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20/10/2017 01:45 AM
Tom Brake responds to PM statement in Brussels

“The Prime Minister cannot say one thing in Brussels and another in Britain. She needs to face down the right-wing Brexiteers in her party in order to guarantee the talks actually move forward. Above all she still needs to protect citizens’ rights to ensure they are not a casualty of a no-deal Brexit, and the European Union must also do more to make this happen.

19/10/2017 02:48 AM
UK facing "fly-tipping epidemic" with 1 million incidents in a year

• Local authorities in England recorded 1,002,154 cases of fly-tipping in 2016-17, up 7% on the previous year. This is equivalent to 114 every hour.

• The estimated cost to the taxpayer for clearing up fly-tipping was £58 million, up 16% on the previous year

• The number of prosecutions for fly-tipping fell by a quarter to 1,602, compared to 2,135 the previous year

19/10/2017 02:37 AM
1 in 2 local authorities to see cuts to per pupil funding this year

• 83 of 150 local authorities in England will see per pupil funding fall in in real terms during 2017-18, i.e. once inflation is taken into account.

• England as a whole will see spending per spending per pupil fall by £29 (0.65%) in real terms.

• Local authorities with some of the worst school results in England, including Blackpool, the Isle of Wight and Poole, will be hardest hit by the funding cuts

• The South East will see the largest real-terms fall, with funding per pupil falling by £131 (3%.)

19/10/2017 02:34 AM
Ed Davey: Rise in violent crime shows May failing to back Britain's police

Knife crime was up 26% year-on-year, while overall crimes increased by 13%. 

19/10/2017 01:32 AM
Retail sales fall as shop prices see biggest rise in five years

Meanwhile, prices in the shops increased by 3.3% compared to last year, the largest annual rise since March 2012.

19/10/2017 01:26 AM
Labour's blank cheque on Brexit was cashed in six months ago

"Labour's Brexit blank cheque was cashed in by Theresa May six months ago, after Labour MPs were ordered to vote through Article 50 with no conditions.

19/10/2017 01:21 AM
Jo Swinson responds to Social Mobility Commission report on low pay

“This report shows that a whole section of society are being failed by this government and remain permanently trapped in low-paid work.

18/10/2017 11:37 PM
The Government must listen after UC defeat

Liberal Democrat Work and Pensions spokesperson Stephen Lloyd MP said:
"The government has shown contempt for parliament by yet again seeking to ignore votes that happen to be inconvenient. Parliamentary votes are meant to matter, this is not a debating society.

18/10/2017 11:33 PM
Theresa May has used citizens as bargaining chips

These are empty, hypocritical words from Theresa May.  EU citizens, many in a state of panic, who have already waited 15 months to have their rights protected, will be deeply disappointed. 

18/10/2017 09:30 PM
Vince Cable: Theresa, EU nationals are not bargaining chips

This morning, Theresa May has penned an open letter on her Facebook page on EU Citizens Rights. Unfortunately, the message is a huge disappointment.

18/10/2017 06:00 PM
Vince Cable: Shubh Diwali!

The festival of lights is upon us once again; across the country streets will be aglow with lights and decorations as thousands of Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists gather to celebrate the ancient festival of Diwali. 

18/10/2017 02:46 AM
Vince Cable: Growing NHS crisis shows need for penny on income tax

Nationally England, Wales and Northern Ireland have not hit one of their three key targets for 18 months.

18/10/2017 02:43 AM
Govt must accept inquiry into abuse at G4S immigration detention centre

Footage covertly filmed by BBC Panorama allegedly showed staff at Brook House, near Gatwick airport, "mocking, abusing and assaulting" detainees held there.

18/10/2017 02:39 AM
Carmichael comments on continuing stalemate in NI power-sharing talks 

The comments from the Secretary of State regarding the current state of the talks process in Northern Ireland is deeply troubling. There are very real consequences for the people of Northern Ireland with the continuing stalemate – budgetary decisions are waiting to be taken, NHS targets are being missed and waiting lists are getting longer, and there is uncertainty for economic investment. Northern Ireland is also lacking a voice in the crucial Brexit negotiations.

18/10/2017 02:36 AM
Gauke's premium rate climbdown cold comfort

“I welcome the government's change of heart, but it is no compensation to the those on the breadline who have already been fleeced. Given the mess of Universal Credit, this is likely to become the hotest hotline in Britain.

18/10/2017 02:33 AM
Retail Consortium right on biz rates

Lorely Burt said:

"The whole system of business rates is not working and is not fair. The government has tried tinkering but this is no longer enough. We need to look at land tax valuations.

18/10/2017 02:29 AM
Vince Cable responds to UK debt crisis

Vince Cable said:

“One in six of the population could not cope with even a modest rise in mortgage payments. Consumer credit is running at 10% a year. With the Bank of England predicted to increase interest rates, a recession could lead to repossessions and people defaulting on their debts. The danger is that this becomes a negative spiral.

18/10/2017 02:27 AM
Govt sitting out of Universal Credit vote shows contempt for Parliament

Liberal Democrat Chief Whip Alistair Carmichael last week secured an emergency debate in the Commons over whether the government is abusing the parliamentary process by ignoring opposition day motions.

18/10/2017 12:20 AM
Delays to EU Withdrawal Bill make Southern Rail look punctual

The delays to this Bill make Southern Rail look punctual.

17/10/2017 09:47 PM
Real wages fall for six months in a row in Brexit squeeze

Between June to August 2016 and June to August 2017, in real terms regular pay for employees in Great Britain fell by 0.4%.