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14/11/2017 08:46 AM
Student Employment Fraud Alert
The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has identified a number of reports where job seekers are being targeted by fraudsters trying to obtain personal and banking details from them, or requesting money to secure accommodation. Individuals registering with job seeking websites or searching for jobs on The Student Room website are being contacted by bogus […]

13/11/2017 01:33 AM
Driving Recap 011 Legal
When your driving a car You are legally responsibly for

12/11/2017 02:35 AM
Driving Recap 012 Cockpit Drill
river is responsible!   Click here for recap        

11/11/2017 01:30 AM
Driving Recap 013 Controls
  now the controls of your Car.  This introduces the foot and hand controls plus the instruments and dials, but not how to use them. The majority of vehicles have the same basic foot controls, (Note: modern cars are changing), however hand controls vary but basic functionality remains the same. for Foot controls, we focus on […]

10/11/2017 01:30 AM
Driving Recap 014 Steering
ull – Push – Pull: xxxx   Click HERE for Recap Steering          

06/11/2017 05:08 AM
Test Dates File has been Updated
Updated Test Dates File

13/08/2017 09:30 AM
Learner drivers will be allowed on motorways from 2018
Learner drivers will be allowed to take motorway driving lessons with an approved driving instructor in a car with dual controls from 2018. Any motorways lessons will be voluntary. It will be up to the driving instructor to decide when the learner driver is competent enough to have a motorway lesson. Find out how the […]

26/06/2017 03:23 PM
Aylesbury Test Centre Move Confirmed as 11th sept
It has been confirmed that the opening of the new test centre in Aylesbury will be the 11th Sept 2017 Open day on the 9th sept   new routes will be used naturally Bay park’s will be brought back in. NOTE: You will NOT be allowed to practice or enter the test centre unless on […]

20/11/2016 10:07 AM
THIS YEAR’S CAR European Car of the Year 2016
British-built Vauxhall Astra is European Car of the Year

15/11/2016 11:21 AM
Councils spending rising by 50% in a year on traffic calming. What’s your view?
Council spending on 20 mph traffic calming zones rising by 50% in a year