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22/03/2018 06:50 AM
Re: Ingram Homes - Norwich
Not good. All you can do is stick with it.
For anything Ingram Homes refuse to do, make a written claim using the warranty before the two years is up.

22/03/2018 06:46 AM
Re: Macbryde Homes and Homes by Esh inquiry
Smaller housebuilders can be better than the plc nationals but be warned some can also be a whole lot worse!

First thing to watch out for is make sure there is an NHBC warranty. No NHBC warranty is a warning sign so walk away.

Check their reputation. G...

22/03/2018 06:21 AM
Re: House expected to complete in july
Good you have a decent solicitor!
The service charges for the estates are called fleecehold" and many new homebuyers stuck with these are trying to get it banned. In the end the freehold of the estate will be sold on by Taylor Wimpey and the new owner ...

22/03/2018 06:16 AM
Re: Taylor Wimpey Reservation appointment
Have you considered that the new home was overpriced in the first place?
Giving a discount on something already overpriced is not a discount.

It also depends of the time of year, as housebuilders can be desperate to get sales in for their year-end and ...

22/03/2018 06:14 AM
Re: Advice Needed: Developer Rejected Professional Snagging List
You have still not named this dreadful housebuilder!
It looks like another CCHB breach.  Your solicitor should have had a copy of the warranty policy and completions CML certificate BEFORE you legally completed. You should not have been able to ...