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06/23/2018 10:03 PM
Blast Rocks Political Rally in Zimbabwe, but President Unhurt
The explosion at a political rally in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, on Saturday, came one month ahead of presidential elections.

06/23/2018 09:05 PM
Explosion Hits Rally for Ethiopian Leader
Several people were injured, an official said. The attack came after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had addressed the rally. He was not hurt.

06/23/2018 08:11 PM
Ethiopia’s New Leader Raises Hopes. Now Comes the Hard Part.
With a series of sweeping gestures, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has signaled a more liberal approach. Now, young Ethiopians are watching closely.

06/23/2018 11:00 AM
The Look: ‘I Have to Be Open’
The relative acceptance of L.G.B.T.Q. people in Guinea-Bissau stands in contrast to the strict laws and social conventions in neighboring West African countries.

06/21/2018 06:51 PM
Warring Leaders of South Sudan Meet for Peace Talks
A meeting by the two men at the center of South Sudan’s civil war was propelled by a humanitarian crisis.

06/21/2018 06:46 PM
Algeria’s Answer to Cheating on School Exams: Turn Off the Internet
After widespread electronic cheating, the government is cutting off internet access nationwide for at least an hour a day, while students take crucial exams.

06/20/2018 08:18 PM
‘Everyone Is Beautiful During Eid’
Here’s how the people of Zanzibar celebrated the end of Ramadan.

06/20/2018 12:51 PM
Eritrea to Send Delegation to Ethiopia for Peace Talks
Eritrea, one of the world’s most closed-off nations, made the announcement after Ethiopia said it would fully accept the terms of 2000 peace accord.

06/19/2018 04:32 PM
ScienceTake: The Elephant’s Superb Nose
Elephants’ trunks are not only large and strong, they house one of the best mammalian smelling systems.

06/19/2018 03:32 PM
Global Health: Nearly Eradicated in Humans, the Guinea Worm Finds New Victims: Dogs
For 30 years, scientists have fought to eliminate a horrifying parasite. Suddenly, it has begun infecting dogs in Chad, threatening to undo decades of progress.

06/19/2018 12:32 AM
Global Health: The Man Who (Almost) Wiped Out the Guinea Worms
Dr. Ernesto Ruiz-Tiben has saved tens of millions of people from painful parasitic infections.

06/18/2018 05:00 PM
At War: There’s Been a Global Increase in Armed Groups. Can They Be Restrained?
A rise in armed groups around the world has forced organizations to reconsider how they promote respect for humanitarian law.

06/16/2018 10:00 AM
Addo Dispatch: Where Female Elephants Without Tusks Roam — and Poachers Stay Away
South Africa’s Addo elephant park has few females with tusks, a trait that has died off because of hunting but also keeps poachers away.

06/14/2018 01:15 PM
Update: After Violence, Congo’s Virunga National Park Closes for the Year
After the murder of a park ranger and the kidnapping of two British tourists and their driver, the park, a major driver of tourism to the Democratic Republic of Congo, has closed until 2019.

06/13/2018 02:48 PM
In Nairobi, an Art Scene in Transition
Intriguing change and growth are helping lead the way for art to be seen as serious business in the community.

06/13/2018 10:50 AM
Last March of the ‘Wooden Elephants’: Africa’s Ancient Baobabs Are Dying
Researchers fear the trees are parched by drought and rising temperatures linked to climate change.

06/13/2018 01:38 AM
Maya Jribi, Tunisian Fighter for Democracy, Is Dead at 58
Ms. Jribi, the first woman to lead a Tunisian political party, opposed the influence of Islamists after the revolution that began the Arab Spring.

06/12/2018 11:00 AM
At War: Reliving a Deadly Day at a U.N. Compound in Mogadishu
A former United Nations security officer reflects on the courage his Somali colleagues showed after the attack that killed their co-workers in Mogadishu five years ago.

06/10/2018 09:47 PM
Corruption Gutted South Africa’s Tax Agency. Now the Nation Is Paying the Price.
Taxes are the lifeblood of any nation, but South Africa’s leaders resisted paying their own, former officials say. Now taxpayers are closing their wallets, too.