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16/01/2017 01:03 PM
Re: Lots of Issues
Might be just a case of screwing down the chipboard floors with lots more screws - if you are lucky!.
I think the tile adhesive in the en-suites is cracking as the floor moves. They should have used special plywood screwed to the chipboard floor and ti...

15/01/2017 03:17 AM
Re: The biggest estate agent of all is the Government
The government wants what they have, instead they tax the people so they can waste more money.

14/01/2017 02:15 PM
Re: Lots of Issues

The cracking sounds are coming from when you walk along the landing past the bathroom which has a tilled floor, also when walking into any of the en suites where there are tilled floors. The rest of the floor noises are where we regularly walk ...

14/01/2017 09:31 AM
Re: Lots of Issues
The issue with the floors could be the drylining!
Resilient-Bars is not a solution if this is the case.

Click on this link Joint statement   by the NHBC,...

13/01/2017 01:55 PM
Re: Lots of Issues
Don't worry I won't be bullied.

Please see email correspondence below how they are trying to get at my surveyor!
And what I have said to them

Mr&Mrs: I have had a lot of time to do some research over the Christmas break and from comments made at our ...