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26/05/2018 05:00 AM
Brexit alliance CRUMBLES as Irish MEP hits out at 'HARD-LINE EU' – 'It is NOT WORKING'

IRELAND’S Brexit alliance with Brussels has taken a hit after a Dublin MEP lashed out at the European Union’s controversial tax reform plans.

25/05/2018 11:36 PM
The EU is ‘POINT SCORING’ with security of UK citizens in Brexit talks BLASTS David Davis

BRUSSELS is “point-scoring” with the safety of UK citizens when it comes to security because “terrorists do not respect borders”, David Davis has said in a furious response to the EU’s attitude to the Brexit negotiations.

25/05/2018 07:26 PM
KEEP IT REAL: Barnier calls for REALISM over UK and EU post-Brexit deal

EU negotiator Michel Barnier has called for a "realism" over the terms of a future deal between the UK and Brussels as he warned "time is running short" amid fears both sides will fail to thrash out a deal by the end of this year.

25/05/2018 05:21 PM
EU freedom of movement rules let RAPIST flee Britain without passport DESPITE arrest

EUROPEAN Union’s freedom of movement rules may have allowed a concert pianist who raped a woman at a Manchester music college to flee Britain by using a national ID card – just days before he was due to face a retrial for his awful crime.

25/05/2018 04:15 PM
'We don't want to wash EU's dirty dishes' Western Balkans citizens REJECT joining EU

After EU leaders discussed the admission of Western Balkan countries into the EU at a recent summit in Sofia, Serbian and German residents overwhelming slammed an opinion piece on the region joining the EU.

25/05/2018 03:14 PM
Philip Hammond WARNS Britain will defy EU over Galileo row by building UK's OWN system

BRITAIN has blasted the European Union saying the UK is ready to build a third, competitive, satellite navigation system alone or with another power if the bloc kicks the country out of the Galileo programme.

25/05/2018 03:04 PM
'Prepared for hard Brexit' UK investment in Germany SOARS

BRITISH investment in Germany has soared thanks to the 'Brexit effect' as UK firms and investors prepare for a hard exit from the bloc, according to new figures.

25/05/2018 10:50 AM
‘Prisoners can fill the Brexit staffing gap,’ says Justice Minister

PRISONERS should be let out on temporary release in order to fill the Brexit staffing gap, Justice Secretary David Gauke has said.

25/05/2018 08:36 AM
‘People WANT to pay more tax for NHS’: Tory WAR starts as Hunt challenges Hammond

HEALTH Secretary Jeremy Hunt has set himself on collision course with Chancellor Philip Hammond by insisting people want to pay MORE TAX to fund the NHS.

24/05/2018 11:01 PM
Bank of England chief intervenes as EU and UK embroiled in bitter bickering over Brexit

A “DISORDERLY” Brexit could force Britain to choose between experiencing higher inflation or see economic activity slow down, the governor of the Bank of England has warned.