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12/09/2017 07:10 AM
Israel gears up for second day of violent protests over Jerusalem
Israel was preparing Saturday for fresh riots and demonstrations across the West Bank and Gaza Strip over US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, amid calls from Hamas for wide-scale confrontation.

12/09/2017 07:08 AM
Abbas to boycott Pence as protests over Jerusalem continue
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will not meet with US Vice President Mike Pence when he visits the West Bank this month, a senior Palestinian official said Saturday as protests continued due to the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

12/07/2017 09:57 PM
North Korea says U.S. threats make war unavoidable, China urges calm
Two U.S. B-1B heavy bombers joined large-scale combat drills over South Korea on Thursday amid warnings from North Korea that the exercises and U.S. threats have made the outbreak of war 'an established fact.'

12/07/2017 09:49 PM
Christian in Uganda Who Lost Family to Muslims Beaten Unconscious
A former sheikh (Islamic teacher) in eastern Uganda has been in hiding since he lost his family for putting his faith in Christ two years ago, but last month he was tricked into a life-threatening encounter.

12/07/2017 09:47 PM
Justice Department Launches Planned Parenthood Investigation for Sale of Baby Body Parts
The Justice Department has launched a federal investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices and the sale of fetal tissue.

12/07/2017 09:34 PM
Palestinians riot in West Bank, Gaza as tempers flare over Jerusalem
Protests erupted across the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip on Thursday, as Palestinians raged against US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in a speech the previous day.

12/07/2017 09:29 PM
Europe, Arabs to unite against Israel at UN Security Council
European countries, Egypt and Russia are slated to rail against US President Donald Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, when the United Nations Security Council holds a meeting on the matter in New York on Friday.

12/07/2017 09:27 PM
Dangerous Iceland volcano Oraefajokull may be about to erupt for first time since 1728
The Oraefajokull volcano last spewed out ash and lava in 1728, but is showing renewed signs of activity.

12/07/2017 09:22 PM
Newly Revealed Experiment Shows How F-35 Could Help Intercept ICBMs
Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., raised more than a few eyebrows (and drew a few rolled eyes) when he suggested in November that the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter could intercept North Korean missiles headed for the United States. Hunter cited analysis from Los Alamos National Labs and other sources, according to Inside Defense.

12/07/2017 09:18 PM
Schulz fights for 'United States of Europe' by 2025
Martin Schulz, the leader of Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) urged his fellow members on Thursday (7 December) to enter into coalition talks with chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives to form a grand coalition.

12/07/2017 09:17 PM
Two EU states break ranks on Jerusalem
Two EU states have broken ranks on the US decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

12/07/2017 09:15 PM
California wildfires: Nearly 200,000 flee amid new blaze
Nearly 200,000 residents have now been evacuated due to California wildfires as crews pivot to fight a new blaze.

12/07/2017 09:13 PM
IDF retaliates against Hamas for rocket attacks
The IDF confirmed it struck two terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit said. The IDF confirmed the use of a tank and an IAF to strike Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

12/07/2017 09:07 PM
Congress passes short-term spending bill, avoids shutdown
Congress passed a short-term spending bill Thursday to prevent a government shutdown, as Republicans attempt to reach a budget bill with Democrats by the end of the year.

12/07/2017 09:04 PM
Protesters of Trump’s Jerusalem decision march in Chicago
Some 200 people protesting President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem took to the streets of Chicago.

12/06/2017 09:43 PM
LA fires: Why 2017’s record wildfire season keeps getting worse
Even before the dramatic Southern California wildfires began their harrowing path this week, California was already experiencing its deadliest and most destructive fire season ever.

12/06/2017 09:38 PM
Trump asks Saudi Arabia to allow immediate aid to Yemen
U.S. President Donald Trump called for Saudi Arabia on Wednesday to immediately allow humanitarian aid to reach the Yemeni people, suggesting Washington had run out patience with a Saudi-led blockade that has been condemned by relief organizations.

12/06/2017 09:31 PM
Secretary-General takes swipe at Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as UN calls for emergency meeting
The reaction at the United Nations to President Donald Trump’s historic announcement on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel was swift — and critical. Minutes after the president’s address, the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, who rarely engages the press at the world body, came out and read a statement that in part criticized the president’s new policy on Jerusalem.

12/06/2017 09:29 PM
Vladimir Putin announces plan to run for re-election in 2018
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Wednesday that he will officially run for office again in 2018, debunking questions and theories surrounding his delayed official announcement.

12/06/2017 09:24 PM
Netanyahu Thanks Trump for ‘Historic Decision’ to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday thanked President Donald Trump for his 'historic decision' to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, saying it will advance peace in the Middle East.

12/06/2017 09:21 PM
House votes to allow concealed carry across state lines
The House passed legislation Wednesday that would allow concealed carry permit holders from one state to legally carry their guns in other states.

12/06/2017 09:19 PM
Government says warrantless surveillance can proceed into 2018 past law's expiration: Report
The Trump administration has determined that even if Congress does not approve an extension of the National Security Agency and the FBI’s warrantless surveillance program before the law that authorizes it expires at the end of 2017, the agencies can still continue to utilize the program, according to a new report.

12/06/2017 09:18 PM
Trey Gowdy 'surprised' Trump Jr. interview spent 7 hours focusing on Trump Tower meeting, 'nothing illegal or improper' gleaned
Rep. Trey Gowdy said he was "surprised" that the House Intelligence Committee interview with Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday spent seven hours focusing on the brief meeting that took place in Trump Tower last summer between Trump campaign members and Russian officials.

12/06/2017 09:14 PM
Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital fulfills campaign promise broken by predecessors
In a dramatic shift from his predecessors, President Trump announced Wednesday that the U.S. is recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordered plans to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to the ancient, divided city.

12/06/2017 09:12 PM
China confirms test of powerful DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile
China’s People’s Liberation Army has confirmed the latest flight test of the newest and most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile known as the DF-41.