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BBC News - Family & Education

16/02/2018 02:58 PM
Year-round meals plan to tackle 'holiday hunger' of school pupils
North Lanarkshire says it could be the first UK local authority to offer meals to school pupils during holidays and weekends.

16/02/2018 10:40 AM
Lecturers want 'radical' tuition fee review
Lecturers want fundamental changes to how universities are funded and not 'tinkering at the edges'.

16/02/2018 02:01 AM
Lack of good religious education ‘leaves pupils at risk’
Quality RE lessons help stop religious stereotyping, says the Religious Education Council.

15/02/2018 12:52 PM
Teenagers' spending habits revealed
Girls spend £2.90 a week more than boys at the age of 13 to 15 as boys avoid buying soap and cosmetics.

15/02/2018 12:15 PM
Florida shooting: At least 17 dead in high school attack
The suspect is named as Nikolas Cruz, 19, an ex-student at the school who had been expelled.

15/02/2018 12:14 PM
MPs to probe universities' unconditional offers
Unconditional university offers are on the rise but MPs say they are "very concerned" about the issue.

15/02/2018 10:55 AM
Scottish spending watchdog concerned about nursery funding
Audit Scotland says councils may not be able to resource a planned expansion.

15/02/2018 06:17 AM
Brexit student exchange needs rethink says top uni head
The UK should consider setting up its own exchange programme after Brexit, says leading university head.

14/02/2018 05:33 PM
Is loneliness affecting your health?
BBC Radio 4 wants you to take part in an experiment on the extent and effects of loneliness

14/02/2018 02:57 PM
Bill Gates announces UK teacher in global top 10
A London teacher, nominated for a global teaching prize, warns of deprivation for her pupils.

14/02/2018 11:42 AM
Times table check trialled ahead of rollout
12 times 11 equals what? Up to 7,250 pupils in England will try out tests on how well they can multiply.

14/02/2018 10:11 AM
'Guns and survivalists'
Tara's fundamentalist family in rural Idaho would not let her go to school, but she got a PhD from Cambridge.

12/02/2018 11:21 AM
Transgender child: 'I think I'm a girl in a boy's body'
Kiera Puddefoot, 13, who is transgender, was previously known as Lucas.

12/02/2018 12:50 AM
Dorset schoolgirl 'lost confidence after fat letter'
A cricket-loving schoolgirl says she lost her passion for the sport after receiving the letter.

11/02/2018 12:01 AM
The everyday lives of the non-monogamous
Photographer Erika Kapin uses photography to document non-monogamy with The Open Photo Project.

10/02/2018 12:16 AM
Kids online
Do children spend too much time online and does social media use make them anxious and unhappy?

08/02/2018 01:39 AM
Saying 'no' and date-rape
Former teenage mothers says revised sex education must cover issues such as saying 'no' and date-rape drugs.

07/02/2018 01:15 PM
The mysterious moments before sleep
Researchers investigate the creative and confusing moments between waking and sleeping.

06/02/2018 10:02 AM
No pets on board
Airlines are stopping hedgehogs and turkeys being brought on board, after 76,000 requests for 'emotional support pets'.

05/02/2018 02:38 AM
Hate mail and firebombs
Rarely seen documents reveal how a prominent suffragette was "trolled" over 100 years ago

01/02/2018 02:34 AM
Counting calories
A campaign to tackle childhood obesity draws criticism from those living with eating disorders.

31/01/2018 12:21 AM
'I was 12 when I married a 35-year-old'
A campaign in several African countries wants to stop child brides and keep girls in education.

29/01/2018 07:40 AM
Help for hoarders
How a decluttering buddy scheme in Croydon helped one woman face up to her tendencies to stockpile.

27/01/2018 01:26 AM
Escaping Nazi Germany
A grandmother who escaped Nazi Germany on a train as a child shares her story with teenagers.

25/01/2018 04:48 PM
School league tables
Secondary school tables just published show one in eight in England is below government standards.

24/01/2018 10:05 AM
England and US pull schools from tolerance test
The OECD's new school test in respecting other cultures is being ducked by some leading countries.

17/01/2018 01:38 AM
UK university could get EU funds post-Brexit
A partnership between Imperial College London and a major French agency will keep access to European research funding.

14/01/2018 12:46 AM
Dealing with debt: The mini-bankers learning how to save
Schoolchildren from Kirton Primary in Boston run their own bank with its own currency to learn about saving money.