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11/21/2017 04:10 AM
US general says nuclear launch order can be refused, sparking debate
Just a day after the U.S.’s top nuclear commander said he would resist President Trump’s order if he called for an “illegal” nuclear launch, a fiery debate emerged about the president’s authority to order the firing of a warhead.

11/21/2017 03:16 AM
Trump asks Supreme Court for full enforcement of travel ban
The Trump administration is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to allow the latest travel ban to take full effect.

11/21/2017 03:01 AM
China sentences prominent rights lawyer to 2 years in prison
A court in central China has sentenced a prominent human rights lawyer to two years in prison on the vague charge of inciting subversion of state power, the latest verdict to be handed down in a sweeping crackdown on activism.

11/21/2017 03:00 AM
Black Friday's biggest deals and savings
Black Friday deals have already been announced by Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, Kohl's, Target and Walmart.

11/21/2017 02:52 AM
Manson has endured as the face of evil for nearly 50 years
Other killers snuffed out far more lives than Charles Manson did in 1969.

11/21/2017 02:37 AM
1 killed, 1 injured in crash of Air Force training jet
An Air Force training jet has crashed near Amistad Reservoir on the Texas-Mexico border.

11/21/2017 02:30 AM
Rare 'Dracula' poster sells for $525,800 at auction
An auction house says a rare poster for the 1931 horror film “Dracula” has sold for $525,800.

11/21/2017 02:26 AM
Manson's death leaves questions over autopsy, property
Charles Manson's death came with a string of unanswered questions, from whether the notorious cult leader left a will to what, if any, possessions he left behind.

11/21/2017 02:22 AM
Air Force pilot dead, another injured after T-38 Talon crashes in Texas
One U.S. Air Force pilot is dead and another injured after a T-38 Talon crashed in Texas Monday.

11/21/2017 02:15 AM
Trump order on sanctuary cities permanently blocked by federal judge
A federal judge in California has banned President Trump’s executive order to cut funding from sanctuary cities that don’t cooperate with U.S. immigration officials.