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02/22/2018 10:08 PM
Church Building Demolished in Zanzibar, Tanzania
A congregation on Tanzania’s semi-autonomous island of Zanzibar has been without a place to worship this year after local authorities demolished their church building, the pastor said.

02/22/2018 10:01 PM
IDF, US troops get ready for drill to simulate massive missile attack on Israel
The Israeli military on Thursday began its final preparations for a major air defense exercise with the United States, which is set to kick off at the beginning of next month, the army said.

02/22/2018 09:58 PM
U.N.: Hamas could lose control of Gaza to 'radicals'
'Radical groups,' among them Islamic Jihad, could wrest control of Gaza from Hamas, thereby opening the door for outside forces to control the Strip, UN Special Coordinator to the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov warned in Jerusalem on Thursday.

02/22/2018 09:53 PM
Air strikes again hit Syria's Ghouta, U.N. considers ceasefire resolution
Warplanes pounded the last rebel enclave near Syria’s capital for a fifth day running on Thursday as the U.N. Security Council considered demanding a 30-day ceasefire across the country to allow emergency aid deliveries and medical evacuations.

02/22/2018 09:51 PM
Special counsel Robert Mueller unveils new charges against Paul Manafort, Rick Gates
A federal grand jury in Virginia has approved a new 32-count indictment charging ex-Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort and aid Rick Gates with federal tax and bank fraud allegations.

02/22/2018 09:48 PM
Trump threatens to pull immigration agents out of California due to ‘sanctuary’ status
President Trump voiced frustration Thursday with California’s status as a statewide sanctuary for illegal immigrants, including gang members, and said he’s considering pulling federal immigration enforcement agents out of the state as a response.

02/22/2018 09:46 PM
Billy Graham will lie in honor in the US Capitol Rotunda
The Rev. Billy Graham's body will lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda next week, the first time a private citizen has been accorded such recognition since civil rights hero Rosa Parks in 2005.

02/22/2018 09:42 PM
Iran signals plan to build nuclear-powered ships
Tehran has told United Nations nuclear inspectors of its plan to build nuclear reactors for ships, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Thursday.

02/22/2018 09:39 PM
Holding out an olive branch? U.S. lawmakers speak out after being detained on Temple Mount
U.S. Reps. Scott Tipton (R-Colo.) and David B. McKinley (R-W.Va.) no doubt anticipated an eye-opening experience when they visited the Temple Mount on Thursday as part of their current trip to Israel. So imagine their surprise when they were detained by Israel police after an Islamic Waqf official, which administers the Temple Mount, lodged a complaint against them.

02/22/2018 09:37 PM
Trump administration to target North Korea with new sanctions on Friday
The Trump administration plans to announce on Friday what is being billed as the largest package of sanctions yet against North Korea to increase pressure on Pyongyang for its nuclear and ballistic missile tests, a senior administration official said.

02/22/2018 09:32 PM
Russia tests new stealth fighter over war-weary Syrian skies
Russia’s most advanced combat warplane, the Su-57 stealth fighter, appears to have begun trial missions over the war-weary Syrian skies.

02/22/2018 11:39 AM
Jobless claims plunge to 222,000, second-lowest mark in decades
New applications for unemployment benefits dropped 7,000 to 222,000 in the second full week of February, the Department of Labor reported Thursday, the second-lowest mark of the recovery and a good sign for the economy.

02/22/2018 11:13 AM
Not A Single Lawyer Known To Work For Mueller Is A Republican
None of the 16 publicly-confirmed lawyers on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team are registered Republicans, The Daily Caller News Foundation has found.

02/21/2018 11:50 PM
For decades Graham offered counsel and comfort to presidents
He was rebuffed, then embraced, by Harry Truman. Confided in — and deeply hurt by — Richard Nixon. A source of reassurance for George H.W. Bush on the eve of war. The spark that finally turned George W. Bush toward sobriety.

02/21/2018 11:45 PM
Colorado Democrats defeat Columbine survivor’s bill allowing concealed carry in schools
Colorado Democrats defeated a bill Wednesday to remove restrictions on concealed-carry in K-12 public schools, a measure introduced by a Columbine survivor aimed at providing another line of defense against mass shootings.

02/21/2018 11:40 PM
Students Across US Stage Walkouts to Protest Gun Violence
In a wave of demonstrations reaching from Arizona to Maine, students at dozens of U.S. high schools walked out of class on Wednesday to protest gun violence and honor the victims of last week’s deadly shooting in Florida.

02/21/2018 11:37 PM
Billy Graham Dies at 99
Billy Graham died Wednesday at the age of 99. The world renowned evangelist, who has been listed on Gallup's most admired list 61 times since 1955 — more than any other person — passed away peacefully at his home in Montreat, North Carolina, after struggling with various health problems linked to his advanced age.

02/21/2018 11:36 PM
US Evangelical Leaders and Megachurch Pastors Visit Jerusalem, Pray in Magdala
More than a dozen evangelical leaders and megachurch pastors from the United States have come together in the biblical city of Jerusalem this week to meet with political, religious and business leaders and to experience parts of Israel they have never seen before.

02/21/2018 11:34 PM
‘The Netanyahu age is over’: Opposition preps for early election
The Zionist Union and Meretz took moves on Wednesday to prepare for an early election, in light of the breakneck developments in corruption scandals involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

02/21/2018 11:29 PM
Venezuela evangelical candidate pushes Christian values in midst of crisis
A Venezuelan evangelical pastor who is running for president said on Wednesday that religious leaders have earned the right to enter politics in Latin America due to the failure of politicians in the region, where Protestant candidates are on the rise.

02/21/2018 11:26 PM
Parkland Shooting: Deputies will carry rifles on school grounds, Broward sheriff says
A week after the massacre at a Florida high school that left 17 people dead, the sheriff in charge of investigating the shooting has ordered deputies to carry rifles on school grounds 'from this point forward.'

02/21/2018 11:24 PM
Israel thwarted 'Islamic State' plot to blow up plane from Australia: Netanyahu
In a speech to US Jewish leaders in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday his country's elite military intelligence unit had prevented the bombing of an 'Australian airliner.'

02/21/2018 11:20 PM
Secret Obama-Era Deal With Iran Derails Key Sanctions on Iran’s Propaganda Network
The Trump administration waived key sanctions on Iran's main propaganda network last month, causing outrage among Iranian dissidents and administration insiders who tracked the effort to a little known Obama-era side deal with Iran that bars these sanctions from being implemented, according to multiple sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

02/21/2018 11:13 PM
Abbas, Haley Trade Barbs Over Trump’s Israel Stand at UN
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called President Donald Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem a 'dangerous' development in a speech before the United Nations, then walked out before U.S. envoy Nikki Haley retorted that 'we will not chase after you.'

02/21/2018 11:09 PM
Nigerian army rescues 80 schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram
The Nigerian army rescued about 80 girls abducted by Boko Haram militants in a raid at a school on Wednesday.