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03/18/2018 11:35 AM
Out Do One Another In Showing Honor
I believe that you will be blessed for sincerely honoring others. God will not forget what you do, and neither will those you honor.  Honoring others goes against our natural instinct, which is to honor and value ourselves.  Pride, selfishness and self-interest keep us from doing this. Humility is the trait we must first develop in our lives if […]

03/11/2018 06:37 PM
What Is Your Identity?
A form of identification can tell things about someone. Our driver’s license, this very important card says a lot about us; it gives our age, height, weight, and driving restrictions, among other things. A spiritual identification would tell others a lot about our spiritual life.  When we are baptized. Information about our faithfulness. Our spiritual […]

03/11/2018 10:23 AM
One Precious Hour
Are you feeling the change of time?  Daylight Saving Time started early this morning at 2:00.  You probably set your clock forward one-hour before retiring to bed for sleep.  Over the next few days and weeks, up to a month, we will  experience the effects of this time change.  Some people like being on Daylight […]

03/04/2018 07:47 PM
Finding Favor In God’s Eyes
As God looks at you, what does He see? Is it someone who He would describe as righteous and blameless? Someone who walks with Him on a daily basis by listening to His Word and obeying Him?  There is nothing greater that any of us could seek than to find favor in God’s eyes.

03/04/2018 11:36 AM
How to Grow in Brotherly Love
What does brotherly love look like: a. It binds us together as a family. b. It forms within us an unbreakable union. c. We have a deep affection for one another. d. We nourish and nurture one another. e. We are concerned for one another and look after each other’s welfare. Does this kind of […]

02/25/2018 07:59 PM
Where Did Adam Go Wrong?
Adam’s failure did not happen at the point he took a bite of the forbidden fruit. I began when he allowed himself to take his focus off of the loving nature of God. When he believed a liar over His Creator. When he began to neglect his spiritual responsibility toward his wife. Don’t let Adam’s […]

02/25/2018 11:50 AM
We Need Each Other
God had a grand design when he put us together into one body which He calls His Church. If we are to be “the body of Christ” as He desires, we must realize some things: a. None of us can function effectively by ourselves — there are no one member churches. b. No one is more […]

02/18/2018 07:55 PM
One Word: Holy Spirit
We have come to the final study in the One Word Series. These studies have focused on 53 important words of Scripture in an effort to gain a better understanding of God’s Word, increase love for the Word, and help Christians in their walk with God.  

02/18/2018 11:46 AM
Does Your Giving Cause God to Smile?
What we give to others with whom we participate in the gospel is an offering to God. Hebrews 13:16 reminds us, “And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Does your giving, whether it be of your time, your finances or your possessions cause God to smile?

02/11/2018 07:47 PM
One Word: Christ
While there were many “christs” or “anointed ones”, by the first century the Jews had come to understand there was only one “Christ” in the sense of their long awaited Messiah (Luke 7:19). “Summoning two of his disciples, John sent them to the Lord, saying, “Are You the Expected One, or do we look for someone else?”” (Luke 7:19, […]