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05/24/2018 01:05 PM
Climate Change May Lead to Bigger Atmospheric Rivers

Series of Storms Battering California Tracked by NASA's AIRS Instrument

A new NASA-led study shows the events are likely to intensify, but become slightly less frequent, across most of the globe by the end of this century.

05/24/2018 01:05 PM
Take a Virtual Trip to a Strange New World with NASA

Exoplanet poster

Take a virtual trip to the imagined surfaces of planets beyond our solar system with NASA's interactive Exoplanet Travel Bureau.

05/23/2018 01:05 PM
Kepler Begins 18th Observing Campaign with a Focus On Star Clusters

Cartoon drawing of What Kepler is Looking at Now

NASA's planet-hunting spacecraft Kepler has begun the 18th observing campaign of its extended mission, K2.

05/23/2018 01:05 PM
InSight Steers Toward Mars

Animation of InSight spacecraft

The spacecraft has completed its first trajectory correction maneuver.

05/23/2018 01:05 PM
Drilling Success: Curiosity is Collecting Mars Rocks

NASA's Curiosity rover successfully drilled a 2-inch-deep hole

Engineers will now test delivering samples to instruments inside NASA's Curiosity Mars rover.

05/22/2018 01:05 PM
Twin Spacecraft Launch to Track Earth's Water Movement

NASA/German Research Centre for Geosciences GRACE Follow-On spacecraft launch onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

GRACE Follow-On has launched, and both satellites are communicating with ground stations.

05/21/2018 01:05 PM
Help from Above: NASA Aids Kilauea Disaster Response


NASA is flying over Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano with an instrument that can detect topographical changes linked to the new lava flows.

05/21/2018 01:05 PM
NASA Sends New Research on Orbital ATK Mission to Space Station

Orbital ATK Antares rocket

A Cygnus cargo vehicle lifted off this morning for the International Space Station. JPL is involved with four of the onboard science payloads.

05/21/2018 01:05 PM
GRACE-FO Spacecraft Ready to Launch

Artist's rendering of the twin spacecraft of the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) mission

Twin satellites that will monitor Earth's water cycle are scheduled to launch Tuesday in a unique rideshare arrangement.

05/18/2018 01:05 PM
UPDATE: NASA, Orbital ATK Now Targeting May 21 for Next Resupply Mission to Space Station

Orbital ATK's Cygnus spacecraft launched

The date has moved for the next launch to the International Space Station to Monday, May 21, to support further prelaunch inspections and more favorable weather.

05/18/2018 01:05 PM
Just Five Things About GRACE Follow-On

Artist's illustration of the GRACE-FO satellites in orbit

There are a lot more than five things to say about the GRACE Follow-On mission, but here are a few favorite facts.

05/17/2018 01:05 PM
Small Packages to Test Big Space Technology Advances

The RainCube 6U CubeSat with fully-deployed antenna.

The next International Space Station resupply mission, launching this weekend, will carry three small satellites to test the next generation of Earth-observing technology.

05/17/2018 01:05 PM
NASA's Curiosity Rover Aims to Get Its Rhythm Back

A test of a new percussive drilling technique at NASA's JPL

Rover engineers at JPL will try to restore percussive drilling on Mars this week, part of a larger series of tests that will last through summer.

05/16/2018 01:05 PM
Update: Launch Coverage of Earth-Observing Satellites

Artist's illustration of GRACE-FO

Revised dates have been set for the prelaunch briefing and launch of GRACE-FO, NASA's latest Earth-observing satellite mission.

05/16/2018 01:05 PM
NASA Satellites Reveal Major Shifts in Global Freshwater

Time series showing global freshwater trends

Scientists have combined NASA Earth satellite observations with data on human activities to map locations where freshwater is changing around the globe and to determine why.

05/16/2018 01:05 PM
Science Launching to Space Station Looks Forward and Back

The Cold Atom Lab (CAL)

The Cold Atom Laboratory, from JPL, is one science payload launching to the International Space Station aboard an Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft no earlier than May 20.

05/15/2018 01:05 PM
Small Asteroid to Fly Between Earth and Moon Today

Diagram of Asteroid 2010 WC9

Small asteroid to fly between Earth and the Moon today.

05/15/2018 01:05 PM
A Pale Blue Dot, As Seen by a CubeSat

First image captured by one of NASA's Mars Cube One (MarCO) CubeSats

One of NASA's MarCO CubeSats has taken its first image.

05/14/2018 01:05 PM
GRACE-FO Will Help Monitor Droughts

Areas of drought

You may not notice water in the ground under your feet, but it plays an important role in keeping you alive.

05/14/2018 01:05 PM
Old Data Reveal New Evidence of Europa Plumes

Artist's illustration of Jupiter and Europa (in the foreground) with the Galileo spacecraft after its pass through a plume

Scientists re-examining data from an old mission bring new insights to the tantalizing question of whether Jupiter's moon Europa has the ingredients to support life.

05/11/2018 01:05 PM
Mars Helicopter to Fly on NASA's Next Red Planet Rover Mission

Mars Helicopter

NASA is adding a Mars helicopter to the agency's next mission to the Red Planet, Mars 2020.

05/11/2018 01:05 PM
NASA Television to Air Coverage of Earth-Observing Satellite Duo Launch

Technicians inspect the twin GRACE Follow-On satellites

Media are invited to cover the prelaunch briefing and launch of the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO), NASA's latest Earth-observing satellite mission.

05/11/2018 01:05 PM
NASA Hosts Live Discussion about Europa Findings, Potential for Life

The puzzling, fascinating surface of Jupiter's icy moon Europa looms large in this reprocessed color view

NASA will host a Science Chat May 14 about the latest analysis of Jupiter's moon Europa and its status as a promising place in the solar system to search for life.

05/08/2018 01:05 PM
Lasers in Space: Earth Mission Tests New Technology

GRACE-FO artist's concept

The upcoming GRACE-FO mission will test a laser measurement system that could possibly detect changes in the distance between two spacecraft to 100 times narrower than a human hair.

05/07/2018 01:05 PM
NASA Highlights Science on Next Orbital ATK Mission to Space Station

The Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo craft

NASA will host a May 10 media telecon about select science investigations and tech demonstrations on the next Orbital ATK commercial flight to the International Space Station.

05/07/2018 01:05 PM
NASA Satellite Detects Kilauea Fissures

ASTER image acquired May 6 picks up hotspots on the thermal infrared bands - shown in yellow. These hotspots are newly formed fissures and lava flows.

The eruption of Kilauea Volcano on the island of Hawaii triggered a number of gas- and lava-oozing fissures in the East Riff Zone of the volcano.

05/05/2018 01:05 PM
NASA's First Deep-Space CubeSats Say: 'Polo!'

An artist's rendering of the twin Mars Cube One (MarCO) spacecraft

MarCO is a pair of tiny spacecraft that launched with NASA's InSight lander today.

05/05/2018 01:05 PM
NASA, ULA Launch Mission to Study How Mars Was Made

NASA InSight spacecraft launches

NASA's Mars InSight mission launched this morning on a 300-million-mile trip to Mars to study for the first time what lies deep beneath the surface of the Red Planet.

05/03/2018 01:05 PM
NASA's First Mission to Study the Interior of Mars Awaits May 5 Launch

This artist's concept shows the InSight lander

All systems are go for NASA's next launch to the Red Planet.

05/02/2018 01:05 PM
GRACE-FO: Cracking a Cold Case

Meltwater from Antarctica glaciers

Melting polar ice doesn't raise global sea level evenly, like filling a sink. GRACE-FO can help scientists understand differences in sea level rise on the world's coastlines.

04/30/2018 01:04 PM
Vice President Pence Visits JPL, Previews NASA's Next Mars Mission Launch

JPL Director Michael Watkins and Vice President Mike Pence

A week before NASA's next Mars launch, Vice President Mike Pence toured the birthplace of the InSight Mars Lander and numerous other past, present and future space missions.

04/30/2018 01:04 PM
Twin Spacecraft to Weigh in on Earth's Changing Water

Artist's illustration of GRACE-FO

A pair of new spacecraft that will observe Earth's ever-changing water cycle, ice sheets and crust is in final preparations for a California launch no earlier than May 19.

04/27/2018 01:04 PM
NASA Sets Sights on May 5 Launch of InSight to Mars

An artist's rendering of a rocket launching with the InSight spacecraft later this May

NASA's next mission to Mars, InSight, is scheduled to launch Saturday, May 5, on a first-ever mission to study the heart of the Red Planet.

04/26/2018 01:04 PM
Results of Heat Shield Testing

Artist's concept of the Mars Science Laboratory entry into the Martian atmosphere

A post-test inspection of the composite structure for a heat shield to be used on the Mars 2020 mission revealed that a fracture occurred during structural testing.

04/26/2018 01:04 PM
Before the Flood Arrives

Artist's illustration of NASA's planned Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite over the Amazon basin

River floods are one of Earth's most common and devastating natural disasters. A NASA study analyzes how river-observing satellites can better help mitigate their effects.

04/25/2018 01:04 PM
NASA to Hold Briefing on Next Earth-Observing Mission

Artist's rendering of the twin spacecraft of the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) mission

NASA will host a media briefing April 30 on the upcoming launch of twin satellites to track how changes in Earth's mass distribution affect climate, water resources and more.

04/25/2018 01:04 PM
Stellar Dust Survey Paves Way for Exoplanet Missions

This artist's illustration shows what the sky might look like from a planet in a particularly dusty solar system

The Hunt for Observable Signatures of Terrestrial Systems, or HOSTS, survey was tasked with learning more about the effect of solar system dust on the search for new worlds.

04/24/2018 01:04 PM
What Uranus Cloud Tops Have in Common With Rotten Eggs


Hydrogen sulfide, the gas that gives rotten eggs their distinctive odor, has been verified as one of the key components of clouds at Uranus.

04/20/2018 01:04 PM
Four Years of NASA NEOWISE Data

This movie shows the progression of NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) investigation for the mission's first four years following its restart in December 2013.

NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) mission has released its fourth year of survey data.

04/19/2018 01:04 PM
NASA Engineers Dream Big with Small Spacecraft

An artist's rendering of the twin Mars Cube One (MarCO) spacecraft

The first CubeSat mission to deep space will launch in May.

04/17/2018 01:04 PM
NASA Marks Earth Day with #NASA4Earth Tools, Events

Earth Day 2018 ad

This Earth Day, NASA invites you to create shareable views of our home planet, combat mosquito-transmitted diseases and fly along with our fleet of Earth-observing spacecraft.

04/17/2018 01:04 PM
NASA Nominated for Six Webby Awards

Webby People's Voice Awards

NASA digital communications have been recognized with nominations for six Webby Awards, the highest honor for online communications. Public voting is open through April 19.

04/17/2018 01:04 PM
NASA's New Space 'Botanist' Arrives at Launch Site

ECOSTRESS arrives at Kennedy Space Center in preparation for launch to the space station this summer

A new space-based instrument to measure how plants respond to changes in water availability has arrived at NASA's Kennedy Space Center for final launch preparations

04/12/2018 01:04 PM
Astrophysics CubeSat Demonstrates Big Potential in a Small Package

This gif shows a series of images from a single observation of a star by the ASTERIA spacecraft

The ASTERIA satellite, currently in low-Earth orbit, is only slightly larger than a box of cereal, but it could help astrophysicists study planets orbiting other stars.

04/11/2018 01:04 PM
NASA's Juno Mission Provides Infrared Tour of Jupiter's North Pole

Infrared 3-D image of Jupiter's north pole

A 3-D infrared movie depicts cyclones and anticyclones in Jupiter's polar regions, and the first detailed view of a dynamo powering the magnetic field of a planet beyond Earth.

04/06/2018 01:04 PM
Bound for Mars: Countdown to First Interplanetary Launch from California

NASA's InSight to Mars undergoes final preparations at Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

On May 5, millions of Californians may witness the historic first interplanetary launch from America's West Coast.

04/03/2018 01:04 PM
NASA Announces New Hubble Fellows Selected for 2018

NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP)

NASA has selected 24 new Fellows for its prestigious NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP) in 2018.

04/02/2018 01:04 PM
Aerospace Tech Startups Get a Chance to Pitch at JPL

Tom Cwik, program manager of JPL's Office of Space Technology

Startup companies in the aerospace sector descended on JPL to pitch their ideas to JPL technologists, corporate and government agency leaders, and potential investors.

03/30/2018 01:03 PM
NASA Invests in Shapeshifters, Biobots, Other Visionary Technology

Artist's collage

NASA is investing in technology concepts, including several from JPL, that may one day be used for future space exploration missions.

03/30/2018 01:03 PM
'Explore JPL' Event Ticketing is Now Closed

A Ticket to Explore JPL

Information about ticketing for this year's "Explore JPL" event at JPL

03/29/2018 01:03 PM
NASA is Ready to Study the Heart of Mars

An artist's rendering of a rocket launching with the InSight spacecraft later this May

NASA is about to go on a journey to study the center of Mars.

03/29/2018 01:03 PM
NASA Visualizes the Dance of a Melting Snowflake

Visualization of a melting snowflake

A video featuring the first 3-D model of a melting snowflake and other snowflake research.

03/28/2018 01:03 PM
'Marsquakes' Could Shake Up Planetary Science

Artist's rendition showing the inner structure of Mars

InSight, the next mission to the Red Planet, will use seismology to see into the depths of Mars.

03/26/2018 01:03 PM
NASA Renews Focus on Earth's Frozen Regions

Cryosphere - The Frozen Earth

In 2018, NASA will intensify its focus on one of the most critical but remote parts of our changing planet with the launch of two new satellite missions and an array of airborne campaigns.

03/26/2018 01:03 PM
Kepler Beyond Planets: Finding Exploding Stars

A new study describes the most extreme known example of a

The Kepler space telescope, famous for finding exoplanets, has also been valuable in tracking exploding stars known as supernovae.

03/22/2018 01:03 PM
NASA Invites Media to Discuss First Mission to Study Mars Interior

An artist's rendition of the InSight lander operating on the surface of Mars

NASA's next mission to Mars will be the topic of a media briefing Thursday, March 29, at JPL. The briefing will air live on NASA Television and the agency's website.

03/22/2018 01:03 PM
Mars Curiosity Celebrates Sol 2,000

Mosaic taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity rover looks uphill at Mount Sharp

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover just hit a new milestone: its two-thousandth Martian day on the Red Planet. An image mosaic taken recently offers a preview of what comes next.

03/21/2018 01:03 PM
FIRST Robotics LA Regionals Celebrate Teamwork, Innovation

FIRST Robotics Competition in 2018

Two JPL-sponsored teams took top honors at the 18th annual FIRST Robotics Competition's Los Angeles Regional event over the weekend.

03/20/2018 01:03 PM
New 'AR' Mobile App Features 3-D NASA Spacecraft

Free Spacecraft AR app uses Google ARCore technology

NASA spacecraft travel to far-off destinations in space, but a new mobile app produced by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, brings spacecraft to users.

03/14/2018 01:03 PM
NASA Dawn Reveals Recent Changes in Ceres' Surface

Ceres' Juling Crater

Observations of Ceres have detected recent variations in its surface, revealing that the dwarf planet is a dynamic body that continues to evolve and change.

03/14/2018 01:03 PM
NASA Mars Mission Tours California

This artist's concept shows the InSight lander

InSight will be the first mission to another planet launched from the West Coast. It launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base in May.

03/13/2018 01:03 PM
Next NASA Mars Rover Reaches Key Manufacturing Milestone

A technician works on the descent stage for NASA's Mars 2020 mission

NASA's Mars 2020 mission has begun the assembly, test and launch operations (ATLO) phase of its development, on track for a July 2020 launch to Mars.

03/12/2018 01:03 PM
Witness First Mars Launch from West Coast

Launch of LDCM from Vandenberg AFB, California

NASA invites digital creators to apply for social media credentials to cover the launch of the InSight mission to Mars, May 3-5, at California's Vandenberg Air Force Base.

03/08/2018 02:03 PM
360 Video: Tour a Mars Robot Test Lab

Engineers use a replica of NASA's InSight lander

Engineers are practicing operations for NASA's Mars InSight lander, which is launching this spring.

03/07/2018 02:03 PM
NASA Juno finds Jupiter's Jet-Streams Are Unearthly

Composite image, derived from data collected by the Jovian Infrared Auroral Mapper (JIRAM) instrument aboard NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter

Data collected by NASA's Juno mission indicate that the atmospheric winds of Jupiter run deep into its atmosphere and last longer than similar atmospheric processes on Earth.

03/07/2018 02:03 PM
Celebrate Pi Day, the NASA Way!

NASA Pi Day Challenge artwork

On March 14, JPL will celebrate Pi Day with the fifth annual "Pi in the Sky" illustrated math challenge, featuring pi-related space problems that you can do at home.

03/05/2018 02:03 PM
Far Northern Permafrost May Unleash Carbon Within Decades

Tundra polygons on Alaska's North Slope

Permafrost in the far northern Arctic will thaw enough to become a source of carbon to the atmosphere in 40 to 60 years.

03/01/2018 02:03 PM
NASA Finds a Large Amount of Water in an Exoplanet's Atmosphere

Comprehensive Spectrum of WASP-39b

Scientists used NASA's Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes to find water "fingerprints" in the atmosphere of a hot, bloated, Saturn-mass exoplanet some 700 light-years away.

02/28/2018 02:02 PM
NASA InSight Mission to Mars Arrives at Launch Site

Personnel supporting NASA's InSight mission to Mars load the crated InSight spacecraft into a C-17 cargo aircraft

NASA's InSight spacecraft has arrived at Vandenberg Air Force Base in central California to begin final preparations for a launch this May.

02/28/2018 02:02 PM
Curiosity Tests a New Way to Drill on Mars

Drilling on Mars

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has conducted the first test of a new drilling technique on the Red Planet since its drill stopped working reliably.

02/23/2018 02:02 PM
CloudSat Exits the 'A-Train'

Artist's illustration of NASA's Cloudsat satellite

NASA's nearly 12-year-old CloudSat satellite has exited the Afternoon Constellation, or A-Train, of Earth monitoring satellites, but its science mission will continue.

02/22/2018 02:02 PM
Seven Ways Mars InSight is Different

An artist's rendition of the InSight lander operating on the surface of Mars.

NASA has sent lots of missions to Mars, but InSight will stand apart in a number of ways.

02/20/2018 02:02 PM
Nearly a Decade After Mars Phoenix Landed, Another Look

This animation blinks between two images of NASA's Mars Phoenix Lander hardware around the mission's 2008 landing site

This animation blinks between two images taken nearly a decade apart of the 2008 landing site of NASA's Mars Phoenix mission, showing that dust has obscured landing marks.

02/20/2018 02:02 PM
New Study Brings Antarctic Ice Loss Into Sharper Focus

The flow of Antarctic ice

A NASA study based on an innovative technique for crunching torrents of satellite data provides the clearest picture yet of changes in Antarctic ice flow into the ocean.

02/16/2018 02:02 PM
Spacecraft Exits Safe Mode

Artist concept of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, at Mars since 2006, put itself into a precautionary standby mode on Feb. 15 in response to sensing an unexpectedly low battery voltage.

02/15/2018 02:02 PM
5,000 Days on Mars; Solar-Powered Rover Approaching 5,000th Martian Dawn

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity recorded the dawn of the rover's 4,999th Martian day, or sol

The Sun will rise on NASA's solar-powered Mars rover Opportunity for the 5,000th time on Saturday, sending rays of energy to a robot that continues to provide revelations.

02/15/2018 02:02 PM
Long-Lived Mars Rover Opportunity Keeps Finding Surprises

The Opportunity rover reveals textured rows in the martian soil.

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity keeps providing surprises about the Red Planet, most recently with observations of possible "rock stripes."

02/13/2018 02:02 PM
Farewell to a Pioneering Pollution Sensor

TES collected spectral

Farewell to TES, the first instrument to monitor tropospheric ozone from space.

02/13/2018 02:02 PM
New Study Finds Sea Level Rise Accelerating

Global sea level rise

The rate of global sea level rise has been accelerating in recent decades, rather than increasing steadily, according to a new study based on 25 years of NASA and European satellite data.

02/13/2018 02:02 PM
A Piece of Mars is Going Home

Rohit Bhartia of NASA's Mars 2020 mission holds a slice of a meteorite

When it launches in 2020, NASA's next Mars rover will carry a chunk of Martian meteorite on board.

02/09/2018 02:02 PM
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Preparing for Years Ahead

Artist concept of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has begun extra stargazing to help the space agency accomplish advances in Mars exploration over the next decade.

02/08/2018 02:02 PM
Tiny Crystal Shapes Get Close Look From Mars Rover

Star-shaped and swallowtail-shaped tiny, dark bumps in fine-layered bright bedrock of a Martian ridge are drawing close inspection by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover.

02/08/2018 02:02 PM
3-D Printable Tools May Help Study Astronaut Health

Matthias Maurer of ESA inserts samples into the MinION DNA sequencer

New technology could cut months off the time it takes to study molecular biology on the International Space Station.

02/06/2018 02:02 PM
Two Small Asteroids Safely Pass Earth This Week

Asteroid 2018 CB will pass closely by Earth on Friday, Feb. 9

Two small recently discovered asteroids are safely passing by Earth within one lunar distance this week.

02/06/2018 02:02 PM
NASA Tests Atomic Clock for Deep Space Navigation

Artist's illustration of the Deep Space Atomic Clock

JPL project could help spacecraft keep time more efficiently.

02/05/2018 02:02 PM
New NASA Space Sensors to Address Key Earth Questions

A pair of CubeSats will probe a little-studied portion of the radiant energy emitted by the Arctic environment

NASA has selected two new research proposals to develop small, space-based instruments that will tackle fundamental questions about our home planet and its environment.

02/05/2018 02:02 PM
New Clues to Compositions of TRAPPIST-1 Planets

This artist's concept shows what the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system may look like

The seven Earth-size planets of TRAPPIST-1 are all mostly made of rock, with some having the potential to hold more water than Earth, according to a new study.

01/31/2018 02:01 PM
Mount Sharp 'Photobombs' Mars Curiosity Rover

Selfie of the Curiosity rover

The rover took a recent selfie at its location on Vera Rubin Ridge.

01/30/2018 02:01 PM
Irvine School Ranks First in Regional Science Bowl

University High School took first place at the regional Science Bowl competition

Students were quizzed on a variety of science questions this past weekend.

01/30/2018 02:01 PM
Vista From Mars Rover Looks Back Over Journey So Far

Vera Rubin Ridge on Mars

A panorama taken by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover from a mountainside ridge provides a vista of key sites visited since the rover's 2012 landing, and the towering surroundings.

01/26/2018 02:01 PM
Spinoff 2018 Highlights Space Technology Improving Life on Earth

Scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory used their expertise at detecting faint signals in satellite data

JPL technology to help find disaster survivors under rubble is included in the 2018 edition of NASA's annual Spinoff publication, which features 49 technologies the agency helped create.

01/24/2018 02:01 PM
NASA Covers Wildfires from Many Sources

The concentration and global transport of carbon monoxide pollution from fires

When wildfires break out around the world, NASA satellites and airborne instruments are on the job, providing many types of data useful to scientists and disaster responders.

01/23/2018 02:01 PM
Dust on Snow Controls Springtime River Rise in West

A coating of dust on snow speeds the pace of snowmelt in the spring

The amount of dust on the snowpack, not the warmth of the spring air, controls the pace of spring snowmelt flowing into the Colorado River.

01/23/2018 02:01 PM
NASA's Next Mars Lander Spreads its Solar Wings

NASA's InSight lander

The robotic lander deployed its solar panels for the last time before it reaches Mars later this year.

01/23/2018 02:01 PM
Explorer 1: The Beginning of American Space Science

A vintage JPL graphic celebrating the Explorer 1 satellite

Sixty years ago next week, America launched its first satellite, the JPL-built Explorer 1, marking the beginning of the scientific exploration of space.

01/23/2018 02:01 PM
Dust Storms Linked to Gas Escape from Mars Atmosphere

Dust Haze Hiding the Martian Surface in 2001

Some Mars experts are eager and optimistic for a dust storm this year to grow so grand it darkens skies around the entire Red Planet.

01/19/2018 02:01 PM
Asteroid 2002 AJ129 to Fly Safely Past Earth February 4

Illustration of Asteroid 2002 AJ129

Asteroid 2002 AJ129 will make a close approach to Earth on Feb. 4, 2018, but no closer than 10 times the distance between Earth and the moon.

01/17/2018 02:01 PM
Cassini Finds Saturn Moon Has 'Sea Level' Like Earth

Vast Ligeia Mare in False Color

Saturn's moon Titan may be nearly a billion miles away from Earth, but a recent paper from NASA's Cassini mission reveals a new way this world and our own are eerily similar.

01/11/2018 02:01 PM
GeoCarb: A New View of Carbon Over the Americas

Artist's illustration of a concept for NASA's GeoCarb mission

A new NASA Earth satellite mission may transform our understanding of the global carbon cycle by mapping key carbon gases from a new vantage point: geostationary orbit.

01/11/2018 02:01 PM
Steep Slopes on Mars Reveal Structure of Buried Ice

Pit on Mars

Researchers using NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) have found eight sites where thick deposits of ice beneath Mars' surface are exposed in faces of eroding slopes.