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19/10/2017 06:24 PM
Jeremy Corbyn skewered by Sky News host for offering 'EASIER' Brexit path to EU chiefs

JEREMY CORBYN was skewered by a Sky News host who accused the Labour party leader of offering European Union chiefs an “easier” option in the Brexit negotiations.

19/10/2017 05:49 PM
'Try living there' Brexiteers hit back as banking CEO says he could get used to Frankfurt

BREXITEERS have hit back after one of the world’s top banking bosses took a swipe at the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

19/10/2017 05:15 PM
WINTER BUG WARNING: Public urged to be on extreme alert for highly-contagious norovirus

HEALTH officials have warned the public to be vigilant against a winter vomiting bug.

19/10/2017 04:39 PM
Armed police swarm street and surround house in Kent

ARMED police have swooped on a house in Kent as part of an investigation into a suspected money laundering ring.

19/10/2017 03:40 PM
Police anti-hate video taken down after being swamped with insults

POLICE have been forced to remove a video promoting their work in tackling hate crime - after they were TROLLED with hate messages.

19/10/2017 03:08 PM
'Don't interrupt me!' John Redwood shreds Campbell for 'falsifying' Brexit in heated clash

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL was shredded live on air as a Tory MP told him he was spending all his time trying to “re-run Project Fear” in rejection of the Brexit referendum.

19/10/2017 12:31 PM
Corbyn expected easy ride from EU socialists... but was brutally put on spot over Brexit

JEREMY CORBYN expected a relaxed speech as he spoke to socialists in Brussels but he was put on the spot by one audience member over Brexit.

18/10/2017 11:01 PM
Badger has a catnap in the kitchen

A BOLD badger was caught napping in a cat bed after sneaking into a house while the owners were away.

18/10/2017 11:01 PM
Benefits cheat swindled nearly £90,000 on a boob job and holidays to Las Vegas and Florida

A BENEFITS cheat who swindled nearly £90,000 to splash out on breast enlargement surgery and holidays in Las Vegas and Florida has been jailed.

18/10/2017 11:01 PM
Winston Churchill’s bodyguard’s mistakenly signed books to go under the hammer

A RARE archive collected by Winston Churchill's personal bodyguard has been unearthed to give a wonderful insight into how the wartime Prime Minister was henpecked by his secretary.