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06/17/2018 06:45 PM
Complainers Never Win
There are many people in this world who seem to make it their habit to grumble and complain. However, as the saints of God, we are not to be among them.  In his letter to the Philippians, Paul instructed them to “do all things without grumbling or disputing” (Philippians 2:14 ). Instead, we should be known as the people who […]

06/17/2018 11:35 AM
The Family Shepherd
Today, the third Sunday has come to be known in this country as Father’s Day, a time for honoring fathers and their influence in society. As those of us who are Christians know, every Sunday is Father’s Day, a time when we worship and praise our “Father who art in heaven.” However, this particular day for the honoring […]

06/10/2018 06:45 PM
Between a Rock and a Hard Place!
Have you ever found yourself in a predicament? We have all heard various phrases which describe our being in a predicament: a. “You sure painted yourself into a corner” b. “I’m caught between a rock and a hard place” c. “He’s up against a wall.” d. “She’s in a pickle.” Moses and the people of […]

06/10/2018 11:41 AM
Where Does Hope Come From?
God wants us to have hope. Why? Because we cannot live without hope. Hope is that gets us from day to day.  When hope is gone, endurance and joy and energy and courage just evaporate. When hope goes, we start to die. Solomon wrote, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But desire fulfilled is a tree of life ” (Proverbs […]

06/03/2018 07:16 PM
What’s Your Excuse?
With Moses, we know the story of how God approached him through a burning bush and he led the people of Israel out of the land of bondage. With the help of God, he delivered the people out of Egypt. But before taking on the job he simply used the smokescreen method to attempt to […]

06/03/2018 11:34 AM
Bear With One Another
Bearing with one another begins with our knowing God’s love for us — He has chosen us and set us apart as His own. It also involves our putting on these various qualities in our lives: compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Beyond that, we must forgive one another just as the Lord has forgiven us. Love is […]

05/27/2018 06:57 PM
Joseph: A Godly Man from Start to Finish
In the life and story of Joseph, we see the value of a character. A character centered in faith and trust in God. Devoted to serving God and man with honor and dependability. Unwilling to be deterred by the hatred, betrayal, and forgetfulness of others. Willing to forgive the wrongs committed by others. Able to […]

05/27/2018 12:33 PM
Bear One Another’s Burdens
Wouldn’t it be great if, once we became a Christian, we didn’t have to struggle with sin any longer in our lives? If we could just move on without any hindrances toward our eternal reward? The truth is that we will continue to strive against Satan and his schemes for as long as we live upon this planet. He will […]

05/13/2018 07:05 PM
Have You Wrestled With The Lord?
God wants to give you a new name, but first you have to come to terms with your past. He can’t change you until you recognize the sinful, lost state you are presently in. Will you humble yourself in God’s presence and confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?  Will you turn from your past in repentance and […]

05/13/2018 11:41 AM
Does America Really Have a Christian Heritage?