FMA UK (Fibromyalgia Association) - FMA UK - UK's National charity for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Action UK is a registered charity administered primarily by unpaid volunteers. The majority of volunteers are also fibromyalgia sufferers who work extremely hard, despite their condition, in order to forward the cause of fibromyalgia. FMA UK was established in order to provide information and support to sufferers and their families. In addition, the Association provides medical information for professionals and operates a national helpline.

04/17/2018 07:44 PM
Music Video for Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

Dehaan Van-Evelingen and Cara Watson-Hunt are planning a couple of fundraising and awareness raising events for FMA UK, one of which is for International Awareness Day on 12th May. Cara's mum has fibromyalgia and because of this they are wanting to raise as much awareness as possible.

First - they are looking for fibro fighters to get involved in their awareness video for 12th May ....

"We Are Looking For Fibro Fighters, Who Would Like To Be Featured In Our Fibromyalgia Awareness Music Video?

Our aim is to Gather A Group Of Fibro Fighters, Get them to record them self singing/lip singing Born This way by Lady Gaga, sending it via email to our charity Email and then watch the video be realised in Awareness for fibro on the 12th May!

04/17/2018 01:42 PM
Sal van den Bosh 700 miles challenge for fibromyalgia

Sal win go on a 700 miles bus trip using her disability bus pass to help fellow fibromyalgia sufferers. 

To donate visit Sal’s GoFundMe page:

Read Sal's inspiring story: ‘’I’m going to be taking to the roads from the 1st to the 7th July, travelling from Northampton to the Scottish Border and back using nothing but local bus services. No trains… no coaches… no shortcuts!

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the autumn of 2016, and after battling with local councils for a bit, I was lucky enough to find myself in possession of a disabled bus pass which allows me free travel on bus services throughout the UK. With a lot of careful planning, mapping, and scheduling, I’ve plotted a route to the Scottish border and back which will take 7 days, and cover approximately 700 miles. Each day will involve multiple changes and in total I’ll be spending around 36 hours on public transport… not for the faint hearted! I’ve been lucky enough to find sponsorship for overnight accommodation when I don’t have access to crash space with friends.

04/17/2018 11:59 AM
Lori Hutton's Edinburgh half-marathon for FMA UK and her Mum

Lori Hutton will run her first half-marathon because her Mum lives with fibromyalgia. Lori told us about the reasons why she decided to go for this challenge: ‘’It's heartbreaking watching someone you love struggle with chronic pain. My mum spends every day in pain and some days can't even summon up the energy to get out of bed. There is no cure for fibromyalgia and some doctors fail to recognise it as an actual condition, making it a battle for the right treatment and medication. Fibromyalgia Action UK are fighting to raise awareness and money going to them assists in research and allows them to continue to support sufferers around the UK. 

So I'm going way out of my comfort zone to raise some funds for this great cause. I'm sure the training and the actual run won't be pain free but the pain will only be a fraction of what my mum and others experience on a daily basis. Any donation big or small will make all the difference and will give me the motivation to get through my biggest challenge yet. Thank you x’’.

To donate visit Lori’s JustGiving Page:


04/13/2018 12:42 PM
Charity Curry Night in Grays, Thurrock, 29 April

On the 29th April Luke Bowes and Matthew Nunnery are holding a charity dinner at New Delhi in Grays, Thurrock, as a joint fundraiser for Luke's 100k London to Brighton challenge for a charity Fibromyalgia Action UK (charity no: 1042582.) and Matt's London Marathon charity The Scout Association (charity no: 306101). Both charities do fantastic work. Luke is fundraising for FMA UK because his mum and best friend live with fibromyalgia.

The evening includes a three dishes from the menu a starter, main course and rice or naan bread and costs £20pp. £5 to each charity (£10 charity donation in total) and £10 per head to New Delhi to cover costs.
Alongside the meal there will be a raffle with some fantastic prizes donated by local and national businesses including Essex Cricket Tickets, Wagamama Vouchers and £50 experience gift card to name just a few! Tickets are priced at just £1 each and can only be entered into on the night.

To buy a ticket go to EventBrite page:

04/12/2018 01:22 PM
Harry Corbett-Evans charity runs for FMA UK and for his sister

Harry raises money for Fibromyalgia Action UK because his sister lives with fibromyalgia. He ran the Birmingham 10K this week within 56 minutes and raised £790 already out of his £1000 target.

Harry told us: ‘’A few years ago, my sister was involved in a life-changing car crash. Among other injuries, she was left with chronic pain all over her body, which has since been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

I will be taking part in a number of runs on behalf of my sister, to raise awareness for this awful condition, as well as raise plenty of money for Fibromyalgia Action UK. This includes running the Birmingham 10K on April 8th, and then taking part in the Shrewsbury Half Marathon on June 17th, and then sleeping for a long time (this part isn’t for charity). 

I would love it if you could spare a couple of quid to sponsor me for the training and consequent runs and help raise as much money for Fibromyalgia Action UK as possible.Thank you!’’

To donate visit Harry’s JustGiving page:


03/30/2018 01:37 PM
Can you fill an Online Survey: chronic pain and work?

The Pain Alliance Europe is encouraging patients to fill in a short online survey about living with chronic pain and work. This will help in creating a report on this very important issue, with recommendations for policy makers. Can you spare a few minutes and fill in the survey, below?

03/28/2018 06:17 PM
National & Benefits Helpline Closure

The National & Benefits helplines will be closed on the following dates 

National Helpline - Monday 02nd April 2018 

Benefits Helpline - Friday 30th March, Monday 2nd /Friday 06th April 2018

03/22/2018 06:18 PM
Fibromyalgia & Tai Chi - Des Quinn speaks on BBC World news

Fibromyalgia and Tai Chi discussed on BBC World News. Des Quinn chair of Fibromyalgia Action UK - FMAUK speaks about the benefits of Tai Chi as a gentle activity. This follows the recent BBC article about a new study:

You can view the interview here 



03/16/2018 10:56 AM
Amy Nicholson's Great North Run for FMA UK

Amy Nicholson will run the SimplyHealth Great North Run on the 9th September for FMA UK this year because her mum and her partner live with fibromyalgia. Amy told us why she is doing it: ‘’I really don't know what I have let myself in for but after been a keen spectator for many years (with a beer in my hand) I have always found the atmosphere amazing! Firstly I am just doing it for a bit of a laugh as at the minute I couldn't run to the shop!

Secondly and on a more serious note, to it, it would be a pleasure to run on behalf of every single person that suffers from Fibromyalgia! Something that is very close to home for me! After watching my amazing Mama Bear Sue and beautiful partner Louise go through months/years suffering from an illness that went undiagnosed, being mistreated for conditions they didn't have until they finally got correctly diagnosed!

Even after the diagnosis, I still don't think they are getting the appropriate help they both need! Endless amounts of different medications that don't work! I think this is because so many people/professionals don't really understand the daily struggles of a person suffering from Fibromyalgia, not only physically but most of all mentally! 

03/16/2018 10:20 AM
Benefits Helpline Closed - Friday 16/03/18

Please note that the Benefits Helpline is closed Friday 16/03/18

02/16/2018 02:42 PM
Dylan Grogan's sky dive for his Mum

Dylan Grogan will sky dive to support his mum and FMA UK. Dylan told us: ‘’I have decided to sky dive to raise money for Fibromyalgia Action UK as my mom Jacqui Grogan has fibromyalgia. I also want people to understand what this condition is as many don’t understand what fibromyalgia is. 

On the 22nd of April 2018 I will be doing a 15,000ft skydive for Fibromyalgia Action UK. 

My mom has fibromyalgia for many years and she also suffers with depression. It is so hard to understand fibromyalgia and we as a family found it hard to deal with it, but after reading a lot about fibromyalgia I’m starting to understand what she is going through and I know all I can do is support her but I also wanted to do the skydive to help and to support everyone else who suffers with fibromyalgia’’.

To donate visit Dylan’s JustGiving page:




01/11/2018 12:43 PM
Paul Truswell's 900 mile walk for FMA UK

Paul Truswell, a veteran fundraiser, will walk 900 miles across the whole length of the UK to raise £10,000 for FMA UK. The walk will take place from the 1st April 2018 and it will start from the English Channel at Dover to Cape Wrath, the far north-west corner of the island of Great Britain. FMA UK is very grateful to Paul for planning this amazing challenge of his lifetime and keeps fingers crossed for the success of the journey; we hope that our supporters will join us in supporting Paul in his incredible fundraising challenge.

To donate visit Paul’s fundraising Page:

To learn more visit Paul’s trek’s website:

Paul told us: ‘’TrussyTrek 2016 saw me successfully navigate 560 miles on foot from Lowestoft to Land's End raising over £3000 for my local Scout group in Macclesfield (1st Hurdsfield) and in 2014 300 miles from Lindisfarne to Iona raising £2500 for Cre8 Macclesfield. 2018 turns my attention to the challenge of walking from the English Channel at Dover to Cape Wrath, the far north-west corner of the island of Great Britain, supporting national charity Fibromyalgia Action UK with the target of raising £10,000 to support their work. The beeline direction of the route is approximately towards magnetic north; hence the title given to the journey.