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16/08/2017 07:59 AM
Re: Streetlight in way of path from house
Thanks for your help once again NHE. I will definitely be getting the property professionally snagged before completion!

16/08/2017 06:13 AM
Re: Streetlight in way of path from house
With TWO street lights, the modern low energy bright ones too, it will be lit up like daylight, which is probably just as well as your new house has very small windows and there isn't even a window in the door!

Of course something can be done about it....

16/08/2017 05:58 AM
Re: Parking bays- size and regulations
A single parking space is 2.4m wide so a double would be 4.8m wide.
But as you deduce this assumes that the area adjacent is also either a parking space or open.
Whether the 4.8m parking is adequate will depend to an extent on the size of cars parked.


16/08/2017 05:52 AM
Re: Professional Snagging
You need a copy of that letter (from Persimmon) to give to your professional snagger.
Without it, he could be refused by the site management on the day.

15/08/2017 08:30 PM
Streetlight in way of path from house
I was told they were going to alter the path slightly and put a dog leg in it to avoid the streetlight. Today however, they have laid the path straight, directly into the light!
Any advice/thoughts please? Personally I think it's less than ideal but no...