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25/05/2018 08:37 AM
Re: Problems with new build flat
Floating floors by their nature do "bounce" more than a solid concrete floor.
However, what you are describing seems excessive and I believe there may be gaps under the absorbent layer which make the effect worse. The structural floor must be perfectly...

25/05/2018 08:09 AM
Re: Soft Mortar
I am pleased you refused to be gagged. If only more buyers had the courage to do this.
Trouble is, for most, money talks and they would rather have a small cheque and their home fixed than spread the word about the terrible standard of new homes and d...

24/05/2018 08:10 PM
Problems with new build flat
Good evening.
I'm writing here seeking advice regarding some problems of a new build flat that my partner and I recently purchased.

Floating floor problem:
The flat has been built using a floating floor system with an acoustic absorbent layer un...

24/05/2018 06:11 PM
Re: Soft Mortar
Another update.
I have refused the offer to sign a non disclosure agreement.
As far as I am concerned as the problem was reported within the first 2 years and they have to carry out the repairs without trying to gag me.
This west facing wall that I bel...

18/05/2018 06:34 AM
Re: Soft Mortar
In my opinion LABC warranty isn't worth the paper its written on. I get many buyers who tell me their claims are dismissed out of hand.  I always say that if there is no NHBC warranty, walk away. Even so, NHBC warranty also has a very poor record for s...