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08/11/2018 07:21 PM
Lake Hartwell Fishing Report - GA
Make no mistake about it, fish are being caught and mid-August isn’t bad at all, in fact 10 to 15 fish for a 4-hr. trip is a pretty good hot summer day. Now that you back to school and planning some time off Guntersville can offer some summer time fun!

Baits for the week have been a variety and a little different every day, top-water seems strong and then it doesn’t Picasso buzz baits and more. Get to the bottom with Tight-Line foot ball jigs drag the bottom is 10 to 12 ft. of water. Tight-Line swim jigs over grass has also produced in 8 to 9 ft. of water. Missile Bait “48” stick baits rigged whacky and Texas rigged also caught fish. Different baits different days but there catching fish.
Come fish with me no one will

08/06/2018 01:35 PM
Lake Guntersville Getting Froggy
Its starting to look like things are lining up.. Lake Guntersville is getting herself back together after a slow down a couple weeks ago.. Still a lot of moving going on as the bass are trying to figure out what they want.. But one thing is for sure the big ones are still there and mixed in with the elementary size bass.
Grass... Yes the grass is starting to develop in to mats in select areas and has given us some great action... And this heat is bad but it will make fishing the mats even better as it cooks the top layer and gets all cheesy ..

Water Temp : 86
Clarity is 3 feet
Heres a few pics:::

08/04/2018 08:50 PM
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 8/4/18
If you have done some scanning in the past couple of weeks you will have noticed that the Thermo-cline that had the fish set at certain depths is gone. The result is the bass have moved and are now at different depths then they were when the thermo-cline was easily recognized a week ago.

With that we have had to back off to deeper depths 25 to 30 ft. to get a bite as the fish are more scattered from 8 to 30 ft. of water making you work your bait longer and deeper than a week ago. I have changed to heavier baits like ¾ oz. Tight-Line football jigs, ¾ oz. Picasso spinner baits and heavier worm weights as a result. We are also seeing some SPRO frog results in the nastiest grass. Numbers have been good size was an issue, but all said the

07/30/2018 03:47 AM
Guntersville July 29th
Well they call it dog days of summer for a reason, throw in a full moon and your window of opportunity is very short. This past week proved to be one of the toughest weeks that I have seen this year. Early in the week small fish was all we could find. As the week went on the bigger bass started to bite just a little and using the same lures as we have been for the past couple weeks, the Worms and Creature Baits T-Mac & Baby Mad Paca produced the bites... By Friday the bites became very consistent and just like it ought to be. Seems Like The Bass Are In Transition. After they get settled the bite should improve and as we approach the end of summer in a few weeks the frog bite should be just right.
Water Temp 83
Water Clarity 2-3 Feet

07/28/2018 08:32 PM
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 7/28/18
There’s a couple of ways to overcome the dog-days right now one of them is to be the guy on the lake at night, the other is to do some boring flipping into the heaviest grass. Neither of these turn most fisherman on only the toughest enjoy night fishing and the most determined tournament guy pitches the heavy grass.

My preference and my fishing this past week is to work the deep ledges early in the morning look for activity and create bites during the day. Fishing 20 ft. of water, being consistent with structure like grass and shell beds is the only way I enjoy this day-time of year. The better news is the forecast is looking ahead to some cooler temperatures and rain which should put some oxygen back into the water and begin to see some

07/23/2018 01:44 AM
Lake Guntersville July 22nd
The weather has been steadily getting hotter and the water temp on Lake Guntersville has been anywhere from 86-91 degrees.... And it hasn't slowed the bite down but it has made the real big ones bite less often at certain times... one day it might be at day break then the next day it could be 11 o'clock ..

Mike Found Good Uns This Week
07/21/2018 10:02 PM
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 7/21/18
We saw some late afternoon water temperatures at 90 degrees putting us square in the middle of the dog days of summer. The bite this past week certainly reflected the dog days; bites were at a premium and patience was the key to a successful day.
The challenge was keeping everyone focused on their fishing as it was easy to wander off mentally and then miss the bites you did get. The good news was we found some big fish this week as one of my days produced a 7lb. 9 oz. monster that had eyes the size of half dollars. Bites are stingy, and focus is the key but it’s still fun and being on the water beats a day at work for most. We stayed fishing in 20 ft. of water most of the week, fishing Missile bait “48” stick baits, top water baits and Tight-Line swim jigs most of the week.

07/15/2018 04:19 PM
Guntersville Lake
The fish catching action just kept on rolling right along on Lake Guntersville. I had a client from Kentucky for his second day of fishing and we decided to do some night fishing since it was a Saturday and we "THOUGHT" we could beat the crowd, at least that's what we thought. With all of the Bass fishing boats and Bow Fishing boats running around on the lake at night I ask why "WHY" would one even attempt to run your jet skis, yes jet skis, and ski boats around, and with "NO LIGHTS"!!! This is an accident waiting to happen because hey guess what, "WE CAN'T SEE YOU"!!! I guess they thought we are just suppose to "SEE THEM" even without lights. Typical Saturday and Saturday night on most any lake I guess. Anyway we still caught some solid fish

07/14/2018 07:28 PM
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 7/14/18
Water temperatures are above 85 degrees and with the hot water comes the slowing activityespecially the bigger fish as oxygen is at a premium for the remainder of the hot summer. Theother side of that is the smaller fish remain active giving us plenty of schooling activity duringthe mid-mornings and late evenings. The other upside is the bass are pushing into the grassgiving up some great top water activity around the edges of the grass, especially when thesun gets up strong.

With that said the SPRO frog bite is showing signs of strengthen around the grass making forsome of the best fun of the season; frog fisherman just loves this time of year and it will justget better as we move into fall. We are still working Missile Bait “48” stick baits big wormsand

07/09/2018 12:45 PM
Lake Guntersvile July 8th
Fishing Continues To Be Awesome! Guntersville Is Still Producing. And Its July.
Whats going on out here? The bass keep biting, but its not all easy, we just keep adjusting and its producing.
Water Temp 83
Clarity 2-3 feet
Heres Some Pics