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09/20/2017 10:32 AM | There are no heroes or heroines in the ANC NEC
The recent anti-Zuma posturing in the ANC NEC is not for the sake of the people. This faction has never spoken out on crucial national matters such as violence against women, unemployment, or the dire poverty of black people.

09/20/2017 10:31 AM | Poverty: a cause for concern in SA
Is the aspiration to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030 as encapsulated in the National Development Plan (NDP) already a dream deferred for South Africa?

09/20/2017 10:30 AM | Burundi stuggles to get rid of Nkurunziza
It is now clear to everyone in the world that Burundi is facing a dilemma struggle when it comes to governing the country and choosing true political leaders.

09/20/2017 10:26 AM | Why is the opposition so afraid of Jacob Zuma?
While the opposition makes vague and baseless allegations against the man, it is they who are using all sort of technologies to ensure that the honest voices of people cannot be heard.

09/20/2017 10:24 AM | Ramaphosa has betrayed the fight against Blessers
As Deputy President and Chairperson of the South African National Aids Council, Comrade Ramaphosa should be leading the fight against immorality.

09/20/2017 05:02 AM | What is happening to our beloved nation? - 16 year old
The ANC are choosing a man who has no values over its people who voted for them. I am so disappointed.

09/20/2017 04:53 AM | A personal narrative of the Bafana vs. Cape Verde match
As the minutes ticked by – a glimmer of hope – a goal from our team, the remaining audience went wild with shouts of joy and encouragement...

09/20/2017 04:50 AM | Parliament doing a disservice to South Africans
The Parliament of the Republic of South Africa has become a yoyo Parliament to discuss petty personal issues above societal issues.

09/19/2017 07:48 AM | Messi vs Ronaldo: a philosophical view
Cristiano Ronaldo will most likely settle as the 3rd all-time greatest player. In Messi’s case, he may rank worse than 3rd in many critical categories.

09/19/2017 07:46 AM | Questions about level 5 water restrictions
The monthly water reading varies monthly for a period between 27 to 35 days and after the holidays even 40 days. In these cases the monthly water usage will be more than 20kl per month. Will you be fined?

09/19/2017 07:41 AM | I worry about coalition governments
We can only speculate about the future results of coalition governments in South Africa. We can however agree that with coalitions, come challenges.

09/18/2017 07:15 AM | Africans must unite to find water solutions
African (and South African) leaders must realise that we are trapped in a vicious circle of foreign aids and that our deepening food and water crisis is the opportunity for the western power to take advantage of our sovereignty.

09/18/2017 07:11 AM | A political storm is being contrived beneath SA’s political landscape
Political uncertainty puts the citizens of South Africa in darkness preparing themselves for country’s biggest political storm.

09/18/2017 07:05 AM | Mugabe/ANC argument could spark Xenophobia
The verbal spat between the two neighbouring countries’ political leaders puts many Zimbabweans residing in South Africa in fear of xenophobic attacks.

09/18/2017 07:04 AM | Dlamini-Zuma to be sworn in as ANC MP
I honestly think that it is time to stop scepticism as South Africans and give our female candidates a chance to lead and save our beautiful country, South Africa.

09/17/2017 05:33 PM | 'He provided for us – so my mother let him abuse me'
"I was very naive and soft hearted - I still played with Barbies."

09/15/2017 04:58 AM | Youth leaders still have to learn real politics
In South Africa it's as if the only language people understand now is protests.

09/15/2017 04:43 AM | Homeless people also have a right to dignity
The relocation that took place for the world cup in 2010 has left people displaced and in a dire situation.

09/15/2017 04:41 AM | CIC Malema gets a Philosophy degree
Congratulations are in order for Julius Malema's second degree.

09/15/2017 04:39 AM | Surprise, surprise: girls' brains are no different than boys'
Want to know what a study uncovered when it came to the difference between the female and the male when it comes to brains, ability and technical ingenuity?