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02/19/2018 02:49 AM
Lake Guntersville 2/18/18 WOW
WOW is all I can say... Lake Guntersville is awesome.. If you like catching fish then its a great time to be on Gville . We've had days with 70 bass and big ones too. Im not going to go into many details for one I'm exhausted and two my hands are tore up no joke. I do want to give big thank you to Mike Gerry.. He told me about a a spot that had some good fish on. We caught a good number of fish off it and had a blast!! Thanks Mike

02/18/2018 10:12 PM
Guntersville Lake
What a day of Bass fishing on Lake Guntersville! We caught fish for most of the day, especially early and late in the day. We started out early around some shallow grass and caught, and LOST, several quality fish on Choo Choo Shakers and Echo Crankbaits. Later in the day we went to some more shallow grass areas since the sun had started heating things up a little and once again got into some solid fish on Shaker, and also once again lost one that made a good roll by the boat and went the other direction. We took several pics and videos from today and posted on Facebook. With an unusual warm week it will be interesting to see how things really get "cranked up", especially after having a great day with post front conditions. Get out and enjoy it!!! Mike Carter

02/16/2018 08:29 PM
Guntersville Lake
I had 2 seperate trips today with the first one being for Crappie that turned out to be a very slow bite. We could see the fish but with the strong current they just didn't want to cooperate. The 2nd trip was with a gentleman that wanted to find a few areas to fish and that would make his weekend an enjoyable one. We knew the rain was coming and since we got a late start we went to an area that's been productive lately. We got out our Choo Choo Shakers and the fun started. If we only could have seen the "one that got away", typical fishermans story! It was one of those that took the Shaker and when it got close to the boat it decided it had somewhere else better to go and there wasn't anything we could do about it except look at each other with our "Deer in the headlights"

02/12/2018 06:45 PM
Guntersville! Feb 12th GBG
Guntersville is getting a makeover this week. Mother Nature has dumped a lot of rain on Lake Guntersville and with the rain we have current with a average outflow of 123,000 cubic feet per second and raising water 595.5 is the top of the dam and at noon today 2-12-18 the level is 595.18... Mud, yup we have some muddy water and floating logs big ones too.
So what does this mean? We should see some clean bottom and fish grouped up in areas and should make for a great pre-spawn bite leading into spawning time.
So what was it like before all the rain? Well it was pretty awesome. We was finding bass grouped up to where it was every cast and it was pattern I ran from one end of the lake to the other and it offered numbers with big ones ( the big ones was close

02/10/2018 10:19 PM
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2/10/18
The lake is getting hot no doubt about it, this week I had one of the best days of the short 2018 season; the big fish are on the move and looking like big footballs. No there not everywhere but there are schools of big fish loading up in 8 to 12 ft. of water and when you find one it’s on!

The key as always when the fish group is to keep moving until you locate a school; when you find them lock in your Spot Lock and game on! I fished several baits this week using some as locaters by fishing slow and others for reaction bites both presentations produced using different baits. My first choice was a Tight-Line football jig working it around edges of structure letting it entice with some stroking technique also. I also dropped a missile bait

02/08/2018 12:19 AM
Guntersville Lake
I got out today with a gentleman from Tn., and even though we had a lot of rain and the north wind got up fairly strong the fish still cooperated and showed us a great time on the lake despite the conditions. We started out with 1/2 oz. Rat-L-Traps and Choo Choo Shakers around some shallow grass and had blast catching some quality fish with this pattern for the first couple of hrs. When the north wind got started we moved out to some deeper grass and changed over to 1 oz. Rat-L-Traps and Choo Choo Shakers and picked up where we left off with some more good quality fish. The rain that we got last night should put the water level back to normal and should get the "Big G HAWGS" moving up and getting more aggressive. So the next few weeks should get real interesting with some great and

02/05/2018 10:00 AM
Lake Guntersville Is HOTT 2/6/18
The Big Girls Are Still Chewing On Lake Guntersville . What a week, Ran into another Donkey took 3rd in the ABA Ram Open On Guntersville....
2/1/18 9-02lbs
Beginning of last week things seemed pretty slow until we caught a nice bass and had several bites throughout the day, by midweek things seemed to make some sense .... then come Thursday we had a front coming in and it just seemed like a perfect storm ... took all the info that was

02/03/2018 07:28 PM
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2/3/18
With what appears to be the worst of the winter weather behind us, maybe a few cold days here and there but should be free from any long term extended cold days. We will be seeing increased activity every day! This past week was no exception with some big stringers caught around the lake on various days at various tournaments, one you get past the top boat or 2 the weights go way down with many participants not weighing in a fish. Don’t be fooled by hearing of real big weights as they are the exception not rule but improvement everyday will benefit us all.

This week we had clearer water than last forcing me to slow down and look for structure and grass around humps and ledges, with the fish being grouped when you get a bite work that

01/30/2018 01:17 AM
Lake Guntersville Double Digit Bass
I what to share with everyone this monster bass. Lake Guntersville has now given me 2 over 10 pounds.
The Fishing has been slow since the last ice off, shad kill is in full effect and the bass have had it pretty easy on getting a good meal. And the water temp has not climbed very much seems like what we gain during the day we lose at night. So to see a fish of this caliber in January is a great sign for more when the weather starts warming up.
I was using click here.
The Rod and Reel are Duckett Fishing Black Ice Rod and 320 Reel
And Line is

01/27/2018 06:00 AM
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 1/27/18
A little warming this week, some water temperature increases, a little sunshine and the fishing picked up by the end of the week tremendously. We started out the week with the water temperature in the mid-day around 41 degrees, by the end of the week the mid-day temperatures were around 46 degrees. Although this was surface temperature the bass did move up some to feed because of it.