him in every few years as he is also head instructor Norman Magua’s instructor. The knowledge gained over the day is very valuable to assist our South African standard to keep on rising. The impressive seminar covered many aspects from sparring , traditional hand techniques and kicking techniques including pad work, all with emphasis on power generation. His teaching style is amazing and his Mr Reece Nicholls demonstrations were fantastic.

The black belts dinner held that evening was a great way to relax and reflect on the days challenging seminar with our guests. Speeches were made and a hand crafted pen was presented to GM Nicholls.

The Sunday was very important of our club and organization as a grading for five candidate to fourth Dan was conducted by the Grand Master.

The 4th Dan grading is a very significant grading in Taekwon-Do taking the holder to expert level. The candidates Avishkar Ajoodha, Selvan Pandaram, Hugh Thomson, Natasha Voorhout & Ruan Hageman had a tough challenge and also had to hand in a thesis on any aspects pertaining Taekwon-Do. The all passed and breathed a sigh of relief as well as even some happy tears after all of the dedication and training over the years leading up to this.

The weekend was very busy also with showing some of the sights of our beautiful country to our guests and we all wished it would not end.  

08/05/2016 01:30 PM
TSA World Championships 2016 Report From Head Of Delegation

Magua Taekwon-Do Members represented Taekwon-Do South Africa at the World Championships in Brighton, England from the 27 -31stJuly 2016.  It was an amazing experience for our small team.  Brighton was a fantasic place to hold the championships and we got some chances before and in the evenings  to enjoy the great vibe and beauty of this vibrant city.

I can truly say every member made our clubs and organisation so proud.  This is one of the most awe inspiring , large and well respected tournaments in the world of martial arts.  With 45 countries represented from all corners of the earth it is an amazing experience to see the human spirit knows no borders or races. 

As with the nature of competition, especially a long event such as this, it is a roller coaster of emotions.  With super highs and super lows.  At the end of the day I was so proud of our team for their performances in this lions den, especially considering our small size compared to many countries.  I was proud not only for their physical performances but also their conduct while spending time with a truly wonderful group of people. 
Let me recount some of the highlights of our teams performances before more of our amazing experiences at this event. 

Some of the highlights were Sbmn Richard Girvin’s fantastic sparring with high scoring seeing him unfortunately go out in the quarterfinals to the very powerful Canadian who is the World Champion,this was amazing as he was by far the lightest in his Senior Hyper Weight category. He scored some very clean blows and was also complimented afterwards by his opponent.  His patterns went very well until unfortunately he performed a wrong technique while he got distracted by reaching the edge of the stage. The potential for a medal was in sights but unfortunately these things happen. We are proud of his powerful sharp performance.

Bsbn Hugh Thomson performed amazingly in his first round vs Hong kong but went out in his next round narrowly to the  World Champion from Italy.  His rhythm was disturbed in a particular way which we do not do in our home competitions, but will make sure to prepare to counter this in the future as there are. We live and learn but as always his sparring was impressive.  His day will come, 2018 is very hopeful for him !

Trevor Magagula’s  first attempt at a Worlds after very recently grading to 1st Degree had a fantastic sparring match with an opponent from  Ireland which  is Master Franks,  my original instructor’s student,  which was a testament to clean technique from both and great sportsmanship the way traditional Taekwon-Do-ists should always perform.  He went out that round, but couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  He also performed very well in patterns and went out in the second round, this is amazing as he only just learnt his new patterns.  We envisage a very bright competition future for him.

Tafadzwa Matemera who also had his first introduction to the big boy table being the World Champs after just recently graded to 1stdegree, blew us and many spectators away by winning the first round against an extremely tough American.  This was one of the most intense matches, of the whole competition, likened to a war (very clean though as both honourable warriors came to fight ! ) It was  also balancing on Tafadzwas nose bleed being able to stop.  It was almost over because they battled to stop the bleed but it went our way in the end!  Unfortunately his foot was damaged in the match and never won his next round to the Argentine.  His movement was hindered unfortunately and his opponent respected his lightning fast aggressive counter attacking witnessed in the first match too much to get caught up in it after scoring his points and employed every tactic he could to avoid the counter attacks eventually seeing the match not go our way.  But what a performance! Great things are coming. 

Peter Stander amazed everyone when he received a Bronze Medal in Individual breaking senior division.  This is the first time our organization has received a medal for individual power breaking.  The tie breaker was intense and erupted in huge applause when Peter broke six boards with a side kick.  What a special moment!

Christian Nyakanyaka performed very well and scored some quality points and received a Bronze medal for sparring in the colour belt division.  He went out to a very good competitor from the UK.  We are very proud of him. 

Abigail Daniels proved she is a real sparring champ by winning Gold in her colour belt division.  She had hard fought matches and won the final against a strong competitor form the UK. This is the second time she has won gold at an international ITF event,  also at the 2014 Championships in Italy.  We are very proud of her. 

We also had to pull out of  team sparring as we never had a substitute for Tafadzwa who was still battling the foot injury. We also narrowly missed a medal in team breaking due to Bsbn Hugh's effective turning Kick  break not being counted due to his standing foot apparently not being stable at the end of the kick. It was unfortunate but we are confident to make sure that doesn't happen next time.

Many international friendships were re-enforced, many new friends were made.  The very important meeting with delegates and President Choi is always a huge highlight and honour.  I also want to deeply acknowledge my instructor and mentor Grand Master Nicholls and his amazing team especially Ashley Nicholls from UKITF for running probably the best ITF World Championships in the history of the organization, the bar has been set so high for the future.  I would also like acknowledging Grand Master Galaraga , Master Maidana, Master Perez as well as every official and coach  for their incredibly hard work with the running of the event.  I would also like to congratulate Master Wheatley (Graded Sbmn Denis Magua to 3rd Deg years back) on his promotion to 9th Deg Grand Master, to Grand Master Han Sam Soo and Master Jose Maidana for receiving the Choi Family stars, one of the highest achievements in ITF. 

I also want to express our gratitude to all of the umpires and officials for their dedicated hard work without which a championships like this could not take place.

It was also great spending time with Master Neil Franks (my original instructor) now based in Ireland and his now World Champion Daughter Christine.  It is always great to see South Africans living abroad doing so well. Meeting and getting to know many new people was amazing also especially having the opportunity to spend some time with Taekwon-Do Pioneer & advisor Michael Cormack and Ms Jasmine Choi, General Choi’s Grand Daughter/President Choi’s Daughter,  both wonderful people and powerful ITF advocates.Catching up with instructors and Masters from around the globe was fantastic. I was also very happy to finally meet Master David Lau from Hong Kong and also Sbmn Richard Kenge David from Kenya.

We were also able to be a part of history with the first ever Special Needs division at the World Championships.  This was truly awe inspiring and the whole stadium was so amazed at how very well these amazing individuals performed and showed their love for the art.  I am sure I am not the only one who felt emotional during this event and demonstrations.
I have to say well done to the competitors and their amazing instructors especially to Sbmn Ben Evans form New Zealand who has tirelessly been at the forefront of making this happen in terms of campaigning and instucting.  The combination of Sbmn Ben Evans, Ms  Jasmine Choi and President Choi‘s vision culminated in something spectacular.  It is yet another reason I am proud to be part of this organization ! 

Our members really out did themselves.  All I asked of them was to leave their full efforts on the floor no matter the result and they didn’t disappoint.  As I always say, Taekwon-Do is one of the most difficult things to judge in the world and even though our organization uses the most advanced scoring system technology around, until technology fully catches up in the future with the demands that fully fair decisions would require, the only thing one can control is their own efforts no matter the result. Taking the positives of competition and the training leading to it as the reward.  I would like to acknowledge and deeply thank my wife Tanya Magua for all of the tireless work managing our trip and team. Her work for us was hugely important.

Lastly we would like to thank the donations from Benchmark Sports Apparral for the great kit bags, Wayne Deste for the herbalife CR 7 Drive supplements and to Tiger Brands for the towels and goodies.

All in all it was an amazing trip with amazing memories that will last with us forever. 

03/16/2016 12:33 PM
Taekwon-Do South Africa Elite National Championships 2016
Taekwon-Do South Africa held its Elite National Championships on Saturday the 5th of March 2016. The Scott Gymnasium at Wits Education Campus in Parktown Johannesburg came alive with some spirited competition from some of the top clubs in SA.

Magua Taekwon-Do Centres hosted the tournament. The day began with the adult black belt divisions which saw some great skill and a great preparation platform for the World Championships in England in July. It was then the turn of the younger competitors ranging from five to twelve years old. There was some great spirit and talent shown with the future generation. The teenage and adult  novice and intermediate divisions then took place in the afternoon, also showcasing some excellent Taekwon-Do skills.

The Sparring divisions Repochage bracketing  allowing for a “losers pool” so if one went out in the first round they still had a chance to make their way to a medal. This took a bit more time than the regular fomat, but was well worth it, as it allows a truer reflection of medal winners and proved that on the day.

The organisers want to thank everyone who competed, umpired and assisted on the day. All of you made this day a great success for our organisation.

For more photos please visit: https://www.facebook.com/TaekwonDoSouthAfrica/

11/24/2015 01:50 PM
Magua Taekwon-Do Club Championships 2015

The Magua Taekwon-Do Clubs held their club championships at the Wits Education Campus in

Parktown, Johannesburg on the 7th of November 2015.

 It was a very successful tournament which was a great platform for all competitors inexperienced and experienced alike. The standard was high as well as the spirit.

As always a huge thank you to the competitors, supporters and offcoures our senior belts and all who assisted to run the day and ultimately making it a success. Also a very beig note of appreciation toBench Mark Sports Apparel for sponsoring fantastic kit bags for a lucky draw.

We look forward to hosting next year again.

11/24/2015 01:35 PM
TSA Training Day
On the 30th of August TSA hosted its annual training day led by Sabumnim's Norman and Denis Magua. The Roodepoort Botanical Gardens was the perfect outdoor venue for the training. The day was enjoyed by all who were taken though many aspects of Taekwon-Do training from technical, competition and Hosin Sul (urban defence). Well done to all who took the effort to come through improve their training.

07/22/2015 11:01 AM

Taekwon-Do South Africa hosted a level 1 first aid seminar in Emmarentia at Fighting Fit Central on 18&19 July 2015. This was for the instructors and assistant instructors. Well done to the attendee's.

05/04/2015 01:37 PM
60th Taekwon-Do Birthday banquet & IIC- Canada 2015
With Pres Choi and most of Top Brass.

Sabum-Nim's Norman & Denis Magua attended this very important event. Not only to have representation at the 60th Birthday of Taekwon-Do banquet on 11&12 April 2015 but also to train under the president of ITF Grand master Choi Jung Hwa and about 8 other Grand masters & Masters over the two days as well as have various meetings.

Under the Gun!
They were among over two hundred other mainly senior ranking  black belts. Visiting with their family who also live in Toronto was an added bonus enjoyed by the brothers.

The brothers were also honoured to have been up in front of all with Grand Master Choi using us to go through a second Dan Pattern which was the only time there were only two up. That was a nerve     racking and hugely exciting experience for them.
Niagara Falls

It was an amazing experience which was also very important for our organisation’s quest to keep our standard at  a world level and to further boost our existing standard. The training was intense and detailed  and well worth the trip.

Please check out: http://www.itf-administration.com/articles.asp?arturn=3968  for ITF's full report on the event.                                                             

03/30/2015 12:55 PM
Taekwon-Do South Africa Elite Invitational Championships 2015
The Magua Taekwon-Do clubs hosted the TSA Invitational on 22 March at the Madeville Sports Stadium. The day was an excellent show of Taekwon-Do starting with the black belt divisions, them mooving onto the childrens section followed by the senior age divisions. Sparring, patterns, breaking and Special Techniques were on order for the day.

 Top clubs form around Gauteng competed in this healthy competition environment and all took away valuable experience.  

Well done to all of the competitors who entered our Taekwon-Do South Africa Invitational tournament yesterday. You all made us proud. Also a big thank you to all of our senior members who umpired, coached or assisted,to our dedicated transport crew, the administrators and offcourse the dedicted parents, family and supporters. 

We look forward to next years event. 

03/09/2015 12:46 PM
TSA Hosts Grand master Nicholls for Seminar and umpire course
After the Seminar
It has been about three & half years since South Africa last hosted Master Nicholls now Grand Master Trevor Nicholls since he achieved that rank last year.  It is therefore also the first time our organization has hosted a Grand Master.

We picked him up at the airport in Johannesburg on the morning of 20 February 2015.  It was wonderful to have him back on South African soil again.  It is very important for us as an organization to host such an esteemed guest in order to keep us on track with world standard.

At the Lion Park
After dropping his luggage at the hotel, it was off to lunch to catch up and discuss TSA’s development.  From there we visited the Lion Park, a popular tourist destination.  Here Grand Master Nicholls and our group saw many species of herbivores in a natural environment setting as well as patted the Lion Cubs, hand fed giraffes and ended off with spending some quality time with & patting a three year old Cheetah.  It was an unforgettable experience for all of them.

The evening continued with dinner and an early night for our guest in order to prepare for the next couple of days.
The next day after a tasty breakfast at the Pallazo hotel in Mote Casino, it was off to the venue where the students eagerly awaited the Grand Master Class.
Students learning at the seminar
There was great excitement as the Grand Master entered the packed hall at the Wits Education Campus, followed by the customary introduction and start to the seminar.
The day was intense with a large focus on repetition of technique and correct execution including an emphasis on power generation as well as sine wave bow motion, dynamic and kinetic linkage. The seminar was divided into four parts, concentrating on various aspects in each.  It ended off with a sparring section with some excellent training exercises and concepts from this man who has trained many world champions in his time.  It was a fantastic experience for all.  As always his teaching method is energetic and motivating even demonstrating some kicking while he should still be resting his leg after a knee surgery.  We tried to let him know we didn’t what him to get worse on our account.
Grading Time!
While most went home for a well deserved relax after a hard day of training, the most challenging part still awaited four of our members.  It was time for the Grand Master to grade them.  After a challenging grading as he is known for giving and after long periods of preparation, it was over, the four candidates all dug deep and pulled through after being tested on all of the aspects.  The day ended with the Grand Master saying he would give the results at the dinner that evening.
Dinner after the Seminar
Later that evening the dinner was held at a Johannesburg themed Steak house for the Grand Master and the black belts.  It was a great evening of good food and socializing and a great opportunity for our members to get to know the man.

The evening ended off with the results being given for the grading earlier on.  Tanya Magua passed to Fourth Dan, making her the first female in our organization to reach expert level; Richard Girvin also passed to Fourth Dan, making him
the first of Norman & Denis Magua’s  students trained from white belt to reach this level;  Fraser Du Toit passed to Third Dan level and Peter Stander at 48 years old  passed to First Dan level.  The brothers as instructors were very proud of their students achievements.  Norman’s club is in Emmarentia, Denis’s is in Malvern East, Tanya teaches in Olivedale, Richard in Bryanston  & Fraser has a club in Rivonia.

Umpire course on the Sunday
The next day was for the Black Belt members who all took part and completed an advanced ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) Umpire Course.  There was much to be learnt and absorbed in this relaxed learning environment.  Grand Master Nicholls is also excellent at facilitating this course with slide show presentations, theory, practical and a test at the end.

At the end of the Umpire course
After the umpire course we took Grand Master Nicholls for a late lunch before having to sadly start making our way back to the airport, as due to his busy schedule he had to get back.  As always it is very sad to see him depart and wish we could keep him here longer.

We would also like to thank some that helped to make this possible. Firstly the National Lottery and the Pallazzo hotel. 

11/17/2014 11:35 AM
TSA's Magua Taekwon-Do Grand Championships 2014
The second of November saw this years annual tournament held at the Marks Park Sports Club's Pavilion Hall. The tournament ran smoothly with the help of our senior members and volunteers. The day started with the Black belt divisions followed by the kids and in the afternoon the adult colour belts concluded.

This tournament which is our tournament exclusively for TSA members is always a great experience building event due to its round robin format for the Sparring division, which allows each individual to have multiple rounds, where numbers in the respective division allow, as opposed to possibly being out if not winning the first round as the typical knock out bracketing system works in Taekwon-Do competitions.

Everyone put in good effort and spirit and all learned  a great deal whether walking away with a medal or not. Congratulations to everyone who competed and assisted on the day.

09/25/2014 11:44 AM

TSA held its day camp on 14 September 2014. The Roodepoort Botanical gardens was the perfect venue and the weather held out perfectly. This is the first time we hed a one day only camp and it was enjoyed by all. Many aspects were covered from kicking techniques, hand techniques, power generation and sparring drills and practice. A picnic lunch was a well deserved break in the middle of the training.

Well done to all of the participants. we look forward to another great day next year

08/02/2014 04:47 PM
World Championship Overview 2014: Taekwon-Do South Africa
We would like to congratulate every member of team Taekwon-Do South Africa who competed in the International Taekwon-Do Federation's 2014 World Championships and colour belt World Cup in Rome. 

We can say with conviction that each one of our squad members did us extremely proud, and gave it their all. 

In my twenty years of practicing Taekwon-Do, and having experienced world and international tournaments over that time, also for much of that time, watching the top countries in awe and feeling that we were definitely small fish in a huge pond.  I can say that our guys in some instances were victorious over countries I could only have dreamed we could hold our own with.  In the black belt adult divisions for instance no one in our organisation has ever proceeded past the first round in a sparring division. This time we made a massive leap by all of our adult competitors proceeding to the next round and many to the quarter finals, which went down to the wire with such close results!  With many only conceding to the eventual winner of the category.  We also had, to my knowledge, the fastest victory of the championships when Hugh Thomson in spectacular form won over his competitor from th

e USA by Knock Out.  Some very memorable moments were Bsb Fraser's victory over a very huge formidable opponent from Poland (who are always known as extremely potent fighters), Fraser who was not in the lead in the first round, turned up the heat in the second round to clinch it in spectacular style.  Natasha Voorhout's also put on an amazing display of Taekwon-Do in her win over her Czech opponent and extremely close match with her Australian opponent, which was a draw and went to overtime.  Ruan Hageman fought hard and it paid off with his great win over his Chilean opponent.  He conceded the next round in a great performance to the well known favorite to become World Champion Mr Matt Brunger (UK), which he indeed did win.  We were also happy for him as he is Grand Master Nicholls student (for those that don’t know GrMstr Nicholls is Sabum Norman and Denis's instructor).

Robert Fernandes put up a very impressive performance against a potent Canadian, who had just prior knocked out his previous opponent.  Robert fought superbly and really landed some clean points, particularly well executed back kicks on his opponent.  It was to the wire and both had given their all and respect from both sides was there.  Unfortunately it just didn’t go into Roberts favour but he sealed the deal built over the championships for our country gaining some respect.

Our youngest member and newest Black Belt Richard Hardman, fought like a champion, but unfortunately conceded to the eventual winner of the category from the UK.  We all believed that with a more favourable draw he was sure for a medal.

Sabum Denis Magua and Bo Sabum Hugh Thomson both took Silver medals in their large special techniques categories, both providing nail biting performances with draws at first and finally conceding to Poland and Moldova respectively, but with some new fans!
As far as patterns, everyone really made us so proud and performed unbelievably. Really only tiny missteps or technical error was the difference between victory.  At that level one cannot even afford the slightest misstep etc.  I see huge things for us in the future in the patterns divisions. 

It was inspiring to see our up and coming colour belts perform so admirably in their divisions showing our future is looking bright!  We brought home some Silverware.  Well done to Grant Fairbrother who took Gold for patterns and Gold for Sparring, Abigail Daniels for her Gold in Sparring, Peter Stander for his Bronze in Patterns and Bronze in Sparring and to Trevor Magagula for Bronze in Sparring. It was a great way to end days of championships, with the medals ceremony and our flag and national anthem on the podium.

Some other memorable moments, were the very positive feedback we received from many of the teams and Masters acknowledging that they were very impressed by our standard.

I also had a meeting with Grand Master Choi and the heads of the ITF. Also meeting Grand Masters and Masters I have wanted to meet in person such as Grand Master Han Sam Soo, Master Parm Rai.  New Masters such as Master Cazatti (Italy), Master Jue (USA), Master Perez (Spain) as well as seeing Masters we have had a relationship with in the past such as Grand Master Galaraga (Argentina), Master Wheatly (USA), Master Maidana (Argentina), Master Muleta (Austrailia), Master Franks (our original instructor, living in Ireland now) and of course our newly promoted to 9th Degree mentor Grand Master Nicholls.

Also we made many new friends from Ireland, Australia and Canada to name but a few.

A highlight for me personally was taking the grading for Sixth Dan at the end of the tournament.  It was particularly significant for various reasons such as Our Mentor Master Trevor Nicholls who has travelled to SA over various occasions graded me, but he had just been promoted to 9th Dan Grand Master mere days before and awarded this title in the centre stage of the stadium during the Championships, therefore I was in his first grading as Grand Master.  Secondly this made me the first to attain Sixth Dan in our country organization, which is a huge honour and a significant step for our country.  The grading was successful with me being left exhausted and relieved at the end of it, the heat also played a small role as an extra opponent.  I know Grand Master Nicholls would only have passed me if I deserved it and that is what I highly appreciate about our relationship.

The next day was spent sightseeing the wonderful sights of Rome, which is a truly beautiful city with many wonderful charms. Sabum Denis our Vice president and fellow head coach also created the most exiting news, a few days after the championships while still in Rome he proposed to his now Fiance Sabrina who had met up in Rome on the last day of the competition. We also wish them a very bright, blessed and healthy future together.

I would also like to thank the people behind the scenes such as Tanya Magua for all the hard work going into getting us all there as well as our tracksuit and kit bag sponsor C&R brands. As well as our supporters who came on the trip, for being real troopers through the long days and short nights.

In conclusion we are very happy with our performances especially since this was our first step back to the World Championships scene in seven years, with mainly first timers.  Our small size in comparison to the big players is also very significant, with some countries having over twenty to forty Thousand practitioners and at least numbers in the thousands compared to us.  I can also say that this organisation is the real deal, directly connected to the original founder of Taekwon-Do through his Son, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa.  The standard reflects that.  To even come close to getting medals in an organisation of this size and magnitude is a huge deal.  It is one of the most respected and largest Martial Arts organisations in the World and a good performance here holds a huge amount of weight.  Even though we could belong to less significant in size and stature Taekwon-Do organisations and therefore have a much bigger chance of a higher medal tally, we choose to swim with the big fish.  The only difference now is that our small fish is growing some big teeth. 

Norman Magua VI

President: Taekwon-Do South Africa

05/20/2014 10:36 AM
TSA Championships 2014
The 13th of April 2014 saw Taekwon-Do South Africa's annual Elite national Championships.The  Mandeville Spports and Social centre, our long standing home of this tournament played host again.

The format of different age groups arriving at different times worked well and allowed the stadium to not be over filled. The competition ran smoothly and the standard and competitiive level was high.

We would like to thank all who made running this tournament possible, the club instructors, official and all of the competitors.

We look forward to our next one.

03/10/2014 02:57 PM
Taekwon-Do South Africa's up coming Elite National Tournament
Our Taekwon-Do South Africa Elite Invitational Nationals are coming up soon on 13 April. Get your names down for this prestigious event. It will be an exiting tournament and we look forward to seeing all of your hard training on show.

12/09/2013 10:32 AM
Taekwon-Do South Africa's tribute to Nelson Mandela

As we woke on Friday the sixth of December to the sad news that Nelson Mandela or as many South African’s call him Madiba passed away, there was still a feeling of shock even thought it was expected for some time in the last months of his extraordinary life.
As South Africans we have an endless amount to be grateful for from this wise man. As my family went to his home and nearby memorial site which was previously his post presidential office to pay out last respects by laying cards and writing in the memorial book from our my family and another from Taekwon-Do South Africa. I had time to really reflect on his life and off course the tenets and oath of Taekwon-Do. Our organisation with its many cultural backgrounds training side by side would also probably be very different if not for this man’s part in our country’s history, due to the strict laws of keeping races separated in the past.
As an interesting point Nelson Mandela and our founder General Choi Hon Hi were both born in 1918 and both demonstrated an inner strength and many other attributes that are building blocks for greatness. Mr Mandela also boxed as a young man which was also an example of his inner fighting spirit, which would become legendary in the decades to come.
 I am sure the late General would agree that Mr Mandela was a shining example of courtesy of which he was very well known for, as well as humbleness in treating everyone equally .He had an abundance of integrity and showed he would not budge for what he believed in. His perseverance was tested severely through his twenty seven years of incarceration and many more stumbling blocks along the way. He was elevated to being an icon in my opinion, by being one of the best known examples of self control in history, by choosing to forgive his oppressors instead of exacting revenge. He demonstrated a rock
solid indomitable spirit by maintaining and boldly demonstrating his dignity and refusing to be degraded by an unjust law or system, even though it was at an immense cost to him personally. Undoubtedly a champion of freedom & justice and is one person who will go down in the history books as helping to build a more peaceful world, most notably in South Africa but as an example for the rest of the world and generations to come.
He laid the table for South Africa and its long walk to what he hoped for our great country, let us hope we can live up to his expectations for our future generations.

We hope you rest in peace Madiba,
Norman Magua V
President of Taekwon-Do South Africa

11/04/2013 11:42 AM
Magua Regionals Tournament 2013

Our Magua Tkd  regional tournament took place on Saturday 19 October 2013 in Parktown Johannesburg. The day was very successful, with many experience gaining bouts had by all. The Sparring section of this tournament is one of the toughest around partly due to the round robin format. This allows generally more bouts for each individual, therefore allowing them to gain more experience and test their fitness.
Sparring, patterns, breaking , special techniques as well as our little tigers course for the very young ones were catered for at this tournament. The day hosted some exiting matches from all of the ages.

We extend our congratulations and gratitude to all who entered, umpired, corner judged and helped in the many aspects that go into a successful event.

Tournament Director

Norman Magua

08/20/2013 04:59 PM
Taekwon-Do South Africa Training camp 2013

Taekwon-Do SA held its annual training camp on 17 and 18 August 2013 under the guidance of Sabum’s Norman & Denis Magua. The venue was scenic Vrede Marina in the Eastern Freestate.
The members of the different clubs started arriving on the Saturday morning at nine am. Once settled the training began, with Saturday focussing mainly on technical aspects of the art from hand techniques, foot techniques to patterns. Various other aspects such as Hosin Sul & pad kicking involved.
The last session involved only the black belts and black stripes, which concluded with a motivational talk about the importance of black belts and how Taekwon-Do should be prioritised at that level. Thereafter a delicious pooitjie Kos was served for dinner. The rest of the night was filled with socialising and catching up and included roasting marsh mellows around the really hot bonfire.
 The next morning the participants were up bright and early, some earlier than others. For the short hike to the Dam wall. From there some quiet time was spent reflecting and staring out at the beautiful view of the dam. Followed by some sitting stance punches and blocks on top of the wall.
Then it was off to condition our striking tools on the huge trees, which didn’t seem to mind being banged on too much.
After breakfast it was time for set sparring followed by free sparring training. Last but not least was our tradition of ending off with fight scene skiets performed by  the groups made up of members from the different clubs. After some great shows, it was time for some photos and goodbyes.
It was also great to have Mr Niel Du Toit from our new Freestate clubs join us for the first time. We look forward to seeing him at many more to                                                       come.
The camp can be seen as the most important event of our calendar, especially for black belts and instructors but also for colour belts. It serves to standardise technique, which as our knowledge of Taekwon-Do grows gets filtered down and it acts as a glue to keep our organisation close as a Taekwon-Do family.

Well done to all who participated and we look forward to next year.

Please check out www.facebook.com/taekwondosouthafrica for more pictures

06/24/2013 11:11 AM
Hosin Sul (Urban Defence) Seminar 2013
Taekwon-Do South Africa held its Hosin Sul Seminar in Emmarenta on the 22nd of June 2013. Many concepts for common street attacks and weapon attacks were covered, as well as mindset and understanding the body response and adrenal dump.
The day was successful and gave the members attending practice with adapting to the "street" arena and much to think about and work on in class. Well done to all who attended.

For more photos please visit: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.472133042874984.1073741829.383914475030175&type=3

05/27/2013 11:42 AM
TSA at the Atc Pretoria invitational
Taekwon-Do South Africa had some of our clubs competitors and umpires present at the Atc Pretoria invitational championshimps this past Sunday the 25th of May 2013. Namely Pilsung and a small contingent from the Magua club.

The members present did our organisation proud with some exelent performances and spirit shown. Well done to all who participated and helped judge and umpire on the day.

05/21/2013 12:23 PM
Black Belt Grading May 2013
Our Emmarentia Dojang was host to a black belt grading on Sunday 19 March. The candidates from Pilsung, Jungshin and Magua Taekwon-Do clubs arrived early and were practicing and warming up in anticipation for the grueling next few hours. After being warmed up around the fields the grading started.
Testing the many aspects of Taekwon-Do. With the Panel of Sbm's Norman Magua, Denis Magua & Shaheed Karachi testing and imparting knowledge it was a day we
are sure the candidates wont forget.

All of the participants showed great heart and spirit. Well done too all who attempeted. It is great to see our black belt ranks growing and the dans moving up.

05/21/2013 11:30 AM

TSA 10th  Elite National Championships

Early Sunday morning the 21st of April 2013 saw the early arrivals at the Mandeville Sports stadium in Kensington, Johannesburg. One could feel the excitement and anticipation growing.  The growth of our association over the last ten years has seen this tournament go from strength to strength.
After all of the clubs did the official March in, the welcome and thank you speech was given. There after a heartfelt letter was read out from Master Trevor Nicholls 8th Dan, Secretary General of the International Taekwon-Do Federation congratulating TSA on their tenth competition and continued progress.
The invitational tournament hosted around two hundred competitors and ran on four floors plus a breaking and special techniques section consecutively by age group. The categories were sparring, patterns, power breaking & special technique breaking. The standard was high and the competition was fierce with all competing vying for the honour of being Taekwon-Do South Africa champion in the their various divisions.
With the valuable help of all of our floor teams which included umpires, corner judges, table officials and all of the set up and administration members the day ran smoothly over all and finished around 5pm.
Thank you and well done to all who competed and assisted on the day. Remember that it is always a win to compete because many lessons get learned whether in victory or defeat and with the right attitude lead to improvement.  
We look forward to our next instalment and aim as always to further improve in all aspects of this prestigious event.

03/29/2013 12:17 PM
TV Shoot at one of our clubs

Yo TV visited Fighting Fit Central, our Emmarentia Club on Thursday 14 March'13. We will keep you informed of when the show will be aired later in the year. Well done to the Taekwon-Do kids for representing us so well!