Joshua Lindsey

What does he have to say now?

07/11/2017 11:30 AM
How to know God’s Will
I took some time to respond to an inquiry from a radio listener about God’s will this morning and thought that perhaps my response could be useful in some way to any readers. Feel free to critique as well.   God’s Will By Joshua Lindsey 7/11/2017 When we face a decision, we need to seek […]

11/09/2016 01:04 PM
A third party voter’s perspective on the election results
The state of our Federal Government Donald J Trump is now the President Elect of the United States. The presidential election, as usual, has been the major focus of the nation, but there are several other things at play. Many good people were elected to the house of Representatives and to the Senate. One of […]

11/02/2016 09:00 PM
Why I’m not voting for the lesser of two evils
If you’re voting for the lesser of two evils candidate, I probably know your reason already for why you don’t want me, or anyone else, to vote third-party. What is it? The reason you don’t want me to vote third party is because you know that if I were to, like you, vote for the […]

05/28/2016 06:44 PM
New free, printable Bible tracts!
I’ve added three new tracts that anyone can print on Yeah, but doesn’t the Bible say? This tract is aimed to address the real issues behind the skeptics who dismiss the Bible or the discussion of eternity. These people try to discredit the Bible due to things in it that they find questionable, and […]

08/21/2015 09:51 PM
Josh & Heather’s New Blog
Head on over to God’s Way is the Best way, Josh and Heather’s new blog! Don’t worry, there will still be posts made here, but this other blog is for the super special inside look at Josh & Heather’s courtship and …. beyond 🙂 (shhh!) ❤ What are you missing if you haven’t checked it […]

08/15/2015 09:22 PM
Classics Lake Outing to Maplewood State Park
The Fargo Baptist Church Seniors group, the “Classics”, had an outing to Maplewood State Park. I was invited, and the Smith family came, so as you can expect, I had a great time. Here are pictures and a video also!

08/15/2015 08:12 AM
Heather Smith & The Will of God
Three weeks ago today I was in Devil’s Lake, ND. with a group of people handing out literature for Grace Baptist Church. There’s a YouTube video about it here, by Heather Smith. But something else happened on that day. On the way back from Devil’s lake, I was driving in my vehicle with Mr. Smith […]

08/03/2015 09:16 PM
Some Rather Creative Sentences
My sister Amber and I had some fun while visiting our Grandma Thelma in the nursing home. We took the tiles form a game called Bananagrams and started making sentences form scratch. We shared the tiles, so stuff got kind of creative!

08/03/2015 09:12 PM
Heaven 88.7 Radio and Me
In May of this year, I became the Operations Manager at Heaven 88.7 Radio. I have since been spending a lot of time on the job doing radio programming, but also I have ended up going out to the physical site location of our tower where the 100,000 watt signal is broadcast. The first time […]

08/03/2015 09:06 PM
Fargo Baptist Church Meets in the West Wing
In May of this year, the Sanctuary where the Fargo Baptist Church meets was undergoing some work, as seen below. As a result, we met in the West wing. It was definitely very full! Here’s a picture: Praise the Lord we did get back in the sanctuary in time for the Master’s Baptist College Commencement […]