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05/21/2018 01:46 PM
Guntersville May 21st 2018
Lake Guntersville is Hott and so is the weather. Things have not changed too much we are still catching fish and good ones, its just amazing place to be.
Grass is starting to grow really nice now and that is a great thing. Raining almost daily its keeping the water temps in check and pleasure boaters too...
Fish are being caught from 10 feet out to 20 and they are hungry and mean..
Eric and I fished the Guntersville Open on Saturday and we wasn't too sure on what we would catch, for some reason my morning bites was hit or miss all week but one thing was for sure you could set your watch to 9 am the bite turned on, sometimes you got nice 3 pound fish or you got really nice 4-5 pound fish, also they change up what they was hungry for, some

05/14/2018 01:34 AM
Lake Guntersville May 13th 2018 Post Spawn
We went from 50 Degrees to 90 Degrees in 2.5 Days.. Lake temp is hitting 80 at the end of the day and starting out at 75 degrees. No current or wind and that would normally make fishing hard... One would think that. Its been a messed up spring here on Lake Guntersville but the fishing stayed strong really strong and still is..
Eric and Myself fished the Sylvania fund raiser tournament Saturday out of Goosepond and took 2nd place with 19.62 lbs we just are not getting the big bite , we are managing quality just like during my trips, customers are getting the big bites.

The bass should be done spawning but don't hold me to it, lot of other species are moving up to do their thing .

Top water bite should

05/05/2018 03:02 PM
Lake Guntersville May 5th 2018
Lake Guntersville is slowly shaping herself up. The Bass are coming off their beds and starting to feed up.

The Bite :
It has been slowing up after Read More
So Monday went well in the morning but the mid

04/25/2018 03:23 AM
Lake Guntersville April 24th Bass Fishing
This Weather is ridiculous.. Last week was the one of the windiest weeks ever here on Lake Guntersville, Really hindered fishing, We did manage to catch some... And so far this week its been a light breeze and the lake has come up from all the recent rain... water temp is still 61 and the bass are very aggressive when you find them and they are just not where we left them last week but the size is still up there so we go where the bass are its what we do...Check out my website and see more....

04/24/2018 11:31 PM
Guntersville Lake
Another great day of fishing on Lake Guntersville for these 2 guys from Ohio! They got to experience some consistent action with Choo Choo Shakers and Swimjigs around shallow grass. The water level is up due to the recent rains and the fish have really moved up into shallow flats and bays and are aggressive. The water temps averaged in the low to mid 60's and in most areas the water clarity is a little stained, but not extreme. It's fun so get out and enjoy it! Mike Carter

04/23/2018 09:48 PM
Guntersville Lake
I had several trips on Lake Guntersville last week that that included a 4 day corporate trip put on by Mike Gerry of Fish Lake Gunterville Guide Service, and had some "extreme" ups and downs with catching some solid fish. When the ups were going there was some solid fish, but when the downs moved in the quality went slack but at least my clients were still able to catch some small ones. The winds from last week created some serious havoc for fishing conditions on the lake which also limited a lot of the areas that I could get them in to fish effectively. I had my clients using everything, and yes this includes the "kitchen sink"! The most productive patterns were focusing on shallow grass with Choo Choo Shakers and Swimjigs with Producer Swimbaits trailers. They also were

04/18/2018 01:13 AM
Lake Guntersville April 17th 2018
Lake Guntersville Bass are trying to spawn but mother nature keeps letting old man winter show back up... It just keeps getting cold here ... maybe 3 days we get to wear shorts then 4 days bundled up in our cold gear .. The water temp is struggling to get over 64 degrees .. I know we have bass that have spawned out bass spawning and still pre spawn, go back a month ago it didn't matter if it was cold and blowing 20+mph we caught them and we caught them good... and now its like when it gets cold we catch bass but they just are not doing it like they was...

Captain D's Cast 'N' Catchin Tournament was cut short by 2 hours due to the nasty weather that was bearing down on Lake Guntersville and we had our work cut out for us and a short time

04/14/2018 10:50 PM
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/14/18
Fishing this week had to overcome the affect of high pressure and north winds early in the day; combine that with some 30-degree type temperatures in the morning and fishing was good for those who were patient especially between 10 am and 3 pm. You had to find their pattern and wait on the wind to shift to the south each day, but it was worth it.

The fish are shallow their spawning in many areas of the lake and the bite is typical spawn bite; you must slow down look for spawning areas and the right kind of cover, but it was worth it. With the bite in the 2 to 4 ft. range soft plastics were the key to our catches, Missile Bait D-Bombs, Missile “48” stick baits and Missile Craw Fathers were all we fished all week.

04/10/2018 11:10 PM
Guntersville Lake
I got out today on Lake Guntersville with a long time good friend that I grew up fishing and hunting with. When we were younger, "WAY YOUNGER", we would ride our bikes to our uncle's ponds and fish every evening we had a chance, and now here we are with expensive equipment and fishing together again but this time in "BIG WATER". We no longer use shorts, waders, or bicycles to catch fish. We now take a little lazier approach with expensive vehicles and expensive boats and spend a lot of money on gas for the both of them to persue what we chased and enjoyed as children. We've came a long way since those days and we still enjoy seeing our poles get bent and our "strang stretched"! With the cold north wind from this morning the fishing was slow, but for a great friends

04/09/2018 01:03 PM
Lake Guntersville 4.9.18
Lake Guntersville fishing has remained good even with all the COLD FRONTS in April ..
Marched ended with a bang. Eric and I Took 4th In the Freedom Marine Tournament.. had 21.09lbs
Just to think last year we was all wearing shorts and catching some bass and this year we are bundled up and wrecking them..